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Oh yep. RT = uninformed disavowal

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@katie_honan Dunno it already has barrels of beer and beavers, so if you can better contextualize the seizure of in…
@bradlander @ShahanaFromBK @PBnyc39 I have a joke about city capital projects too but it's anti-comedy because it i…
@PMcClellan I was saying boo. Not boo-urns.Damn straight!!! +12 years working to make the community better. Can't wait to read the next chapter.
@PeterMoskos @erinmdurkin Sure, except for traffic crashes involving people getting killed while walking or on bike… @JClickbaited @Bobby4Brooklyn @em4assembly this is all emily: this is all her hard work, her great judgment, her in…
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@juliakite another twins parent way to look at it is that you have a 1 in 4 chance of a night of both vomiting. :\… @capntransit that said, the City or State could use the emergency COVID declarations to ration access to the bridge… @capntransit I think the same NEPA review applies since the bridges have benefited from federal funds.
@joshtpm you mean strategic chocolate reserve, right?
@capntransit @erstwhileboffin Ok finally found the development I was thinking of - La Central in the Bronx - 991 un… @BrooklynSpoke @danisimons This week is typically one of the lowest traffic weeks of the year, so it's already above typical if ea…
@A_W_Gordon True, but we are going to find that come fall (and for some open streets the next week or so) it's extr…
@mattyglesias Not in a diner, so not a valid sample.👇👇thread @peterdaou @Elana_Brooklyn The media covers disruption. It’s a really bad incentive cycle for protest based movements. @mattyglesias Maybe that’s what the protests are about... classic social movement in response to dashed expectations. @2AvSagas F THAT. Cheat your way to $$ and build you a dope urban transit system. @Patrick_Wyman Don’t you mean “Farm boy meets hermit who lies about never having a droid” @capntransit Beyond 80 Flatbush it’s probably one of the all affordable buildings planned in the Bronx or east ny @EricMcClureBK @BrooklynSpoke This is a travesty. The ppw open street was used in ways that the park cannot. The is…
WASPy university professor and beau go on trip, survive Jewish ritual for some reason. @CampaignSick A character in a story gives vocabulary lessons.Last Exit to Springfield @BrooklynSpoke @NYC_DOT Also their toilets flush the wrong way. @BrooklynSpoke @NYC_DOT Doug they drive on the left, we have way more barriers to installing barriers on the correc… @CampaignSick REMAKE OF 1776! It might be the only remake that is done better. @SopanDeb @CampaignSick My name is John Adams and I’m here to say, I enforced the Alien and Sedition acts in a major way. @CampaignSick EXACTLY @CampaignSick I still maintain that there is not enough rapping about legislative minutiae in #Hamilfilm
@BrooklynSpoke To be fair, this has leaked by DCPI written all over it. @miller_stephen Long walk to that joke @katehinds They play in MD tho @InamoRox @DylanAdler6 Don’t tell her about South BostonUm, there’s already a Washington Generals... @madlabz A) congrats! B) by “out” you mean outside and not dinner and dancing right?
@madlabz @NotifyNYC Rockefeller center salute to fireworks! @dahvnyc I’m pretty sure there would not be as many younger CMs and progressives as there are now. And there wouldn… @bradlander The sun always rises again!
@AdyBarkan The later movies are pretty good (relatively speaking). I recommend The Great Race (a musical with stron… @MosesNYC @NoahHurowitz I don’t get how personal services and leisure are getting priority over childcareWith a couple days to reflect on the opinion, I'm still flabbergasted: the 7th Circuit concluded that essentially a…
Retweeted by MFS @PMcClellan @drewmagary in that spirit F the guy who decided to shame my spouse while she was outside with our two… @FrankNotFrankie @SopanDeb Don’t blame me, I voted for changeling Martok @SopanDeb But but but Duras is said to have treated the adherents to his house especially well and even taught them to read! @SopanDeb Janeway was later granted an Admiralty in order to promote healing among the Federation and X-Borg. Just… @A_W_Gordon Yes outdoor is less but it requires time and a series of unlucky events for cases to spike.The @ChalkbeatNY office is closed this week... but that didn't stop us from bringing you the latest in what NYC's b…
Retweeted by MFS @Kiing_alysha @CapricornDani @SebStarcevic @Disney Wait @disney pulled that but still shows Peter Pan and Dumbo? Whut!$100 mil program to help people pay the subway fare is expendable $250 mil to hire 500 cops to stop fare evasion i…
Retweeted by MFS @capntransit It makes sense as an ad hoc rule to get things set up but it is arbitrarily governed by your store fro… @DanLevitan like running into Donald Trump alone? that would scare the bejeezus out of a 10 year old. @Redistrict @ratemyskyperoom @LarrySabato vicious subtweet @rachael_scar wait for the legos...
