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@GraceSpelman predicting some disappointment down the line, on the meals front @hypercubexl I like it when they turn those into a little spreadsheet table, "walls of" @hypercubexl I don't know much about the story, so I looked up his wikipedia and weirdly there's no article categor… @davidfarrier love to throw up a peace sign while cosplaying the supporter of a cult based entirely around genocidal fantasies @thorazos sounds pretty ELITIST, not everyone on twitter has access to the internet you knowHappy #AppreciateADragonDay! here are some dragons I made for personal and professional projects.
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@thomas_violence NO we DON'T have WI-FI. we have SEVERAL SNAKES
Retweeted by This Bike Is a PipeDS is the hardest game to parry in, I don't get how those pvp fools do ithad one (1) edible last night and now my camera roll is full of videos like this
Retweeted by This Bike Is a Pipe @tom_colston OK so question: how does dual wield work with the twinblades (or in general)? main benefit is just the… @liitt_art oh no no I couldn't possibly dual wield in this game................................. unless... @liitt_art I'm actually pretty excited - like I don't get how it works, but so many of the cool/weird weapons are dex scalingtwitter explain to me how dex works in DS3 pleaseI've played through DS3 like 5 times and I still don't understand dex: next build dex build all the way @murderxbryan lot of people having trouble threading this needle on the capitol raid @lowpolycurls @justwesley aw jeez, franks - good luck with the thesis, you're gonna blow their socks off! @_mlktea hbd Pickles!!!
Retweeted by This Bike Is a PipeLes photos de #GregoryCrewdson @crewdsonstudio me bouleversent parce qu'elles me parlent.
Retweeted by This Bike Is a Pipe @hypercubexl @hypercubexl I think it's cool how star wars also predicted swords!! the universe is amazing @bombsfall whoa's got two thumbs, is in games, and understands the labor theory of value; it's the sheriff of this guypov: you are me and you are having a beer and making tacos al pastor on the rotisserie
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Retweeted by This Bike Is a Pipe @leyawn yeah @RegretaGarbo you know she's mad because it hasn't happened yet, and it's going to start eating into her weekendunbothered, moisturized, in my lane, focused, flourishing
Retweeted by This Bike Is a Pipe @JeremyHuxley congrats/good luck at the next stop man! will definitely be keeping an eye out for the next big thing you've got going @hypercubexl this is reeeeally besides the point/pedantic, but thhat's very clearly not real currency, but it apes…
Retweeted by This Bike Is a Pipeunlike the others!!!all podcasts are bad except @BoontaVista because they have pretty good vibes @murderxbryan putting a pin in this for when I probably win the lotto @IllyBocean you can't arrest these antifa they have diplomatic immunity @trudicastle whhaaaat these are sick! I love wood carvings where you can still see the chisel/maker's mark @eeberquist I'm sure your mom's a treat, but boomers stay understanding the internet @travis_view seems obvious in retrospect @lowpolyfish did it work? @eeberquist they already printed the bill, you want to waste a bunch of paper?? @justwesley @lowpolycurls man fuck that, I wish my stuff looked half that good nowTGIF let's goooooo!!!! have located the missing squash
Retweeted by This Bike Is a Pipea windows update has somehow bricked my work computer, TGIF baby!!!!!! @hypercubexl (be) safer (be) healthier (eat) people @shitshowdotinfo hmm.1400 vs 2000 is a boring conversation, I want the real spicy meat-a-ball @jdebbiel @9mmballpoint yeah I get what you're saying, but moleskine/analogs actually have amazing tooth and take m… @hendernator go check it out, get up in there @Almighty_faye why are dogs so into sticks? you're not a beaver little guy, what's your plan @cynaqq @quixeltools I was thinking the same thing, but it's a scan, so presumably it has some other use, or...? confusing item honestly @Chris_Naylor_B legend 👑 @bran_dj don't know what you're complaining about, I think it's cool how in spite of trying to avoid right wingers… Migaloo 06 kinetic sculpture by Sylvain Gautier.
Retweeted by This Bike Is a Pipe @banalplay hey what the fuck @hypercubexl did he get it? i guess everybody got it at this point @hypercubexl @hypercubexl how we holding up chief
@IllyBocean see you in bird hell @mr_vig_stuff hot girl slowly placing glasses on his face, going holy shit he's been a herb this entire time @HannahLawlerArt yeah actually i mentioned covid to the owner as an explanation as i was walking away, and they wer… @HannahLawlerArt i met a dog a couple days ago and thinking of your caution i made myself not pet it; it was brutalTo the tune of Halleluia: Ferris Bueller Ferris Bueller Ferris Bueller Ferris Bue-ue-ller
Retweeted by This Bike Is a Pipe @Justinoaksford as a perennial contractor, I like to think of myself as a wandering gamedev ronin, but unfortunatel… @nicodelort gotta agree @hypercubexl congrats on tasting the salsa honestly @hypercubexl really troubling to contemplate the contents of Rudy's head, please don't make me do that @1ndigoglass computer, enhance
@eeberquist i recommend weed and video gamesDo Yodas hatch from eggs???? I think so
Retweeted by This Bike Is a Pipe @hypercubexl hmm i could probably do with a rewatch soon @hypercubexl excited to see how this manifests as reality over the next couple hours/days @hypercubexl ¿por qué no los dos? @JeryceDia oof, the wood grain and those liiiiittle carving maker's marks on that left mask - chef's kiss
@LivPosting these are all good points but i'm moved to ask if this is the real liv posting??? i can't tell @cobysoftco yeah same boat, use Maya for production every day: such a dysfunctional piece of software, but i've jus… @cobysoftco fuck: it's only about once a day I'm reminded that I have got to start learning blender. anyway, you've… @cobysoftco love your work - what do you render in, out of curiosity?✨ Cobysoft Co. best of 2020 ✨
Retweeted by This Bike Is a Pipe @RealRockatansky where'd you find a PS5? this thing fall off the back of a truck or whutthe only thing zoomers know is sing sea shanties, eat hot chip, and liekids these days don't think weed is cool anymore so instead they're posting videos of themselves singing sea shanti…
Retweeted by This Bike Is a Pipe @AntonHand we'll workshop itis there a term for that thing that sometimes happens in climbing games, like Assassin's Creed or Last Guardian, wh…
Retweeted by This Bike Is a Pipe @hypercubexl ehh just seemed like a good excuse to take a break for health - i'm assuming that's the same reason yo… a dry january and it dry sucks
@HannahLawlerArt oh honestly don't know, good Q! pet with wipes maybe @HannahLawlerArt feel better! fwiw, ice read that while dogs can trchnically get it, they're basically asymptomatic… @PhilLiu16 @TheClubDiscord where do you guys get the energy! @ds_olson age of rage let's goooo
@BelgianBoolean @trudicastle lot of high frequency detail in the weave; i guess that's analogous to greeble so i ca… @trudicastle i'm gonna say burn itWould love to do this with the fellas
Retweeted by This Bike Is a Pipe @13throgue @hypercubexl @polycount yeah I'm pretty sure he and his guys did this whole building - nice enough fello… @JustinYounger @Polygoblin haha yeah no that's fair - honestly this whole place is a little shaky. there's a bunch… @hypercubexl that's 100% the plannot unlike twitter dot com, I have prevailed in removing the undesirable elements from my home. now it's time to ge… thanks for the tips friends, I am victorious! ended up just removing all the glass so I was comfortable yan… @polycount I was honestly thinking that, the nut's gotta be like 30 cents right - don't have any wire cutters but I…