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@jazzrefreshed @AIMAwards Congratulations ♥️'Songs Of An Unknown Tongue' by @zaramcfarlane (@brownswood) is a sublime set of earthy, exploratory, emotionally-r…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsSo excited for this! @weoutherefest @worldwidefm @gillespeterson -->
.@Damonalbarn to lead Tony Allen tribute at tomorrow night's @AIMAwards - @FemiOnDrums, Simon Tong, Remi Kabaka Jr.…
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Delve into shimmering sunshine reggae and roots selects with Ruby Savage's #VFlive set
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"Billionaires need the working class. The working class does not need billionaires." - @AOC
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsCatching up with this beautiful lady @zaramcfarlane is chatting with me on @BBC6Music about her album "Songs Of An…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsTune in to @BBC6Music @gillespeterson show take over today. I will be chatting with @jamzsupernova 💜💜💜
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Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsSTREAMFRESH: ZARA McFARLANE shares her fourth studio album, "SONGS OF AN UNKNOWN TONGUE". Check out Wbss Choice tra…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsIs it Bandcamp Friday?
Retweeted by Brownswood Recordings👀oh hello @KassaOverall
2020😍Excited to announce that @zaramcfarlane 'Songs Of An Unknown Tongue' is TODAY's 'Album Of The Day' on @BBC6Music 👌…
😍 well as making this donation we would love to encourage people to sign up to regular giving, to help Tomorrow's… percentage of your purchase will help Tomorrow’s Warriors keep its respected programme free for the next generati… 29 years, the organisation has directly impacted over 10,000 young people aged 11-25 outside of traditional fo… Friday Brownswood will be donating 10% of our @Bandcamp takings to @Tom_Warriors - a pioneering talent develop… x
Today marks 9 years since Mark Duggan was shot and killed in Tottenham by police. The death of Duggan sparked the…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsGilles Peterson Presents: MV4 (Live from Maida Vale) by Various Artists #NowPlayingGovernment support must reach the full spectrum of organisations in our complex music ecosystem that need it most.…
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A massive thank you to PRS foundation for awarding us with the PPL Momentum Music Fund!! @prsfoundation @ppluk
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsThe MOBO award winning British singer/songwriter @zaramcfarlane joins Jane to discuss her new album, inspired by he…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsTune in for one of Cuba’s most successful contemporary artists @DaymeArocena of @brownswood presenting Primera Base…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsA massive thank you to PRS foundation for awarding us with the PPL Momentum Music Fund!! @prsfoundation @ppluk
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🤚🏿 In collaboration with @UKJamii we're offering two £1,000 grants to black-owned businesses creating innovative pr…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsFuture Beats: El cuarto álbum de estudio de Zara McFarlane empuja los límites del jazz a través de una exploración…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsToday is Black Pound Day. @BlackpoundUK encourages everyone to spend money with local and online UK Black-owned bus…
John Lewis’ Last Words: He wanted this essay to be published on the day of his funeral.
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Air pollution remains worst in US communities of color despite progress
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsWorldwide FM Newsletter - spellcheck turns afrobeats into acrobats.In fine company 😀
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Could you write that for us? Let's talk! Check out our pitching guidelines ( & send a short…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsThe @guardian Strikes again.
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsHad a nice chat on Radio Raheem w/ #Giorgio Valletta from Italy chatting music things! Have a listen here…
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Turn to Clear View by @JoeArmonJones has been sold out for a minute on Bandcamp, its coming back in stock in a stan… from one Queen to another! @zaramcfarlane shares her inspiration & a tribute mix of Nina Simone favourites f…
Callout to #funding newbies in the #jazz community: National Lottery Project Grants are back open for applications…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsUpdated my playlist SOUNDS on @Spotify ! Have a listen here ➡️
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@corrieparris hello possible to get an email for you? seen a lot of people recommend talking to you about PR, and w… | @zaramcfarlane's new album Songs of an Unknown Tongue is out now on Vinyl LP and CD @brownswood. We've bar…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsRemembering Bobby Hebb, born on this day in 1938 in Nashville, Tennessee. Here he is performing “Sunny” on the Soul…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsMy team at @BritishVogue are hiring a social media assistant. It's a junior role and is a really great leverage poi…
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Tune in for WW Daily with @marinx666* now. She is joined by @zaramcfarlane to celebrate her new album and Morning M…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsThese are coming back in stock (very limited)
@CasparMelville @EgoEllaMay Yes @EgoEllaMay @FKAtwigs @liannelahavas and our own @zaramcfarlane XNew listening for the summer? Here's @Jazzwise's best new jazz albums inc. @zaramcfarlane's 'Songs of an Unknown T…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsVery pleased to see Moses Boyd, Michael Kiwinuka and Kano on the list this year (and congratulations to all their a… took some time out to let us know what being Shortlisted for this year's Hyundai Mercury Prize means t…
Retweeted by Brownswood Recordingsyes Moses!’s keep up the momentum for #JusticeForShoni and ensure #GoodHealthcareForAll. Sign-up here & help us reach 25,0…
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We're hiring for an Opinions and Personal Essay Editor @galdemzine 6 Month fixed term contract (with the potentia…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsSinging back from/to the mother country. Suche nach den Wurzeln: Zara McFarlane auf Kurs Jamaika via @volksstimme
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsOur favourite new vinyl releases this week
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsZara McFarlane telling us about her latest album "Songs of An Unknown Tongue" note to vinyl buyers 😇
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsDanke schön! Suche nach den Wurzeln: @zaramcfarlane auf Kurs Jamaika via @sterndeMerci @QobuzFR ! @zaramcfarlane en Jamaïque important report was published today by Please read & support!! #SeatAtTheTable
#RhythmPassportDailyDiscovery @zaramcfarlane #RB #Soul #Jazz For event dates: Watch:
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsThank you @TIDAL for adding my song "My Story" on to the British Jazz is Hot Hot Hot! playlist! Mwah!
