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Journalist/Comedian/Frankenstein American. 6'7" Guy w/ Love to Spare and Anger to Rent. He/Him. File complaints to our support team @viv_kane.

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☠️☠️🍬 FLESH BREATH / DEAD WE COME ☠️☠️🍬 @Jeremy_Danner @TheFastPitch no there are just 3 me'sI’m-a Wario; I’m-a gonna be depressed
Retweeted by thank u, hexxed / thank, u hexxed @russfischer yooooooooooooooooooall fine here
tfw brock wilbur has an opinion @catl8dy666 jason taught me it was ok to be weird, fThe #BestofKC comes together on our lawn. Love it😍
Retweeted by thank u, hexxed / thank, u hexxedtfw when its all going perfectly to plan yesssss i want to be friends with baby @abbyolcese and hear her opinions on horror films uhhh want to tune into this...for no specific reason. 👀🎃💀
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Retweeted by thank u, hexxed / thank, u hexxed @modernistwitch costs too muchthe wonderful @wdavekeith nailing this from the @nelson_atkins @zachheltzel Missouri is (Shelled) in the electorial college. @MelodyRowell @TheFastPitch sameeeeeedelighted that the artist decided to show me and @viv_kane photobombing mayor lucas and coach reid while putting bu… 3, 2020 will be one of the stupidest days of our lives. But for M. Bison, it will be Tuesday.
Retweeted by thank u, hexxed / thank, u hexxed @Jenn_Tisdale the fuck is goin on thereYay. @TheFastPitch's gigantic Best of KC 2020 magazine on stands across the city right now. This is the painting we… Babysnugs (talkin bout babysnugs) think i had this winamp visualizer? @HilfordG can't @JosephKnoop @Papapishu @PTibz will listen!!! @Papapishu @PTibz i looooooved it @hardin at least boo us both equally brandonwow the carrion soundtrack is coming wow that's pretty wow the limited version is filled with the red life liquid w…"I'm not Trapt in here with you, you're Trapt in here with me!"
;)’re never gonna see actual viewer/box office data again in our lifetimes. @porcelain72 This development, is new, to me.That way lies madness fail to understand how a man as brilliant and in touch with the people as *checks notes* the inventor of Soylent… morning exchange with @kylegaddo TIME TO SHINE
Retweeted by thank u, hexxed / thank, u hexxed @CandiceLikesYou Yes you can.popped collars are coming back @The_Rabbit42 @glassbottommeg everything you listed here is just a different word for hot sauce. i refuse to believ… @glassbottommeg @The_Rabbit42 we should find out! @inthefade im thinking maybe it feels like the universe owes us after ACB yesterday @inthefade i woke up today with a very similar thought. is there a particular reason that we've all got kissinger on the brain today?What I'm taking from some of these older films is that people used to pass out constantly for unexplained reasons a…"Huh, okay, I kinda thought my infographic would've answered all of these questions, but go ahead..." @iamdianametzger the rest of the trial has been closed to cameras so @abbyolcese i saw this tweet and almost sent it to you as a "hey this would help with your thing" before i realized… @OmalleyUnltd Remains one of the only films me and Viv have ever walked out of in a theater. One of two films I've… morning @Lazarus_Audio omgI wrote the article Twitter now fuck off
Retweeted by thank u, hexxed / thank, u hexxedWhen the dog farts and clears out the room, @viv_kane shouts "Prophecy Foretold!" so that's our love language now(?) @hottestsingles killer.tonight has been revelatory for @viv_kane in Hades @hottestsingles Go directly to GS3 @grmartin this is crushingly sad! @NEwertKrocker love itLook, I declare myself "Mayor of The Moon" twice per week, but no one reports on it because we don't need to cover… @SusanArendt lolllll burn notice yayAnd what happened then? Well, in Whoville they say that the small Supreme Court grew three sizes that day
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@t3dy It's Hades and it is v fun. @FizFashizzle Hades on Switch @taylorcocke im insulting a guy who cant drive a truck @grmartin yes that's trueI have not played a non-casual video game in months, because of work commitments. Viv went on a trip and blasted th… fuckin bob seger song did a 8800 Blue Lick Road speedrun already lmao
Retweeted by thank u, hexxed / thank, u hexxedBoulder replaces geode. Suspect boulder. Much to learn. @gorycoryhorror @skatieb i have questions about how this is working out???Hm. Suspicious geode. Lorge type? Look into. rock has begun loudly grooming arm. Will investigate further. @failnaut new header tbh lolIt has not moved all day. Beginning to suspect is rock. Further investigation. @failnaut quick refresher on three act structure.,732 Sign Petition To Let The People Drink The Space Liquid From The Cursed CheeserockGood morning gents @EBONYTUSKS @highdiverecords @DoubleUHarrison This was @viv_kane’s answer too!!! @Jezzerat please dm*loading rocket launcher* moon's wet
Retweeted by thank u, hexxed / thank, u hexxed @imranzomg damn @NEwertKrocker !!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!what was said to get this reaction (wrong answers only) there's a playable Dropsy The Clow parody of Hatred called Hugtred where you hug people but the cops still shoo… @jaytholen @dropsytheclown i cut the chapter about it from my POSTAL book, which sucks because it meant that i'd pl… @EldritchGirl "Ah. I see our problem. We thought this was turned in by notable genre author Meaghan Ball. Folks, th… @EldritchGirl look lets just not call attention to their error, maybe they wont print a retraction?? @EldritchGirl MEG!!!! AHHHHH!Was this dvd cover made before there was google
Retweeted by thank u, hexxed / thank, u hexxedme going to mcdonalds: can i have the collaboration meal mcdonalds employee: the what? me: the j whatever meal. it…
Retweeted by thank u, hexxed / thank, u hexxed @JoeBerkowitz Well, did he buy a copy yet???Hi everyone! We're looking for a Narrative Designer at Ubisoft Reflections/ Leamington Spa. This is a mid-level pos…
Retweeted by thank u, hexxed / thank, u hexxed @willaverill hahahahBorat 2 proves that inside every wife guy, a daughter guy lies in wait.
Retweeted by thank u, hexxed / thank, u hexxed @OSheaComputer The only one!visited my mom's island and she had put fires everywhere because the scorpions made it too spooky to play at night…
Retweeted by thank u, hexxed / thank, u hexxed @DFLovett yesterday viv was like "when i was a kid why did i love goodfeathers without having seen goodfellas?"