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Pay Attention.. The protests across the country are not ALL Black people.. Every Race. These people are mad at INJU…
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨please check for no visible faces/identifying features/names unless it's cops, it's the least you can do
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨please please please stop RTing videos with visible faces or names attached, i know you all mean well but it doesn'…
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even if you’re not filipino, please spread this around. the philippine government is trying to take away our freedo…
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨Donate, sign petitions, stay informed, and demand justice. Want to help but you're not sure where to start? This…
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨On brand, consistent.
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨I slept... so hard last night. Could probably sleep longer if I didn’t have work, but dang, that was nice.This is evil & terrifying.
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨Sounds like a nice place to file a bunch of OSHA complaints. What do you think,…
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨I can't believe I still have to say this but PLEASE DO NOT DONATE TO ANY FUNDRAISERS THAT SHAUN KING MAY POST!! Tha…
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨Made the mistake of reading the comments on a mask mandate tweet. I’d say “kill me now” but that’s letting the morons win. @servalnotfound God this Even like “for the vine” I never even had a vine
I love you, but I don’t do birthday parades.
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨You're the devil. You're the lone power who made death.
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨ @Nancy_RS_Parson Oh I mean, mine would involve wine/etc but not like Stupid levels lmao @Nancy_RS_Parson I wanna do a destiny podcast called Ladies’ NightfallI feel like a jerk but I don’t know you and it would be shady even before the covid!Uhhhh I feel bad but no ma’am not gonna roll down my window for you, lady hanging out at the entrance to the pharma… speaking, the fact that people are allowed to say that bad things about the president are “true” and that g…
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨People legitimately have no idea what QA does and think they do.
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨ @niiightstalker Just scooping up her angry warlock puppy “sorry she’s not house trained yet” @niiightstalker A Dumb Baby @niiightstalker Is mine here and if so, is she making her bitchy face, @_beramode Until now I never appreciated the need for a set it and forget it mixing thing so I could hit start and… to wish I had a kitchenaid mixer tbhRefuse to believe there is no postmate in my area, on this, the day I must test on the tiny screen,The end of the Hong Kong we knew. The world really has to wake up to this bullying regime who has its mind set on…
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨White folks: instead of lather, rinse & repeat your tweets for #GeorgeFloyd or about #AmyCooper, here are things yo…
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨ @PotatoDialogues @TheDovetailor @DMrgnstrn @servalnotfound @celifairy 16. And I know that’s not all of them. 😂 @celifairy It’s been YEARS since we spammed one another why not do it again for the nostalgia @PotatoDialogues @TheDovetailor @DMrgnstrn @servalnotfound @celifairy God I uh. Well. I got more than 5,,,Pinging people I know this may affect because time zones/whatever: @TheDovetailor @PotatoDialogues @DMrgnstrn @servalnotfound @celifairyIn less rousing news: LJRP/DW friends, your password data has been compromised. Please spread the word and change y… @TheDovetailor Yeah the vitamins can have all kinds of shit in them. Maybe some meat undercooked or just bad or something? @TheDovetailor Do you drink tap water ever ? Or maybe had some bad milk? 🤔Wash your hands, cover your face, and raise some hell.Was the declaration written by racists? You bet. But the meaning of their words has evolved beyond the limitations… @TheDovetailor Any chance something went sour or booze was a bad batch? I dunno if you have local distilleries or w… recap for the folks decrying protests and civil unrest: in Minneapolis—this video from Chile shows how to extinguish tear gas canisters quickly, safely, and easil…
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨Bail Fund for Minneapolis!!!!!!! please retweet if you cant donate
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨Share widely so anyone who plans on protesting can see ways to dress to protect themselves.
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨ @TheDovetailor Based on my very rudimentary knowledge of symptoms, I’d guess bad water or possibly food? The combo… @SarahWellock84 I’m not useful but I’m EXCITEDWhat a passage in the @startribune’s piece about last night’s rioting and fires in Minneapolis.
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨Ah, great article where @RadioSachka and @sophmallinson talk about the socioeconomic background of #Dishonored's f…
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨Wear masks! Stay at home where possible! Don't gather in large groups! Give a shit about service workers!
