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Father, Manchester United Season Ticket Holder, Indie Rock fan.

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@DillanMUFC We are 5 nil up. Lads clearly can’t be bothered. Using it as match fitness @PeteBoyle70 This is a hate crime surely?? @MerseyPolice care to investigate this racist remark?Got this made - wrong size should be bigger - one RTer gets it after the match 🍀😉
Retweeted by stuart briscoe 🇾🇪 🇪🇺 @nicky_NoPasaran We may be witnessing the beginning of the end of rampant consumer capitalism @neworder Brilliant. Ordered. @redsarah99 What’s he said?? @thepileus Exactly the same thing was nonchalantly said in Germany in 1935 by the Nazi party. Be warned we are ente… @BenJolly9 Great seeing these guys fall on their arse.The Great Wedding Present Shirt Off requires 2 playoffs. These will only be up for an hour so be quick to save your…
Retweeted by stuart briscoe 🇾🇪 🇪🇺 @philcomics @MarcCorbishley I remember this comic and Space DustMight have one of these to giveaway later, don't suppose you fancy winning it do you? #mufc
Retweeted by stuart briscoe 🇾🇪 🇪🇺 @UtdBeforeFergie @PeteBoyle70 Brilliant shirt that. Consider me please pal.I’m fucking dying watching this...🤣🤣🤣 @samuelluckhurst As if he is going to say anything? Why would he given that one misplaced comment could be interpre…
@PeteBoyle70 @LeagueOfTraders He obviously realised that people are dead. But a ‘stunning’ explosion??? I can think… @ManUtd Well said MUFC 👍🏻🇾🇪 @nicky_NoPasaran @cualey @AbirGhattas There you go. Funny how everyone immediately thought it was a munitions dump… @nicky_NoPasaran @cualey @AbirGhattas There was an explosion at a granary factory in the UK in the 1960’s I think.… @nicky_NoPasaran @cualey @AbirGhattas It’s a grainery explosion Nicky. Grain dust is highly combustible and the fir… @AbirGhattas It’s an explosion at a grainery. Gran dust is highly combustible @philipnolan1 @Harryslaststand I think it’s a grainery fire. The fire ignites the grain dust and BANG! Awful for anyone nearby. @smithsmm @smarshall2002 There are plenty of immensely wealthy people in the UK who could step up and help people,… @liamyoung It’s astonishing isn’t it. Bunch of selfish twats.
@wesstreeting @RosieDuffield1 Idiot. What about Diane Abbott??? We see you. @kathillkat @PaulBry58335884 This is horrific. Please appeal. The assessor would have been working in a Nazi Death… @Maisierhiannonx But the babies fathers can’t go in?? The BBC have stitched up the NHS for years with their support… @davmidd Plus it’s easier to surveil people by just checking lists. Gnasher and his mob where famous for that. @davmidd Always check pal about putting people in lists without their agreement, particularly if you’ve had no inte… @Jeremy_Hunt @RishiSunak State of this..... @Anna__Dray When did you last negotiate the transfer of a multi million pound athlete??? @MarcusRashford @BritishVogue @Edward_Enninful Wow!! @ManUnitedMedia I’ll smile when I see him wearing a United shirt. Not before. This could still unravel. @Coldwar_Steve Oh for fucks sake 😮. Brilliant.
@ricyeboah I used to work at Hackney hospital in the early 90’s. Is it still there? @MartinRemains Yes. I’m old enough to remember the orange in mouth / public park scandal. Please don’t ask... @OvieO @ManUtd Don’t be daft.
@mehdirhasan I’d say that the people of that country really aren’t paying attention to what’s happening in their country. @redsarah99 Thick twat. @harriettbusby I can remember Oldham in the Prem kiddo. @Rachael_Swindon @MartinVonHaller Fucking twat. And now he’s gone. But if you come back pal, please DM me. I will m… @ArtCrunchy He was sussed earlier on and his twitter account outed. Funnily enough his account has been closed down. @steveevets26 £60 for ripped jeans Steve. More like £100 mate. Minimum. @redsarah99 The time for peaceful revolution has passed. They have shown that they will kill people through shit wa… @HopeIThinkIKnow @PeteBoyle70 bang on here Ashcroft. @redsarah99 Tell me about it mate! @redsarah99 Utter fucking cunts aren’t they. They’d burn their own grandparents to death if they had to. Twats @tyraelof @redsarah99 Fuck off @PeteBoyle70 It’s a love in Pete. They don’t even call Lampard, Lampard. They call him Frank. Bit like the way they… @redsarah99 Or Tesco @redsarah99 Yeah true. Looks like a co op 🙄. They live amongst us sadly. @redsarah99 That’s in the UK Sarah @utdanalyst Reflection of the country we live in. People think slagging a 6 year old off is fun. Disgraceful bullying.
