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Britt Sabo @BrittSabo St Louis, MO

⚡️I draw comics & illustrate! Professional ghost enthusiast /// non-binary monster boy /// creature aficionado /// COMMISSIONS CLOSED

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@kinomatika Oh man, I’m so sorry! Those things suck!!! I hope you can get rid of them without anything major needin… @brittch Oh dang @spacecoyotl @brittch @MrGeop Stephen King’s BrITt @Kate_Farina @ashantifortson @SterlingKids Ohhh those look great!!!Bonus directors cut content story of two cats trying to share the same window @__jackary Your govt assigned FBI agent is waiting and WILL know @AmmoniteInk I KNOW YOU KNOW!!! @__jackary PUT BREAD AND MEAT IN A PUMPKIN, you waste of flesh!After the plague, I desire to have a big get together with friends in the fall and make them thisYearly fall reminder that this is one of the best chilly weather, autumnal recipes
@beackupburner Hell yeah @plentyofalcoves I need to give this one a listen, if you recommend it as highly as TAZ @bobcatarts WHEN?! @Jauxiles It’s like body part Christmas! @Jauxiles yeah!! I WANT FRESH ONES!! Got little knee polyps budding behind my old ones, like baby teeth vs adult teethKnees are bullshit, not a good design. 0/10, don’t like them. You should be allowed to grow fresh ones every ten years, bare minimum. @__jackary @larsen_project Everything in moderation u_u @larsen_project @__jackary I’m the pickle juice devil on your shoulder and Christine is the H20 devil (you have two devils) @__jackary That’s the good shit though, you’ve got so many electrolytes nowGhoul season
Retweeted by Britt SaboReading a crazy old novella about a guy who gets roachpilled
Retweeted by Britt Sabo @blackcoffiend Thank you so much! @Alakotila That’s a big mood, buddy. Sending you some good vibes, and the knowledge that you ARE good enough for al… @dubious_gannet If only he had been playing Diablo II as well @jonrosenberg Dude, THANK YOU! That is a great compliment. @EthanMAldridge *chants grow louder* GHOUL SEASON @dubious_gannet 🖤 @dubious_gannet He kind of did get out before.. you know... EVERYTHING. He also got to taste all the best potato sa… season and candles and ivy leaves If you're keen to commission a Halloween-themed pet portrait:
Retweeted by Britt Sabohello! i'm alex/nooska and i love historical fantasy, rolling dice in d&d, and illustrating stories (and fancy faci…
Retweeted by Britt Sabo @nooskadraws I’m so sorry dude, I refollowed!! I would hate a twitter where I’d didn’t see your work.
Heads up, there's two "bail funds" in Louisville; the Bail Project is the one of the two that is actually effective…
Retweeted by Britt SaboSID ENDURES
Retweeted by Britt SaboNew mug, first cup of coffee. It has the perfect heft and weight of a diner mug! ( made by @SarahDuyer ) @oheysteenz This is the essence of 30s @ketchaml Dr is going to cry text you in about ten minutes @ketchaml @suddenlyevan They get so many crumbs, literally all day long @ketchaml A heckin pupper!ghost technique
Retweeted by Britt Sabo @whitneyarner That’s what we call True Sleep @MittieArt What if you were a tamagotchi gay @beackupburner Environmental storytelling masterpiece @plentyofalcoves Those are the absolute best type of PC characters, probably because there’s lots of potential grow… @__jackary @llllucid I’m peaking in to learn vampire secrets @bee_cleric Real monster boy hours only
@aardvarkwizard Yes you absolutely do @dubious_gannet THIS ONEAre you telling me a shrimp fried this ennui @princess_jem4 This is extremely aesthetic @cabtastic This?? Please??? Every ten years you should get the option for a reboot, like some sort of long-running IP @larsen_project I need an amulet that stops aging and also gets rid of adult acne @_anghost Monday-Sunday @MittieArt Thrice Cry-sis @SOB_COMIX GODDDD..... @estherdevil This is it, this is the answer @jonrosenberg This is good information to haveWhat’s a crisis in your mid thirties called? A third life crisis? Just being thirty?? The Interim Crisis? @skelehime Oh!! CONGRATS DUDE!!! That’s amazing!!!! @larsen_project That review honestly just sounds like a compliment to me @mightymeller It feels apt right now[crawls in to open grave with blanket and pumpkin spice latte] Cozy fall vibes @bombsfall Scamper mode @fridayafternoon @jerseyteavil Psssst could I see how you’re using your WP blog? I’m curious! I use to have a blog… @cabtastic I knew you’d know how to party @coleman_engle That first one is an entire mood @cabtastic I will keep you posted once the plague dies down night crumb squad
Retweeted by Britt Sabo @apricotghost Oh damn, that IS really smart!! @apricotghost What is a private layer??? Isn’t that just a hidden layer? @cabtastic This is very cool though?? I really need to visit Montreal someday. I already have the maritimes on the list @_anghost I can see how archies desktop would be a bit stressful lol, this is very pristine @VERWHO Kat...well at long last i've earned some laurels, and now i deserve a rest. and what better place to rest than on these v…
Retweeted by Britt Saboi don't like looking at the domino's pizza tracker out of respect to the pizza's privacy
Retweeted by Britt Sabolove the beatles - hey dude. "hey dude don't make it bad". a classic
Retweeted by Britt Sabo @OhColeman @Adaser In this case, it often feels like one is Beavis and the other is a more restrained ButtheadOne of these cats was born in 2004, and the other was born in 2018. One can legally drive and the other can’t even attend kindergarten yet. @VivJaye He ALWAYS looks like he’s about to do a murder but he is a very sweet and chill old cat!Late night crumb squad @MittieArt Look at the packaging and it probably says something like “Creem® Chees Dairy Adjacent Product” @MittieArt They suck ass!! Is it the frosting??? Science doesn’t know. @OhColeman Is that even possible?? @em_madly Sending you lots of love tonight 🖤 @Adaser Big ole chunks of veggies is the best stew/soup @bee_cleric A tweet so nice I faved it twice
@doublepseudonym Mood tho @brittch This is perfect @MattHTaylor Good news phone call??? @fayren This looks so good!!! Especially your desk and paint tube setup!! @nicterhorst 👀👀👀Coming out at the end of this month is Nova Graphica by @ConundrumCanada. I have a short story in there among many…
Retweeted by Britt Sabo @jordynb GRILL 🖤🖤🖤 @celineorelse @jordynb It’s the fuel keeping me going in to 2021! I hope we can all do a comic cottage next year, t… @TheNedBarnett Terry Pratchetts looks like he’s doing Forex trading or something. I’m still going to go with Le Guin because the VIEW!! @coleman_engle This is so good, I love that she has an otp @loremjay These are so cute! @ketchaml Incredible