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Independent Pop Music maker, DJ & film lover. 'Fun City' out now: LGBTQ+ (he/him)

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@JimmyLennonSE1 Thank you Jimmy!Oh wow! Thank you so much!!! <3 #ItsAlrightItsOK @Independent Why are you mentioning only one candidate @weareshura other than it is not t***pUpdated the 'Fun City' playlist on @Spotify to include some stellar tunes from the album's collaborators including… so much to all the presenters on @BBCRadioWales in my home country who are supporting this song. It means a… @TwitterMusic oh shucks! *blushes in gay pop* @kellileighuk Can’t Get Enough! x @partywith_ya @MariahCarey You're welcome!We have a winner. The only person who said Everything Fades Away! My personal Top 5 @MariahCarey 1. 8th Grade 2. E… IS THIS COUNTRY NOT STOPPING TR*MP LYING. WHY ARE HIS FRAUD AND LIES ABOVE THE LAW. @Dougystyle4 @macleanbrendan @Brandoncolbein @BLITHESAXON @BillyWinnMusic @andreadgiovanni @arloparks @AlexZone @fia_bbyy @airielmusic 😘😘 @sparkensoph Have done that! @MichaelBaggs people are so niceThis video is so cool REFUSES TO CONDEMN WHITE SUPREMACY!!! He just refused to condemn white supremacy... TRUMP...REFUSED TO CONDEM…
Retweeted by Bright Light Bright Light @cyndilauper There IS a hole in your heart that goes all the way to China after all! 😘 @IvankaTrump Bye!Jesus fucking christThere are no words for how low tr*mp goes. So heartbreaking. @retroglo Good let that be her penance for being a piece of shit
@marramark @MariahCarey @MichaelaangelaD This is the closest so far! @MichaelaangelaD @theFempanada @MariahCarey Such an atom bomb of a song!! @mynameisjro As someone who can’t vote, my nerves and heart can’t handle itIn my excitement I accidentally bought two copies of @MariahCarey #TheMeaningOfMariahCarey books! So I’m going to g… you my love! And thank you again - as I said - for all you do to keep people reminded of the power of music.… @edgardo_vc Love does not always win. We have seen this. Literally everyone needs to encourage those who vote from… are still so many who - despite fraud, taxes, rape condoning, LGBTQ+ targeting - are still voting for Tr*mp.… @ReneeAlida @Seanti69 BOOM @JeremyWC1982 @wearegorgeousfm @MariahCarey @LouiseRedknapp @mellealizee @caveboymusic @izzyheltai @kavana_official @rodthepriest @macleanbrendan @Jakeshears @AndyBell_info @samsparro @caveboymusic @nikiharis @donnadelory will be so fun! Can't wait to see your set and am really happy to be party of @MondoNewYork especially as live… @billcs @caveboymusic Thank you :)
NO MORE: “Donald Trump has proven over these last four years he is incapable of such leadership. It is not within h…
Retweeted by Bright Light Bright Light @NathanielWyvern @samsparro 😘😘😘 @BBCRadioWales @AndyBell_info @Ani_Glass @Adamhendermusic @GizmoVarillas Thank you so much!! @tom_aspaul @wearegorgeousfm Fab! @thatryanlogan We all love that for you @thatryanlogan Haha 😘 @UKShapeshifters Here if you need a vocal! ✨YOUR TAXES: I know it’s “easy” to think you should be paying the same tax rate as your President who’s $421 million…
Retweeted by Bright Light Bright Light @Ralph30309 @billboard @ladygaga Thank you! @theholliday @billboard @ladygaga 😘😘😘Amazingly, 'Fun City' is #2 @billboard Current Electronic Albums chart behind @ladygaga which is a true shock and h… @neverforgets The bestOne year ago we just kicked off opening for @cher across Europe. What an amazing journey and a totally unforgettabl… @NadiaKamil It’s absolutely the most depressing thing in the world that not even ALL of these things, let alone any… @HannaHanra Gym is also short for Gymothy @weareshura Literally everyone. Very literally.Thank you @BBCRadioWales for adding ‘Good At Goodbyes’ ft @AndyBell_info to the Welsh A-List 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 A lovely start… @Philip_Ellis Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit - Gina G Gonna Get Over You - France Joli I Know A Place - Muna All That She Wants - Ace Of Base @James_T_Higgins Totally @alketrolyat I love you. People like you give me while across America. And that means so much xx @oneofthosefaces 100% @alketrolyat That’s all I want. I really love you so much so if I did some good by you today, I feel 200% better 😘😘 @alketrolyat Exhausting, my love x @alketrolyat Exactly. I GLADLY pay taxes here because I MOVED OVER AN OCEAN to country that I believe is amazing,… @whereisMUNA thrilled that as a non-immigrant self-releasing musician I paid over 20 times the tax he paid in 2016… @mrbonk61 Thank you! Lovely to have you along for the ride! @PopBangHugh 100% @ddir56 I’ve been audited and I’ve paid every fucking cent I have to my name but apparently he’s totally fine getti… @mfbenji important watch #maga #trump2020 🇺🇸 @mrbonk61 Wales is in the UK and is very much at fault in the current state of thingsLiterally NOBODY is enjoying flaunting that the president of the USA is a liar and a cheat. I fucking LOVE this cou… @thatryanlogan I think I’ve been very transparent ... is that why nobody likes me?
Please make that! of my faves! So disappointed I couldn’t be part of this gorgeous day but so pleased it was so gorgeous!! @RLeBonTennant I hope so too x😘😘 so fun‘I’m not gonna write you a love song, I’m not gonna tell you why....’ Loving this track ❤️💛❤️ #LoveSong by…
Retweeted by Bright Light Bright LightSunday Funday with @kylieminogue @PWLHitFactory in NYC. @ericpop27 @Gigamesh Oh ... confusing tweet. Sorry his Donna remix will hopefully lead you to Gigamesh Donna remix…, Dahling! @whiggyrules2013 @Gigamesh Yes and The Boss!😘😘😘 @LouiseRedknapp I can’t wait for the IN WALKED LOVE anniversary I LOVE that one even more!! @VeryRecords Yesss Vince!If there’s any sense, this new Kygo remix of Donna Summer’s Bad Girls will direct everyone to @Gigamesh WAY superio… @JohnAllanUK 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 @voellig Great company!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 @RickyOrr @Popjustice @elliegoulding Amazing!! @HarunTulunay ❤️❤️❤️❤️ so glad to hear!
@marysaund ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love you xxTwo of my favourite women: France Joli with one of the BEST albums and Madchen Amick as Shelly in Twin Oeaks servin… adam!!! @NadiaKamil In the sun that place is so amazing🌈❤️🌈❤️🌈😍 in love with this description! Love the @JessieWare record so that's amazing Sammy! @mcrsimon @erasureinfo @7thHeavenRmx It's a GREAT song so I'm v happy to be part of the remix package! @LauraAmbler3 @Fulaleo That makes me v proud! I hope it’s helping you thrive!!! XxxHappy 10th anniversary to my debut single! I put out ‘Love Part II’ with @Popjustice on September 26th 2010 and the… @samgendersmusic @Fulaleo 😘😘😘 @M7UK @Fulaleo Thanks Matt - welcome aboard!Amazing!! Thank you @TallbirdRecords ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @bluesavannah_77 😘😘