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Brendan Keogh @BRKeogh Brisbane, Queensland

Videogame industry & culture researcher, @qutdmrc. Critic. Amateur gamemaker.

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@ThornPuck I would bet a lot of money that Lyle Shelton, posting a photo of meat and saying ‘happy australia day’,… @ThornPuck I don’t understand the question sorry!Right wingers cooking meat really badly to own the libs is a whole genre now @dogs_R_cool Haha absolutely. Going through the town and deaing with roundabouts is the harder final level before the boss @GhostTownGoldie Same! Rad! I’ve gotten to the final Round a few times but it’s brutal. I’ll ping you tomorrow arvo. @GhostTownGoldie The horde mode thing?? Yes I need a buddy to help with that!! I’m level 50. Maybe tomorrow?Unrelated but Eurotruck Simulator 2's debug free camera is very good impressive thing I've ever done in a videogame
The day on which a land was invaded, initiating the following centuries' massive (and still-ingoing) destruction of… @JacktheInsider @benbritten And then we can argue about which of about 50 moments we are each talking aboutThe pledge: I’m on smoko So leave me alone I’m on smoko So leave me alone @tanya_plibersek As a general rule if there's something that only the US does and nowhere else it's probably a bad idea.
Retweeted by Brendan Keogh @heidi_w_idieh YesThe sooner the Labor party just utterly disappears the sooner we can start building an actual left in Australian politicsClassic Labor ratio @OptimistPanda Ground Zeroes just connects 5 with that uh I think PSP one that was a sequel to MGS3. @OptimistPanda Technically yes but it’s not a big deal. Could just watch the opening and closing cutscene on youtube.
@OptimistPanda Haha yeah. The opening is very dramatic campy Kojima but then it levels out into a relatively straig… @OptimistPanda It’s such a good openingthis is a more meaningful endorsement than the fuckin dorks at the NYT's tbh
Retweeted by Brendan Keogh @smgstudio @CannonFodderJnr @jasonimms thanks! @skatebee thanks! @dctrjack jackson what the fuck @filmvisuality oh yeah this one is a great one i totally forgot about. thanks! @ElPrezAU just write it down you damn kids. enough with these 2-hour long youtube videos @ElPrezAU And such an inconvenient way of consuming those expressed things!!!!!! @ElPrezAU Thanks! I assume that, unfortunately, there's probably more videos out there than articles for what I'm after @Tezamondo sure thing, game dev. tell your 'union' on mePlease send me links to all the articles you can think of where creators (game devs, youtubers, podcasters, streame…
@KirbyKid I’m just having fun but I also truly believe in abolishing ‘gameplay’ from all game analysis. I just disa… @andysaurAUS There is extensive theorisation of game feel and it’s far more useful and articulate than the brod catch-all of gameplay.For those viewers who can’t be arsed with the paywall:
Retweeted by Brendan Keogh @T1mCurrey @merryh @PressStartAU @FilmVictoria @igea @MassiveMonsters @Ultimerse @gracebruxner @DropBearBytes @hoskingc Also I don’t think people not knowing the history of terms negates their power. @hoskingc Yep! But there’s a reason it’s still not weird to say a walking sim or a twine game ‘has no gameplay’. @BRKeogh oh good you saw it
Retweeted by Brendan Keogh @hoskingc Nah too politically loaded with baked in gamer hegemony. emerged from the same discourseDrivefeel is not comparable to the nonsensical term ‘gameplay’ because it describes an actual, embodied experience,… @_Pengun Seen some quant-y focused journals doing it lately!Congrats to our latest round of games funding recipients, with projects set to deliver thrilling, diverse games exp…
Retweeted by Brendan KeoghThe most confusing, intolerable thing about other academic disciplines is subtitles in abstracts.
