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Writer. Radical Goth Black Hippie. A human disco ball. Also! 2019 Studs Terkel Award winner in journalism. 🤓

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@Copperflowers @Nadia2887 Yes! @noisy_summer I was so completely bored. @readytostare @katiemcvay I only saw it cause Katie retweeted with comment. I can’t even believe they have the audacity!As someone who was trained by Britt, I can affirm that she was rountinely dismissed and spoken over when she was th…
Retweeted by Britt Julious @readytostare Yep. Anyone else is a nuisance. @readytostare Thank you for this! Love you! 💗 @_ravenjayy Ugh. Not even surprised. @JorienEvans Hoping it’s better there now. I was there from summer 2010 to spring 2014. @ABeanTweeting Thank you, Alex. I’m glad that I eventually met good people there, but it was definitely a battle against racism and sexism. @MsWilliamsWorld RIGHT?!? @RoyKinsey Exactly. @glitterburrito 😂😂😂My first boss at Groupon told me I need to “know your place and stay in it” when I asked about how to move up in th…
I can’t believe y’all continue to give Candace Owens and her scraggly hair attention. @SarahMEnloe Sarah! How are you?*relevant to my interests* 🙈 @glitterburrito Ugh, this is so terrible. I am so sorry! 💗 @Rrrrnessa The whole ordeal was just so re-traumatizing. These people have no business being the ones to handle these situations.When I was assaulted (on the train!), it took cops more than two hours to show up. And when they did, they said I h… weeks ago, everyone was saying that life in lockdown made time seem strange and irrelevant. But then the univer… to be more specific and accurate with my words. "How are you doing?" Me, one month ago: I'm okay. Me, la… studio @enviyon is a success story that grew from a garage to a local industry giant, where everyone from…
Retweeted by Britt Julious @GamerVev I was scrolling through my Instagram halfway through! Nothing of value on that episode.He’s being charged with a hate crime and aggrevated battery.
Retweeted by Britt JuliousAll of this, just so they can keep killing black people. @BluecheeseBird This season is Johnny’s to win, a sort of farewell tour.Tonight’s episode sucked, and not because Wes lost, but because this was all clearly staged as if viewers are idiots. #TheChallenge35Bridgeport is a hellhole. Been racist, stay racist. The last time I was there was 2 years ago where a white doorman… @Lette411 Yep! Happened when I was there 15 years ago.
Black folks from Oak Park and River Forest are NOT surprised. @crystalleww OMG! 🥰😘 @oddCouplemusic love this song. say farewell to Dr. Conrad Worrill, a writer, educator, activist and Chicagoan who helped organize the Million M…
Retweeted by Britt JuliousIf you’re a business and your “message about the times” doesn’t even mention the word “Black,” please spare us the clogged inbox.Darnella Frazier is the 17 year old girl who recorded George Floyds death. She is now getting psychological help fo…
Retweeted by Britt JuliousIf there was *ever* a time to hire local photographers, and a time to emphasize hiring Black photographers, this is…
Retweeted by Britt JuliousPeace to my Chicago folk: @imLeor @_CharlesPreston @evanFmoore @Waldens_Block @somanyshrimp @JessiTaylorRO
Retweeted by Britt Julious @Melknee and I been telling y’all for a decade now that Keke is an icon, a legend, and she IS the moment. @Airspellx I am! 💗
@robojojo JOE!!Still not gonna sign up, but thank you for the laughs, @HelloFresh. I needed this. @lilpettycrocker I’m so sorry. I’m glad you all found safety.You see how quickly they choose to terrorize us all the moment we begin to unite? @queenofhaerts_ We knew it as soon as the election results came in. Maybe even before.They’ll declare martial law instead of just not killing black people. Do y’all get it now?This is what he’s always wanted. And we’ve known this.