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨Of all the years to be unable to afford a season pass,
2020 @servalnotfound if you have ps4 or whatever and just wanna hang out in party chat lmk? If not we can work out anoth… @HazelMonforton Hazel,,,,My friend found a listing for an otherwise normal mcmansion that seemingly has a little.... fake... town (?) in the…
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨I cut a Zoloft into pieces today to get a start before picking up the scrip, and uh. Already noticing a difference!… most interesting part of right now is these little pieces of the pandemic culture being formed that are still s… @servalnotfound Wanna do some video games sometime? Voice chat chill?Yeah, I’m good just staying home psychiatrist was iffy about upping my antidepressant when I told her I was struggling with motivation and routin… finally sat down and wrote this. This is about the tangible value Destiny 2 brings to me and how it affects my li…
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨ @inquisitorlily I called them like 411 when my white neighbor was screaming at his gf and slamming shit around back… @FearlessSon @HazelMonforton But he lets you dial in these days @FearlessSon @HazelMonforton Xur can be found at a Psychiatrist’s Office this week!Sending cursed texts to @HazelMonforton at ungodly hours, nobody should need to hear anything from me to change their behaviors. Listen to the people affected and m… was also raised to view the police as my protectors. I don’t call them without extreme deliberation on how their… you pick up the phone and lie about a black man’s behavior toward you to incite a police response, that’s not a…, fellow while women? Ignorance is simply no longer an acceptable excuse for using the cops as a threat against… @HazelMonforton Don’t call me out like this, you know the village villain was my mother and I got screwedUpdate: it really liked what i will now call the Router Rest 125 of lockdown, all the new home bakers slowly lose their minds
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨ @momohine I’m so sorry. :( He knows you love him and no matter what happens that won’t change. @nicholestrano depends who u ask
@thelochnessmns Like a sun lamp I should say. It’s made for plants. I need caffeine to word properly. @thelochnessmns I have a uv lamp i could turn on more often if needed? Need to shop for something more compact/aesthetically pleasing tho 😭It's a little cold in here for my starter with the AC going, so now it's living on top of the router where it's nice and toasty warm @HazelMonforton With how infrequently I remember to water them? Unlikely @HazelMonforton There’s fabric liners so I can take ‘em out to soak if I must lmao @HazelMonforton There’s planting charcoal in the liners!!!I committed the sin of eating dairy and now my sinuses are punishing me @PupToro jesus has it been a week since it was a week until what is time @KathleenTigue slightly cheaper on amazon: Foreside Geo Planter is what to search if you fe… @KathleenTigue AHA! Target has them! I definitely got them for way less though, probably from a different site by s… @KathleenTigue I’m gonna go on an inbox deep dive to try and find out 😂😂(I honestly can’t remember if they’re from World Market or Target or Wayfair but I’ll try to dig if anyone is super interested) @Martin_Wolf I had to turn on stock alerts to buy them 😂😂 still might do a little overhaul on the tops to match the… is half a “look, my greens,” and half a “plant friends, am I killing any of these?” to get rid of what does not spark joy to be stranded with a Bolivian orchestra in a German castle surrounded by wolves
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨ @LadyDevann Devann,,,, A Legendkeep walking. aint got shit to do with me
Retweeted by ✨manic pixie quarantine girl ✨ @servalnotfound I’ll yellFantastic @nicholestrano I missed that omgThe local FD Twitter feed is currently a great list of places you set on fire with a grillI’ve cut more interfacing in quarantine for masks than I have at any other point in my sewing life @nicholestrano She is very invested in disrupting interfacing cutting time(She slipped when I was nudging her off the ottoman, I did not actually take down a cat)Just accidentally used a wrestling move on @sharpknivesand1’s cat @niiightstalker Or if you wanna, check discord, my clan’s discord doesn’t require you to join but there’s always pe… @niiightstalker Yeah, just load in repeatedly and kill the entire first area’s enemies! Die and repeat. @niiightstalker Shuro chi thrall?