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@Essielys I finished it 🤭 literally AMAZING so many unexpected twists15?!?!?? THESE LOBBIES ARE GONNA BE CRAZY 🤭 @100Thieves me 😎 @BoarderBrandon @Symfuhny 5,000 reports 😅 wowza. Thank you for all of your help, it is greatly appreciated 🙏🏼
@wheresmyhalohuh 👀 @JoeDeLuca Honestly 2 max guys I know some of you have been asking so I made a goodreads account, brookeab is my name on there ^__^LIVE NOW just chatting --> it takes two with tina :D @MrAustinShow @KarlJacobs_ @Valkyrae @Nadeshot @CouRageJD @fuslie @hasanthehun @TheWillNeff @LudwigAhgren… @tinakittenalt hello @fuslie @OfflineTV YOU THE BEST 💖💖💖 @peterparkTV I WAS WAITING FOR THIS REPLY 😭😭😭 @Valkyrae YOU ARE SO BADASS LETS GO RAE @LilyPichu @TSM_Myth @ItzMasayoshi @fuslie @brodinplett @scarra YOU ARE SO TALENTED GREAT JOB LILY :’)THANK YOU @OfflineTV for the amazing tournament!!!! What a great weekend with friends!! 🥳
@LilyPichu COMING FROM MY CAPTAIN IGL?!?!???? YOU ARE BETTER @peterparkTV PETER IM SORRY........... or am I 😈my dad just texted me “that wall was sick” :’)) what the heck @Valkyrae you are insane one day I hope to be even half as good as you are :’)SHEEEEEEESH x2 ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ @Asivrs CONGRATS YOU TWO LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!! 💖💖💖 @bnans SO DID YOU!!!! <3 ily @AriaSaki I WAS INSPIRED BY YOU <3SHEEEEEEEESHHHHHH!!!!!! @5uppps @syykkuno shhhhhh 5up it’s okay it’s okay @QuarterJade that’s me when I look at u :’):) @itshafu HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAFU!!!!!!
@AriaSaki YOU ARE INSANEmrs steal your girl @TeanaKitten @Symfuhny VS SYMFUHNY FIGHT || BAKING HIGHLIGHTS ❤️❤️ be sure you’re subbed to the channel & show some love!!… @official2HYPE @AustinOnTwitter @JhbTeam @Chaomedia LETS GOOOO!!!!OTV VALORANT TOURNEY :) going live to practice a little before!!! @LilyPichu @TSM_Myth @ItzMasayoshi @fuslie AHHHHH THIS IS SO CUTE!!! TEAM LILY TEAM LILY 🌸 @fuslie you are such a huge inspiration leslie ❤️ I am so so so proud of you !!!!!!!!!!Baking !!🍰💞 ✨ #tina #brookeab #saladgang
Retweeted by brooke ♡ @honeydustdraws @TeanaKitten @Symfuhny YOU ALWAYS DO SO AMAZING WITH YOUR ART I LOVE THISSSS 😭😍 @nico_nicopru @TeanaKitten 🥲❤️ I love @OfflineTV @pokimanelol @LilyPichu @scarra @DisguisedToast @michaelreeves @crysteI TEAM LILY LETS GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! @CouRageJD @Valkyrae @HaleyHey_ @MaddieM 😇 hehehehe
@CouRageJD @TeanaKitten YOU MURDERED HIM .............. @corpseowa @TeanaKitten ITS SO CUTEEEEEE !!!!! @peterparkTV LMAOHAPPY DANCING SALAD GIRLS 💃🏼💃🏻 flashing light warning!!! @TeanaKitten okay, if YOU* can do it, they can too! :D I just watched!mason 🤝 karl wanting to be in squads they aren’t apart of @Valkyrae @TeanaKitten I want to bake a cake with you my queen @lovrcores @TeanaKitten I DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BUT SUPERVISE @TeanaKitten if we can do it, so can you :’)Anyone can cook :D
