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Laura Whitmore pays emotional tribute to friend #CarolineFlack Read more tributes here: Li…
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@Lads_Golf @stumuss Fore rightttttttttttt
Oh this is truly sensational 😂😂😂 Cahill trying to stop @richarlison97
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@MichellePhelps Never a truer word spoken.!!! 👏👏 @daviddownie17 Because part of the lure of a Capri Sun is the feeling of amazing achievement having achieved parall…
@TalkingTheBlue1 Really loving the podcasts gents, really enjoyable listen 🎧
@StephenKHpiston I imagine he’ll probs go in the summer but it will be north of 100 million for defo.!!! @StephenKHpiston Now now Stephen, play nice @OldSchoolMarky Sorry to hear that mate. Love to you and all the family xx
So sad seeing all the video’s being posted. Kobe Bryant's untimely death is a reminder to us all. Love someone?…
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"Have a good time. Life is too short to get bogged down and be discouraged. "You have to keep moving. You have to…
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyThis is just utterly heartbreaking 💔 @rickygervais Done 👍
I’m done 😂🤣😂🤣😂
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@EvertonDesigns “Right boss, i promise this is the last time but just so I’m clear, you actually want me to run around and tackle people???”
Let’s see what Brands is made of as this team and these players are absolutely useless, the swamp needs draining in…
Go on Snakebite 🎯
This is incredible
*watching Ewan McGregor film* Wife: He’s fit *watching Tom Hardy film* Wife: He’s fit *watching Daniel Craig fi…
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🏟 | We can reveal the final designs for our new 52,000-seater stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock on Liverpool's waterfro…
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Go on Fallon 🙌🙌🙌🙌👤 | Nil Satis Nisi Optimum. @MrAncelotti, a man who fits our motto. ✊ #WelcomeMrAncelotti
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@UHTPodcast @WayneRooney My favourite ever goal this.! Still makes my hairs stand up every time I see itFucking Crying
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyBest video you’ll see all week 😂😂😂
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Anyone else get a little anxious when Tosun was getting ready wondering if he was going to hook Kean??! Ohhhhhh.......just me then
@arcticsrock It’s not done yet mate.... @theesk It’s not like you to be so positive PaulThey just showed a clip of Ferguson screaming from touch line at Kean to get back when we lost posession & he is st…
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People saying Keans treatment has been a disgrace no the disgrace is a nineteen year old striker blowing out of his…
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyA truly deserving winner who has inspired us all 👏🏏❤️ Huge congrats to @benstokes38 – your and our @BBCSport Perso…
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyIf you’re supporting Moise Kean over Duncan Ferguson ( wanting Duncan to be fucked off because of it) then you’re p…
Retweeted by Jon Brierley @evertonspares Difference being, he wouldn’t of made that sub and that’s why we were in the bottom 3. Some of these… @EvertonFutbol He was given instructions when he came on. He had one run with the ball then was struggling to get h…
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyNobody wants Kean to succeed at Everton more than me. But those Bkues slagging Ferguson are doing my head in. I d…
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyThe sooner Kean gets sold the better. Can’t abide the crying arses who whinge because they want someone to be somet…
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyFerguson 3 times was screaming at Kean to get back on their attacks, all 3 times he strolled and looked completely…
Retweeted by Jon BrierleySorry but the kids attitude stinks. Thinks hes better than what he is. Was blowing out of his arse after 5 minutes…
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyCant believe the reaction on here to the Kean sub. I was at the game and his performance was a disgrace, made one r…
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyTwitter blues: "If you're not prepared to put a shift in and fight for the shirt, fuck off" *Dunc subs Kean for no…
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyThat's an excellent point. 4 points from Chelsea at home and Manchester United away, with next to no team, is a gre…
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyFans that can’t see why Ferguson took Kean off are part of the problem for years of being to nice, the lad wasn’t p…
Retweeted by Jon Brierley @MattJFootball It’s not a conundrum, Kean is clearly unfit and not up to it at the moment. Maybe he needs to get ho… @CalvertLewin14 Absolutely first class today Dom, different level when you play like that - they can’t live with you 💙💙 @PartAdam Gave away 2 free kicks in dangerous areas, gave the ball away and looked shattered after one long run...l…
Not the first story of this kind I’ve heard about @BenFoster either - sounds an absolute 10/10 gent 👍 @hughwizzy We are a small business who have just started uploading our property videos out to give advice on how to…
@faizashaheen You’ve run a truly fantastic campaign from what I’ve seen, wish you all the best 👍 you’d certainly ge… speaking to these 2 gents this morning on @GMB I think it would be only suitable to join them with there caus…
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@arcticsrock @CheekySport I wouldn’t be devastated if it was him to be honest, was really good at Sevilla under a g…
He was my hero growing up....he’s still my hero today.!!! Absolutely made up for the big man today 💙💙💙💙We are all the Everton Ball Boy, lifted by Duncan Ferguson in our hour of need; enabled to experience a human emoti…
Retweeted by Jon Brierley @TheBlueRoomEFC I love him 💙💙💙 my heroYOU. LOVE. TO. SEE. IT. #EFC
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyPlayer, Manager, Everton Supporter. Duncan Ferguson 💙
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyGrowing up in the 90’s, Big Dunc was everything to me & people my age. His passion for the club & love for Evertoni…
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Not many people get let into Big Duncs inner circle,but he is more emotional than people would think. Goodison when…
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyNo hard feelings with Silva by the way. Very likeable and respectable guy, just wasn't meant to be. Wish him the best going forward!
