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❗️Today's Task❗️ Alright #YangGang, as you all are well aware, today is National Yang Skydiving Day! The goal is s…
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@Resoluton @YangDailyTen That's why Phil is donating his entire paycheck to the campaign. @brianjhanley @AndrewYang It’s never anyone “turn” to be President. The people should elect someone with the best ideas.It’s 2020 not 2016.
Retweeted by Brooke Lea Wood 🧢Honestly it's up to the #YangGang to make this happen. If you don't follow @YangDailyTen please do. It's an easy an… @YangDailyTen @AndrewYang @Sarbury always drafts the best tasks❤️❗️Today's Task❗️ Who doesn’t like cakes? Let's stimulate our economy by baking a beautiful cake for @AndrewYang. G…
Retweeted by Brooke Lea Wood 🧢Thank you @joerogan for apologizing like a f***** man. It's a breath of fresh air in todays climate. #JRE
Retweeted by Brooke Lea Wood 🧢 @Timcast They would also need to educate the people on how to operate that technology or else the model wouldn’t wo…“When your GDP is going up while your life expectancy is going down, it’s a sign you have the wrong priorities.” - @MrLegenDarius @trumpwarrior45 2 ...I’ve been taking a break from Twitter and it’s been nice😊Iowa. New Hampshire. Nevada. South Carolina. #yanggang we need you to volunteer, canvas, phonebank, textbank, donat…
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Ok #YangGang TODAY IS THE DAY. Are you going to be playing for #TeamPaget or #TeamSteve? @Evan_Lugo @CyrusNemani After consulting with our esteemed judges, and with @PagetKagy & @StevenB76902326, we've de…
Retweeted by Brooke Lea Wood 🧢 @BlazinDei @AndrewYang I like that!There are theories that a necktie is a symbol of slavery and submission. I wonder if that's why @AndrewYang doesn't wear one... @CyrusNemani @StevenB76902326 @PagetKagy @AndrewYang @Madeliney02 @isthisjina DAMN
@invinciblelaura @YangGangMami @scott__santos @organicchaosss @makerofmagik @Kinsey_ka @Peace_of_Ce @PagetKagy little girl destroys @BernieSanders and @ewarren’s Wealth Tax in 90 seconds... Full Video:… phonebanking calls for #TeamSteve. Where are my phonebanking #YangGang at who wanna come out for #TeamPaget? Thi…
Retweeted by Brooke Lea Wood 🧢 @PagetKagy I’m #TeamPaget today...sorry Steve💁‍♀️Who has joined the @YangDailyTen phone banking competition?! Are you Team Paget or Team Steve? #YangGang @NomikiKonst @kathrynacullen @AndrewYang You clearly don’t understand the #YangGang
@PagetKagy @StevenB76902326 Paget DID YOU SEE THAT VIDEO @wagner10s @StevenB76902326 @PagetKagy Nice...😏I spoke to a 100% AVID Trump supporter who said that I was rooting for the "best guy running" but he thinks the DNC… @StevenB76902326's extremely compelling plea last night (link to video below). I can't in good conscience hav… if you want a quick recap of the daily @AndrewYang news check out @YangDailyCast! He does a 10 min podcas… @CtrldEntropy @chef4yang2020 @MyLifeIsMunitz @scottsantens @WillLexHam @YangVets @AshleeAprilSee Wow...People laughed at us when we started running. If self-humiliation is the cost of eradicating poverty and saving o…
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@bwelks_ Beautiful @CrazianMuch @divinestride @AndrewYang 😂 @YangDailyTen @PagetKagy @StevenB76902326 I’m #TeamPaget all the way#YangGang, Are you #TeamPaget or #TeamSteve?! The great battle of our time begins! YangDaily10 presents the…
Retweeted by Brooke Lea Wood 🧢For people who need the reference - is hilarious😂 this is the cutest picture I’ve ever seen....
