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Currently working as a Cinematic Artist Larain Studio's, Dublin making Balder's Gate 3. Animator // Director // DJ // SESH FM // HOTS // Somewhere In Ireland

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Verry last chance to cop one of these bad boys 22h 20m 33s on the campaign :<) brand shirt but where the words are changed 2 say something ironic. Eg: Da NORtH SIDEeeLads I just applied to join the GTA Garda roleplay server, I'm very excited. I have to have an interview first so wish me luck!!why couldn't dyslexic never bee a good wizard.... because he couldn't SPELL!!!!! HAAAAAAAThis slapppps ;<[ is incredibly lit
Retweeted by BROWNASUACE2day i balance my mood by switch from existential dread ti legitamte dread 🤙😤👌UGH, FUCK! @Nialler9 @Bandcamp @MuRliMuRl @DjBobbyAnalog @elainemaimusic @King_pallas @thescratchmusic @bitchfalcon
Retweeted by BROWNASUACE @paddy_mulcahy @LimerickCouncil This must b how English ex-pats feel. damn.6 string bass aesthetic, Ugh! @paddy_mulcahy @LimerickCouncil please push that shit into the river @LabConcerner @imgrandsure @papalofa go prepared. season of Dragon ball Z is this?
Retweeted by BROWNASUACE @Popjustice give me my own relaxing cube where I can lie down and nap while Slipknot are going at it and I'm sold
Retweeted by BROWNASUACESomething really comforting about saying 'I wish someone would kick me fucking head off' T myselfif I was in Limerick I would simply use those large forks and spoons to eat the entire Limerick city council alive.… the last day on these guys. >;)
@BZithelo Noooooooooooo feen did the thing i wanted to do for ages... thats what you get for sleeping on ideas :^( @SimplyFYNCH Wow clearly no one here every had songs about jane ad there only cd. Because subday morning slaps and…'ll b takn a break 2 focus on irl shit nd other endeavours 4 a bit following da release of my project tomorrow. Th…
Retweeted by BROWNASUACEIn essence. POPIT! > Whats the craic. wots oWALL this THEN? > story?Beau Gods be like 'I know a place' and then takes you to Béal na Bláth 🌀 Aghavrick Acid is up on Bandcamp. Tomorr…
Retweeted by BROWNASUACE @parttimetrash The mind 😢👌👈🤙highly cursed stock image of Walter Sickert Noctes Ambrosianae painting superimposed into a mid-2007 show home. wanted to share this photo with incredibly good enrgy. to be a dog blissfully unaware that she is about to roll onto my lovly bed of wildflowers :^) do i want
Retweeted by BROWNASUACEWow i feel exposed is just Reizoh spelt backwards ;<)bWelcome 2 my ted talk on why Americans saying "fucking Awsum" Is the same aesthetic as a 6 string fretless bass in a pawn shop.please god give me the strength to not type 'hahahahah' after literally every sentence hahahaLast chance to buy on both these shirts. FUCK FIANNA FÁIL FUCK FINE GAEL TRICOLOR T 1DAY THE CARPACKIE OFF-ROAD… enough lads say this but.... don't watch pornhub. Don't watch porn from any of these mass sites. Not only i…
@Brown_Sauceee @SimplyFYNCH @localboy3000 Ur wish is my command
Retweeted by BROWNASUACE @Pint_Baby @SimplyFYNCH @localboy3000 Perfect 👌👌👌 @SimplyFYNCH @localboy3000 @Pint_Baby 2x speed and benny hill music edit plzHere's my piece on structural racism in Irish music and the arts, along with some proposals on how to embrace ethni…
Retweeted by BROWNASUACENo more companions... no more games. 2 days left on the Fuck FF/FG tricolour t probably won't be running it again… @aislegfrank you are the winner!!!wahoo. i’ll send ya a DM to pick the winner i used a random number generator and…
Retweeted by BROWNASUACE @TraffiqueCone That would be so oovly your right Actully even better a few trees. And why not some hammocks too… a suggestion. Make it illegal to make disposable objects from non disposable materials. V simple x @YourUncleBar @imgrandsure Ju want one? @OscarTorrans link u coaward!2DAYS AND 23 HOURS LEFT! @imgrandsure is announcing the winner for these bad boys on his twitter 2night :<)…! Since we need more women on irish radio... I have a single coming out this friday. Who do i need to send it to? HMU with suggestions x