@edutinker @Liat_RO This is a VERY persuasive point.I’m comfortable that “your local school” polls much higher than “your local police department”. @nicolegelinas The Sienna poll showed that “Defund the Police” polled very well among core liberal demographics. @BrooklynSpoke @NYC_DOT “Meh.” -New York City @Liat_RO No - it prevents the city from collecting on delinquent taxes.Deeply disappointed in @NYCMayor & @NYCSpeakerCoJo. Don’t eulogize the program. Tell us how cuts will impact the…
Retweeted by MFS"Was"??"It was an effective, important program." -- Bill de Blasio, confirming that he is cutting $65 million from Fair Fares
Retweeted by MFS @2AvSagas There was another question battery in the poll that looked at favorability of BLM and favorability of "yo… @brooklyn11211 It's bold. But it will be litigated and this will probably be determined to be like the comptroller'… @williamadler78 Bam-bam and the Oopsies @JCColtin JFC why would the state and local board have different numbers. @ebruenig @mattyglesias Need to account for regional variation in peak temperature to harvest the hottest takes.
@tomgara @nycsouthpaw Most other places try to get appraisals right because they are way simpler than NYCs Byzantin… @A_W_Gordon CT's two major metro areas have higher white isolation than NYC metro area. @mikeduncan Is this the moment in the class when the Professor throws the Grad Student out for quoting their book to them? @mikeduncan But WHICH French Revolution are they terrified of, Mike? 1788? '89? '92? '93? @TahirDuckett @Elana_Brooklyn I'll admit it. I was talking about Shaft. @MarkLevineNYC the "Rockefeller Center Salute to Fireworks." - @ZaraNasirNYC Not commenting on the whole deal but School Safety to DOE is a HUGE win. School administrators have s… @Elana_Brooklyn @TahirDuckett Blaxploitation film revivalism. :( @yfreemark And also post WW2 Europe has different fish to fry - many city centers destroyed, railroads were already… @A_W_Gordon Ok not so hot since @yfreemark beat me to it more eloquently and empirically. @A_W_Gordon Potentially controversial take for Urbanist twitter - the issue isn’t the interstate highway system per… @Streetfilms @jonorcutt @DaveCoIon Yeah it’s in book 5. No spoilers. @dahvnyc @nypmetro The barriers on University Place today were set up in such a way that unless you knew it was an… @EricDKoch @Grace_Segers A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one. @Union_Tpke @capntransit Krusty The Clown: “1969: Man walks on the moon. 1971: Man walks on the moon… again. Then,… @A_W_Gordon It’s based on the common law doctrine of “no backsies!”
And a Socialist, no less. @mikeduncan Best part of Parisienne elections is how they all get the standard sized billboards to put the posters…👇👇👇👇’ve said many times over the years I would invest in a bid to make that real“The United States government put a cyanide bomb 350ft from my house, and killed my dog and poisoned my child,” sai…
Retweeted by MFS @JinksDan Mount Olympus political dispute leads to talentless mural painter owning a briefly fashionable discotheque. @JinksDan Overbearing Jewish parent drives away all his children, lusts after wealth, loses everything. @JinksDan The devil and his consort care about baseball for some reason.I would gladly welcome PR as a state but I haven’t yet met a Boriquan who unequivocally supports statehood. It’s WA…
@BrooklynSpoke Yeah like my kid actually walked to one of his friends house by himself for the first time because of an open street. @badler It’s definitely possible but mask compliance is way higher in the NE and mid Atlantic. @MosesNYC Depends on how many people return their census... @bradlander @BOENYC @BOENYC claimed my spouse's ballot was "sent to the printer on 5/29". It never came. I wonder… think there has to be a way to talk about how social & professional & public life is designed *for* childless peo…
Retweeted by MFS @MosesNYC You’re just jealous you didn’t think of this :)