@LauraMStuart9 Han Dodges runs it. He changes every 5mins to a different account. Very clever guy. @Trent_MTManInNC @JackieSingle @CREWcrew What a brilliant analysis. Well done, Sir 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @DanielWBmouth She’s a fucking disgrace. These morons are in charge of the country. What. An. Utter. Cunt. @berenyi_miki 🤣🤣🤣 no worries. Only ask as I have both formats and was wondering if it was a decision by the band or… @berenyi_miki Oh really?? Will check it out. Thanks for posting. Can I ask? Why was Spooky released as a 12” LP and a 10” double?? @berenyi_miki It’s not as easy as they say, is it? @berenyi_miki New to me. How would you describe her music Miki? @harriettbusby It’s the stupidity of owners believing they are entitled to success. Take Watford sacking their mana… @juway_riyyah It would appear her Twitter has been deleted. @DHSCgovuk You morons had one job. Just one. Regardless of what political party is in power, your job is to protect… @sean_murray1 Do you actually give a toss @antiracistowls @PeteBoyle70 @martynware Penthouse and Pavement. What an LP that is. @doctor_oxford @liamyoung @BorisJohnson Or sit in a pub getting blotto with your mates. @SteveDoesnt The Cure 100+ times
@02pash @stephen72939660 I’ve noticed this. @rachellord22 @emmamarie_87 Cruel twats. @narindertweets Not as damaging as dying on a ventilator @possiblynotel It’s the morons who buy this crap I feel sorry for.
@AidanWalshMUFC Says the guy who called for Ole to be sacked. The bin is over there pal @DeanoLUFC2 @pritipatel @FA @kickitout @OfficialTM_3 Shed be better behind bars. @pritipatel @FA @kickitout @OfficialTM_3 Picking a racist to promote the FA cup really isn’t a good idea... @MJBurnett74 @imajsaclaimant In fact don’t bother replying. Fucking Tory. Blocked. @MJBurnett74 @imajsaclaimant How would your tax go up? @UtdDistrict Personally I will wait until United make an official statement. @TheProleStar @nicky_NoPasaran @VICE Poor Spain having to put up with that twat. @possiblynotel Capitalism was originally designed to address this. The economist Keynes predicted that by 2015, no…
@FittedMasksUK Been doing pic 2 since I bought them mate. Takes a bit of fiddling but you can then just trim the ex… @possiblynotel Voting the way their parents vote probably @PeteBoyle70 @mickeya100 I’m watching Cracker at the moment @PeteBoyle70. Great to see how Manchester used to be be… @doctor_oxford @Telegraph This guy is a cunt.
Watching Cracker on Brit Box. Great story lines and acting but equally good to see Manchester before it became the… sake. RIP Denise Johnson. @fergieout89 @PeteBoyle70 I can see Bertie Big Bollocks is there as well @fergieout89 @PeteBoyle70 Pat Nevin? 🤣🤣🤣 @PeteBoyle70 @ShazUndercover @Realist_187 Fucking clowns. Toxic and sum up everything that’s wrong with modern day… @Unitedology Some bloke in America who probably doesn’t even own a passport, let alone know where Manchester is... @RebeccaARainey Any chance you can keep Trump behind those fences and walls and disconnect his WiFi?
@mac123_m Can’t she fuck off for 48 years instead. @FourFourJordan Maddison might bail on Leicester for CL football? Or Son?? @abc_clare @Jambo__Fett 👍🏻 @abc_clare @Jambo__Fett Do you know him? @Jambo__Fett @abc_clare What a creepy question. Oh dear... @harriettbusby @wheatabeat I was doing loads of shopping for my elderly mum and dad when the lockdown started as th… @Valerie3Ward Get in the bin. Tory enabler. @stephen72939660 Just DM’d you. @stephen72939660 DM me mate and I will send you £50 @imajsaclaimant If he DM’s me I will send him £50 @dtaylor5633 @PaulBry58335884 In fairness it’s Spain’s own fault for letting the Brits in.