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Britt Sabo @BrittSabo St Louis, MO

⚡️I draw comics & illustrate⚡️Professional ghost enthusiast /// local dirtbag makes good /// non-binary cryptid /// COMMISSIONS CLOSED ///

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@bfleuter Oh my god @frenchpressplz If it makes you feel any better: I have mail I promised to friends (and gifts) from the SUMMER that… @bombsfall TFW when we meet up next and double fist metal detecting/geocachingMoneyWhose going to stop me from buying a metal detector @coleman_engle THATS THE BEST SEASON
@TheBlackNerd YesWrote about video games, capitalism, death, life, solidarity, and cats for @giantbomb
Retweeted by Britt Sabo @curtis_square DUDE INVITE ME WITH @WasntThereAgain Ohhhh I’ve seen something similar, with a woman who walks the tidal canals in some UK city and goes mudlarking @SOB_COMIX Just want to find some shiny things and bones and scurry back to my warren @goth_donut Yeah, there’s also a lot of interesting places that are fine with metal detector enthusiasts coming thr… @goth_donut Dude FOR REAL! Geocache looks fun as hell!! @SOB_COMIX I just want to chuck a super magnet into a creek and find weird shit! It really is so satisfying to watc… @berrberb Oh my god, finding something like that would be wild! @alexsteed It’s the natural evolution! @SOB_COMIX DUDE I have been watching that on tiktok and I am obsessed. I want to magnet fishMan, I don’t know, I just want to find weird shit on the groundWho else is at the “I want a metal detector” phase of being 30 @oheysteenz I just want the juice!Goblin dance
Retweeted by Britt Sabo @Kerstinlacross This is my favorite answer so far @LeavittAlone Can’t argue
@tw0lle That is definitely an accomplishment!! @prinxeMu Oh, you just described my mood @SkySkyInkier Holy shit @beackupburner I feel like groverhaus is a creepy pastaBiden reading Jeff the Killer out loud, or showing slides from the original SA slender man photoshop thread. Biden… should have read a classic creepy pasta as his inauguration speechAll I want to see today are the mittens and then I’m doneMr Biden sir congratulations on becoming the guy who owes me $2000
Retweeted by Britt Sabo @MittieArt GOD!!!ghost trouble
Retweeted by Britt Sabo @whitneyarner Sicko mode stock
@jendrawscomics I’m not far behind!! @prinxeMu Don’t @ me, I’m in a state of biological stasis @amonns Hell yeah!! You want to scavenge for carcasses too? @prinxeMu U got your borrow ready?It’s almost Feral February and you know what that means. That’s right, we’re going to spend all month sleeping in a… Antlered Woman
Retweeted by Britt Sabo @serenityfails Can I use this one too, because yes. @jendrawscomics Oh buddy... shhhhh shhhh... we don’t speak of the later thirties. Those are the arcane numbers that bring on back spasms. @whitneyarner Your entire existence is due to a situation that would be cancelled to oblivion in the year of our lord 2021 @ketchaml ABO.... a horrible fanfic genre????
@Yamino @Secondlina I saw @EiffelArt’s “vtuber” avatar and I can definitely get behind that kind of thing, it’s very good. @larsen_project @Secondlina That is true! Soon, we will all be hand models. @ShantiRittgers This is so good!! @Secondlina Oooof, I feel this. I don’t like to “perform” visually and it feels like this skews engagement towards… @cabtastic This is the stuff I could watch all day @grease_bat Is she the one who got you in to creepy dolls?? Or is it the other way around? @thecojsz Happy Birthday!! @ICELEVEL Absolutely F @OhColeman I need some medicinal fettuccini, immediately @ketchaml *because bothFeel like I need a 3 hour nap and also like I might be able to run a marathon, if that makes senseJust found out you can have “too much” of that Stok cold brew coffee @ketchaml G47! You get two numbers because have huge You energy
@brittch Oh, I like that mint green a lot @EthanMAldridge Too much brain power for a living marshmallow @AriYarwood Friends-to-enemies/rivals-to-lovers. Love some high stakes and corruption arcs!We've been arguing about $15/hr minimum wage for so long that now minimum wage needs to be $25/hr.
Retweeted by Britt Sabo @__jackary Working in a cave is VERY WisconsinCore @__jackary Did... you work at the wabasha street caves??? @alizabees This is a masterwork @MittieArt S/O to all of us who got probably rona back at that time.
@dubious_gannet It also didn’t hurt we lived a block away too lmao @whitneyarner Dude, the best way to eat a pop tart is in the toaster, THEN you put a little pat of salted butter on… @JessFink It’s a JOURNEY @Peter_Wartman Old Country Buffet... I haven’t heard that name in years *long drag off cigarette* @beccychampagne You have to really be in the right headspace @deathbearbrown I may in the future but I am just vibing right now @deathbearbrown I LOVE THIS PERSON TOO LMAO, I saw that one last night. Also, I followed u @beccychampagne There’s multiple videos, it’s a journey @deathbearbrown Oh my god THIS IS UPSETTING @deathbearbrown @deathbearbrown This is the height of comedy for me now @deathbearbrown ITS HILLARIOUS I LOVE IT @prinxeMu Pick a tiktok and you’ve picked a gender!!Niche tiktok corners: lady trucker tiktok, unhinged doorknob resin mold maker tiktok, woodburning tiktok, random cr… @OhColeman 2002? @MattHTaylor We got exposed around Christmas and then two weeks later I started developing symptoms and I was like.… @snoothaver It’s probably just the flu, ayyyy (good news honestly)I will say, there’s nothing more 2021 Late Stage Capitalism-coded then getting a drive through test for a deadly pa… Saturday news to wake up to is a negative ‘rona test result @TheNedBarnett The answer is: yesExcuse me while I astral project out of here.
Retweeted by Britt Sabo @Floorboreds Yesssss I feel this firbolg urge too @berrberb IM??? That shirt??? @pts That is the right amount of movie, real golden ratio shit
@byelacey Incredibly large brain @MattHTaylor I’m crying!! @CassFenrir The world is richer for the MULTIPLE screaming soup cats we have now!! @ninetysixdelta Her tail is always like that, she’s such a little weirdo! @bonesnail They’re seizing the means! @zmcadler Those little cat soup snacks!! @HedgeMom Cat broth CAT BROTH!!Rare footage of the Midwestern Soup Howler. Scientists have been trying for years to get clear footage. frequency
Retweeted by Britt Sabo @quinnecl Holy shit... I’d never even thought of it that way. You’re right!! @THEKarlaPacheco These recipes have GOT to be some sort of Manchurian candidate trigger mechanism intended for some…