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PTSD Warrior, Fibro butterfly, LGBTQ+ ally, socialist and now Labour supporter 🌹🌹

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Joined Twitter 1/17/14 early Xmas! I’m giving away one of my very rare @BBCBargainHunt ‘Golden Gavels’ You don’t see these very ofte…
Retweeted by Kerry Brown @welshgoldigger @QuinnFootieFan They are all 💩 Ruth, all three of them
@AshleyRoseWho 🤣🤣 @AshleyRoseWho Omg Paul Rudd 😍 forget the chocolate, gimme Paul Rudd!This is actually dreadful. Can anyone help Libby? I'm unfortunately skint myself but I don't want to see her withou…
Retweeted by Kerry Brown @BorisJohnson You're full of shit mate, 50,000 more nurses, 40 new hospitals my arse. You couldn't even face GMB to… a special tribute to #MarieFredriksson who sadly passed away this week. RIP Marie and thank you for giving us s…
Retweeted by Kerry BrownIn 1964, #SamCooke passed away. He's one of my favourite singers. His hits include A Change Is Gonna Come, Wonder…
Retweeted by Kerry BrownIf you had told me 7 years ago I'd be a mum I wouldn't have believed you. Fast forward 7 years and I AM a mum, a mu…'m voting Labour for a chance for real change. With me? #VoteforALabourGovernment @leahtova Wish I would stop going hot then cold @miltosyerolemou He freaks me outIf I have to crawl to the polling station tomorrow to vote, I will! @thesafetydunce Get well soon, not well again myself xx @AidanBudd Thank you 👍🤒🤒🤒🤒 @AidanBudd Hahaha I have a cat that kneads my stomach from time to time. I actually don't feel too good this morning, keep burning up 😢 @smithsrisca Same to you! @smithsrisca Morning Derek how are you?Good morning all ❤Let us help you with that 😉
Retweeted by Kerry Brown @LUFC 😂😂😂
@JonEd73 It is 😢 @Nikkijcole1980 It's okay 😊 @Nikkijcole1980 It's in dire straits, it's a sad state of affairs, sending you a hug and my DM is open if you want to vent x @Nikkijcole1980 😢😢 @Nikkijcole1980 That's weird @Nikkijcole1980 That's unbelievable hun @leahtova Get well soon Mima :( as Quinn said my baby is poorly too :( @Michele78318380 ❤❤❤ @RiotBadger So sorry 😢Time goes by so quickly. It’s not that long ago we spent days+nights in my tiny apartment sharing impossible dreams…
Retweeted by Kerry Brown @PartyPleaser 💔💔 @PartyPleaser Per, please accept my sincerest condolences in regards to Marie ❤ @Michele78318380 Trying to hun, it's flipping difficult ❤ @Samanthanb3 I'm gutted 😭 @Michele78318380 Still considering my options for him, possibly look at other schools, it's all a mess frankly 😭RIP Marie 😭😭 @Michele78318380 My son is being failed by the education system through no fault of his own. Rejected again by an S… @BecciPaints Sending gentle hugs x @TrinityDave73 @Lord_Sugar I love it, Dame Sucrose 🤣🤣Good morning, poorly child so PJ and duvet day today ❤
Woman Hangs 10,000 Rainbow Christmas Lights To Protest Against An Anti-#LGBT Neighbor 🏳️‍🌈
Retweeted by Kerry Brown @thetwerkinggirl Fucking hell 😂😂😂😂😂Please RT to help reunite the book! Thanks D
Retweeted by Kerry BrownThis was surprisingly fun.
Retweeted by Kerry Brown @Nikkijcole1980 Thank you x @Nikkijcole1980 I think he's had a fit of some sort as this has happened before, his temp spiked and he became real… @Nikkijcole1980 Enjoy, got a poorly boy again which has topped off what has been a crap day for me so gonna stuff m… all my friends please follow the mental health support group I help run in Selby called @talktonightselb? I wou…
Retweeted by Kerry Brown @SimpliArt @JakeLex1989 @mikegalsworthy @MrMichaelSpicer @OwenJones84 @K4Owen @JohnSha1965 @ChrisOconnor01 @SimpliArt @sariel2005 @TudieTomlinson @ErnyRobs @docrussjackson @333maggiemay @a_yousaf1 @AbdullaLoula Rudi is picking up ❤ @princessSockCat Send me a DM if you want @princessSockCat Don't! What has happened to make you feel like this?Hope everyone is having a better day than I have had. @Gemmabaggies RIP Chris and so sorry for your loss x @sariel2005 @TudieTomlinson @ErnyRobs @docrussjackson @333maggiemay @a_yousaf1 @AbdullaLoula @afclhoratio @afclhoratio @sariel2005 @TudieTomlinson @ErnyRobs @docrussjackson @333maggiemay @a_yousaf1 @AbdullaLoula @sariel2005 @TudieTomlinson @ErnyRobs @docrussjackson @333maggiemay @a_yousaf1 @AbdullaLoula @afclhoratio @sariel2005 @TudieTomlinson @ErnyRobs @docrussjackson @333maggiemay @a_yousaf1 @AbdullaLoula @afclhoratio anything and everything has gone wrong today, nicely topped off with having to pick my lad up as he's poor… an extremely shit day. @TracyBldwn It's okay, going to keep fighting x @leweswhite I could but exploring other options first.Queen Boo @welshgoldigger X @welshgoldigger Yes I will cLong story short, SEN school have turned Rudi down again so now going to speak to SENDIASS and see where I go from… here I come! @leahtova Tell me about it, I'll power through the day lol2.30am wake up call, thank you Rudi, absolutely shattered! @autcareandshare Happy birthday Ryan, I'm really sorry I haven't sent a card out, I've been poorly but I hope you have a magical day x
2019 @aleczandah @JeffEnfield @BorisJohnson Have you actually lost your mind? Boris Johnson is a TERRIBLE PM, sooner he fucks off the better.I’m finished 😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by Kerry Brown @annaRoseShadow Move to Yorkshire!Why am I voting Labour? Well it's simple really, if I don't, my son's education will REALLY be at risk, seeing as t… @Vad002 @CorbynistaTeen Corbyn has more compassion in his little finger than Boris Johnson, you can clearly tell BoJo is a privileged twat.My kind of prime minister 😭
Retweeted by Kerry Brown @Paiigeylala Xxx @Paiigeylala Happy anniversary ❤ @Raychelhetheri3 I am @dawnsmith07 @Storm_Images @afclhoratio @1sthappysodme @DundeeBloke @Robby5211 @JanRadovic @TheSerpentina
@Cappy_Steve I'm suffering with the monthly and this made me laugh, it'll make me cry shortly knowing me 😂£550 million on grassroots football? The money would be better spent on repairing the state of education, especiall… @SenseNumber7 @britainelects @SavantaComRes for this male followers but periods suck. Feeling dreadful. @reece_dinsdale @LUFC @htafc Thank you Reece, bet it hurt to say that though lol! Great win on the anniversary of B… @louholistics Thank you Jen ❤Been a bit calamitous this week, nearly burnt my house down and now just cut my finger. I'm a fucking liability to myself 😭😭😭 @leahtova 💛💙 @PhilIngram8 @LUFC We are, really happy @PhilIngram8 @LUFC @PhilIngram8 @LUFC I tried 😂 @PhilIngram8 @LUFC Have you been converted lol? 🤪That was for Billy 💛💙6️⃣ wins in 6️⃣ for #LUFC!
Retweeted by Kerry Brown @Valentina_9517 Thanks darling, hope you're ok ❤ xx