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"Digest." The outlines of a moral code, and a view of life, that stands in opposition to…
Retweeted by Broken Cuffs @DivCultivator You completely changed how I viewed 401ks I stopped contributing when I was still working... Still hit the match though @DivCultivator “Retention tool” AKA trap @M1chael1138 If you’re an all star it means you show up everyday on time and do the work Hard to be a diva in this… @BuildBigMoney1 This is exactly why I don’t use DRIP I want to actively decide whether to buy more of the same company or not @MadeInvestor Great advice. Luckily I’m working with my father who owns the business and has management experience.…
I’m good at managing people that are easy to manage I’m not good at managing people that are hard to manage Anybo… @nnalinas I got one delivered to my door for $300 and it was great. Then I tossed it when I moved because I didn’t… worst financial advice I’ve ever heard is pay up for a mattress You can get a new and comfortable one for $300 @omeratah Fair enough. That is a bit obnoxious 😂If you’re given advantages and you don’t use them, you’re an idiot If life is handed to you on a sliver platter an… @M1chael1138 I care about the outcome for sure But no matter how hard I stamp my feet I won’t be able to change it…“Whether you like it or not politics affects your life so you have to care” I don’t disagree, but even if you -Vo… @irishbk84 😂 Only friend* He’s good. We’ve played pickle ball a couple times but it’s been a couple weeks since w… up in the Northeast is a blessing if you leave It’s often a curse because so many stay for lifeWell we just committed to volume and capacity we have no idea how we’re gonna hit Thanksgiving - Christmas is about to be a blurAmazing how my trust in main stream media personalities has plummeted At the same time my trust in anon twitter ac… @practicalbob Criminal enterprise... I want to buy a funeral homeWeddings remain the biggest scam of all time People just throwing money away just because It’s amazing to see all…
Retweeted by Broken CuffsLmao. “Let’s cater a steak dinner for some friends and family”. Bill = 2k “Let’s use joe’s catering for a small we…
Retweeted by Broken Cuffs @ParrotStock @BusinessFamous I’m so sorry. The last 25 years must’ve been complete hell since you didn’t spend $70k… remain the biggest scam of all time People just throwing money away just because It’s amazing to see all… @TheAlphaThought It will pay dividends! Sometimes literally @TheAlphaThought If your hedge fund buddy says buy something, you do it Research it after if you want They always…
@PlayersMindset @FWPlayboy @TheForeverAlpha @coltybrah @FitFounder @wizofecom @IamChaseMaher @TheRedIntrovert anybody posted a job in Facebook? I don’t see this option on my business page and can’t find a solution online Please DM if you haveGAMEPLAN 1. Invest time and energy into building business #1 2. Hire managers to free up time 3. Invest time and… @M1chael1138 That’s the idea. Massive upfront investment of time and energy to free up more on the backend. Then re… @M1chael1138 It’s ridiculous. Glad I left IB I’d go back to institutional sales in a heartbeat if it wasn’t dying though @M1chael1138 Not disparaging your grind at all Lots of respect for it @M1chael1138 Easy to say “man up” when you’re not living it 28 straight days of 16-20 hour days Money stops making you feel better @M1chael1138 He saves a lot because he lives in a modest apartment and has no free time to spend money 😂 @M1chael1138 He’ll be $300k+ this year all inChecking in on ex co-workers @LogFitz6 @KdotUntamed Praying for all the dads with daughters at FSUPlease stop leading with an elbow when greeting people
@paik_michael These shirts make your Beamer look like a HondaFood = fuel & function > taste
Retweeted by Broken Cuffs @CarljaeNation 😂 The bar is on the floor @dopebeal I’m actually not. I just don’t think you’re pre ordained with the right to make lots to money. If you do… @dopebeal They have a job. The businesses that benefit employ people as well. You’re not being “exploited” when you get a paycheckIf you make minimum wage it’s your fault I pay $15 an hour and if you just show up on time when you’re scheduled you’re top 10%Imagine caring about what a random celebrity has to say about RBG’s legacyStart viewing food as an investment It feels good to add money to a brokerage account It should feel good to add… @waronweakness You’re a business, manI think @CoachJoeHart gets the most shit from broke twitter out of anybody elseThis thread doesn’t even discuss -Boxes, tape, office supplies -Amazon employees -Product suppliers -And much more…
Retweeted by Broken Cuffs @fatehshernu @GondorffShaw @AnAbsoluteFreak Incomprehensible they’re not in the thousands @chhardman You’re talking about the U right? @CalebGregory304 Better yet Make so much you can only access that Roth back door @TheStateOfTheU Do they ever make it easy?Nailed it
Retweeted by Broken Cuffs @SeekMastery Thank you! @DivCultivator Almost like it makes intuitive senseOne of my old neighbors was notorious for hating on Walmart because of their size. One night we lost power in the…
Retweeted by Broken Cuffs @HenryFlower16 My whole point is my business isn’t possible without Amazon And therefore all the other supporting…
@Noah_bird04 @TheStateOfTheU I appreciate you being conservative Trying to temper my excitement myselfI’m gonna do it for the 8th straight year aren’t I I’m going to believe in this team and end up devastated uplifts everyone 🧸🤙
Retweeted by Broken Cuffs @brokencuffs Love this! So this is the business you moved to help with! Super pumped for you! Let's go!