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyWe fans have only one thing to do tomorrow. 100% support for this man and his team. No more, no less.
Retweeted by Jon Brierley💙 | "That’s what happens when you play for Everton - you forget the rest. The rest means nothing.” - Duncan Ferguso…
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyI hope Goodison is the noisiest place on the planet tomorrow I wish the big guy all the luck in the world It’s a…
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyThis is the kind of class Marco Silva has displayed throughout his time at the club. We expect nothing less and wis…
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyMarco Silva’s leaving statement. Classy man which but it sadly never worked out. Wish him the best 👏🏻
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyClass
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyMy favourite all time player, loves the club and for how ever long it lasts, I’m fully behind you Big Man..!!!! 💙💙💙💙
That latest report from the Liverpool Echo makes me feel very sorry for Marco Silva - not because he was sacked, bu…
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyWithout Dunc we’d have gone down in 1998. He’ll always be one of my heroes so don’t expect me to be joining in any hating.
Retweeted by Jon BrierleySeems very likely Everton will make the wrong managerial appointment.
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyMarco Silva has been at Finch Farm since first thing this morning. The board there since after lunchtime. I'd rea…
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyActually feel for Silva, a very decent man, who tried his best but was simply out of his depth - club has humiliate… Horror...Manager is sacked and still no official word from the club, absolutely embarrassing @EvertonA sad day in the history of our club, nearly over. This is not about sentiment to Marco Silva either. This is about…
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyWhen there is absolutely zero leadership at the club perfectly outlined with how today has been handled, it’s clear…
Frail and spineless as ever. Not one man in that club is capable of standing up and being the leader that we so des…
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyJust in terms of life, this shower of shite should be commended; they continue to plummet to new lows that appear i…
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyWe’ve been shite for years, but there have always been players I’ve adored....Beardsley, Ferguson, Kanchelskis, Spe… pen and no red tells you all you need to know about the referees and VAR in English football. That’s shocking.
Retweeted by Jon Brierley @EvertonNewsFeed @Bryan_Oviedo I was at this game in the UTD end, nearly got the living daylights kicked out of me…
✍️ | New deal for @Richarlison97: signed! ✅
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Everton in a gif
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyWhat an amazing man.!!! Hope he is honoured fully - we owe him everything, brave brave guy
These guys that chased down the terrorist - who'd just killed 2 people & was wearing a fake suicide vest - with a f…
Retweeted by Jon BrierleyThese fellas are amazing. The terrorist has already killed 2 people, injured others and they chase him down with a…
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My statement with @MetroMayorSteve. #jft96
Retweeted by Jon Brierley🗓 ON THIS DAY IN 1985 Rocky Balboa shocked the world by knocking out Ivan Drago in the 15th round, avenging Apollo…
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@brizzbrownbaby Feel free to pass her our details / that’s insane @arcticsrock Just shocking! Talk of Moyes or Mark Hughes coming in - will be drinking bleach by 1pm if that’s trueIt shows how far we’ve fallen behind as a club when you look at the names being linked to the managers job - it’s u…
@ToffeeTVEFC @MickyH1988 @Bevan2703 @RossMunro9 @jblackwell04 @SteveHurst7 @Bevan2703 @MickyH1988 @RossMunro9 @jblackwell04 @SteveHurst7 Great day.!! Well in buddy - awesome to see you all..…
@RelocationAgent @MilesandBarr Thoroughly deserved too, they are absolutely first class.! Best I’ve seen 👍 Congrats to all the team there