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@elonmusk @teslaownersSV @StrikMichael @JothamKitara What happens to dog mode if the main screen crashes? Climate c…
@FastCoIdeas No, they can't. I just got a pair and they don't block any screen I've tried. Doesn't work on the tv,…
@Toyota Hope the brake actuator doesn't fail on this one too... fingers crossed... @ToyotaCustCare I already have one broken car you refuse to take care of, why would I want another one?? @ToyotaCustCare Already did, but $600 towards a $4000 repair or $1200 towards another #Toyota doesn't cut it
@Toyota how many brake actuator failures does it take to have a recall? Not paying $4k+ to fix a problem with a 2010 car. Last Toyota for me
@BrendanEich @clipperhouse @brianbondy @fabricedesre no need to reverse engineer, afaik we can just include the chromium src
@BrendanEich @LordHanson native access for what? We kept a few electron apis like ipc. Most things should be done in the main proc anyway
@BrendanEich @callahad hopefully not a return of the infamous intermittent 404 but we have an actual 404 page now so weird that you got json
@BrendanEich @fmapE @brave @brianbondy I wouldn't say "easily" in this case. Responded on github
@jas88 @brave @BrendanEich can you find an issue at with details to replicate? Thanks! @hyc_symas @garvankeeley DB is read-only. We def want the fastest possible KV lookup for ads/tracking/httpse and will look at LMDB for that @hyc_symas @garvankeeley LMDB looks interesting, but leveldb will give a big boost and we can revisit later when we have more time
@vanhalt @brianbondy @brave just to be completely clear, there is no unreleased code in any official Brave browser build @vanhalt @brianbondy @brave Some features are not implemented in the current release. The code will be available when they are implemented @CaldwellOne @brave We want to be completely transparent and definitely appreciate any feedback on areas where we can improve that. Thanks! @CaldwellOne @brave the app store didn't seem like the right place for biz model details, but we can link to FAQ and add them there @CaldwellOne Sorry, mixed up desktop and ios. You are correct and an issue has been filed for it @CaldwellOne @brave also, all of the code is open source so we can't hide anything. The ad code will be open before it is added to the app @CaldwellOne @brave we are not trying to be misleading. When ad replace is on we take a cut from advertisers and we give a cut to you @CaldwellOne @brave hard to explain in 120 characters, but based on your review I don't think the policy is clear. email or dm? @CaldwellOne @brave Bravery -> Replace Ads - when disabled no anonymized data or anonymous intent signals are sent to Brave @CaldwellOne @brave would appreciate any feedback to improve the privacy policy wording @CaldwellOne I saw your @brave for ios review. We collect/share as little data as possible and you can turn it off @b_sted @riledhel @ericlaw @brave ha, that misspelling actually prevents an error. I tried to fix it and had to revert. Needs a new name. @brianbondy @vanhalt @brave Brave never has access to your complete browsing history in any format. We don't need it and we don't want it. @brianbondy @vanhalt @brave for encryption. No source is available yet for but will be soon
@bcrypt @paulcbetts @brave we are working on it, but it needs to be extracted from some other changes that are not yet backwards compatible
@Fishrock123 @bcrypt this is backwards compatible so we shouldn't have any issues with upstream. Need to clean up some code and then do a PR