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Channel 5 is determined to outdo Alan Partridge's famous programme suggestions. I see tonight they have 'Celebrity… thought something similar the other day when I heard on the radio that 80% of Americans think angels exist. But s… will people cope in today's huggy-huggy kissy-kissy world if they're not even allowed to shake hands? On a mor… for the weekend. Today I made a chocolate cake. Now I just have to fill it with fresh cream, get my laugh… it's the gentleman who appeared on many news programmes who has died of #Coronavirus in Japan then our Governmen… Kate Andrews was representing the IEA we had no idea who funded her but now she's at the Spectator (Chairman:… @Lizapool @mrjamesob Ah, but don't forget his is the only fact-based programme in the UK media and he has a close a… is one of those times when radio phone-ins can be useful and whilst some people have had good experien… comedian Nick Ferrari on top form today. The nation's children have been brainwashed to believe in climat… #5live presenter just confused a collective noun with a plural. You can't get the staff these days. #PedantsCornerOn what basis are some authors able to plug their books on BBC news & politics programmes (free advertising on a no… 06.40 paper review mostly followed the one on the #BBCNews website. But the #r4today Editors added a quote from…
@NathanWaddingt3 Yet she was overwhelmingly the choice of that audience, which is at variance with her position in the Sky/YouGov poll.Looking back to past debates, Corbyn wasn't constantly bigging himself up and he rarely used the pronoun 'I'. politicians are to some degree narcissists. They probably have to be. But Lisa Nandy's admiration of herself is… you're not already depressed enough by the Labour leadership contest there's a candidates' debate at 8pm tonight…'t the woman on #BBCNews demonstrating how to wash your hands have removed her rings first? Viruses are devi… my God, Norman Smith again doing his fourth-rate am-dram act on the BBC News at One. And why does he stand with… @JustinBaileyart @BBCr4today @MattHancock @BorisJohnson And by boycotting #r4today they're missing reaching an olde… that this Government puts its vendettas and boycotts above public safety in refusing to go on #r4today,…
"Extra officers must lead to less crime, Priti Patel tells police chiefs" - Guardian. That's funny. For years the T… @broncoskolar I wish it had stayed that way. @Fgh22Gill Which Jewish groups and individuals do you think Labour should not engage with and for what reasons? @Katrina484568 Given the reasons the DWP has sanctioned people for I think we can assume that many self-isolating c… @Fgh22Gill So what do you think it means? And why didn't they just say "Labour must engage with the Jewish communit… Hancock has told employers 14 days of isolation should be treated as sick leave and should be paid. Not much h… @Fgh22Gill It's not my interpretation. It says: "Labour must engage with the Jewish community [Is there only one?]… @radiofourfan That's the gloss her defenders put on it. Unfortunately it's not what she said. Maybe that's what she… @Fgh22Gill And who defines 'mainstream'? The Board of Deputies. And which groups are not 'mainstream'? The ones who supported Corbyn.Johnson keeps talking about the dangers of a Government led by Corbyn. Does he not know Corbyn will no longer be La… @lindas1954 I agree with you about Richard Burgon. On top of which he's had the wisdom and perspicacity to follow m… many Labour members are still enamoured of Angela Rayner after she said things about immigration that could hav… water coming over the flood barriers in Worcestershire is an excuse to revisit the classic comment of Rory S… @msloobylou 😱 @katedodd3 No. Me too. @katedodd3 Maybe I'm too fastidious but I can't vote for anyone who says, just like any right-wing psycho, 'of cour… @SimesThat But some of us do want to indulge in aimless chit-chat, especially at the supermarket checkout. It makes…'s shocking that a former human rights lawyer like Starmer signed a Board of Deputies pledge that dictates what J…
@Springfieldred All three main terrestrial broadcasters tonight did the same. But Thatcher's behaviour was arguably… the Guardian hustings tonight Long-Bailey said her slogan would be "You deserve the best". Which sounds very sim… @grinningdreamer I like the many regional expressions. "Well go to the foot of our stairs!" used to feature in Coro… @grinningdreamer They're something to be cherished and kept alive where possible.That was a very pro-Government report on the EU negotiations by #C4News' Paul MacNamara. If they're not careful he'… that #C4News calls Cyril Smith an "alleged paedophile". There's no "alleged" about it. And he's dead so can… @The_JPR @ItCorbyn No mention of Thatcher and Morrison on #itvnews either. It's not just the BBC. Media reluctant t… his midday report BBC's correspondent said the #CSAInquiry said that Thatcher knew about allegations concerning… Johnson's Press Office telling lies about #Brexit? Well knock me down with a negotiating mandate. we do have a Coronavirus epidemic in this country we'll be royally screwed: our A & E departments are in meltdow… @Vad002 Yes, you can confuse young people in shops when they say "See you later" by replying "What time should I ex… @dang65 Aren't those graphs about book references rather than speech? I'm sure I heard it in my childhood in the 1950s and 1960s. @dang65 I think it was British soldiers' version of 'Tout à l'heure'. I once worked with a man of WW2 vintage who a… @jasonoruairc You're accusing me of spouting "British-Empire-era gibberish"? How very dare you! 😄 @nuffniceness I'd forgotten that one. My mother used to say that a lot.Just heard myself say "Toodle-pip!" to someone. 😲 Am I turning into Terry-Thomas? Then again, it's no sillier than… @pjsmith149 Some modern windows can be rotated so you can clean both sides from indoors. I have one like that so I… reminds me of the dark days of Labour where they tried to out austerity the Tories for votes. Now the Tories…
