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danny 🦦 @BRITlSH Chewsday Land

18 • priv: @dannylp0305 he/him @efroggirl 🥰

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@riIeyswag @ajgadjie of course x @ajgadjie omw @ajgadjie me @Mlord70001 no way @supperbutter my fault @efroggirl nooo don’t die ur so sexy x @kchateclub good :) @Mlord70001 sorry @SamManIoI @Boltsiola @CrypticNoHoes @craig_stewart11 yessirrr @kchateclub im pretty good tho wbu kaci @craig_stewart11 @volu___ i’ll still be on the priv :) @kchateclub too late. @komafyy ty will @OBFjason @dannylp0305 goodbye goat @barkovhattrick i’ll be on priv dw @OinkTips you @ajgadjie @dannylp0305 thanks homie ily x @uhvesi true af @Bamzypoo thanks boss man 😁 @VanillaBepis my goat 🥰 @barkovhattrick larry my goat @Bamzypoo what you censoring 😏 @PaintClown_ what u watching bobas of tomorrow i will be taking a break from most social media to focus on improving my mental and physical health,… of cringe selfies before i dip from this app 😁 @BenxysDZN it was very nice @TristanGHill yessir @ArrowBTW they were bussin fr @MeItFr @Ike_tx @yung_juice_box5 hi @shouIdanever idc it’s so nice @yung_juice_box5 where would i be🤤🤤 @VanillaBepis @supperbutter ignore @yung_juice_box5 what @supperbutter heyyy @efroggirl you can have mine @PaintClown_ @PaintClown_ nah fr that shit makes me jump outta bedI be scared as fuck when on sight wake me up
Retweeted by danny 🦦 @TristanGHill pretty ass i worked both days 🙄permanent bed head today
Retweeted by danny 🦦 @NesoEE gm babe
Retweeted by danny 🦦 @abshayamudra one of mr beasts crew, someone found a shit ton of islamaphobic/ableist and other tweets of his from only a few years agodamn that chris tyson guy is a piece of shit fr @Dumbbellthegod next time 😏 @VanillaBepis i’ve just slept 13 hours because of work yesterday 😭 @VanillaBepis i’m happy the gyms reopen tomorrow wbu brojust pissed for a minute straight good morning
@EdWorId1 ballz @ArrowBTW @ArrowBTW yeah @privful me! @andy29648292873 glizzy glyph @ilovechawarma true @ilovechawarma yo @boobIover5 gn @BenxysDZN @Mlord70001 real. @barkovhattrick nothing @barkovhattrick ummy dog just sniffed my butt @EdWorId1 thanks @EdWorId1 bang me @AminManolo something funny pal @andy29648292873 umm @noeIsuicide you should be @noeIsuicide he saw you @andy29648292873 @Exozenic that’s exactly what he did @noeIsuicide yeah we gotta save it for him @andy29648292873 k¥sgibson sorry for disappearing outta no where but I got suspended for DMCA while I was gone. Please RT for mutuals and…
Retweeted by danny 🦦 @Icy_Rapture happy birthday goat @Mlord70001 sorry @Exozenic @Exozenic come give me headi am bored @boobIover5 drip too hard don’t stand too close
Retweeted by danny 🦦 @pravzul me too fr"would you hand over the buttoccs M'lady?" yknow shit like that
Retweeted by danny 🦦 @Boy1drr banger @andy29648292873 sorry @andy29648292873 @andy29648292873 rude @hallowsevetreat @hallowsevetreat blockedcheesed to meet you @NesoEE i kindly decline but thank him for the offer
Retweeted by danny 🦦This is @leppypypyyp
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