Retweeted by BROWNASUACEWhen firneds and family ask me "hows dublin?" Me: Dublin dose not exist as a location, would you ask a migritory b… FOUR days, Israel will be illegally annexing Palestine. Many Palestinians will be displaced from their homes, st…
Retweeted by BROWNASUACEConstance Markievicz because we love a strong woman. Ní Saoirse go Saoirse na mBan
Retweeted by BROWNASUACEMad how they just got rid of a few rarly used parking spaces and made the place look vibrant and metropolitan witho… DAYS LEFT ON THESE :<0 @rosaslutzemburg why dont u just use ur mouth like a nr0rmal personncad gonna go wild for these ones :<O them have fresian horses disaster that is plantation forestry :-(
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"Giz a goo of them!" "What?" "Just give us a fucking bash" "Of the stones?" "YEAH GIZ A GO!" if u put ur fingers in a girls mouth to be sexy and she just made a really loud whistle with them that called a horse over
Retweeted by BROWNASUACEwould you humor me and take part in a magic spell ?Giving away 2 of these bad boys over on my Instagram xooo YES FOLKS UR READ ME CORRECT 2 BAY BOYS R BEING GIVEN AW… I suppose that explains it! footage shows the cumulative effects of wide scale plantation @coilltenews forestry at the Dawn of Hope Bridg…
Retweeted by BROWNASUACEfreaked for the labor party ha @redditorsooc @imgrandsure dat uHahahahahahhahahahahahahah Virgil is such a spoof @Pterodanktyl some work time listing there nowPost your favourite video on youtube. dis mine :<) @imgrandsure Read like this image shows the cumulative effects of wide scale plantation @coilltenews forestry at the Dawn of Hope Bridge…
Retweeted by BROWNASUACE @sw4nton Hahahah6.5/10 trees in Ireland are now #SitkaSpruce. They devastate our waterways due to their acidity & shallow root stru…
Retweeted by BROWNASUACEMonumental pollution of Lough Allen in #Leitrim by this event & we have no doubt that cumulative effects of plantat…
Retweeted by BROWNASUACEAlright.... here me out, Ian Ryan in a pair of Doc Martins.... @heshwing HahahaCommandant Tayto, for his role in feeding the Irish public after the Great Famine
Retweeted by BROWNASUACE @heshwing Ur exctuin will be held on the 4th of july in pheonix park please email for firther enquiresThee dyslexi councle of jack has decited that it is unlawful to spell 'Oops' with two O's from here on out any mome… like a 1916/War of Independence revolutionary BUT Maureen O’Carroll who was elected to the Dáil in 1954. She wa…
Retweeted by BROWNASUACEWhen my mams friends or Gp's ask me what I do Im always so excited to tell them that I work in the games industry m… fellas walking round the gaff with the mask pull down to there chin trying to get witin millimetres of yer face just to say "mad times"Had a dream last week that @Brown_Sauceee directed a action movie starring @PostPunkPodge. I don’t remember any of…
Retweeted by BROWNASUACEIs that @theneedledrop yock @BALIBOC Its incomprehensible to me how this is normal.HAAAAAAAAAAA! anyone good at web design looo0kin for some simple easy work?One good thing t come out of the pandemic is that will never see one of these cunts again. A FEW DAYS Israel will be illegally annexing Palestine. so many Palestinians will be displaced from their homes.…
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Sorry but i have desinged better album covers than this on my phone in my spare time. @imgrandsure once throw me a blanket in the dark then sonted up stairs... After a few moments of me attempting to… @donaghsugrue Conty cornpike northbuland 2 @eadin_omahony @GeorgeMonbiot @humansofthesesh literally fascistShare this post 2 ur ig story and tag me, that is all xo everyone who lost I am sorry :<( But the good news is I'm still running a comp on my Ig that only like 3 peopl… @larianstudios Are we gonna have sliders that adjusts our characters genetalia?
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