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Monopsony Capitalism: Power & Production in the Twilight of the Sweatshop Age | out soon with cambridge university press

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Superdelegates making wild threats against Bernie requires vigilance. But, remember this is a party who failed to c…… a vaccine of a fast spreading virus that’s stricken the world with panic & plummeted the U.S stock market to its… Wise is definitely the kinda guy who says the n-word when singing along to songs. Then when you call him on it…
@shbalaguru I’m sold on the very real historical fact of a Dravidian people and Dravidian languages - you’re sold o… home office workers should be sacked on their favourite holiday. Bernie wins South Carolina that’s great. If Biden wins thats good too cuz 4 days of hype will bleed votes from B… not being done already, Indian antifascists should set up self defence committees across the country ready to pa…所有我曾经咽下的现在都从喉咙汹涌而出 All that I’ve swallowed is now gushing out of my throat 在祖国的领土上铺成一首 Unfurling on the land of my…那些低于机台的青春早早夭亡 Youth stooped at machines die before their time 我咽下奔波,咽下流离失所 I swallowed the hustle and the destitut…《我咽下一枚铁做的月亮》 “I Swallowed a Moon Made of Iron” 我咽下一枚铁做的月亮 I swallowed a moon made of iron 他们把它叫做螺丝 They refer to… are translations of poems by Xu Lizhi (许立志), the Foxconn worker who took his own life on 30 September 2014, a… was just posted on the major Chicago Police supporters group. The picture is Bernie in 1963 on the Chicago So… anyone remember a time that during a major state visit, supporters of the ruling party organised a literal pogr… @TheDamageReport @staceyabrams @johniadarola Lol what are you even talking about? Stacey Abrams is literally on pla… best response would be coordinated flooding en masse with made up reports. Academic suppression by the far righ…
Retweeted by a$hok“Risk Party Damage” LOL Talk about the understatement of the century. Trump being reelected is just the start. If p… NEWS: Our useless craven rightwing bootlicking mayor @SadiqKhan announces that he’s about to lick the bo…, to the Hindu fascists presumably cursing me in Hindi, I dont speak your aryan language. try learning a Dravi… everyone understand how pathetic the discourse is about Muslims in Denmark? Last year the govt passed a “Hands…
Retweeted by a$hokThe differences here between Sanders and Warren on the violence against Muslims in India speak volumes.
Retweeted by a$hokI actually don’t know who Caroline Calloway is but I do know she believes in some kind of Stalinist stagism @KhajuriaManu @zarahsultana Are you dumb. It was organised violence against Muslims you moron.Indian Muslims are being killed in the streets of Delhi in scenes resembling the violence witnessed in Gujarat (200…
Retweeted by a$hok @remarksist This is not a lie. The seats are huge. It’s well heated. The dining car is excellent. Trains go about 4 miles an hour thoJust stepped onto the interstate Amtrak train in Chicago and it feels like I've stepped on to a steam-engine. Ameri…
Must drive billionaires crazy that they’re gonna die like the rest of us
When Angela said students were taught too much about colonialism - “she didnt mean it”. When she threw anti-migrant… has my respect - and always will. Jeremy has the respect of all those members who voted for him twice as le…
Retweeted by a$hok @ajmalalami Yessss @SamTarry @AngelaRayner Mate. stop. This is craven and you’re embarrassing yourself. It’s obvious what’s happened h…’m not being unsympathetic but its a kinda munchausen meets masochism meets idpol when some attempt to obscure the… remember watching this speech from @RichardBurgon live in Parliament Square during those fateful early hours of t…
Retweeted by a$hokHeartfelt message to UCU members w stable jobs who continue to work ("just a few mins of email") You're actively u…
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Retweeted by a$hokthe estimated cost to replace Flint's pipes was $55 million, if Bloomberg had used some of his $61.9 billion wealth…
Retweeted by a$hok @roseannegush You’re right I guess I wanted to give her the benefit the doubtMoney can buy labour-time. Money can’t buy love. rich keep taking and taking, one day we’ll be so hungry we’ll have nothing to eat but the rich. #EatTheRich“Viable and secure state” ok ya this is obviously a politically atrocious take. But also so dumb. Israel is already… forward to this event ✊️👊
Retweeted by a$hokThe right-wing candidate.
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Danny Glover narrating Bernie’s new South Carolina Ad feels like the trailer to a new film about the future we can… @Mike2020 Oh look, here's Mike Bloomberg chatting with a murderous despot in 2018
Retweeted by a$hokWord is Putin is manipulating the US election to simultaneously get his plant Bernie to crush every primary like an… @MrAbuHabeeb @jackblack Greatest tweet, tribute.Its a full court press against Bernie right now. The attacks & slander from every corner feel like Corbyn 2.0. Exce… for a campaigner, vote for a socialist, vote for an anti-racist VOTE #Richard4Deputy curious how this guy makes a living. I remember in college some white nerds invited him & paid him some ridi… don’t think it’ll make a difference but how do we let boomers know that: 1. Their money won’t mean anything on a… + RB (or bust)
Retweeted by a$hokBurgon said 🗣chat 💩shit get 🔫banged 👊🏼
Retweeted by a$hokBallots out! I’m voting Richard #1, Dawn #2 & NO PREFERENCE after. Richards new clause IV ensures labour stays soci…’s it. Bernie’s campaign is finished.’s he gonna do? Drone Bernie?
