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Bears/ Bulls/ Cubs/ Blackhawks fan living in Texas. Ryan Pace and Artūras Karnišovas will bring championships to Chicago.

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Folks. I’m not one to hype anything. But there’s a high degree of uncertainty regarding what comes of this mess nex…
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@FayAlllDay @ShoeBirth @ShoeBirth Interesting you choose to ignore the existence of the honey butter chicken biscuit @AITA_reddit “Someone needs to choose if they should save his wife or the baby” Sir that is certainly NOT how medicine worksA tale of two tweets
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanTrump to the white people with AR-15s throwing a temper tantrum over a haircut — “Liberate” Trump to those protest…
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanI dunno, sounds like the generic response when you don’t want to go in depth into your draft strategy. Jerry is serious about change, then he lets his new front office have control
Stay out of it Jerry because this clearly is the singular issue we have to deal with in this nation right now is a great follow was grateful Comcast gave unlimited data for home WiFi during the pandemic, but now I’m super confused why I have…
@CMayt Why are all your GTU tweets about people leaving? @dana_svenja Like imagine walking into that movie theater off the street in your own HOUSE. You own the street and the theater?? Incredible.I know it’s crazy but for some reason I love the fake street aesthetic notes: 1. Mitch should’ve just sat last year - he wasn’t rewarded at all for playing through a shoulder injury 2.… @EmmaVigeland Why do people keep make rankings with Mitch as starting QB when we all agree he’s functionally not right now?
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanEPISODE 1 of the “Split Division Podcast” is now LIVE. 🚨🚨🚨 Everyone who RT’s will be DM’d an EXCLUSIVE LINK to see…
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanHey Hector Rondon! You really pissed me off with this quote 2 yrs ago. And "just the way they play the game" is ch…
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanLife comes at you fast.
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanA very happy birthday to THE MVP. Might be the greatest hit I'll ever see.
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@mollycule1995 I don’t think I groveled harder ever than when I did begging the chapter to come and paint the facade for like 30 minutesWearing a face covering in public isn’t a sign of weakness—it’s a sign of empathy and caring for those around you. 😷
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanOne of the most confusing narratives on #Bears Twitter is the bashing of Roquan Smith. He’s an ascending young ta…
Retweeted by Brock Workman @BradOTC @Jason_OTC @SethWalder How is this weighted? 50% 2021 cap and 50% 2020 outlook?CLEAN SLATE CLEAN SLATE All those Bulls have to be so thrilled. Guarantee the HC search is going on behind the scen…"Behind the scenes they are ready to move on from Jim Boylen. The thing about this is timing and how they want to d…
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanProj. Wins: MIN: 8.6 GB: 8.1 CHI: 8.0 DET: 6.6 👀👀👀 this is heartbreaking
Retweeted by Brock Workman @ChiSportUpdates Kyle Long
The final minute of this Bulls/Hornets game is still mind-blowing. One of the wildest finishes you’ll ever see.
Retweeted by Brock Workman @BigTucsonDad What about baggoIn an interview with Finnish podcast @urheilucast, Lauri Markkanen said that he loves Chicago and would definitely…
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanTyranny in 1776: Unrepresented taxation, forced quartering of English soldiers Tyranny in 2020: “Please wear a band… vs. non-Cubs NL Central opponents 🙂
Former Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer said on IG Live with theScore that he believes Joakim Noah never got the…
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanHere’s a take (whether it’s right idk): If trading Jimmy Butler meant a front office overhaul three seasons later,…
Retweeted by Brock Workman @Michael_Cerami MIL career OPS vs. Darvish: .568These tiers are getting so dumb. Like why make a tier list where the group sizes are: 9, 3, 2, 9, 1, 1, 7. What kin…
@BigTucsonDad I thought tomatoes was a vegetableLast 15 Years: Number of World Series Trophies CHI: 2 NYC: 1 😁
Retweeted by Brock Workmani miss checking in to hotels and getting briefed on what the concept of a hotel is
Retweeted by Brock Workman @TheSplitDivPod I voted for dalvin cook now Vikings fans have to vote for bears D @TheSplitDivPod Really it could be Cook vs. all to be fair
Pace drafted worst first round QB in 2017 so he didn’t have to pay him this much money. Galaxy brain move if you as… Bears RB Tarik Cohen talked about the QB situation on ESPN's First Take... On Trubisky: "That's my guy. He…
Retweeted by Brock Workman @Michael_Cerami Want to be or should be? I WANT the Cardinals slate nailed in place, lol @TheSplitDivPod Bears have best and second best 🤷‍♂️Damn sharing the square state map, but the real barn burner is the one with states redrawn to have equal popula…
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanWarrior one word required. Schwarboard.