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Retweeted by Broken Cuffs @brokencuffs Great thread.
Retweeted by Broken CuffsThis thread doesn’t even discuss -Boxes, tape, office supplies -Amazon employees -Product suppliers -And much more… just the fact that Amazon delivers packages we have helped the following companies -Quest -The Uniform company… vans break down a lot, so how do we manage this? We have a guy who keeps parts in stock and helps us with main…’re paying all sorts of people and haven’t even delivered a single package yet How are we gonna do it? Ford and Mercedes VansThen we have to manage all these people and pay them That’s where our payroll software comes in - Paycom gets paid nowWe’ve spent thousand on uniforms, background checks, and drug tests That’s 3 companies with their own employees ma…’s just start with my business We are a delivery company that has hired 35 people in the last month and are loo… attack Amazon saying its benefits only accrue to a few Thread on why this is absolutely wrong @DivCultivator In year 5 I want to be doing this on my own Equity in my dad’s, building my own @DivCultivator I’m putting in 80 hours for $50k But I have a piece of the profits so that $50k should go up by mul… @ManInTheArena23 Because then I need to put more money down and refi to make it cash flow well. Plus I don’t want to long distance landlordI don’t even want to staff my best employee because he’s the perfect back up Loves to get hours and says yes to ev… @thulebrah @LogFitz6 Lagniappe back patio Bottle of wine and some charcuterie The go to spot to take a girl @zoeNwealth And why wouldn’t they be @trainthinkearn It’ll sell it’s just a matter of what price. The neighborhood is great luckily. So less affected by riots @trainthinkearn No this is real. My apartment is listed right now hahaNot a soul came to my open house You’re telling me you don’t want to buy an overpriced apartment in downtown Chica… @LogFitz6 Nah I went to school in Miami and I always liked starting a night there Sobe for now then wyn at 9pm Ve… spend no time sowing then whine when there’s nothing to reap @LogFitz6 Check out Wynwood if you’re in town @PaulieCiceroG Too busy covering for him to knowStill have not recovered from the fact somebody called out of work because he needed new shoesI’m learning that most broke people deserve to be brokeI’ve had 4 people call out today -Mom had a stroke -Have to be out of town -Injured wrist -NEED TO GET NEW SHOES (you read that right)Damn I really wish I didn’t own property in Chicago @DngerousFreedom @ellobosalvaje @BenWestgate_ @benwestgate_ blocked me and I have no idea why Devastating to say the least @holisticbrah Thank you my friend! Trying to gain some size but I know it takes time @javyandrade Invest in a fund right now. Buying and selling is so much easier on an exchange. So is storageTrying to get more involved in crypto And I keep needing 3rd parties to do stuff 🤔 @Bacob_jailey Blindly followed @JoshManMode
@nigeldollentas @Bacob_jailey @SetProtocol @StackedCrypto Awesome I’ll look into this. Thanks guys! @everorg_ @CoinlistTrade Thank you!Are there any accessible and reasonably priced crypto funds available? Want more diversity in the asset class but… feels better than relaxationNot enough people have read the G Manifesto And it shows @OneJKMolina How it feels when you let your teammates down And how badly you want to avoid that feeling againThe cleaner at my hotel Her Son (Who knocked me out) Has set up his own plant business I have spent the day pay…
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