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Brion Vibber @brionv Portland, OR

MediaWiki, mtpng, ogv.js, puns, human decency 🧙‍♂️👾🖖☭🤷🏻‍♂️ he/him, wear a mask save lives

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this is explicitly intended to be laying the rhetorical, media, and legal groundwork for federal intervention into…
Retweeted by Brion Vibbermicrosoft now owns github and doom i'm going to bed
Retweeted by Brion VibberSuper cute snail
Retweeted by Brion VibberNancy by Olivia Jaimes for Mon, 21 Sep 2020
Retweeted by Brion VibberYou can measure the speed of light at home using just a microwave and a bar of chocolate!
Retweeted by Brion Vibberthe union
Retweeted by Brion Vibberso I may have done a thing...
Retweeted by Brion VibberMicrosoft, stop buying everything I loveLove is running out of the room before you sneeze so you don’t scare your jumpy cat.
Retweeted by Brion Vibberpossibly we should stop saying “the algorithm” and start saying “the way people programmed the app”
Retweeted by Brion VibberI'll never get over learning they portrayed their family as weird & absurd by showing a husband that actively loved…
Retweeted by Brion VibberI always figured criminal onions formed rings.
Retweeted by Brion Vibber @evanpro Takin' on the next challenge: THE SUN
Were any women involved in the creation of this feature?
Retweeted by Brion VibberDead code elimination is a whole-program exorcismNow I'm curious about abusing webrtc to stream vp9 video to safari ... Will have to try it for fun
Retweeted by Brion VibberThis is why I like 1990s star trek more than 2010s star trek observation: In the U.S. at least, we lack very many models for community, kindness, healthy relationships, and…
Retweeted by Brion VibberSo... Hungry ... a slug all salt is FINISHING SALT
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Retweeted by Brion VibberDon't 👏 crop 👏 images 👏 automatically 👏Friend: You seem depressed. Me: Thanks it has pockets.
Retweeted by Brion VibberIs it a coincidence? I don't think so. Stop testing your software
Retweeted by Brion Vibberevery day i wake up fucking shaking from rage that they made a movie about air bud’s kids and called it Air Buddies instead of Heir Bud
Retweeted by Brion VibberI gotta say, R.E.M. gave me unrealistic expectations about how good I’d feel at the end of the world
Retweeted by Brion VibberWhen the air filter you installed a while ago saves you
Retweeted by Brion Vibber @evanpro you have passed the test that was the best laugh i've had all week @evanpro reply guys: please don't explain my jokes back to me it's kinda lame of you. Thanks love yaI reject your foldable phones and demand unrolling scroll phonesOn a Zoom call, my dad accidentally called it a "genre reveal party" and now I want one for my next book!
Retweeted by Brion VibberKemuimon, a cloud of cigarette smoke who covers his own mouth, warns of the dangers of secondhand smoke.
Retweeted by Brion VibberThis now viral trend showcases an IMPORTANT lesson: 1. Society is racist 2. Technology exists within society 3. Te…
Retweeted by Brion Vibber entire adult life has been checking if I need to refrigerate after opening.
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questions (1/2)
Retweeted by Brion VibberIDEAS: things that aren't realTHINGS: the items that people have or don't have but wantGetting some weird visual artifacts in Firefox on GrubHub. Buttons partially not rendering, stuff like tha… do your QA true Designers check your fonts With a sweep of the code And a final upload We’ll get this website laaaunched
Retweeted by Brion Vibberhate that shanties are just for sailors, every job should have songs to sing together at work
Retweeted by Brion VibberI've been behind schedule on getting an updated release of ogv.js out, which I hope to be able to do a major versio… ogv.js current git on emscripten 2.0.4, and it just worked, no build regressions from the various refactoring…
Retweeted by Brion Vibber2020 Wolfenstein advent calendar sure if this is winnable, but you do you Kentucky is it Terry Gross outside? Because this is ... Fresh Air
Retweeted by Brion VibberWe are all this NPC Fallout 76 map screen: what I want when I press A while the cursor is right next to a fast travel point is *no… @russish Strifescrolling was surprisingly advanced for its time in gameplay despite its cartoony graphics doomscrolling is too intense for you, try wolf3dscrolling. Simpler maps and enemies and bright colorful graphics. Still has Nazis tho.
