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Brid Ruddy @bridrua Belfast, Northern Ireland

Activist, environmentalist, community change maker. Proud grandmother. Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!

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@JaneHolohan @CorkCoypu Looking gorgeous both!
@dnscaldwell It certainly is Denise, so let’s hear that demand from NUS/USI!
@DonWils32638377 This has now changed. Qub is going fully online. As they should always have been! @Gerardfenton1 Didn’t want to lose rental income my guess. Nor withstNd demand for free decrease! Never mind health…’s about to go to totally online teaching, UU already all online. Why all the HMOs and apartments Holyland and…
@orla_mckeating @EileenChanHu @Africanwomenni @DirectusNI @genmcsorley @evagrosman @LigiaParizzi @SiobhanMHBrown
@dnscaldwell Many weeks have passed. Residents continue to report ongoing house parties, Damascus, Palestine, Carme…
@BrendanMurray12 And it’s good for the soul! “This is the time to be slow. Lie low to the wall until the bitter wea…
@GravyRing @JaneHolohan @Bt7Resident @QUBelfast @PaulaJaneB @StephenNolan And the private landlords who panicked st… @GaryBelfast1888 Who ever did think he was one! But then in USA a liberal is considered a communist!
Sheffield, Leeds, Oxford on brink of lockdown. Nottingham faces similar peril. Belfast has highest Covid rates and…
@JaneHolohan @Bt7Resident @QUBelfast @PaulaJaneB @StephenNolan It defo isn’t though! @JaneHolohan @Bt7Resident @QUBelfast @PaulaJaneB @StephenNolan And ‘the experience’ is all about Freshers and Foam parties! JokeSo where will the almost 800 Chinese students ‘safely’ isolate? @StephenNolan @Bt7Resident @QUBelfast @PaulaJaneB @StephenNolan But how would we know what sanction are given? Ask the ever busy… @Bt7Resident @QUBelfast @PaulaJaneB @StephenNolan I would reckon none. After all, they are being treated ‘as adults’!
@JimLawless16 I agree Jim, but its strange that the group seen as the problem here are residents! I’ve worked in co…’m still bewildered as to how the Chair of a professional body could come out with such comments! Has LANI been ta…’ve had many complaints from ex Holyland residents about LANIs Chair saying residents should move out; then a cras… @ASBallynafeigh Thank you for that. Many previous residents are deeply angered like you by these complete lies. I will keep you informed.
Don’t know Morgan, doesn’t seem to be in the bullies gang. They shout and a lot at residents in the street. Shouted… @JimLawless16 It would indeed! We mere residents who live in the infection zone will never be told the facts though! @JimLawless16 Should always have been at home. As residents requested in May. For the safety of all. @sacamano25 Possible! Because they have been very quiet since. Which is startling! But very good. I don’t wish to s… very quiet for the last week. Which is good news and shows that enforcement works. UU seem to have told st… @michaelcarter73 People need to report LANI to a professional Standards Committee. Does PropertyPal have any remit here?LANIs absurd claim that the Holyland was never residential is answered by Newton Emerson in his Irish News column o…
Well done QUB for gifting Adib a lovely new garden after his rose bush was destroyed by Holyland hooligans recently! @garymckeown @SeamasBelfast @DonalLyons @CarlJWhyte @CllrHeadingSDLP @Paul_Mc_Cusker @ClaireHanna @MatthewOToole2 S…
Anyone understand what LANI is on about? Who are these people? Have HMO landlords taken over what was a previously… @NinjaPotts And the head of their LANI association says on the one hand all residents should move out and on the ot…
The Landlords Association of NI (LANI) insulted all when their spokesperson said residents should move out of Holyl…
@LandlordsStop And their trailers! @michaelcarter73 Yeah don’t wanna trip over and hurt my back, would stop all my volunteer work with the local landlords group! @michaelcarter73 They are making trailers smaller now Michael, so they can fit up Alleys!Look what just got left in Wildflower Alley! Think one of our resident cats might be a bit wary of it! But it’s a g… @BenMcc57 @HolyLand_Action And they love to intimidate by calling out my address on Twitter. Unlike them my profile… @BenMcc57 @HolyLand_Action Exactly right. And the City Council need to get their heads examined for treating them a…
@dnscaldwell Quite right Denise, Landlords need to step up and show consideration for students already under pressu… @NITermite @HolyLand_Action Absolutely they are landlords, they proudly defend appalling anti social behaviour as ‘… @HolyLand_Action Absolute total nonsense! Unlike yourselves, I do live in the Holyland, everyone knows it! The repo… @megan_fearon @EllenFearon Interesting read, and yes students don’t need vilification, however would this from a QU…
Retweeted by Brid RuddyHolyland again. 10.45 Started with party’s in Carmel street getting along with illegal, on street drinking and rowd…
Retweeted by Brid Ruddy @dnscaldwell Hadn’t been in Sailortown for years until last year. I was completely shocked that the neigbourhood wa… @StJoesBelfast So awful that planners are given free range through political cowardice to destroy our neighbourhoods! @aoifeniamh26 @HolyLand_Action Thank you Aoife, I remember your lovely family well!Just to say to the charming Chair of LANI, I have lived in my Holyland home for 30 years and have no intention of m…
@LizFawcett @BBCNewsNI @MichaelOnassis @garymckeown Thank you Liz. @LizFawcett @BBCNewsNI @MichaelOnassis @garymckeown We have been designated a Special Action Area now due to strong… @LizFawcett @BBCNewsNI @MichaelOnassis @garymckeown Yes the threshold here is 30% which is too high. Our hmo legisl… @LizFawcett @BBCNewsNI @MichaelOnassis @garymckeown Thanks Liz will have a good scrutiny. Though would say we had a… @sbelfastman @Holyl1Recycling Course he doesn’t. Greer Called to see one of our local slumlords after his car crash… @Holyl1Recycling What about the Student Union Rep who is clearly agreeing with us that some properties are sub stan… @Holyl1Recycling I am disgusted at Landlord comments. Dismissive of the human rights of residents and totally inacc… How do you solve Belfast's perennial problem area?
