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Multi award-winning handcrafted gin, & currently #NHS-supporting #handsanitiser too. Next day delivery via - the #spiritofbrighton! 🔞

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Hurrah!! Like Team Spirit...'s rather generously sized, please don't ride your bike wearing it in case it obscures your vision!! @gadhove @kathycaton Thanks chum! Xx
Thank youuuuu!! @GirlsInGolf @kathycaton Oh thank you! 😁 @brightonchamber Thank you, we're really proud to be in such inspiring company! #greatinspirationsAnd you guys are pretty darn ace too!! @CashmanRachel Ah thanks Rachel!We're really proud to be featured in the #GreatInspirations campaign - there are some amazing stories from other pr…
@TaskHusky @SafeAsMilkCo @Shopify Always up for gin payments!Just today!! Eee!
Quite late to the #GlastoAtHome party but have loved having the @ChemBros set on just now. Cor. Also, loving having… @tomnixon @matthaig1 Well cheers from us!!
Join us: @theFoxFisher @THTorguk @transcansport @sussexbeacon @LunchPositive @radioreverb @BrightonGin
Retweeted by Brighton GinThank you so much for this lovely review @ginraguk xx
@BrightonGin @BBCRadio4 Thank you Kathy! All credit to @helenlewis it's an eye opening book.... My fave is the sect…
Retweeted by Brighton Gin @ancientblogger We'd be very happy to help,and that is a LUSH looking picnic!! #saladdaysJust caught #DifficultWomen on @BBCRadio4 produced by the excellent Jill Waters at @WatersCompany. I will be treat… @AmandaBootes Hi Amanda, we'd be happy to help! I'll DM you.
Hi @ShelterHallRaw we are so blooming excited about you opening and us being on your bar. Let us know what we can do to help!!🚨1hr to go🚨 🍸@BrightonGin - Lockdown closed the doors to wholesale outlets overnight. Hear from founder Kathy Cato…
Retweeted by Brighton GinWe're excited about this new quality food and drink offering for the seafront (and about being on the bar!)… @zoe_cairns hi Zoe! Really looking forward to spending the day learning with you @barneydebear @Wickes Thank YOU so much Barney for supporting us! Xx
And shout out back to YOU for helping businesses like ours keep going!! Xx @fermentradio YOU ARE THE SUPERSTAR VEGAN!!
Very happy to announce that after lots of requests, we are now offering a Click & collevlct service! 🥳 Select it as… @metrodeco Lush!!Thank you so much to @brightonargus and @BrightonNick for featuring us here
@AndyDEvans We can scale to fit..!Ahoy! Should we send a life raft??
Brilliant!! #upthealbion absolute pleasure. And thank YOU for the support!
Firstly, congratulations! Secondly,excellent sock-modelling!! @BeersPleaseUK Well this is a fantastic service, what a great idea! We're gin slingers rather than beer but love what you're doing! @MichelleTW17 thanks for the follow Michelle! Good to have you along.Really interesting article from @TheGinGuild on the current state of play with some of the challenges the gin world…
Packed #LiveAndLocal show coming up at 8pm @BBCSussex, including @heatherpeace @NikkiGatenby #TownerEastbourne and…
Retweeted by Brighton GinSwitchboard are recruiting a new CEO @LGBTSwitchboard @peterkyle @CarolineLucas @lloyd_rm @CyclesElly @jsumn76
Retweeted by Brighton GinHear @heatherpeace talking about her new album release and life - and creativity, and challenge - in Lockdown, 8.3…
Retweeted by Brighton GinAbsolutely delighted to be featured in @alisonbcoleman's latest @Forbes article on lessons learnt from and during…
Well this brought a spring to my healthwalk this afternoon! Great to say hello to the team at #TheTempest amd lovel… ABSOLUTE is! I'm feeling a potential collaboration coming on!! @ThisIsSamAdams @RidgeviewWineUK It is truly, truly delicious Sam!
@G1ndyG00 Hi Charlie! Glad to hear you're getting full use of it! We'd be really happy to recycle that bottle for y…'re marking #sussexday today with Sussex's finest - a signature #Sussex75 made with @ridgeviewwineuk, Brighton Gi… @alisonbcoleman Your email has landed, will come back to you tomorrow morning! @TheLockAngel Oh blooming well done!! @alisonbcoleman should do the trick!