@shharine I only heard Venmo. I’m sorry. @veeteegee When a great writer shows off! Loved it.My cousins pulled over for Chicago police at brickyard yesterday at 1 pm and police bust the windows out, pulled on…
Retweeted by Britt Julious @EMadsWasHere @madamradams Venmo: @cdaviscarter and mark it as “For protesters” @mckensiemack Yes, according to FB it’s Cuyana Davis.Last night’s #InsecureHBO made me not hate Lawrence for once.HUH?! @lykanthea Shut down the CTA then force people to take Ubers? Insanity.SIGNAL BOOST: A group of black therapists are offering 1-2 free virtual processing sessions for Black people who we… @mckensiemack I love itWHAT THE FUCK?“Celeb coons” I— 🤣 we enter the phase of the "black spokesman," media outlets should seek an array of sources. Young activists have…
Retweeted by Britt JuliousHearing about Virgil Abloh’s chump change of a donation reminds me of this fact.
thinking about the allocation of money being given to cops to dress like iron man while our doctors are wearing gar…
Retweeted by Britt Julious @MTVASHLEYBROOKE @BayleighDaily This is why you’re my favorite challenger!I don’t want to hear y’all say “Auntie Lori” ever again, ok?! Y’all just can’t give Auntie status to any old black lady.Not footworking on top of a police car 😂. I love Chicago.
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@diamonde I had convinced myself that if it was just home stuff, that it was okay...🥴 @booksarefire RIGHT. I legit had a dumb thought that it was last summer? My brain is fried. @AnaAndThings LMAOOOOOOur new general assignment reporter, Matt Harvey (@MattheMajor) is taking over our Twitter account to cover today's…
Retweeted by Britt Julious @miccoslays True. @JessiTaylorRO @fkamolliegloss OMG. 😬I figure there’ll be no good time to say Gaga’s Chromatica is an excellent album, which it is, so I’ll just slide i… @fkamolliegloss @JessiTaylorRO No! OMG! @JessiTaylorRO Ain’t that the truth! @JessiTaylorRO That’s the part I always remember because it’s so random and funny to me. @JessiTaylorRO Jennifer, the 30 year old woman in the wheelchair who was stabbing black people at the Minneapolis Target.Don’t be fooled. These are not JUST under covers wreaking havoc. These are also white supremacists infiltrating pro… just aren’t stepping hard enough for Breonna Taylor. She was in her house asleep when the police raided it l…
Retweeted by Britt JuliousI can’t believe that Jennifer stabbing lady story was only like two days ago. Time feels like it’s on hyperdrive.WHITE DUDES WHITESPLAINING MARTIN LUTHER KING TO HIS SON. ENJOY.
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In 2011, the officer who killed George Floyd also killed an Alaska Native man. Leroy Martinez, he was 23 years old…
Retweeted by Britt Julious @meaganrosae @oo0oo 👀👀 @oo0oo Like I knew NO ONE who had anything from that collection but they want to say it’s bigger than Fenty? @OliviaObineme They were SO stupid trying to push that “self made” mess. Ain’t nobody fooled! @MTV_AMANDAG The Challenge just isn’t the same without you! You’re truly one of the smartest and funniest to ever do it. @notyourcuppotea The cherry on top!A lot is going on, but Forbes dropping this Kylie news today is actually a gift. A brief chuckle among the madness.cnn reporting that cnn head jeff zucker spoke to gov tim walz and he apologized. ok but here's the thing -- we can'…
Retweeted by Britt Julious @imbobswaget Sending all the love to you on this day! Happy birthday! 🎂💗Protestors in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood clash with Chicago police in reaction to the death of George Floyd i…
Retweeted by Britt JuliousThe arrest of Omar Jimenez is a clear as day example of the particular dangers black & brown journalists face repor… whole world is watching. Literally. are you surprised? What did you THINK was going to happen?In a moment unlike any other we’ve ever known in our lifetime, we instead continue the modern day lynchings of blac… our friends and family members and elderly and most physically vulnerable die in a preventable mass, the w… have either stayed inside to keep others and themselves safe or risked their own lives to make sure their fe… the middle of a global pandemic, during an unprecedented time when leadership could have shown revolutionary com… Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct was set on fire on Thursday night.
Retweeted by Britt JuliousHELP!
Shameik Moore pulling a Daniel Caesar??? In THIS economy???