@CrystalFleisc10 @AndrewYang @Sarbury That's my favorite too!! lol"The fact is if you get too many men alone and leave us alone for a while, we kind of become morons." - @AndrewYang @CrystalFleisc10 @AndrewYang Yay!! I can't wait to see this“There was nothing I saw tonight that would be able to take Donald Trump out.” - @VanJones68 on the… @scott_lau It was really good I thought😊❗️Today’s Task❗️ Van was spot on when he said last nights debate felt like cold oatmeal. Let’s show people why…
Retweeted by Brooke Lea Wood 🧢Happening now @dancindanw @cameron_kasky @CNN Look into @AndrewYang I think he’s going to suppose everyone come feb 3I pretty much bought into the negative smears on Yang but I felt it was worth listening to him more, and YangGang h…
Retweeted by Brooke Lea Wood 🧢I miss @AndrewYang & @TulsiGabbard. #DemocraticDebate
Retweeted by Brooke Lea Wood 🧢 @realDailyWire #AmericaNeedsYang @SoSummary That was INSANE!I can't believe Bernie and Elizabeth got into an actual fistfight tonight😳
#YangGang Don’t know what to do during the debate tonight? Phone bank! #PhonebankTheDebates
What a boss move. @bobbakh @bfmitchell @PapiBaig @AndrewYang LOL
@ZachandMattShow @MSNBC @MSNBCPR God it never ends...Andrew Yang has the 2nd lowest net worth of the 14 remaining Democrats in the race - $1 million. Shame on you…
Retweeted by Brooke Lea Wood 🧢When DNC refused @AndrewYang request for more early state polls, he commissioned 2 himself. Both showed him at 5% i…
Retweeted by Brooke Lea Wood 🧢 @elizableu @willyuwaychang @AndrewYang Omg I’m loving this look @Kia_thecar @joerogan @TulsiGabbard @AndrewYang I think a livestream that is directly competing with the debate will make a bigger splash🌊There’s a strength that comes when you have nothing to lose.
Before Yang and after Yang 🤷🏻‍♂️🧢 which one looks better? #YangGang #Yang2020 @AndrewYang @Zach_Graumann
Retweeted by Brooke Lea Wood 🧢Also for those who are going to say “but the DNC has rules against that”. Fuck the rules..@joerogan do a livestream with @TulsiGabbard and @AndrewYang DURING the CNN debates. I guarantee that livestream w… @JamesTreakle Don’t forget YouTube!! That’s how I learned to build websites❤️
YANG. I think that was spell correct
Retweeted by Brooke Lea Wood 🧢Don’t get discouraged #YangGang Americans love the underdog! Things that seem like a loss can actually be a W. We l…
Retweeted by Brooke Lea Wood 🧢 @joel_haokip A little...
@marcKlock @PagetKagy @AFanprofil I’m leaving SaturdayAbsurd
Retweeted by Brooke Lea Wood 🧢 @ArmandoMPerez @kathrynacullen @PagetKagy @AFanprofil 👍Delivering signs to people we’ve Yanged👍 @eduardowedekind @PagetKagy @joerogan Yes! @YangMeFaitRire @PagetKagy @joerogan He said “body allowing” he is very old and has a lot of health issues.His lawn now.
@TaceyJean18 @PagetKagy @joerogan He wasn’t really strongly considering anyone. @TaceyJean18 @PagetKagy @joerogan I know!!! @LesleyRHafalia @PagetKagy @joerogan Right?!Yesterday @PagetKagy and I knocked on a door and had a great conversation with an elderly man. He promised he would… WATCH & RETWEET: @EdMylett interviews a very respected economic adviser to Trump during the 2016 campaign…
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This campaign has the potential to be the greatest triumph of the human spirit in American political history.
Retweeted by Brooke Lea Wood 🧢 @DailyCaller @CNBC @AndrewYang @TulsiGabbard I support @AndrewYang for President.*vlog I meant🤦🏻‍♂️ @Sarbury @PagetKagy @StevenB76902326 Thank you Stu!!🙏Great work @EricBelozovsky!! I’m super excited for your future blog! all-time or multi-decade lows in most of the United States right now: mental health, freedom from substance abu…
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@mangboi_haokip That’s why I’m in Iowa knocking doors👍It’s so cringey watching all Trumps supporters kiss his feet as he threatens to go to war when they voted for him b… #YangGang! My new friend @AFanprofil came all the way to Iowa from Denmark! 👊🏼🇺🇸 Just like me, he’s taking time…
Retweeted by Brooke Lea Wood 🧢Thank you for the shoutout @filipinowriter! This is awesome!👊 @bwelks_ ❤️👊
@DChris0 “But we can’t afford the freedom dividend”🙄This could’ve literally paid for over 2/3rds of @AndrewYang’s Freedom Divided. For people who have said UBI is “… genuinely hate this.’m in Iowa. Was just in New Hampshire. Yang’s not below 3%. And remember the last set of CBS/YouGov polls had Yang…
Retweeted by Brooke Lea Wood 🧢DNC: All we care about is someone who can beat Trump. Also DNC: *Tries to squeeze @AndrewYang off the debate stage.One takeaway from door knocking in Iowa is that whoever is the democratic nominee will have a very tough time beati…
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@dakotaqmcmillan @YangDailyTen @AndrewYang That’s so awesome of you💜 @scottsantens What can we do?