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Editor-In-Chief for @AbleGamers. Writer, editor, streamer, accessibility specialist, looking for full-time work! Hire me! he/him

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It's spooky season, so bring the mood into your home with our PS4 theme. With pictures taken at an abandoned theme…
Retweeted by brian conklinCheck out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY) live at a reminder: “God helps those who help themselves,” isn’t biblical. It’s a heresy that was condemned by the Church in 418 CE.
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Here is the post I put on Facebook that prompted like a half a dozen people in my town if I was secretly talking ab…
Retweeted by brian conklinWe often celebrate huge accessibility achievements while overlooking the importance of small changes that can mean…
Retweeted by brian conklin @jenawithonen My fiancee and I had this stress, but we solved it by getting a cabin deep in the woods over the holi… @halfcoordinated Only one? You deserve as many as you can play!Tbh I'm still surprised when I see folks on my feed being excited to buy/play Cyberpunk, after all of CDPR's transp…
Retweeted by brian conklin @MattCaulder @iaregrate These are the same people who hear a medical professional say "we're in a pandemic, wear a… is definitely a sort of fairness, cards for everyone with no idea what they do. This is exciting. @EricVBailey Key Lime! @callmenapkins Finally, Xehanort is here.Not sure who needs to hear this, but your choice to give up your normal life for the last 7 months may have saved s…
Retweeted by brian conklin @PokemonGoApp Larvitar, Larvitar, and... Larvitar. 😒 @KelseyWho Facebook Memory posts break me, it'll be a bunch of people I know hanging out at a party and I'll start… what they took from you
Retweeted by brian conklinWear a mask. Wash your hands. Vote out Donald Trump.
Retweeted by brian conklinACAB
Retweeted by brian conklin @MOOMANiBE Blood Hamburger is great! What if you supported Blood Hamburgers team, tho? Just team up with "The Seco…
@ImplausiblyJ fine okay goshI record Radio IAGP tonight! Do you have questions you’d like me to answer? Topics you’d like me to cover? You shou…
Retweeted by brian conklinCredits rolled on Ghost of Tsushima. Full of style and beautiful art of impossible locations that started feeling l… @MattCaulder @MGR_Chille oh yeah, just to be clear: this is *great*. I absolutely love whatever these things are an… love blaseball because it knows what it's saying with its systems.
Retweeted by brian conklinPeople hid a bunch of blessings in their shoes and we woke up with so much stuff. @GregJHazy @RockStarTragedy I saw this picture and said "I would happily get rid of Snickers" but I was too afraid… @MGR_Chille *blinks* I remember when the Magitek armor got a flight form, people lost their minds. What even *is*… @ahsiastern Politics are supposed to be *so boring*, that's why we elect people to do it for us.Hatsune Miku has officially done more to stop coronavirus than the president of the United States
Retweeted by brian conklinMore on this. Per @wsj, @JoeBiden bought this house in 1972 for $185,000 and sold it for $1,200,000 in 1996, which…
Retweeted by brian conklin @ImplausiblyJ 👀
Retweeted by brian conklinLook, data clearly implying that wearing masks in public helps protect again COVID spread in the U.S. (Not that thi…
Retweeted by brian conklinHi. Marriage equality doesn't exist until disabled people can marry without losing benefits, including vital access to healthcare.
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I don't know how we got here but... OUR KICKS @EricVBailey WoW has done so much damage to people lives and personal relationships, gotta say that one. @craigums Oh my goodness, yes please.The @ScareAThon is almost at its first goal of $500 before the event starts next Friday! Friday, Saturday, Sunday,…
Retweeted by brian conklinNot only was it cool seeing @GameOverGreggy and @garywhitta check out @JoeBiden's island in Animal Crossing on…
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"No Way to Avoid Consequences" Says Only Fanbase That Actively Chases Consequences.
Retweeted by brian conklin @MattCaulder they expect him to outlive the 135 year sentence he’s facing down or....
Retweeted by brian conklin @NianticHelp Hello! I had a Giratina raid glitch out, I used a remote raid pass and had my six Pokemon KO'd, and th… @MattCaulder You ever see a gif so bad you gotta RT your tweet? @EricVBailey Years upon years of truth in that tweet. @MGR_Chille I'm okay with that being easy if everything else is a challenge to build up or raid specific. As someon… Fun should be accessible to all! @AbleGamers @markbarlet @craigums @stevenspohn @Brisaac @GregJHazy
Retweeted by brian conklin @MGR_Chille That still sounds obnoxious but nowhere near as bad. Especially if you're someone like me who just spen… @MGR_Chille Your look is good! How's Relic weapons nowadays? Are they still a total pain the ass and hella expensive? @craigums worth? reminder to the Giant Bomb community.