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@delhi_dave I wouldn't call it a 'glamour poster'. It's just the reverse side of his folded leaflet and it's black… @Fanxxxxtastic @Keir_Starmer Shouldn't we ask for all of them to provide details of their funding? @Fanxxxxtastic @Keir_Starmer Have the other candidates revealed who is funding their campaigns? @laureleccles @DawnButlerBrent If she doesn't accept what it says why is she happy to sign it? What absolute nonsense.Is #BBCNews taking its lead from Johnson? The severe flooding in the UK, including today's 'danger to life' warning… agree, but logically that means being unable to back any of the leadership candidates including Long-Bailey. Astor was a fan of Hitler & notorious anti-Semite, @bbclaurak , nicknamed ‘The Member for Berlin’. She hoped…
Retweeted by Briefcase Michael @WanderingSal That doesn't answer my question. Maybe your book will when it's published.Concern over heading the ball in football in the news today. Yet boxing, where the objective is to inflict damage o… @WanderingSal Not sure what you mean. Are you saying you did a different survey for your book which shows the numbe… @gildy61 @SaraCureton That particular survey was written up inaccurately by the Mail, The Sun and to some extent Th… @MeenMrMustard It came from a contributor but the presenter should have asked them for their source for that dubiou… @JaneM_Webb Sample 2,018. Pretty standard size. Survey done in March 2016 on behalf of the home insurance company E… claim on #r4 that a third of British households now employ cleaners. After some Googling I found it's a…
@nospamjones It was the news bulletin.#TalkingPictures is showing Sunday Night At The London Palladium from the 1950s and 1960s on Sunday nights. Great n… Goves have always had a one rule for you and a different one for us approach. Remember Gove wanted to ban all…
Retweeted by Briefcase Michael @JonquilLucy @annasilvani @AndrewMarr9 @BBC @bbcquestiontime It's Sarah Vine's second time on #Marr in two or three weeks.Sarah Vine criticising House of Lords expenses......what? Her husband Michael Gove had to repay £7,700 of expenses… Bernie Sanders "a self-declared democratic socialist". #LBC: Bernie Sanders "a self-described socialist".…
VAR gets ever more absurd. What's the point of announcing they made a mistake and it should have been a red card un… has persisted with the ridiculous format for their leadership hustings, with no follow-up questions, no dire…"The Sun says the burgundy colour has always rubbed people up the wrong way". What kind of snowflake is rubbed up t… @rossaverde These facts also absent from the #Guardian story I've just read. What a sorry state journalism is in today.Correct, I won't vote for someone who supports Long-Bailey who said of course she'd launch nucl… doesn't mention the very salient fact that we could have had blue, or any other, colour passports while re…
The defence of Johnson not visiting flooded areas would have more credibility if he hadn't made high profile visits… @Stephen888WTF @IvanMosovitch I didn't say everyone did!Nick Ferrari is one of the most stupid & bigoted people to sit in front of a microphone but his show often works as…
@markfrank60 I heard a clip of that but after two attempts Burden gave up because Patel just kept repeating the 8 m…'t find this anywhere else but #LBC reporting tonight that it's confirmed that Andrew Sabisky did not have any v… @jjdubit @matwatkinson @BBCr4today The number of bones is immaterial. It only takes one for you to be as dead as the kipper. @matwatkinson @BBCr4today I like them but rarely eat them because I have an exaggerated fear of choking on a fish b… @mybrown73 Ask me that at 1pm. Actually don't. I'll probably have crashed out by then. 😄#r4today play the old clip of Boris Johnson talking about regulations on sending kippers through the post."You can… really must buy a digital bedside clock. I have a badly-designed analogue one which is easy to mis-read. This mor…
@fififm @theRealRayThomp An exception was Eddie Mair who spent much of his #LBC show tonight exposing the nonsense… played Priti Patel's claim of 8 million 'economically inactive' people as a potential workforce without ch… source for this was the diaries of former NT Director Richard Eyre. He also records this: "Mary Soames pushes a… Thatcher died in 2013 the Tories recalled Parliament. Today the current Tory Government can't even be arsed to… old 'reds under the bed' paranoia from the right. Thatcher Government made Mary Soames (mother of Nicholas) Ch… you noticed how people who throw around the insult "Snowflake!" are often the same people who get upset by veg…'ve been critical of @BBCNews & @BBCPolitics & their demonisation of Corbyn was unprecedented. Despite how much b…
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