@alisonbcoleman I've learnt not only how to make hand sanitiser to support frontline workers, but also how to get o… is Beer Day Britain! Everyday is the best day for beer drinkers but today is even more best. Join the Natio…
Retweeted by Brighton GinToday is #NationalBeerDay so my main job is deciding which of these British beers will be in my hand at 7pm for the…
Retweeted by Brighton Gin
@Benjilindsay Boom!!! What's the serve? Looks lush!! @SqueezyKez Well I reckon if you like BG with the orange - or neat over ice- that's what you should go for! Person… @emmacook192 Oooh! Did you enjoy it? @boydcmb @tarsierspirit @renegadegin @doghousedistill @locksleystill And i think we might need to plan a 2021 Lossiemouth roadshow!! @BlackRockBTN Well spotted!! Yes, improvised telly studio!! @boydcmb @tarsierspirit @renegadegin @doghousedistill @locksleystill It was nerve-wracking but as you could hear, t… @pixelspirits @Gin_Cooperative @bensim Beautiful line up in a most beautiful bar! @theginblog @thebotanistgin Super Well done!!
@RobShepherd13 We are for all your gin needs good sir! @RobShepherd13 40% of gorgeous juniper citrussyness. Yum!! @boydcmb @tarsierspirit @renegadegin @doghousedistill @locksleystill We're still egging German Charly on to practic… @Ebenezer68 @doghousedistill @locksleystill @tarsierspirit @renegadegin How was it? Really hope you enjoyed it! @TheGinfluence That's one pre show nervous face!! @emmacook192 Yay! Thanks so much for joining!! @TweetsMJ Thanks so much for joining!! Great to have you along and thanks for trying our gin!! @Ebenezer68 Yay!! @SqueezyKez Yay!! So glad you gave it a spin! How did you get on?Love you guys! @Laura_Storr @tarsierspirit @locksleystill Hope you enjoyed it!! How were the gins?The tasting has finally begun on our live zoom for #WorldGinDay #Delicious we're off!! We're ready to tell you about our delicious gin! #WorldGinDay ready to go live for #WorldGinDay @beer_trade And to you! @boydcmb @tarsierspirit @renegadegin @doghousedistill @locksleystill Getting excited. And nervous!! @boydcmb @tarsierspirit @renegadegin @doghousedistill @locksleystill Exciting!!Well we'll drink to that! make us blush but also burst with Pride - thank you so much!! @TheGinGuild sprig with pride
Retweeted by Brighton Gin @GinMonkeyUK @MrJamesMay @RichardHammond Lawks!! @SDCellars @CabinPresSpirit @generation11gin @DitchlingGin @Folkingtons Great work! XxWe've teamed up with our friends at @BrightonGin to offer a great package, which is perfect for #WorldGinDay or Fat…
Retweeted by Brighton GinBOOM!! Here's @cocktailkate55 nailing #WorldGinDay from the start!! to you Inka!! Xx
Thanks guys! xx’re not the only ones, but #craftgin makers have needed to come up with some creative ways to keep that juniper…
Retweeted by Brighton Gin @GSRdistillery enjoying your #Ginposium session Will, we're trying to fight lots of these fights too, it's an ongoi… @TheGinGuild Logged on watching right now! @GinMonkeyUK Have you remembered gin on your checklist?
@HayJaney @Secret_Marathon @lookatbrew Do it! You'll be fine with it neat even, i promise!! @TheGinGuild Aha! Brilliant - thank you! A Friday of pick and mix ahead in the distillery- brilliant xx @TheGinGuild Very much looking forwards to this! Could you point us in the right direction of where we can find out… you so much to @Slowdownandeat and to @forbes for featuring us in this great article @theginblog Very well said!
@tarsierspirit Can't wait for the big reveal!!And to hear the utterly brilliant Jane Peyton quoted too with a good bit of historical perspective!! @baracca47 @MissFlyByNight Well thank you sir! XxxOOOOH!! Here's the first glimpse of the tasting pack ahead of the #WorldGinDay #gintomytonic online festival on Sa…