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Writer/Comedian/Frankenstein American. 6'7" Guy With Love To Spare And Anger To Rent. He/Him. File all complaints to our customer support team @viv_kane.

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@FookThis oh no i was aware of what i was doing. Huge YOU energy. @strictmachine oh noMatt and I are aligned in believing that the film Booksmart is a good film for your eyes. And your hearts. @williambgoss ...... i do like hugging you. @ed_solomon CONGRATS SIR @williambgoss the fuck is happening i like you what are you doing @FookThis Hot Girl Summer got my cats a catptop.
Retweeted by Brock Wilbur @glassbottommeg which oscar @WritNelson from simply a production angle, this is flawless. this is better than the movie it is emulating.if you're in for a quick four minutes of bleak but heartfelt humanity, i highly suggest this new short from Austin'… @williambgoss hahahah i love you so much beautiful @staceyoristano also: omg miles so cute omg @staceyoristano I have been a huge fan for years. No part of this is shitty. This song and his other tracks all Sla… @williambgoss dont call me bitchHere's an actor best known for doing Tom Cruise parody work and having a role in a Final Destination sequel, who ma… @msnovapraeda oh wowlooking forward to the scene where one of those dogs betrays her by tearing up a coat her mother left her and she t…
Retweeted by Brock Wilburtfw u got zone'd @wearyourshaydes welcome to the new epoch @joelcorelitz but.... great show right? and moses too?My cats love putting their toys in specific places. There are a few that just keep winding up in the same place no… @valhallabckgirl @zachheltzel Canceled blocked etc You two Arizona folks deserve each other @zachheltzel The human soul can never be nude. Take that to your precious Sailor Moon. @zachheltzel Strength > Looks c'monLast night at Phantogram, a guy turned to a girl near me and said "EXCUSE ME can you not talk through every song?"… @kchironis Elsinore (2019) @zevchevat haha death what a concept @zevchevat shit. do not call me out like this. @wholiannarees *bows down and slowly backs out of the room* gellical cats come one come all @jongrubbs there nearly earned a friendly block @zevchevat oh mygod Age Me, Daddy @Quixoticnance you know what? Fair. @Quixoticnance omg no omg @UweBollocks (They weren't gonna fuck their wives either; lets be clear.) @YoAdrianTorres @TracedThurman ...... it sounds sincere on twitter without italics and im worried youre scaring our guest away. @rmccarthyjames rachel. @zevchevat i wish you could quote your blood-god instead of comedians. but. this is where we are. for now. @barelyconcealed whats her namethe new rambo movie comes out on my birthday and i am so excited to have just a fuckshit birthdayboooooooooooooooo @valhallabckgirl @zachheltzel @jamescharles i hate how cute you two are @TracedThurman @YoAdrianTorres hello trace come overJinx you owe me your teeth.
Retweeted by Brock WilburThe best shot of The Dark Knight is the quick flash at the beginning of the assault on Gotham PD's convoy where, be… @DylanDoppelt MAKE BLISS PLAY CAMEL UP IN EVANSTONIf you have the ability to finally see TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID this weekend, you must do so. Faculty destroyed my ability to understand grooming for a solid decade @RunnerD3x truly as a nation we should invest in said initiative @failnaut go homethe combination of medical bills / freelance fuckery / AC broken / quoting Mulaney is a terrible place for a trans… one is giving enough love to the screensaver for my cats @Ahm76 hahahahlove to freak people out by revealing that Last Week Tonight's theme song actually has lyrics got my cats a catptop. @jeffcannata is there a good place to donate your way or help out with anything?You’re trapped in a loveless marriage sometime before 1900. Do you:
Retweeted by Brock Wilbur @DuxburyKaren @duckvalentine Omg @theresa_who @FuckboisOfLit this is what we're realizing ugh @FuckboisOfLit @theresa_who We're trying. A lot to cover. Too much.Today while trying to figure out why GLOW doesn't have an official soundtrack release, I discovered that The Fault…
please tell me something you like/are proud of about yourself!!
Retweeted by Brock WilburI'm voting for whoever promises to make Sufjan Stevens record the other 48 state albums.
Retweeted by Brock Wilbur make sure to serve only hello kitty pinot noir at my funeral, thanks
Retweeted by Brock Wilburgetting each of your partners a sword, call that polyarmoury
Retweeted by Brock WilburYou're the one who is crying. @rmccarthyjames (thank you) @AdamSessler I'm out in SF a lot. I'll hit you up next time finally! @AdamSessler We're gonna make it work either direction haha. @AdamSessler *the sound of a purchase button being clicked* What? It's just two bros talkin' bout bro shit like rac… @AdamSessler Coming Up Roses? @AdamSessler Oh just read about it in the guy's thread. Really fascinating stuff. Also I've flooded you with much n… Work For Exposure By;; I think we’re all guilty of this!!! in God's name is this image.
Retweeted by Brock WilburThank you for helping this account reach 300,000 followers. If you have enjoyed these posts, please consider making…
Retweeted by Brock WilburAlso, had a dream about THE VOICES today, so I’m here to say (yet again) that THE VOICES is absolutely brilliant &…
Retweeted by Brock WilburHow the fuck can a “Hard R,” a thing that does not exist, be “Official”
Retweeted by Brock WilburGuys, I have some troubling news and also a new conspiracy theory
Retweeted by Brock WilburThank you.
Retweeted by Brock WilburSpent time this week talking to a friend about how soon we’ll all be working for one of three megacorps and how I’m… and Bob Moses @glassbottommeg Hahaha
Retweeted by Brock Wilbur @ProvodnikG @bravemule Thanks for the heads upA reminder that the 2012 Will Ferrell / Zach Galifianakis film “The Campaign” features Dan Aykroyd and John Lithgow… @NEwertKrocker I don’t know where to start with this. Jesus Christ. @c_davies You know that it does.Cannot wait to write obits for so many of my friends who were secretly philanthropists for Red Scare.If so, I’m happy to die being known as the philanthropist behind @glassbottommeg’s Skate Bird.Koch’s obit mentions that he gave millions to various causes in the arts and medicine, and that makes him a philant… @rachelmillman This tweet is goodThank you, everyone who gave the host of The Apprentice enough power to tank my 401k with his Twitter account.
Retweeted by Brock Wilbur @bravemule still. sorry friend. this is a lot. @bravemule oh i thought this was today. good to know.This is one of the biggest bummers ever. A number of friends and people I respect did a killer job on the localizat… the world doesn’t completely suck.
Retweeted by Brock Wilburspoilers for season 3 of barry one: Literally nobody: Not a single living soul: Mindhunter: WICHITA KANSAS
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