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Writer/Comedian/Frankenstein American. 6'7" Guy With Love To Spare And Anger To Rent. He/Him. File all complaints to our customer support team @viv_kane.

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@aaronlinde could not be happier for youHi. A high-speed car/motorcycle accident happened today on my street and a guy bled out and died at my feet and the…
@Sisslethecat Binch I know @ItsDanielGeorge @The_Katbot Still salty here but some of my salt was offset by having played command and conquer renegade @josswheelin I’m visibly angry reading thisthe real black mirror was trying to watch content while being married @TheBlackNerd Glad you're still coming to visit @danielwcarlson Daniel. Carlson? No. @Sisslethecat sorry im not a twink @TheBlackNerd i have three different jokes to respond to this with and i can put none of them on twitter because im a coward hahaahha @failnaut i love you and you're so prettyi like brendan and this new pod is good @TheBlackNerd I stole The Twilight Zone and tried to pass it off as my own at the BBC thinking that they didn't hav… photo but I'm not the author. No one was the author. I found the book. I can't even translate the language.… fuck. @thehorrorchick incredible work @danielwcarlson 2whiteSally Reed is the most relatable character on the fuckin show and Goldberg is doing, no offense to the rest, the mo…
Retweeted by Brock Wilbur @hottestsingles @TheOperaGeek @CriticalRole hold up. wait. doesnt... doesnt this go poorly for the opera singer?!??!? @hottestsingles @CriticalRole @TheOperaGeek thanks for passing this on to me as well @BookishPlinko @PhilNobileJr omg @BookishPlinko never a bad time for the andys @BookishPlinko Anya. You. @BookishPlinko die another day should have used On The Bound and ill go to my grave believing thatsome journalists have an excuse for not being able to write 10k word stories @RivkaGheist @DoubleUHarrison ill never understand how. never. @jacketlizard *whispers* im still unpacking funny people even though he was playing himself @hottestsingles hahahahahaah yes please @DanWilbur I stopped reading your tweet halfway through to read @videodrew'sapropos of nothing, here's the last 10,000-word piece I wrote:
Retweeted by Brock Wilbur @hottestsingles YAYYYYYYY @DoubleUHarrison holy shit @RivkaGheist @DoubleUHarrison he's shitty enough that there's isn't a good enough joke in the world to include him haha @DoubleUHarrison my list was gonna be singal, the woman who wrote the actor piece, and me but i realized i didnt wa… is a list of writers who are not really good writers, contrary to what you might think. These are people who m… @OliviaMesser @brutalist__babe howd it go @TheBlackNerd @viv_kane i have been thwarted yet again @dreeaaxo_ @lucia_fasano hello to lucia and lucia alone @TheBlackNerd @viv_kane i dont think you have access to that @LilBigTrouble aw shucks @LilBigTrouble Hello yes you summoned me @failnaut @TheMarySue @viv_kane here. go deal with this for a while. @failnaut @TheMarySue @viv_kane CHRISTOS. @BillCoberly You finish book yet or nah? @failnaut @TheMarySue @viv_kane Christos.Cover story? No. Cov-Her Story. That's the @viv_kane promise! @valhallabckgirl the video started with you saying "the fuck" and i was like bekka, all squirrels says that, all of the time.By order of the council of @TheMarySue, apparently @viv_kane is now charged with writing 10k words by the end of th… like Vox sites are tweeting out stories published by people who walked out as part of @vox_union's walkout. T…
Retweeted by Brock Wilbur @OliviaMesser @jessicaschulb *whispers* saying "good going!" is also the mark of a fucking rube.why cant we give ourselves one more chance @heartofhannah1 Gosar must be the only Congressman who makes sure to put "D.D.S." at the end of his name on everyth… @ShadowPraxis @LabSplice spoilers: it's less of an adaptation and more of a total port of the game to a board game?… @ShadowPraxis we have This War of Mine coming in a week or so. It was.... a divisive experience for me and… @velocciraptor I cannot imagine a world in which someone fucks up this hard and no one notices until this late. Except around government.Everyone's been so busy dunking on the dude that I feel like we're not paying enough attention to the chyron
Retweeted by Brock Wilburi still don't think the stadia is going to... y'know, work
Retweeted by Brock Wilbur @lmichet A roguelike where when the game starts, you have the option of visiting a fortune-teller, who will foretel…
Retweeted by Brock WilburIf you had the money and time to make whatever you wanted, what *extreme gimmick game* would you make? Don’t tell…
Retweeted by Brock Wilburthanks!!!!! @johnsbernardo See my reply tweet for the shocking answer @pattymo Extremely!!!!Paperwork error. Paperwork error. That's what this was. Neat. Real neat job. then. @velocciraptor I think we all remember when Jesus went into the marketplace of ideas and flipped all the tables.Ah yes. Restricting revenue streams on an asshole. Truly out here "playing God." (also I love a good Ted Cruz gener… @metallicaisrad awesome!!!! @OldMikeCav ive heard from great to mixed which is fine by me @GbyeRudyTuesday incredible as alwaysThis kid looks like his name is Dylan Fortnite
Retweeted by Brock WilburSilent Hill 4: The Sorority
Retweeted by Brock WilburWhite people love nihilism like they love arguing about sparkling water brands and whether Pitchfork was ever actually any good
Retweeted by Brock Wilbur @TheBlackNerd I met a couch left abandoned for garbage! I also met some garbage! This walk was a good idea, I think. @TheBlackNerd Heckin yeah!!!tfw you can’t stop thinking about death ever since you saw the hives play last week and realized that “hate to say… @mastef What. Did I. Watch. @HanFreakinSolo You try turning it off and turning it back on again?The Congressional hearings on this are gonna be wack, yo. @RachelRGonzalez I have a guess as to why he dislikes Twitter.Time to settle the score with that fearsome antagonist *checks notes* Samuel Hayden. @JCWintheflesh Perfect gif game @brockwilbur [frantically opening my draft doc of half-baked "drain the swamp" jokes] Fuck!! I'm not ready!!
Retweeted by Brock Wilbur @valhallabckgirl This tweet has just been placed in multiple slack channels by the Wilbur-Kane household because if… could swear the point of starting your own subscription network was to be able to take chances. How bad are you m… @cavalieresque Ok @BookishPlinko thats pleasantnce
@SilentFanatic shit @t3dy *whispers* not that tho @kylewaldrup @alyankovic its just about the making of uhf, as written by @nathanrabin @zevchevat omg @JordanUhl my god @duckvalentine I know I know. It's really tragic and a little scary to imagine me having an opinion on Sonic The Hedgehog. @tamoorh @NetflixFilm This is the only correct answer.Anyway, don’t look at your phone before bed. And maybe never get healthy if you discover what lies beneath.Due to some lifestyle changes, I’m having vivid dreams I can remember the next day. Unfortunately, its even darker… @BookishPlinko @LabSplice (matt dont send the files right now give it a day) @lmichet @kylegaddo "goofy"I thought the most British thing about the UK woman stabbing the Trump balloon was gonna be her Austin Powers impre…
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