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Director of Innovation & Technology for #PLESD. Half of the Check This Out Podcast.Or...Tech Goof for short #GTAMTV #PodcastEDU #capcuePLN #merit17 #merit18

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@BrentGWarner @MarciaMentor @MarkNechanicky @stickermule @creativeedtech @RemoveBG Yeah, I loved… Ways to Build Relationships With Your Students All Year Long - Education Week Classroom accessibility empowers inclusive learning - Google SEL Down Into Manageable Practices - George Lucas Educational Foundation via @nuzzel thanks @MonicaMoveEd @pgilders @tr_bo @jcorippo @ACSA_info @ACSAwes @CASBOGR @CITE_EDU @AndreaCetpa Exactly! I'm in! Let me know what I can do to help!
@tr_bo @CETPA Now if we can get some of them to move closer together. #caliedtech out this impressive Pinterest looking template for students all made in GSlides from Cynthia Nixon! nice work…
Retweeted by Brian Briggs I need a Microsoft account to check out minecraft earth. If I can only remember my Xbox info. @creativeedtech a reminder that the #ETC2020 window to submit a presentation or two is open. We would love to see you submit s…
Retweeted by Brian Briggs @BrentGWarner @stickermule @creativeedtech We absolutely need to share this on @CheckThisOutBR! Great find Brent! #podcastedu @BrentGWarner @stickermule @creativeedtech OMG!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!! Thank You Brent for sharing and Thank you Stic…
The Magic Of Education - The Teacher And The Admin via @nuzzel
Getting some practice in. update for adding audio to Google Slides presentations Sesame Street's Muppets Became Revolutionaries - George Lucas Educational Foundation Feature Alert: Embedded Webcams Just Got WAY Better! - Screencastify Screen Recorder for Chrome Rogers 'Cardigan Day' is on November 13 to Add Audio to Google Slides - Updated - Free Technology for Teachers makes the ride even more entertaining!! makes the ride even more entertaining! @ Jurassic World whole family is together! bad of a view.
Oh yeah! start of a fun day!'m sold. visit.
@33heupel @creativeedtech @BryonCar @VirtualGiff @BedleyBros @TechTomBUSD @PartialCreditEd @ToutouleNtoya did not have a good day on the tractor. @creativeedtech @BryonCar @VirtualGiff @BedleyBros @TechTomBUSD @PartialCreditEd @ToutouleNtoya @PodcastingToday @creativeedtech @BryonCar @VirtualGiff @BedleyBros @TechTomBUSD @PartialCreditEd @ToutouleNtoya @PodcastingToday @Bermingham140 @creativeedtech @BryonCar @VirtualGiff @BedleyBros @TechTomBUSD @PartialCreditEd @ToutouleNtoya @creativeedtech @BryonCar @VirtualGiff @BedleyBros @TechTomBUSD @PartialCreditEd @ToutouleNtoya @PodcastingToday @creativeedtech @BryonCar @VirtualGiff @BedleyBros @TechTomBUSD @PartialCreditEd @ToutouleNtoya @PodcastingToday @creativeedtech @BryonCar @VirtualGiff @BedleyBros @TechTomBUSD @PartialCreditEd @ToutouleNtoya @PodcastingToday
.With @creativeedtech birthday coming up, had to make a quick google photos video. He is growing up so fast.… @KarlyMoura @jmattmiller @VirtualGiff @DitchThatTxtbk @LisaTeachesTech Yeah, and we are the subtle ones.Also, big thanks to @cueinc for supporting us as we took the time we needed to collect ourselves. Need to thank our…
Retweeted by Brian BriggsSo many lives changed on this day in 2018. Please keep all those affected by last year's #CampFire in your thoughts…
Retweeted by Brian Briggs @jmattmiller @VirtualGiff @DitchThatTxtbk Still have the photo?! Of course I do! How can you dismiss gems like tha… you registered for #ETC2020 yet? We are really looking forward to our 21st conference and the learning opportu…
Retweeted by Brian BriggsWhoa ... Ditch That Textbook has a new look! Check out out NEW resources section with all our best videos, templat…
Retweeted by Brian Briggs @ABeautifulDay I CAN'T WAIT!!! We all need this movie right now. Such a valuable message we can all learn from. #ABeautifulDayMovieWon’t you join us for A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD? ❤️ this tweet to be first to get tickets for…
Retweeted by Brian Briggs @jmattmiller @VirtualGiff @DitchThatTxtbk Love your passion and dedication to help everyone in the educational comm… @MisterCavey @CheckThisOutBR @creativeedtech Thanks for checking out the show! I believe establish and maintain po… @VirtualGiff @DitchThatTxtbk @jmattmiller Totally agree!!! So many great resources! Thank you Matt!.Had another fun time recording with @creativeedtech on this episode, and he didnt yell at me (that much) in this o… sunset on another great day at #plesd.