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsThank you @ilmanifesto for the feature! Xxx
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsAlbum of the Week! Thank you @jazzfm! 😘
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsThis is a relaxed vacation in a song. Beautifully written and don’t forget of about here crystalline vocals. I lov…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsRecensie: Zara McFarlane – Songs Of An Unknown Tongue ★★★★½ #soul #hiphop @Brownswood @PIASmusic
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsReview: Zara McFarlane's complex, nuanced new album searches for identity and heritage in a startlingly fresh way..…
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Lots of love for @zaramcfarlane this week @jazzfm THANK YOU! x review from @ClashMagazine “Thoughtful, innovative, and reflective.”
Layering this "nature's synth" [h/t Ben] with new Tuluum Shimmering, and...I'm likely here all night long.
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsYou can now get lessons from one of the world’s masters of animation: Studio Ghibli’s Toshio Suzuki.
Retweeted by Brownswood Recordings @soundbetter @zaramcfarlane Glad you enjoy the music, we don't consider ourselves gatekeepers though, we're more into gate openings x
Nubya Garcia, Makaya McCraven, Jacob Collier & More: The Week in Jazz via @jazzizmagazineZara Mcfarlane - "Songs Of An Unknown Tongue" (2020): Exploration of life leads to spiritual eternity on Mcfarlane’…
Retweeted by Brownswood Recordings"Zara McFarlane's Songs of an Unknown Tongue explores the folk and spiritual traditions of Jamaica through the lens…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsThank you @SpotifyUK for the feature on #UKJazz Playlist!
Retweeted by Brownswood Recordings.@zaramcfarlane's new album Songs of an Unknown Tongue feels aesthetically raw, intimate and utterly beautiful…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsTonight via @roughtrade IG lush electronics, Afro-Jamaican rhythms, and her soothing voice at its heart, Songs Of An Unknown Tongue hears…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsSo great to have a new album from Zara McFarlane to cheer things up a bit! Now available.
Retweeted by Brownswood Recordings#RoughTradeTX 95 @zaramcfarlane will broadcast an exclusive RT Transmission on @RoughTradeNYC IGTV tomorrow, 1pm E…
Retweeted by Brownswood Recordings @KassaOverall On his second solo outing, I Think I’m Good, the Seattle native and New York City resident raps/sing…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsIt was so great to talk with Black artists at the intersection of jazz and hip-hop about how to build bridges acros…
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Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsOooh there she is @zaramcfarlane on the cover of UK Jazz of an Unknown Tongue by Zara McFarlane #NowPlayingwith a song from @zaramcfarlane 😀 Coltrane died on this day in 1967. Here are some new thoughts about his most carefully realized album, by one…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsSkin Deep are commissioning (and are worth following whether this round is for you or not)
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsNew Music Friday UK with @zaramcfarlane 😍 #NowPlayingSIGNED | just added, @zaramcfarlane's signed some copies of her new album Songs of an Unknown Tongue for us, out to…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsThank you @spotify for putting @zaramcfarlane "Everything is Connected" on Butter #NowPlaying#NEWS 🌊🌺 'Everything Is Connected' par @zaramcfarlane 🌺🌊 // @brownswood Précommander "Songs Of An Unknown Tongue"…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsCoffee and #NewMusic from @zaramcfarlane . Bliss. Songs Of An Unknown Tongue out now on @brownswood
Retweeted by Brownswood Recordings"Songs Of An Unknown Tongue" my fourth studio album is OUT TODAY! on Vinyl, CD, Digital and your fav streaming plat…
Retweeted by Brownswood RecordingsThe new album from @zaramcfarlane "Songs of an Unknown Tongue" is out now on Vinyl, CD, digital download and stream…