Retweeted by Brion VibberI feel like at any time of day I can post "what fresh hell is this" and it'll be relevant
Retweeted by Brion Vibberfor your mental health, stop doomscrolling right now and log off. Take care
Retweeted by Brion Vibber
FUCKITY FUCKRain, I'm sorry for all those times I told you to go away Thank you for coming back some day Cause some day was todayhey guys can we talk about something real quick bc i don't think we gave this topic enough attention yesterday but…
Retweeted by Brion Vibber @ysaw If london ever bans printing dragons on the side of things the jig is up tho @dominictarr WebAssembly port of docker? :) :)Has the UK dissolved yet? It seems on an inevitable slide at least as bad as ours. @dominictarr oooh that'll bring em in :DI feel like if this was 2007 I'd have VCs pissing themselves to hand me money for this ;) Might put it on my fun p… who would be interested in an Electron-like system that pairs a Chromium (or system-provided) web view frontend… hair, Windows 95, purchasing music on CD. Those were good days. if you could upgrade your apps without interrupting them because there was a separate display layer and busine…
Retweeted by Brion Vibber @maettig heh :) the ega/vga one was *amazing*, I wrote my own loadable graphics drivers for a mini GUI library and… @maettig If I do it's in a box where I can't easily get at it. ;)
@mcclure111 what’s stopping you from coding like this
Retweeted by Brion VibberUnlike most RPG bosses, I drop loot if I see you being kind to your friends.
Retweeted by Brion VibberToday's request for @github. Crossing fingers 🤞
Retweeted by Brion VibberKick The Football #comics #webcomics #comix #peanuts
Retweeted by Brion VibberA fun little computer puzzle, courtesy of @xdr5. Two apps, same text – what’s happened here?
Retweeted by Brion VibberHas anyone tried playing this?
Retweeted by Brion Vibberhi son 🌋 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ #comic #webcomic #volcano
Retweeted by Brion Vibber @russish Totes for oats[inventor of cursive] what if the letters held hands
Retweeted by Brion Vibberdudeswings: moodswings for men
Retweeted by Brion Vibberhusband: there are so many new teammates at work, it’s hard to learn everyone’s name me: well yeah, it’s dunbar’s…
Retweeted by Brion VibberMy most annoyingly pedantic pet peeve is people using PST during daylight savings time
Retweeted by Brion VibberAnd we've been writing wikipedia for two decades 🤦‍♀️
Retweeted by Brion Vibberwhy did the heghog need a friend. we all do sometimes
Retweeted by Brion VibberAt some point around 2010 somebody passed a law that hotel rooms could only be white, grey and brown with some dark…
Retweeted by Brion VibberLow 200s! Nice. am but one layer of a cosmic mille-feuille
Retweeted by Brion VibberMr. Kanban Bring me a card Move it to WIP, I hope it's not hard My backlog's full, and I'm so tired Pretend to do…
Retweeted by Brion Vibber @evanpro They're never gonna keep you down <3I’m never going skydiving because then the number of times I’ve taken off in a plane won't be the same as the numbe…
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best javascript library for starship autopilot maneuvers
Retweeted by Brion Vibberif I'm writing code on the West Coast right now, is that vaporware?
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@rstevens luke & jar-jar 2020 @rstevens i for one appreciate a film series about how intergalactic trade disputes are used as a cover for domesti… and jalad netflix original series
Retweeted by Brion Vibber @feffylovesyou @Iron_Spike What's gen x, chopped liver? :)
new pin because I love irony
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