Retweeted by a$hokTo any comrade thinking of voting Dawn Butler over Richard Burgon, don’t be fooled by the positions she just starte…
Retweeted by a$hokPlease don’t vote for Angela Rayner for Deputy Leader. Sure her life story is an inspiring one but her politics are… Bernie, every American president since the mid-20th century was a manchurian candidate of the Russian state.
@JamesEFoster Richard Burgon is the only socialist running. Butler’s voting record is awful. See for yourself
Retweeted by a$hokBernie bros and I watching these Nevada results
Retweeted by a$hokIf you want an idea of what Labour will look like under Keir Starmer, we already have a preview of it with Sadiq Kh…
Retweeted by a$hokPutin manipulated every poll in Bernie’s favour. Putin stuffed ballots to make ensure Bernie won every primary. Put… @chrismatthews comparing Bernie Sanders’ Nevada win to the Nazis should be forced out. Without hesitation. B… really?? that's my guy. absolutely crushing it in Nevada and the heads of liberal pundits exploding on TV is the content I live for.
@Tom_Gann wat?! Butler voted 42 day detention without charge, to allow benefit sanctions against single parents wit… win only when they crank up the pressure - no schmoozing, no waiting for some politician to save us. This is…
Joining #UCUstrike Mon. Reading @broseph_stalin et al's @histmat special issue ('we wish to provoke further interro…
Retweeted by a$hokMy 3 key pledges to Labour members: 🗳 Open Selections ❌None of the other Deputy candidates support it 🚂 New Claus…
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Warren is now claiming “dark money groups” fund Bernie. This is classic ‘swiftboating’, a tactic of making your opp… serene conviction that a brokered convention where party grandees nominate a candidate who failed to gain the…
Retweeted by a$hokLabour ballots go out on Monday. If you vote Rebecca Long-Bailey, Jeremy Corbyn will be in her cabinet & she will k…
Retweeted by a$hok“If you’re young and you’re not supporting socialism you have no heart, if you’re old and you’re supporting megalom… Bloomberg disembowelled on national TV by every candidate was delicious. Like a piñata, they didnt stop be… @sharpey31 @straterize @politico Sexual harassment isn’t an issue? It def is you weirdo.
@IsaacDovere @AriRabinHavt @SenatorReid So you’re gonna delete your tweet or na?Tens of thousands of dollars spent every minute of every day crafting each tweet. Each cycled through dozens of con… @JayPeterNYC @ben_geier @bungarsargon LOOOOL @bungarsargon “I’ll say dumb racist ignorant shit and no one can criticise me or I’ll call you a Bernie brooooooooooooooo”there is not an organisation on earth i despise more
Retweeted by a$hok @timjacobwise Steps to stay relevant when you’re a washed up charlatan: 1. Build a straw man 2. Tweet at that strawman 3. RepeatYou can buy hegemony, but all the money in the world can’t buy it in 2 months #BloombergThis is an open letter for Birkbeck students supporting the strikes to sign. Please circulate to Birkbeck students! @fharris2011 @Axolotl51 Countries can share it. If four European countries contested an object - no one would deny… @fharris2011 @Axolotl51 Here’s what I know: 1. Britain stole it. Britain possesses it. Britain should no longer po… @fharris2011 @Axolotl51 do you think it belongs to Britain?The attempt to reboot the British Empire is going to backfire so badly on the neo-imperialists that the British Mus…
Retweeted by a$hokOne of the perks of Lexit.Britain took 400 sculptures from Nigeria, Rosetta Stone from Egypt, a Moai head from Easter Island & kohinoor from… happy Bloomberg qualified for the debate. Somewhere in America, one Bernie Sanders is busy sharpening his teeth.…
A spokesman from the British Museum said, “This is the one thing we didn’t want to happen”
Retweeted by a$hokBloomberg called trans people “it” & “some guy wearing a dress” just last year. There are big name Bloomberg-stans… these people really believe defending billionaires is a civil rights issue @mmusJu None of the others were aroundBy far biggest applause of the night was in response to Bernie taking shots at the Democratic Party establishment.… I stumbled upon the elusive “khive” and these are the kinds of fantasies they post constantly. She dropped out… all my years in London I’ve never met a brown or black person who liked Sadiq Khan. Not a single one. The search continues...The @DNC NEVER worked this hard to stop @realDonaldTrump when he ran for office. Now that they know @BernieSanders
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@WorkersRepublic True ☹️ @Prolapsarian Mate a pizza is a big chappata with tomatoes and cheese on top #culturalappropriation #itsnotmyjobtoeducateyou