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Brendan Keogh @BRKeogh Brisbane, Queensland

Videogame industry & culture researcher, @qutdmrc. ARC DECRA Fellow. Critic. Amateur gamemaker. he/him

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@cockatootwin same dickheads peer reviewing my articles @jasonimms oh i haven't rea itCouple days late with this take but if you're in a position where someone is willing to publish your letter about h…
@lisyk Yeah! Not 100% certain it'll work exactly how you want but worth playing with maybe @thatwearwolf See bee dee ya later @Serrels oh god this was a 6 hour old tweet, sorry @Serrels The whole being able to jump half a moment after rolling off a cliff is still the best game mechanic ever @lisyk Yeah you just add their email to 'Alternative Hosts' under 'Advanced Options'. Did this for my tutors this s… @Serrels Do you mean since it came out on the SNES Mini or since it came out on the WiiU virtual store? (Either way… @lisyk not a scalable solution but if you make everyone a host when you set up the meeting (not a co-host once you… @merryh my dog every time I put pants on that aren't track pants @desplesda huge win for public games fundingImagine being a language teacher at Swinburne right now damn @ValiantCheese wow wthFinally received a response this morning. It was more or less what I expected. I was given permission to share this…
Retweeted by Brendan KeoghWhen people talk about the importance of 'creativity' for the future of work what they usually mean is 'the creativ… Swinburne VC: "[I'll] pare down everything that doesn’t speak to technology or science. Do we need to be t… @joshscherr incredible blep @Tezamondo @LootBndt @jimaroonie lmao I'm gonna steal some art
Beside the point for why this is fucked, but Australia should’ve been absolutely primed to dominate the internation… angry. Running tally of job losses in Victorian universities (announced or already occurred): 1558 permanent, 35…
Retweeted by Brendan KeoghPerfect example of how, under capitalism, ‘economic growth’ is not the equivalent of ‘people will be better off’💫 UNDER A STAR CALLED SUN ✨ 🪐 a sci-fi #bitsy game about grieving, holding on to fading memories, and carrying the…
Retweeted by Brendan KeoghThe deal we're likely to get actually looks preeeetty good, all things considered. Would very simply and undeniably… colleagues, the NTEU is negotiating EBA variations with management *right now* so if you're not already in the… years ago today, I wrote a column speculating on what the future of football might look like. It’s been inter…
Retweeted by Brendan KeoghIf we learn anything from the Melbourne lock down, it should be that universities in other states should absolutely… is Andrews sending 6 cops out to surround every single Melbourne house or whatSERIOUSLY ‼️ Caught with a $300 baggie of COCAINE snorting it openly in the street and the magistrate basically sa…
Retweeted by Brendan Keogh.@qutdmrc is seeking expressions of interest for PhD students starting in 2021. Happy to chat to anyone who might w…
Australian game devs, @JaneMavoa is hoping to put together some 'virtual care packages' for kids/families caught in…
Retweeted by Brendan Keogh @smgstudio @JaneMavoa shoot Jane a DM to confirm, but I imagine whatever you're able to share would be useful, as d… @10rdBeen If only we had a Labor federal government they would at least manage the surveillance of state borders wi… birthday to 17776, sincerely one of the greatest pieces of writing online or off
Retweeted by Brendan KeoghAustralian game devs, @JaneMavoa is hoping to put together some 'virtual care packages' for kids/families caught in… @ckunzelman It still looks so spectacular too. @mrconnorobrien This first headline is a lot better if you take out the grammarIf you ever read something I've written with interview quotes in block quotes and there's a line break, you can be… @Serrels (This also adds to my deeper, not entirely fair, anger at copyeditors being utterly unable to ever account for context) @Serrels I keep catching it in page proofs, but it's never great. That open-access one I shared late last week has… mistake I made publishing from my interview data was just using quotes with no attributes instead of making…
@ElPrezAU ded popeIt’s really immersive and has great gameplay’s like being on drugs @McGarnical @dhindes One of the Miami escalations. Pic is a food dude with a shotgun @dhindes It’s amazing! Great Escalation level too where the thing that worked last time now very much doesn’t.If Hitman 2 was nothing but this one Escalation mission I somehow, finally, beat, that would have been enough. made a radial menu ('wait' is the only one that works atm) of the Aboriginal Resistance bank details if you can please donate, the money you donate will go towards o…
Retweeted by Brendan KeoghMy article "The Cultural Field of Video Game Production in Australia" is now completely open-access for anyone who…
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If only it had been summer anywhere in the world earlier in the year @patrickashe What a very good take that i missed the first time. Thank youBad framerates in videogames are good because it means whatever is happening is so wild and extreme that the game can barely handle it.