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@CMayt Sorry I’ll turn it downBAKERY: We refuse to serve gay people. CONSERVATIVES: That is their right! BAKERY: We refuse to serve anyone not…
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanMJ had to earn the name “Michael Jordan” Trubs’ year to earn his??? 👀👀👀 is being real tough on Barry with these docs a tattoo will negatively affect your future me: cut your carbon emissions grandad: no
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanWhy didn’t they talk about the Rockets, a Houston NBA Team, in a documentary about the Bulls, a Chicago NBA Team? D… is so confusing to me. Masks primarily help you avoid infecting other people!! Nobody seems to have an issue w… @LiamLebow_11 Stockton is a HOFer!In the last two months, Zach LaVine has donated: 1) Headphones to schools for e-learning. 2) 12,500 meals for peo…
Retweeted by Brock Workman @mattlanza 2020 at it again @MattEurich @ShoeBirth @ShoeBirth Livin’ the dream, baby!So crazy that tomorrow is Friday, and then three days later is Monday again, and we just have to keep doing this sh…
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanThis guy has embraced this city from Day 1 and I’m all about it I am tempted to purchase these for my personal collection... FEDS LISTENING IN VAN: we got him, we got y…
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanAt what point is the doughnut not worth the wait @DogWalkBarstool (via ig:camerondemos)
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Rookie @peanuttillman said NOT TODAY, Randy. 😤
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanI didn’t think it was bad?? if you know what happens next 👀
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanOne of the most fascinating sports stories involving this pandemic is the sports-starved world obsessed with a guy… but Bears having a top 10 QB is hard to believe! 👋🏼 I also have a name, it’s Jocelyn Benson. And we sent applications, not ballots. Just like my GOP colleagues…
Retweeted by Brock Workman0.91. Sure it didn’t mean batting average? looks like Gotham tonight. And it’s extra creepy with the Sears Tower totally dark. #Chicago #Skyline
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanHe was correct in citing the fact that raises for certain players (Pippen) would've meant spending even more money…
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Mike Trout’s OPS drops severely if you remove all of his extra base hits @CMayt Haha that’s what I thought too @dlicj It also shows him playing one of his other favorite sports, baseball. But for some reason the show focused o…“What da fuck’s goin’ aaahnnn here?” has been noted how MJ said he would answer “any question” while making this doc. If this is the worst that comes… favorite wife, Kealia, also plays for the Red Stars....'m sick of people adding "gate" all willy nilly to the end of any alleged scandal. Do people think Watergate was about fuckin water?
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanI knew it. (sound on)
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanThere will never another MJ 🐐
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanWhatever Jerry is the Bob Costas sign-off at the conclusion of the 1998 Finals. He knew it was probably over. #TheLastDance
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanPUDDLES !!!!!!!
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanJoakim Noah vs. Cleveland. The best rivalry in sports.
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanThis is unbelievable. Through a crazy sequence of events, I’ll be having on the person who made Michael Jordan’s p…
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanBarry spiraling after The Last Dance; fun to see. people wonder why Bears fans are so obnoxious when they’re good, this is why
@ShoeBirth You forgot BofaBulls Rebuild Season 23 is going to be the shit 🏆
Retweeted by Brock WorkmanWho are you tweeting at? You’re the president