2020 you are planning to come to #digraa20 in a few weeks please register this week to help us out with catering logi… conventional wisdom is that you can figure out roughly how many copies a game has sold on Steam by taking the n…
Retweeted by Brendan KeoghPlayed this for IGF judging and it was spectacularly good. Turnfollow are just quietly producing some of the best g… reminder to fill out the Game Developers Carbon Emissions survey if you want to help address the carbon footp…
Retweeted by Brendan Keogh @hoskingc Just read Merleau-Ponty instead. He uses words that aren't made up an was more interested in anti-fascism than being a nazi @TimesNTroubles I like my books like I like my sandwiches. Cut into triangles.I made an AI play 1000 indie games and this is what it made
@ValiantCheese Yeah I agree with that! The power of these platforms can be resisted but it just has to be done act… @ValiantCheese Sure, but I don't think the point is that you can't survive without Steam. Plenty do! Just like you… @ValiantCheese Or I think the best example of how Steam exerts this pressure is still Depression Quest. Even as a f… @ValiantCheese Like when you see people post their itch sales vs their steam sales, steam is always way higher. Or… @ValiantCheese Well I think the point there is that things are hopefully getting better with competitors to Steam.… @ValiantCheese Academics who study platforms call this the 'network effects' of successful platforms: the more ppl… @ValiantCheese ..the main one that platform caters too. In Steam's case, you have many people who just refuse to bu… @ValiantCheese Well yeah that's true that it still requires extensive marketing work and isn't some discoverability… @ValiantCheese Yeah absolutely! The expectations of a game on Steam vs the expectations of the same game on Itch hi… @Chettlar @ragekit Yeah look I think I just have no idea what you are talking about in relation to the initial conv… @eelstork @Chettlar @ragekit Your talking like art is just material objects and not ideas expressed through material objects.… @Chettlar @ragekit They don’t! They very simply don’t! But i’m not gonna spend more time arguing this. @Chettlar @ragekit Not sure how to read this in any other way. But, no, videogames don’t have more going on in them… @Chettlar @ragekit There is nothing particularly special about videogames compared to other media. It’s just anothe… @Chettlar @ragekit That must be why after 40,000 years all paintings look the same while after 58 years every video… @ragekit @Chettlar Yes but the point is: the youth of the medium has nothing to do with the possibility or potentia… @Mattias_G I can answer that but not in a tweet @Chettlar @ragekit There is no more possible variance in videogames than there is in painting or writing or dance. @ragekit I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen it used it that way (experimenting) and only ever for the most tech… don’t say videogames are young because painting is 40,000 years old! They say it because nigh anyone over 35… @dangolding So many other mediums are more developed"Please don't judge my art properly I'm just a little baby medium, I've only been around for nearly six decades."
Retweeted by Brendan Keogh @morganjaffit Haha yeah totally! @agnosticelecto1 That... isn’t a counter point? @McGarnical oiSorry y’all have some bad takes on this one @jboggsie @jwaaaap Yeah these are the good uns @ragekit It's a lot more than the people who write those sorts of sentences are generally implying @stillisles Games are still generally bad at X but look, they're a young medium, I'm sure they'll figure it out soon.Spacewar is 58 years old. Please stop calling videogames a young medium. @ElPrezAU is he eating a sponge? @ThornPuck Like, yeah, it is a hypothetical argument that might make sense if you're not talking about a small art… @ThornPuck Well, that's my point though. It's only a valid point if you think games are released on steam for a spe… @ThornPuck The main issue with his take though is that these three games each has its own very distinct, not deriva…"Yesterday was the only day you could've retweeted this": The Australian Experience of Twitter @Tezamondo Yeah it's an argument that just makes no sense if you know anything about Sokpop. But I think that's my… @Tezamondo it's very confusingBut yeah: 'professional' games (ie. not just mods or hacks or whatever that are explicitly marked as 'amateur') are… is very often the site at which these tensions play out, as it both has the monopoly on PC game distribution,… outline what I mean by this (in academicese, sorry) in this article: Essentially: ppl ca… to this days-old bad take thread to point out that I think it's a good example of what I've been calling…
If you are a game developer – interested in climate action or not – would you mind filling out this survey about wh…
Retweeted by Brendan KeoghDamn, Joe has gone too far
Retweeted by Brendan Keogh @ElPrezAU All I remember about this game is looking in a toilet and seeing a massive floater
@Kalonica_ Belated realisation you might appreciate this video I recorded of Just Cause 3, 5 years ago:…"Distressed, desperate, and possibly burnt koala is cute" has become Australia's version of America's "look at this…
Retweeted by Brendan Keogh @Fengxii I’m so glad i now get sent these from around the world
@GuillaumeNWR Yeah ubi really buried it, weirdly. Grab a disc off ebay! @SeanPincombe Yep!Driver San Francisco is one of the smartest, tightest, and creative AAA games of the last two generations, and also…