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I will be thinking about this video for days @guccihighwaters 🔥🔥🔥 @breathingback Bring it nerd @imdavidimdavid same!! love u too man, glad I got to see u the other weekend ❤️❤️if u rlly love music,stop blasting studio speakers the entire time you record, stop cranking the headphone volume e…
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@hhazelboyy Love u man I’m glad thru music we’ve been able to spend a lot of time together!! And yes seeing everyon… @dotflp Never too late to rebuild itTrying to make my rounds and see friends and family before I move to ny and it bums me out a bit that life gets too… relationships in adulthood can be hard sometimes but u rly gotta prioritize that shit over everythinghey @bloodworth99 🔥🔥NEW SONG AND VIDEO "BLAME" OUT NOW PROD. @brodymckeegan & @saint_tomorrow ARROWHEAD EP OUT OCTOBER 1ST <3…
Retweeted by brody @Nthn_Crsn NO don’t leave we’re having so much fun hanging with you!!! @veroaylenm @breathingback Day 1!! Appreciate it more than u kno 🖤🖤 @axijj U got this ❤️❤️ @axijj ur insanely talented it doesn’t matter how long it takes/how frequently u write bc whenever inspiration does come to u it’s amazingMy phone made this for me @breathingback Except for the hug one @breathingback Taking notes so I can break every one of these this week
@treymeyersx 😎🤝 @treymeyersx OMG we coulda got a pic w the pumpkins together </3333 @seannrrh Big Ass Pumpkins 😳🔥🔥Big Ass Pumpkins 😳🔥🔥Big Ass Pumpkins 😳🔥🔥 rules 💯
made some of my fav songs ever in this lil cabin w @breathingback go listen!!! my favorite episode of the acid castle podcast today w/ the lads @deadflowars @hqmilt0n @yungvan @brodymckeegan @wowdemxntia
Retweeted by brodyprod/mixed/mastered by me 😇 @sorryxmusic @7RU7H 🖤🖤 @breathingback @saint_tomorrow Fav song let’s gooooooooo @DATASQU4D That’s so sick lol love that color scheme, they’d be so fun and practical tbh and way cheaper than I exp… @DATASQU4D LMAO I was weirdly looking at these the other night let’s get matching vespas and cruise thru the city @gracehaver LMAO fr @faithloss Fr we all went thru shit we know what it was like lol, feels like an easy way to write a “relatable” songman songs that are written too on the nose about 2020/being in quarantine are so cornyI love listening to video game osts while running errands it’s like I’m on a side questhey friends new song out now its called blame and i like it its with @brodymckeegan and @saint_tomorrow check it…
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@teej_pembo love at first sight ❤️❤️❤️
@moonnstones @breathingback @hhazelboyy @atimetowait @xxciel 110% @moonnstones @breathingback @hhazelboyy @atimetowait @xxciel Hazel too @moonnstones @breathingback @hhazelboyy @atimetowait @xxciel Yea @breathingback @moonnstones @hhazelboyy @atimetowait @xxciel 😎🤝 @moonnstones @breathingback @hhazelboyy @atimetowait @xxciel for sure well with that being said it was SO helpful f… @moonnstones @breathingback @atimetowait @xxciel Depends on long term goals!! If ur hoping to grow w ur current pat… @hhazelboyy @atimetowait @moonnstones @breathingback @xxciel this basically ^^ @atimetowait @moonnstones @breathingback @xxciel I’m down to talk in depth about this whenever @nox00_ that was quite the era LMAO 😅😭solid answer :) @us3r37 sometimes I forget about my caffeine fueled tweet rampages LMAO @thom_gx yesssss @notauras let’s go!! the start of it all for me hahapart 2 - what do u follow me for now?? @LocalZzzDealer 🤨🤨 I’m keeping my eye on u @nevrwrld what a throwback!! I love this onewhat work did u find me thruprod/mixed/mastered by me can’t wait for this one 🤝 by me, this one is so good it made me cut all of my jeans into shorts… it was a massacre
@wowdemxntia @originalg6d fr 😳🤝 @originalg6d much love bro!! learning and growing with u grateful for u as well 🖤🤝🤝😭mixed this one I can confirm it’s a hit 🤝
Mixed 5 songs, did a bunch of mix revisions, and a bunch of chores around the house today time to do nothing 😴😴nothing more satisfying than having a breakthrough w music. been noticing my mixing improving a lot lately, rly motivates me to keep pushingNEW DRUM KIT somewhere to hide - out now 🕊 sounds used in my new album + more go-to sounds of mine during that er…
Retweeted by brodynow that my album is out and finished I guess I should stop hoarding my beats… 20 NEW BEATS ON MY BEATSTARS lease…
Retweeted by brody @cdot182 LMAOthis still applies, hmu let’s work 🖤 @cdot182 7 1/2 minsnothing crazy rly but I’m proud of myself, started running over the last 6 ish months and it’s been great exercise/… ran my quickest mile yet 😎🤝blurry now on spotify & apple music 😮
Retweeted by brody @SRGGranted Thank u man 🖤🖤 always appreciate u
heart is full, life is beautiful, I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time 💟hey friends new song out friday its called blame and i like it you can presave it in my bio it helps me out a bunch…
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dumpster baby #Gx mixx *96 kbps* by shinigami on #SoundCloud
Retweeted by brodyi think this is objectively the best video ever captured... i can’t stop watching on loop.
Retweeted by brody @seannrrh I fear nothinghere’s a thread of my youtube beats my goal is to get to 200 subs on youtube by the end of the month ⚡️…
Retweeted by brody @nevrwrld I said it and I meant itI know this is a hot take but I’m not afraid to say it: garden avenue @sammythraxx @moonnstones Killing it as always!!!commissions are open for mixing/mastering, beats, features, etc - moving soon and tryna save up a bit so I’m hittin…
Retweeted by brodybuy beats/mixing&mastering/collabs/features/etc dm me 🤝🤝
Retweeted by brodyI have got to stop tweeting at 9am est and assuming soundcloud Twitter is awake to see what I have to say @TheBillyMartin Yessss I am loving it so far, speeds up my sound design soooo much @desmoxmusic I already used halftime in just about every single session this one will see even more use lmaoobuy beats/mixing&mastering/collabs/features/etc dm me 🤝🤝bought shaperbox on impulse last night after wanting it forever and it’s such a good plug-inalso not to toot my own horn but I feel like I’ve made a lot of breakthroughs with my drum production and mixing la… is impossible to make a bad beat w @pokedex @atimetowait Thanks for reaching out. I’ve played about 3/4 of sekiro and have this game on my to-play list. Let me… up late making beats last night BEAUTIFUL spotify: soundcloud: thank you
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