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@AmandaFBelfast Cretins or morons can’t decide which. Some might also add fascistHopefully Holyland Residents will be heard Steven Rainey show BBC 11am this Sunday. Please note it is 11am not pm! My mistake!
@LandlordsStop Sorry meant 11am, it’s a morning show. @michaelcarter73 @BBCgmuBTWwe hope there will be coverage of the dreadful LANI GMU interview and local residents responses on the Stephen R… need this in NI, private landlords need to be strongly reigned in and more closely regulated on the quality of h… @ajamora This is what is needed here. When Coronavirus struck PBMSA ( provided and managed by universities) was abl… @Bt7Resident If I were a parent I would have thought long and hard before allowing my child to live in the Holyland… @Bt7Resident Parents seem to be more worried about impact on little Johnny’s career. Don’t imagine child’s life les… @bestboomer We had UU offering entirely online teaching. ( current) Students still booked HMOs in our neighbourhood…’m told phone lines are red hot to PSNI from parents worried about the impact Covid fines will have on their child… @PMcCarr1 @DougieJamison @duncan_morrow Yes the dry cleaners on Agincourt Avenue @DonWils32638377 @duncan_morrow Most students don’t live on campus but for months residents in host neighbourhoods… are UU students renting houses in the Holyland and Stranmillis when there are no lectures? These are overcrowde… should be two-thirds empty to avoid Covid spikes, says expert | Education | The Guardian
@DundrumMuscles @seanddotmedotuk @Saraita101 @BBCgmu Lol @ColinT63268267 @Saraita101 @BBCgmu We hear that every day! @philipdmcavoy @Saraita101 @williamcrawley @BBCgmu They are licensed! @seanddotmedotuk @Saraita101 @BBCgmu Important point, we include such students in all our activities but unfortunat… Holyland was and is one of the few socially, ethnically and religiously mixed areas in NI. Why are government a… @BBCgmu I second this comment. You heard from students and landlords today. You need to hear from residents tomorro… @BenMcc57 Aren’t we all used to this from our local bullying landlords though! A bohemian mixed and distinctive com… are surprised by LANI Chair comment on Gmu just now. Mr Greer basically said residents should put up or shut u… @DonWils32638377 @BBCgmu This is what landlords say to us every day! Often it is what anti social students say to u… @BBCgmu LANI Chair Robert Greer comments disgusting. Holyland a unique and proud community. Long term residents hav…
@Mrssharoncurri2 And the broken glass isn’t smashed all over the street so the kids have to avoid on the way to school. @paulcar24781928 @NeveTheLaugh Absolutely disgusting Paul! I couldnt watch that programme on RTE it would have ange… there’s nothing wrong with drinking in the street? What kind of attitude is that? @dli_odoir @Saraita101 Defo was! @Saraita101 Well i think! Dundonald is marginally in what used to be called ‘the red east’ because every Communist… @michaelcarter73 They are treating it as a joke, but people’s lives are at risk!Holyland like a militarised zone tonight. Hearing that some offenders run around waving their covid fine notice fro… @JimLawless16 @Bt7Resident @PSNIBelfastS @QUBSU @UlsterUni Sure the partner agencies don’t share information with e… Knox in the Irish News today. @JimLawless16 @Bt7Resident @PSNIBelfastS @QUBSU @UlsterUni A lot more probing of psni stats required. They don’t of… @JimLawless16 @Bt7Resident @PSNIBelfastS @QUBSU @UlsterUni Thanks Jim, so that’s just isolating for Covid then? @MatthewOToole2 The Holyland Transition Report has all the answers required. It needs to be implemented. Deeds not words. @NeveTheLaugh Well done Naimh, good health and wealth to you wonderful girls! #bonewoman @paulcar24781928 @NeveTheLaugh Congratulations Paul, to you and your lovely daughter! @Bt7Resident @ClaireHanna Is LANI supposed to be a professional organisation? @Bt7Resident @PSNIBelfastS @QUBSU @UlsterUni 27 temporarily suspended. Not good enough. And I assume all got covid… @PSNIBelfastS Great job PSNI, but it’s crazy that these nightly totals are being issued given the constant warnings…
Retweeted by Brid Ruddy @LeifB73 Both and landlord greed and promotion of area as Partyland .failure of planning law, lack of law enforceme… @BigweeroundJohn All parents need to be aware of dangerous conditions existing in the Holyland. Lots of drugs being…