“Is your teaching practice sustainable?” @Catlin_Tucker, best selling author, coach and #blendedlearning expert, as…
Retweeted by Brian BriggsDenying requests from the admitted mastermind of what has been called the largest admissions-cheating scandal, Occi…
Retweeted by Brian BriggsNew, Strong Evidence For Problem-Based Learning - Forbes
Finally got my hands on a copy of this comic. I don't collect comics but have always been a fan of Run DMC. Thanks… those presentations in. ETC! is always a blast and it is our presenters that make it happen! #cuechat
Retweeted by Brian Briggs25 Easter Eggs On Google Earth That We Just Found Out Existed new Hour of Code tutorials are here! - Medium via @nuzzel thanks @MeetEdisonIntroduction: From Hero to Superhero - Code Your Hero - CS First - Quick, Draw! collapsible text boxes into new Google Sites can't believe that it's been 2 years since @edcampOSjr let me and @creativeedtech stay at his house for the… @anotherschwab What did you call me?! @mrleeteaches @creativeedtech @fel_ski @VirtualGiff @KendraCameronJ @pmitche1023 @DanaeAcker How great is that and… a Life Less Bruised – Education, Leadership, and Pedagogy ⁦@edcampOSjr⁩ ⁦@jcorippo⁩ ⁦@hce101⁩ ⁦…
Retweeted by Brian BriggsI rarely tag people on the twitters, but if you’re reading this, please listen and/or share. I *know* you’re going…
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Making a quick visit to Rio. #plesd like trouble!
Celebrate those #WomenInSTEM . They're great examples of how being smart and way into the sciences can result in s…
Retweeted by Brian BriggsBefore the holiday season rush, be sure to give this gift to yourself. Register now and be rejuvenated in January…
Retweeted by Brian Briggs @TanyaAvrith great podcasts here for students. Some new ones I would like to check out. #podcastedu Teachers Are So Excited About the Power Of Sketchnoting - KQED Student Course - YouCubed @NodnarbTuhcs @adobemax @scoeetc @MsClaraGalan @MelArnold88 Lucky!
@mrleeteaches Maybe we can get some others too if you like. @jcorippo @Joe_Sanfelippo @KarlyMoura @jmattmiller @mrleeteaches Am I too late? @GaryRGrayJr 23 years
Fun #WeAreCUE photo:) We’re leaving our mark, Ed. @edcampOSjr #SomosCUE
Retweeted by Brian BriggsSo my nephew was Matt Foley for Halloween. This is one of the best impersonations Ive ever seen. Maybe my proudest…
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Leslie Hodges shares this Nest Cam video of a kid who discovers an empty candy bowl on Halloween. What happens next…
Retweeted by Brian Briggs @mrleeteaches @Netop_Edu Great find, thanks for sharing!THIS IS NOT A TEST!!! 🚨Rage Against the Machine Announce 2020 Reunion🚨
Retweeted by Brian BriggsSurround Yourself With Those that Make You Better - The Principal of Change’t no candy hangover gonna stop me from enjoying my friyay 🐶
Retweeted by Brian Briggs @jrsowash @googleaccess Hey John, I am wondering in the #accessiblity features has a way to adjust the contrast bey… Crew class participated in a pumpkin decorating contest! Please vote for your favorite! Thanks for the inspo…
Retweeted by Brian Briggs @JLenore24 @llennon @mcdevittlms Hard to choose... I pick #2Looks like a Lion King kind of morning.
Tune in to a very spooky 13th / Halloween episode of #theHigherEdTechPodcast!! Including SCARY tech stories from…
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Show off. New Research on Kids and Media Can Inform Your Teaching - Common Sense Education via @nuzzel thanks @PHausEDUSocial Media Has Not Destroyed a Generation - Scientific American via @nuzzel
Google Photos adds whimsical Halloween Easter Egg by @technacity
Retweeted by Brian BriggsYear 2 teachers at #plesd sharing what they tried new with integrating technology in their classroom.'s official!! #MulletPD is back! Hope you can join us as @TechTomBUSD discusses podcasting in the classroom up fr…
Retweeted by Brian Briggs50% OFF you say!!?? Better get on it everybody. $40 for a conference is unheard of these days! #ETC2020
Retweeted by Brian BriggsAdd #digcit lessons to an already packed day with these videos + quick discussion activities to spark meaningful cl…
Retweeted by Brian Briggs#RT @CAL_FIRE: On #NationalFirstRespondersDay we want to send our appreciation to the first responders that stand s…
Retweeted by Brian BriggsI had the privilege to present with @billselak at #FallCUE on Screen Time with students (and adults).… comes the sun. @EdTechMinded @creativeedtech @TechTomBUSD @Dowbiggin @makerbella @jkloczko @pewresearch Younger adults generally s…