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@marcu5y ww > culture respectfully @marcu5y metro boomin offset and 21 the 5th spot @terxme how does it get worse everytime @thaboyjozu realist shit i ever said @thaboyjozu do you have no shame @moncleryear are we not rocking @stymead i can’t say anything man. @stymead yea bring back the avi that’s what i thought @stymead mass report i fear @CrypticNoHoes @CrypticNoHoes atleast we still have julio @ConnorIsVillain one day is not today @temiAWGE @marcu5y thanks temi @marcu5y this might dethrone the pop smoke and kobe tweet for worst tweet or the year
@marcu5y a man can’t show support anymore @marcu5y i love to see it @CrypticNoHoes god i wish i wasn’t. @CrypticNoHoes we were all the fastest swimmers when it mattered most 💯 @marcu5y uzis discography is crazy because you can pick any album and it’s mid @stymead i may be stupid but @marcu5y @TristanGHill feel alone ratio @TristanGHill @marcu5y can’t say shit here
@whoskumba @Polo_Capalot LMFAOOOOOO @raptvcom how tf he get on instagram live @_yelsew___ tweet been up for a minute and i’ve been tagged 3 times @playboicarti STOP PLAYING !!!!!!!!! @terxme twitter users could make a better list @raptvcom WAIT I DIDNT EVEN SEE COI LERAY LMFAOOOOOOO @raptvcom i know that is not rubi rose i’m seeing @XXL idk who else you could put on here but this is actually terrible @stymead what happened @whoskumba alr @whoskumba wires goated stop the disrespect
@snuurid it hasn’t been a good day @TristanGHill @CrypticNoHoes it hasn’t been a good day @CrypticNoHoes i’ve been fed up recently @thaboyjozu if i’m ever that horny please someone come shoot me @flackoohh nvm u talking about soccer @flackoohh the average nfl player way more athletic than the average nba player @YImloud @AmaniCapaIot feel alone @AmaniCapaIot blessing all of u @TokyosVz @TheeHornyyPoPo you are a porn librarian @TheeHornyyPoPo please stop posting this absolute freak @JxffreyP @snuurid flop + counter @thaboyjozu sorry @thaboyjozu i just always hate myself @Amare4PF @moncleryear don’t associate that to me @marcu5y gonna be a sad day when travis puts him on utopia @marcu5y or sofaygo @thaboyjozu gunna on a guitar beat undefeated > @AmaniCapaIot @afroshqipe see you there my boy @pt_adriannn @raptvcom @raptvcom they tried to sneak in a promo @raptvcom who the hell is that on the bottom right
@snuurid me during any conversation @JrMoneyGettin why is it so hard for him to just ignore it @snuurid breaking bad the office @snuurid top 2 show of all time sorry @JrMoneyGettin #CRACKERDOWN @ayodocc @YeezyTaughtMe72 cartis worst > polos best respectfully @YourRAGEz the show got way better scenes than this one @Brezzy4pL you can’t be serious @reaIwokstar i don’t think i could handle either tbh @kaykookiedough how would a microwave get dirty
@marcu5y delete the tweet or else @marcu5y i’m a real 999er and don’t listen to leaks sadly sorry @CrypticNoHoes blocked, muted and reported @CrypticNoHoes why do i keep seeing happy couples on my timeline @playboicarti DROP THIS NOW 🔥🔥🔥 @raptvcom need this on it @terxme @MarvinVettori @flackoohh before i put it in i smack his ass @Polo_Capalot we got you bro @terxme THATS WHY HES THE GOAT @snuurid @PercHeavy i’m the squirt specialist watch ur mouth @PercHeavy @snuurid huh @CrypticNoHoes HAHA SIT DOWN MAYO MAN @bluefaceniloc when our boxing match colin
@TokyosVz @playboicarti what was wrong with this one @playboicarti drop this 👀 @whoskumba pierre would’ve thrown a temper tantrum on the timeline @g5briela 8243 6473 5435 6709 06/23 427 don’t use it tho i’m broke @AmaniCapaIot @xanieys oh i coulda just read the thread my bad @AmaniCapaIot @xanieys i knew this but what did new xan do to deserve this 😭 @stymead mf like me just mind my business and love everybody @snuurid @dannysdied oh yea i’m definitely not liking @Sadcrib after this week i would understand if their was another sus wave @snuurid short lived sadly travis dropping soon @snuurid bricked up listening to polo g @dreamyIuvr moan space was easy money @TragicWRLD999 that one white kid ruined this video for me @ReupMir why u decide to say this under my reply @ReupMir SHE WHAT
@FLAWLESSDlEGO i don’t want to @g5briela i’m not unemployed i run a meme page @pixiestrid i think i’m pretty great imo @raptvcom white i know @ascinhiding @thaboyjozu no lies detected @ascinhiding @thaboyjozu add back rq @thaboyjozu sadly polo g clears sadly