Retweeted by brian conklin @EricVBailey Excellent, I can't wait for more free gum!Tweaked the colors a bit. Whatcha think, @CHSSTFans ?
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We have a Feature List for #ACValhalla detailing accessibility impacts. We included settings AND highlight some cor…
Retweeted by brian conklinRelated: Ohio had 2K+ new cases today. New highest daily total for the state for all of COVID-19. #WEARYOURDAMNMASK
Retweeted by brian conklinIf I am indoors and/or within 6 feet of you, the answer to, “Do you really want me to wear a mask?” IS ALWAYS YES.…
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@EricVBailey my new hot strategy is to plan personal, small, save vacations over holidays so that you can't spend t… @TheHashtag0nist They talked about Ghost shells with full customization in the new season, lemme get that Sagira in… @TheHashtag0nist Paimon ghost shell, sure. People already had issues with one Ghost voice (that I loved), they're… at the KFC/ We at the Sephora/ We at the combination KFC and Sephora
Retweeted by brian conklinLast night, plans were made with @iaregrate for our honeymoon trip and I'm so very, very excited for it... you know…
Retweeted by brian conklin @ImplausiblyJ hello I started playing Splatoon 2 recently and I, too, am Big On The Splatoon.I’m trying to get my first encounter on route 1, but my mask is dummy thicc and keeps scaring the Pokémon
Retweeted by brian conklinGentle Carnage is up, everyone!
Retweeted by brian conklin @Shadonomaly They don't need to vote, it's okay. @ImplausiblyJ @ImplausiblyJ I've had other people go to food establishments by him and have said similar, exceedingly positive th… @ImplausiblyJ Like... recently? Or ever? Can you tell us about the experience? Or do I need to send in an email to… election is a tough call because one candidate was endorsed by both the Taliban and the KKK and the other was…
Retweeted by brian conklinFollowing more weird accounts if you're weird lmk
Retweeted by brian conklinHey yall! The "Long Play" version of two of my @ooblets streams are now live on YouTube! These Long versions have n…
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Retweeted by brian conklin @coorsnite I have a friend that I show a lot of older, weirder games, and when I showed him Sonic 3D Blast, I found… it started how it’s going
Retweeted by brian conklingenie: you get three wishes me: i wish punching nazis made money fall out like in a sonic the hedgehog game genie: …ok that one’s free
Retweeted by brian conklin1) We locked down too late in March. 2) We lifted lockdown too fast in the summer. 3) We're delaying lockdown too l…
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@BungieHelp Why not Gambit? There's bonus infamy, it'd be perfect! 🤔Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY) live at feel like the key thing here is the person who initially had the virus took a test FOUR DAYS after being exposed…
Retweeted by brian conklinThe Simpsons — October Surprise
Retweeted by brian conklin @megateer @iaregrate ....this is a new word for me, a word I've never known before.hey i know his name is blood hamburger but that doesn't mean he has infinite blood. please stop licking our boy
Retweeted by brian conklinthis is the longest my hair has ever been. it's halfway down my neck. The curls are unstoppable nightmares. Everyon… 26th anniversary to the American release of Final Fantasy VI. Here's the crazy American commercial for it.
Retweeted by brian conklinwelcome to charleston home of assorted and fucked up grand slam variants
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@papa_poison Bless you leaning hard into the ridiculousness the game supports. ❤️ @papa_poison Good.... GOOD....I was skeptical, but the NBA bubble actually worked. It’s a testament to human ingenuity and resilience how quickly…
Retweeted by brian conklinThe next time someone says to you "there are only a few people that benefit from accessibility improvements", show…
Retweeted by brian conklinhow it started vs. how it's going
Retweeted by brian conklin @fazor3d They've both had a large amount of mysterious super drugs pumped into them, and both of them are media cha… @MattCaulder @IanSundstrom Thank you for wearing your mask. ❤️Drain the swamp. #vote
Retweeted by brian conklin @cynthialeeluna It's a *super* good online shop. I really want one of those Sauce Packet Pillows. @ethan_awesome I only cried a little bit at how cute y'all are. 😭RT if $16K a month after taxes would be “life changing” rather than “measly”.
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