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Brooke (She/Her) Engineer by day ace transbian selfie enthusiast by night. I like makeup, fashion, cooking and tabletop rpgs. I sew sometimes. Se habla español

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@Leasky21 Happy birthday!!!Drat, I lost the little bit of foam from my glasses earpiece. It fell off somewhere and now my glasses are slipping… @hearing_girl Mine would be Brite 2020: *all one breath, very quickly* Okay kitties i love you I'm leaving so have… NSFW cursed riddle that just popped into my brain rn that I will share to get it out of my head: Some f… @HanleyBrady @qsellers Looks fun @QuestForTori There is no cis explanation for that song
@failbettergames Front: Heptagoat logo, welcome to Fallen London Back: Please leave
@ChaiKovsky Two warp cores. Its somewhat terrifying to think this ship might separate while still at warpMy ship is SO hot 🥰 #ClearSkiesRPG
Retweeted by The Ace of HugsHey! 💁‍♀️✨ I’m Emma, a trans artist looking for a literary agent for my graphic novel about the intersection of tec…
Retweeted by The Ace of Hugs @peachgrouch Definitely looks that way yeah. Hope things get better for you soon though.🌌THE TRANSFIGURATION IS COMPLETE🌌 Thank you to all 6609 of you for voting in the monster estrogen poll! This one w…
Retweeted by The Ace of HugsOh my god his name was Jackson Kelley. @cpkelly the prophesy is complete.
Retweeted by The Ace of Hugs @RainbowRidley Congrats!
Tfw you attempt to manage ur cables but the box isnt long enough to hold your power strip. At least it's off the ca… based it off of this youtube tutorial with some minor modifications to fit my needs: a little gift shop to my pokemon stadium in mine craft.
concept: obstacle course game show sponsored by a fancy clothes company. All contestants wear fancy clothes for the… specially for @feministgamer. Cogs and cooper. #wip uninked and unsanded. 🌙 #darkmoondice
Retweeted by The Ace of Hugshedgehogちゃんまとめ
Retweeted by The Ace of Hugs @skeletonpup It's a choker v-neck long sleeve bodysuit in pinkHey guys, I've got an old friend in a pickle to put it incredibly lightly, and I'd greatly appreciate if you could…
Retweeted by The Ace of HugsCHOOSE WISELY 🐉😈👻🌌 Poll in replies.
Retweeted by The Ace of Hugs @kingkiio @firecrackerx I HAVE NEVER asdfghjkl it's been on my todo list for a long time and I'm now wishing I had got to it soonerI decided I'd finally start watching Xena warrior princess for the first time this weekend. One episode in and this show already slaps. @Absintheuse Wizard, the right scissors for the right job please. Fabric scissors are for fabric only aaa @moreartthantime I scared her straight on the subject dw. Just glad she thought to call me before doing it sister called me and asked if she should try using p*ypal as her bank, and I was like oh honey no. They are not…
We have new designs available on our RedBubble store! Available on a bunch of products: shirts, phone cases, notebo…
Retweeted by The Ace of HugsDirect link to all the fun: 💖
Retweeted by The Ace of HugsIt's here, IT'S HERE!
Retweeted by The Ace of HugsBlanket nest'm proud to have written this.
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@kingkiio That's a good plan. Everyone works in their own way and you gotta find what's right for you. Apols if I c… trying to make social content for Dwarf Fortress: I better make sure I don't mislabel anything or else the commu…
Retweeted by The Ace of Hugs @WallofIllusion Where the red fern grows Titanic Probably others, I cried at films a lot but I remember those specifically @MagsVisaggs I choose to read this as pick three to become immortal and never die @kingkiio I didnt know they made it as strong as 12mg. That's a p strong dose. I take 5mg, and theres even weaker 2… @trashbearsinc That's partly why I prefer stains to gloss. When I do wear gloss, I generally coat it in a thick gre…'s ok batman we all make mistakes
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all of the impeachment news has made me realize something important about american government: the “U”s on the hous…
Retweeted by The Ace of Hugsoh fuck this was in an actual medical journal I'm gonna cry lmao
Retweeted by The Ace of Hugsthis makes me feel more horrified and helpless than north carolina’s HB2 did and i don’t think there’s anything i c…
Retweeted by The Ace of HugsLast night got me feeling this type of mood is something of a personal creed. Its the best I can describe my feelings in a late night tweet. Its likely no… * Watch over those whose hearts do not yet know the same pains, help them to make informed choices * Take… remember the laws of Brite: * Be brave, for you are loved * Do not suffer in silence, let your pain become a… @spoiledchestnut @cpkelly @japhers @CourtneyNoir @TheAnimeDreamer @Brosismovies I had some lace socks once, but I p… the most detailed shading I've ever done :') My OC Venus, a dragon mama. This is her humanoid form. 🐉💚 ☕…
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And here is the original reference doodle I made with my limited drawing skill XP my new Dnd OCs, Sara the tabaxi bard 🐱🎸, and her puppet companion Petal the rabbit🐰🎵! Art by my friend… comes to graphic novels in this exclusive first look via @@TheAVClub
Retweeted by The Ace of Hugs @HolographicDoll No, typically my alarm pattern is to have one go off every 30 mins for 10 mins each over the cours… @HolographicDoll Me when I go on vacation and forget to turn off the alarmFlorida: bill filed yesterday would impose 3rd-degree felony charges on doctors of trans youth.
