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i am happier than jane; she only smiles, i laugh

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17 people followed me and 6 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by @fruitymaslany i'm speechless
“we’ll figure it out together” is a love language
Retweeted by laura 🎨 @franksmurders we're all bottoms when it comes to delphine cormier @franksmurders no need to prove it. @franksmurders bottom
@kingdomoakley jesus fucking christ bless you child @perfctplacws ?Anybody else have no sense of self and what they want to do? Watch Greys. I should be a doctor. Watch Fleabag. I sh… @baesjoohyun here :) my besties at name is jules........ @delphinescurls "this year"
@OrphanBlack such a shame she died......
spare hand in marriage ma'am @donaldfchubbs HOW DARE THEY 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪
@franksmurders cristina yang 😛😛😛😛😛
2021 @lucas88597548 PLEASE @i_d_rather_read uhm my heart is so warm i wanna slap u wifey @ddlovwtix my heart melted @lucas88597548 can u love me less plshello besties 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 @OrphanBlack you know what could make this tuesday better? orphan black season 6 @perfctplacws the ultimate gay dream @LilBabyGay sorry not sorry @lucas88597548 bye @IsDebolina in a good waywe keep getting tiddies after tiddies the world is a nice placeevelyne fucking brochu @evqa8 yes they're mine.
@CU35IBsHNDh79YG @cosimarchive it's a tv series called Paris Police 1900 and it's gonna be released in February on Canal+ 😛how can i ever have a baby if i check if my dog is breathing literally 50 times while she’s asleep @ohfcklecter @thxshadow evelyne brochu 😭 @havenalavinne trailer de Paris Police 1900 😭 estreia em fevereiro no Canal+ @OhMySandra1 THEY'RE ALL AMAZING ISTG I JUST KNOW PP1900 IS GONNA BE AWESOME @Bex_Oscar most definitelyconclusion: i am gay HAIR THE OUTFIT IM SO READY PP1900exCUSE ME @BelMaslany I MISSED IT 😭 HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY, YOU 🥳💗✨ @judyhrding meu deus sim eu pausava de dois em dois minutos tava morrendo de agonia @ameIiaeves hurts. @brochuscormier every. single. time.if we ever get a selfie i honestly think i'll diethis is so sick and twisted i really thought it was a selfie
citei trop na redação do enem ✨
Retweeted by laura 🎨Estávamos adiando a decisão de pedir ajuda com isso, mas estamos desesperadas. Nosso gato Frajola está com Leucemia…
Retweeted by laura 🎨 @i_d_rather_read puta. *penguin
@OrphanBlack WHO HURT YOU @delphinescurls lying on the tl @MCruus it's been almost 4 years...
@brochuscormier i feel like we have this conversation at least twice a week @lucas88597548 no @franksmurders you're so rudecause now i drive you said alone past forever… @grazerwellie @EvelyneBrochu desculpa :( @jubs331 @EvelyneBrochu couldnt even say that to my face @hulyayana @EvelyneBrochu sorry for the bait @BonBonsbottom that's their whole charm 😭
i miss fifth harmony @grazerwellie não sei 😭 ela recuperou e agora tá desativada @EvelyneBrochu i miss your hearts please come back @joliedetails link amg @franksmurders people thinking those were my splendid vocals <3333 @delphinescurls thats what keeps her goingwatch evelyne text her w a "how did u do that"tatiana deactivated her twitter this is so sick and twisted“i don't like delphine cormier" i got it. what else don't you like? love? education and health? minorities? what… @jjudgefudge @brochuscormier that's an achievement 😳 @evqa8 @i_d_rather_read i bet you loved her art skills @tatianamaslany HAHAHAHSIWBXOWHDOQBXOD
I AM LOSING IT @helenasmouse this is so sick and twisted @dcormierc @i_d_rather_read EH NE 😭😭 @i_d_rather_read stop calling it shitty it's amazing 😭 ilyhow can i even explain hannah's mind,,, my new favourite shirt ily @serialboxpub you okay @serialboxpub ? wanna vent? @talkfasts de repente cancelei netflix
@LanaMcRae praying to the non existent god @franksmurders i'd even let u slide back into bed @franksmurders we're married that's your obligation!!!! @i_d_rather_read dont even get me started @i_d_rather_read yes i'm pulling money out of my ass @asheavalance it looks so good and i desperately want it 😭 next step is moneythe classified clone reports has been staring at me for the past 30 minutes asking me to buy itand that’s on mommy issues
Retweeted by laura 🎨 @cmplxfemale L'appartement (2012) @oqueoqueque gente sensível....i give her all my love that's all i do and if you saw my love you'd love her, too @delphinescurls i'm crying u happy
@jjudgefudge por que... 👉🏻👈🏻 @franksmurders you're not coming back. and you're sleeping on the couch. @ChipAndPopcorn IRA AND SUSAN IRA AND SUSAAAN! @chasingbooks21 LMAO