Retweeted by Brendan KeoghDan Andrews sure loves cops
@Campster Choose a type of paint better than watercolour. I’ll wait. @TBBleTBBle @shaunnortonAU @merryh But either way. The point of ethnographic research isn’t to show exhaustively or… @TBBleTBBle @shaunnortonAU @merryh I think I can guess what studio that is (could be wrong!) and the ppl I spoke to… @TBBleTBBle @shaunnortonAU @merryh I doubt it. 200 interviews in 3 continents with indies, hobbyists, triple-a devs… @joewintergreen Sproggiwood is a little roguelike with real good play-with-one-hand keyboard controls @frankarnot @mullenh @hatii_matt @ScottishColin @flackboy @scotgamedev @scioptic @dataeducata @maltron3D’t wait to go for a dip! #ACNH
Retweeted by Brendan Keogh @Jickle it's so good to have my hard work recognised, thank you jamesThis is getting quite a few RTs so I just want to stress that all my academic publications are 'open-access' if you… @LeeShangLun that's very generous and kind of you! @JasonZil no worries! always happy to share any of my pubs that aren't open access via email, too. @shaunnortonAU @merryh I mean, all the ones I spoke to who were trying to live off their gamemaking work were of co… @shaunnortonAU @merryh In 200 interviews in 3 continents I don’t think I heard a single gamemaker use the word ‘cus… last RT here is your monthly reminder that we are working with @BRKeogh to collect all the games made in Austral…
Retweeted by Brendan KeoghThe tl;dr of the article is: we don't talk enough about how most game development happens in teams of 5 or less where everyone is poor.Anyway, this open-access article brought to you by: my grant money that I can no longer spend on travel.It also, I think, provides a really nice snapshot of what a local videogame industry actually looks like in 2020 (w… article "The Cultural Field of Video Game Production in Australia" is now completely open-access for anyone who… between two main corcerns: the data collection and privacy/privatization concern, but also the fact that behi… spectacular and exhaustive account of edu-tech’s encroachment on education, ‘replacing learning with data en… the next Government welfare program based on hearsay and anecdotal evidence.
Retweeted by Brendan Keogh @skjethani @UTSFass Congrats Suneel!
Joshua and Alex attended the same university where I wrote ‘A Play Of Bodies’. Make of that what you will. @BriePhD @wishcrys Yeah but you know most of them will be like “here is my grand theory of covid and X”. The ones b… another hugely promising game coming out from a tiny, incredibly talented Melbourne team. @wishcrys Writing an academic journal article about an immediate phenomenon while it is still unfolding seems like… @jazzrozz @archer_rs @TwitterSupport Looks like the whole thing was probs fake. “Bona fide” Stoner characters 🤝Business In videogames Scholars @ngoctmvu I went to this place exactly once nearly a decade ago and I knew EXACTLY what it was the moment I saw the picMcRobbie is also just one of the easiest to read critical theorists I’ve encountered in a long time. Big ideas brok… like some of you might be really into McRobbie’s new book. I’m halfway through and it has some really nice art… run - out now
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The fix is in. 👇
Retweeted by Brendan KeoghI know exactly who needs to hear this. Academics. 🧵 *Clears throat*: checking and writing emails is work, thinking…
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Truly, the length of credits in triple-a games these days is out of control Bourdieu writes about how the dominant positions in a cultural field maintain their dominance by ensuring th…
Retweeted by Brendan KeoghI have never seen a Dr Disrespect video but judging by his name and one picture of him it’s hardly a mystery why he… is already probably the most complex thing I've tried to do in pico-8 so I'm sure at some point my code will b… current plan is to turn this endless forest generator thing into a continuous roguelike thing where instead of g… @DrCurlytek @Serrels All good my written statement was not accurate! @DrCurlytek @Serrels True actually. I was thinking more in terms of the impossible leveld and the apparent lack of… @Serrels Yeah totally. A shane but I assume this was much easier to make this wayApparently everyone’s proc gen is different and sometimes you just get an impossible one (you can skip after 25 strokes). What a shame
@linedrag Wow! @michelmcbride Oh what we’re not all getting the same holes?? Damn