Retweeted by brooke ♡hope u guys loved the stream <3 had a blast @CUTIEC0RPSE ❤️ me when I look at Tina
COOKING STREAM WITH @TeanaKitten LIVE NOW 🥰 NO WE ARENT LATE NOPE NOT AT ALL @Tonioverthetop THIS IS SO GOOD THANK YOU!!!! 😭❤️The lights of the city hardly shine as bright as you do 💫 @brookeab
Retweeted by brooke ♡ @kinro415 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ❤️🥰happy birthday to my amazing older sister haley ❤️ i love you!!!!! 🥰 @5uppps @tinakittenalt please help oh my god @corpseyhands @tinakittenalt MY LAST COOKING STREAM TOOK 45 MINUTES TO GET PIZZA DOUGH OUT OF THE PACKAGE @tinakittenalt TINA IS BEING DIFFICULT AND WONT LET ME MAKE ANYTHING WITH BOX RECIPES
IT TAKES TWO WITH @TeanaKitten LIVE NOW @100Thieves @DollarShaveClub I've never seen a worse take @jacksondahl why do u look so good as a girl @c0rpsesimp OH YES I DO I AM COUNTING DOWN THE LITERAL SECONDS @GameOfThrones I still love youSee you guys at #CashAppPayDay on 4/20 😎 @peterparkTV @sykkscorpse @TwitterSupport LOVE YA!!! ❤️ @LudwigAhgren BIG CONGRATS LUDWIG!!!!!!
and yes I thought of @TeanaKitten nibbling my arm and it didn’t even hurt 🥰🥰🥰First Pfizer vaccine done 😎✅ @AutumnRhodess Exactly the line I was told too 🙃 “Come back once something has happened” like ????? okay come back once it’s too late...? @Jack_Septic_Eye @TwitterSupport So sorry you had to deal with that too. :/ it’s seriously the most mentally draini… @xChocoBars @TwitterSupport Love you Jan!!!! Somethings gotta change for sure :( way too commonthanks for all the love guys, I’m okay, just frustrated that this goes on for so long and there aren’t resources fo… @neekolul @TwitterSupport love you tons Neeko!! 🥺 @emmalangevinxo @TwitterSupport I LOVE YOU TOO!!! <33 @kyedae @100Thieves BEAUTIFULLLLL 😍😍😍😍😍😍 so glad to have you on the team <3 @TeanaKitten @TwitterSupport ❤️ @KarlJacobs_ @TwitterSupport ❤️🤞🏼hopefully one day :( @Symfuhny @TwitterSupport I love you more !!! :( @100Thieves @kyedae LETS GO KYEDAE!!!! WELCOME TO THE TEAM 😍😍😍any way to perma ban my stalker from making Twitter accounts? they have made death threats daily for 2 years straig… @itshafu @dogdog YAAAAAY CONGRATULATIONS ❤️❤️❤️ @emmalangevinxo stop you’re so hot it physically pains me @TeanaKitten what if I light the kitchen on fire
Brooke + Tina cooking stream this Thursday :) <3 @AriaSaki BOTH ALL EVERYTHING OH MY 😳🤤❤️ @QuarterJade @DutchBros YES YES YES YES YES YES @AustinOnTwitter @DutchBros SEE THATS TWO 100T MEMBER VOUCHES PLEASE WE NEED ITexcuse me @DutchBros hello i am once again asking for a dutch bros in LA @faizansaidho @BigDanAust @Ahmedkhurram12 I apologize if I worded it incorrectly - I did however do research prior.… @manishie_ I LOVE YOU MOST!!!!Ramadan Mubarak! Wishing a safe & happy Ramadan to all who are celebrating! ❤️ @honeydustdraws @TeanaKitten WHAAAAA THIS IS SO ADORABLEEEEE @c0rpsesimp You are not ready for this ending @c0rpsesimp YESSSS OF COURSE @Natsumiii LOVE YOURSELF YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! @yvonnie you are so sweet :’) love you tons and tons @bnans I love Hannah :’))