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Episode 1 of Paranormality with @themiramisu is on Spotify and edited for your viewing pleasure.… is interesting! Does anyone watch it or partake in that culture that follows me? @PrisonPlanet maskers
“I’m a liberal because it’s trendy” @deathink First last night in the podcast I get called a demon now this @autismo_YT That triggered my anxiety so bad! Trypophobia manMad plaid @autismo_YT Twitter auto fix button LOLBlack sus @potomacripper @VyzrTech SusCredit to @_TronVin_ since idk if it’s oc or not (the meme) @blackwomanstan @PrometheusDay Would love to know her rising @blackwomanstan @PrometheusDay Who is the girl in the third pic that’s some Capricorn bone structureGo back to th- wait a second. @jessix_tv This pic is so memeablehe's telling me I'm not capable of satire guys lol @the_brito_ I'm going off of him talking about SJW non issues. I have 0 faith in Borat part 2. @RHPalmerston3 Everything is being tainted @blahEhhGee Exactly @DaveMcLion @jessix_tv Yes and sometimes people tell jokes with some truth to them.Politically correct #Borat ? Not interested. @jessix_tv Yeah I get that but I'm wondering if he's half serious.So this is a joke right? how @jessix_tv almost let Hillary win last time by not voting in Florida @clemsontigerfa2 Yeah but there were extreme lines forming at 3am at one point that’s how bad it wasI feel a little discouraged to vote being in NY tbhIs the New York dmv still having extreme lines at 6am? I really want to vote but I have to update my ID... @eisenherz_phil @themiramisu (Within reason ofc) @eisenherz_phil @themiramisu Because having cleavage doesn’t make you a prostitute?Thank you @themiramisu for coming on episode 1 of paranormality! The podcast episode (which ended up being 4.5 hour… are on vampires nowSHES TALKING ABOUT WEREWOLVESParanormality is going live! Come be spooky
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Paranormality is going live! Come be spooky @clinikillz @ComradeDoyIe Thank you!!Episode 2 of internet girl with @ComradeDoyIe is now live on pretty much every popular podcast platform i.e. itunes… will be premiering Paranormality -the podcast of the paranormal with @themiramisu expert in all things paranormal… know I'm not dumb because if I were, I'd know.Sometimes I reply to people’s tweets counter what they say but then I delete it because I feel like nobody cares“Nooooo you can’t make fun of other girlssssss they make my pee pee hard!!” “Nooo you can’t talks about girls you’… @FlamingoApprec1 @KhaleelMJ23 no 50% of my career is critisizing people or making fun of them and people getting bu… @KhaleelMJ23 by saying girls who make stupid faces at the camera to pander to men make me cringe? No.I cringe everytime @DianaWintah I agree one is less annoying in how they deliver it but the reality of it is that they both do similar… @DianaWintah It’s reinforcing that women are only capable of being shallow and incapable of critical thinking and t… @DianaWintah She posted an in depth analysis that was interesting on how the male mind works with attraction to wom… don’t think we are doing it the right way if a majority of women are having to get c-sections... @MMMWMMWMW1 Look into c section statisticsPretty much every animal that gives live birth does so standing up except us 🤨If this doesn’t convince you coomers are a detriment to society idk what will that the debate is over We can talk about more important things such as discount stores selling 10 year old fac… winkin Lincoln Lincoln freed the slaves Joe hates him Therefore...God damn it Abraham is such an American sounding wordO DOES JOE BIDEN GET SO MUCH MONEY FROM RICH PEOPLE AND I DON'T?re: He's mocking Trump ok trump may have thought it but Joe SAID IT"All you teachers out there; not that many of you teachers are gonna die so don't worry about it" I can't believe Joe just said thatThank you for @ComradeDoyIe having such a great fun podcast episode! I appreciate everyone's support and the podcas…
Stream is live! @ComradeDoyIe here with me hr @cringe_panda @ComradeDoyIe it came like thatInternet Girl episode 2 coming in a couple of hours Will be live at 6:30pm EDT with… @spoopydude21 Imagine if you were at work and you were constantly belittled and anything you contributed was discar… at 6:30pm EDT before the presidential debate, we have @ComradeDoyIe coming on Internet girl as a guest coh…
Retweeted by Spooky Venti @dionysianvalor Do you have proof of her Onlyfans?Daily black pill on being a woman @Kotaku HGSS is #1 and it better say as such in that article @LeighStewy Literally.Imagine anything you contribute is worthless to others Your value is gauged on how well you stack “Natural” makeup… pilled on being a woman once again @TeamYouTube Hello I never got a follow up and my video is still down @Seishin_Veil @LeannLikesCows Why are you out here lying? I never said vtubers were all bad. I in fact said otherwi… are now the thing on Tik Tok
Tomorrow at 6:30pm EDT before the presidential debate, we have @ComradeDoyIe coming on Internet girl as a guest coh… gibs me dats world doesn’t understand bimbo twitter @PsychosisVore Well the comparison was based on makeup and style so yeahI’m sorry to disappoint you guys but... @jessix_tv @Bowblax Agree Hila is in the public eye so therefore she can take criticism and jokes as that comes with the jobHi, I will be live on Twitch in 1 hour from now and talk about the importance of adult diapers, the bible and genit…
Retweeted by Spooky Venti @Labrat2424 @aew4_life @cringe_panda Except liking playing video games doesn’t make you a murderer however being se… @TheQuartering @nicholasdeorio Send me it too...legally of course @charamells Autumn*Nobody wants me so I’m gonna name call!!!! @BarnBurnerBaby @DianaWintah I think she’s making a joke @DianaWintah I bet he was wondering why he was single afterwards too @RoryCMahan1 Not how it works, the reality is women are the sexual selectors and therefore you need to find them and pursue them.You have to go find them. There’s too many psychotic simps for women to be open about their existence on the internet.Some guy out there needs to hear this Don’t give up on love because you fell for the “Women bad” meme online. The… screw it if you want you can make your generalizations but just be morally consistent...I just really hate how divisive this fuck women sentiment is, the sooner people realize that it’s anti family, the… @EZPZisback Having a loving functional family for your child is priceless.All these people actually defending a Christian man divorcing his wife for Hollywood attention points. for Hollywood.