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Retweeted by The Ace of Hugs @starshardtree Hard agree1/2
Retweeted by The Ace of HugsJoin us TONIGHT at 6:30pm PT on for the Prologue of our NEW #StarTrekAdventures Campaign, C…
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@kingkiio I wasnt there for it, but it sounds like it was a real experience for those who were @base2wave It is interesting to imagine it just happening, like as a matter of law or whatever other pressures may… @base2wave A lot of industrial facilities where units matter quite a lot arent running on apple and their hardware/… whole stack of Special edition Calendars ready to go out today to our amazing Patreon supporters that signed up i…
Retweeted by The Ace of Hugs @HolographicDoll Lmao tbf the entire base is littered with torches :PJust a reminder that you can help fund a trans haven by checking out our store and spreading the word! Also check o…
Retweeted by The Ace of HugsIt seems insane and wrong that I song I wrote that isn't even available to listen to yet won an award, so I recorde…
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You ever just like build some graves in minecraft for yourself and your mates? Its fun @RidleyRainbow Pic of her moments before she abandoned the sunny spot to hunt the light reflecting off my phone asd… cats being cute today. Priscilla was like like "hey! Follow me, come on, follow!" And I was like okay where are… I went ahead and put this whole project on water. Long time fans of the show know this was inevitable.
Retweeted by The Ace of HugsMe when I'm having a good night but my bank sends me nine low balance alert emails @kingkiio New twitter who this
Woof, this nail polish top coat is cheap. It was a Christmas gift, but I wore it like 4-5 hrs and then it just spon… had to drop off, but it was a good stream. I told a few stories from the old days :)Im on stream with my friend @spoiledchestnut and their friend the bespectacled archivist come watch us play Sunless… think this is a good spell list for my puppet bard, Sara Luci. I also have web from the wand of webs. We are goin… @failbettergames oh, it was only two weeks. It really was a rush XDtime for a relaxing *checks notes* third cup of coffee. TN: "cup of coffee" is actually two US fluid cups each.@failbettergames The classic origin story of the Heptagoat :D ordered donuts, and was like, okay Im only going to eat a couple bc i will get a sugar high if - and then i ate a… @aemilius_heros @CHGardiner Also the cider itself was sortof a celebrity at the time. It was the second* cider ever… @aemilius_heros @CHGardiner You gotta remember, Acquaintance: the Heptagoat was a quality given out at sacksmas and… @aemilius_heros @CHGardiner Oh for sure. This was a case of well telegraphed intentions. I made a thread that basic… saw this @CHGardiner . Now make the 50 fabulous diamonds Crystal Lodgings. That's like the oldest and still n… @HolographicDoll I want to get back in but feeling a bit overwhelmed by not technically having started an ambition… @HolographicDoll Fallen London ambitions endings timeline released today: * Nemesis 14-Jan * Bag a Legend 3-Mar * L… @RidleyRainbow I hope so too, wishing you luck!my CATSona aka my jellicle self!!! one of my friends named her butternimbus for her butter colored cloud poof fur…
Retweeted by The Ace of HugsThis makes the feat tax a lot pricier as you can make up for low To Hit stats with better weapons, but spell save D… looking for any sort of spell attack spell to get some variety and not just be 100% save or suck spells Bard spell list: haha noyou would think the search "anime distillation tower" would turn up some results, those appear in a few shows espec… trying to recall an anime, and the only thing i remember about it was that the ending credits featured the inter… didn't get enough sleep last night. I can tell bc I cant sit still. I get weirdly restless/squirmy whenever I fee…
Concept for my puppet bard: unseen servant commanded to make the puppet twirl and dance while magic mouth is set to… sigil for the regret born from wearing the same clothes one too many days in a row..@kingkiio that I have fixed the bathroom, I spent some time decorating the sub shop. Here are some snaps!! I found it. Using coordinate I discovered the away team side wall opposite the stairs was one block too thick.…