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Journalist/Comedian/Frankenstein American. 6'7" Guy w/ Love to Spare and Anger to Rent. He/Him. File complaints to our support team @viv_kane.

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@wearyourshaydes Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh @wearyourshaydes UnacceptableYou know what I can make in 24 hours? Half of a podcast. Not the whole thing, just like half. Sometimes a sandwich. @LabSplice Me becoming an editor: whooooopsMy grandfather (center) had huge David Lynch energy in med school. I can almost hear him yelling “COOP!” when Barstool steals content. you imagine a crueler fate than having your own wiki page and having (gamer) next to your name? @Also_Wolfman .... Ry.Meltdown May #1 Kam, baby I am in this, doing my best GET ME PICTURES OF SPIDERMAN voice. You should listen. It's fun.
Retweeted by Brock WilburSomehow missed that this was happening and now I need to watch the whole thing.✊🏼💪🏻😍 @sleafordmods
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@Snacpack LolBut I do. goddamn... @tyunsell Lol that’ll get you a couple top notch well done steaks with ketchup I guess @jaredlholt I just keep re-reading it like I'm missing something??? @samred No i feel like I can't read. I just keep re-reading it, looking for an explanation as to what this is suppo… just got mail from the IRS. Is this... Donald Trump making it look like I'm getting second stimulus check? I got… @Snacpack god damn. @TheBlackNerd @tauriqmoosa lol asking for abs is actually the funnier thing to mock. im just now seeing that reply.the banhammer must deliver on this promise this is gonna rule and ive always wanted to see more of rachel's improv. mark this in your calendar, im sure it… @TheBlackNerd this should be the same site @TheBlackNerd ohdeer men: what is stopping you from looking like this, didn't expect that and @nathanrabin's new book has me watching YouTube walkthroughs of POSTAL '97 and - gasp - contempla…
Retweeted by Brock WilburThis is a press releasing trying to set up Skype interviews with "experts" regarding people fleeing coronavirus sta… like it’s not the time for applause. That’s just me. @KyleOrl Oh my god I’m so sorry @Cudgalactica Well this dude used em all upThey’re just gonna broadcast peloton classes on ESPN now. Sports! @NEwertKrocker Trello can do these things. @NEwertKrocker Trello is my go to. @TheBlackNerd thats so much funnier war some of the time? and part of everyday?limp bizkit's "Take A Look Around" or gtfo @TheBlackNerd its a great thursday lyric @BookishPlinko thiccccccc @TheKamdyman kam i cannot express how hard i knew you were gonna pick this @TKhatesyou i don't know what you want me to do about 9/11 budtag yourself im the belt of orion having the same number of stars as buildings in the world trade center complexIt's 11am and this is the third book-length essay about conspiracies that I've gotten at my work email. At least th… @imranzomg It is the light gun version of Rage. for New York's mask PSA competition is over. This ad didn't win, but it should have won. @jzcamp why didnt cigarettes exist in that world @ThatSamWinkler @aaronlinde The pond's algorithm kept pushing Shitty the Duck towards the swamp. @michelmcbride i was confused the first time i read it for obvious reasons and then all i could think of was the bv… @liamtwose @spacecampgf @TeamPYG @PitchYaGame oh hell yes ivy @greengoodnight ive have never wanted to buy someone a beer more for like nine reasonsheadin into tuesday like @mcsweeneys @FuckboisOfLit @mistertodd @lizaledwards i support this good boytrevor does fun spooky work in an unfun spooky time @Jeremy_Danner never mentioned this before but i appreciate it each and every time i hear you publicly admit to hav… hope that the result of this Amy Cooper disaster is that everyone does sprawling profiles of THE MOST INTERESTING… move AOC
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@Sean8UrSon Nice @Sean8UrSon What is this please @rajandelman people have some strong feelings on these 17 ice cream jams. @BindzBrain i was gonna send you this tweet and then i saw you were the one who sent it @Andrew_Ervin Thank you friend @ZeroDoxy Hi thanks this meant a lot to me
My dad’s lifelong best friend and my faux-uncle stopped breathing this morning. T.R. was the artist I always wished… @NEwertKrocker just the line "who reads books about submarines" ... "my dad" just fucking slays me. its my grandfat… @prosateuse im v upset by how accurate this is @NEwertKrocker have you seen the insurance ad running on tv where a guy just explains how you are turning into your parents?Brock Liberalfascism is my drag name. @whitneyarner he good at do sing @ruzkin oh just the pitch is cool but whatever you have to send, then send? happy to help with the whole shebangMy wife and I saw this is at @LargoLosAngeles and it caused us to get engaged @PFTompkins @ruzkin send it on over @SuperBentendo dm awayYou looking for a Netflix show right now? BORDERLINE. It's The Office beat for beat but British and oh shit it goes… Tell me what book you're trying to sell this year. I'll put you in touch with any publisher/editor I know that… @tinkybwinky @TheFastPitch Thank you
last year i was running cooking competitions for @TheFastPitch and now i'm running @TheFastPitch @ArmyStrang come live in our backyardSaturday @LockedMike My wife has been murdered by youThe new season of Caring Into The Void has been going exceptionally well. I'd really like it if you dipped your toe… @ExecutiveArea @viv_kane @theferocity the piece explains that?I just stumbled across this beautiful essay by @theferocity and it echos so much about my feelings on leaving LA fo…
Retweeted by Brock Wilbur @staceyoristano ...... this was an incredibly good tweet. @staceyoristano called Crash the Love Actually of racism and i am cackling why did we do this @TorontoDog good boy. wrong but good. @kylefandrews i wish but they would have mentioned at least one other actor @ChrisPeleoLazar that movie is functional @aRobertsg oh no. the vivarium. @KRobertMarlo it is and it makes me want to watch it too @pscottrussell yup but it didnt gotta be @SusanArendt nailed it @staceyoristano is Eisenberg in that??? @eligit nailed it @Mejwell just called Crash a "david cage ass movie" and I am cackling @Mejwell flawlessViv has taught Bernstein to get off of her desk and to sit on command just by giving him tiny amounts of string che… plans are the snyder cut of being alive