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Adam Cerious @Browtweaten Charlotte, NC

High speed, aggressive, non-action. Also jokes.

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@blade_funner NO @KLobstar Fuck lmao they even sound alike"awww, did somebody find an excuse to feel sad?" @nlyonne set that bastard on fire @sgtballsvevo ML got me howling @BAKKOOONN @MuthoniK20 🤐me person who said I shouldn't…
Retweeted by Adam CeriousPeople when they talk about student debt
Retweeted by Adam CeriousThe person who blocked the Emmett Till Antilynching Act.
Retweeted by Adam Cerious @BringDaNoyz @msdanifernandez Todd Ook @KylePlantEmoji if I can't be funny I can at least be annoying @KylePlantEmoji an @FightfulWrestle Are you seriously asking for logic from a company that's not invested in ricochet @KingRicochet Man I'm so sorry you're getting the shovel like this @adamgreattweet Buddy I don't think you can be a dogthanks for reading, if you enjoyed this you should follow me and my wonderful friends: @50FirstTates @Buffalojilll @TheHyyyype @ryansatin Lmao WWE creative is so bad holy shitme person who said I shouldn't…
@laurenboebert How was the tour of the capitol you gave, Laurentwitter today
Retweeted by Adam Cerious @DeanBrowningPA hope this email finds you living in a shotgun shack I hope this email finds you in another part of the world I ho…
Retweeted by Adam Cerious @ln0217 Sonofamy god, what have I done I've accidentally cc'ed the office @LizerReal @DrakeGatsby @drivingmemadi @kieransofar @dadthatwrites @thesammyhannah @adamgreattweet @IndecisiveJones @nlyonne @NYCMayor Ayyy I'm squeakin' here @crocfanpage Firey though @Home_Halfway @impossiblyeve "I just want a girl who plays video games BUT WORSE THAN ME" @flagstaff413 @Jest_Iris Haha I'm gonna conveniently blame the weekend @BrandonEsWolf Like it comes with frostbite @BrandonEsWolf "is it normal broken or Alaska broken?"I have to admit, every time they upgrade me to First Class for free, I get a
Retweeted by Adam CeriousJust got back from the centrist rally. Amazing turnout. Thousands of people holding hands and chanting “Better things aren’t possible”
Retweeted by Adam Cerious @abbycohenwl You are funny on both these days and other days :) @paul_gaddis @EricRWeinstein *helps my boss put hundreds of people out of work because one person wrote a thing I d… mouth: well the years start coming and they don’t stop coming 14-year-old me: surely they must stop
Retweeted by Adam Cerious @abbycohenwl Abby if I were you I'd be so funny and smart and dare I say pretty that I wouldn't care about one tweet doing bad @paul_gaddis @EricRWeinstein Nah I prefer the moral compass @RepMattGaetz You would make an alcohol comparison, lol @abbycohenwl Look, a Sorry boardgame piece on its side and- oh wait. Oh my @carobini You're a sad little man. Just an absolutely pathetic redpill weenie @realDailyWire @michaeljknowles And produced by an assault enabler, wheeee! Great job lil Ben @TRHLofficial @michaeljknowles This is the sadest thing I've ever seen. It's a weird feeling to have expected MORE… @FredTaming This deserves more imo"Hey nerd, who brings a friggin book to a bar?" *my eyes narrow as I close my worn copy of Advanced Techniques for Winning Barroom Brawls*
Retweeted by Adam Cerious @KylePlantEmoji I've had this in drafts for months lol @Shenanigans_luv Feeling like a real brozo today bro @flindis @andlikelaura @FredTaming @Angibangie @PleaseBeGneiss @Ygrene Bagel Bagel. @Shenanigans_luv bro @CarlCouchII Is it just more fun being a stupid asshole, is that why you do it @AbbiGreenGiant B3# @KylePlantEmoji
@FredTaming @Ygrene SONOFAme: congrats, when is the baby due pregnant librarian: oh it's mine i get to keep it
Retweeted by Adam Cerious @aubrey_huff Your kids are gonna hate your fucking guts in five years lmaothat's some slow fucking sawing
Retweeted by Adam Ceriousunite all peoples within your nation by following my friends: @FredTaming @Angibangie @PleaseBeGneiss @flindis @Ygrene @andlikelaura @dugglebutt and it's half past Dave rn @JediGigi 😅that's some slow fucking sawing @EricRWeinstein you willingly work for Peter Thiel, who worked to get an independent newsmedia outlet shut down. sh… one week after podcasts are banned
Retweeted by Adam Cerious @RealSkipBayless The man's hurt. Eat shit, Skip @SilverNumber1 ppl are saying this
Retweeted by Adam Ceriousdoing the willy wonka entrance where i limp towards a crowd of children but instead of rolling i dive forward and break my neck
Retweeted by Adam Cerious @PleaseBeGneiss I need texture in my juice dangitor preferably triple tbh @LozzaFox yes let's protect the networks that lie to millions of sad gullible people solely for profit okay @omriceren Still an unregistered gun, Francis @SteveKrak @jimsciutto Pretty sure he still had an illegal gun, dummy @EsotericCD Sounds nice @dcexaminer @LindseyGrahamSC Sounds goodminimum team rocket wage preparing for…
Retweeted by Adam Cerious @Jest_Iris 😅minimum team rocket wage preparing for… so a janitor should make $15 an hour? me: yes conservative: and i guess kids flipping burgers shoul…
Retweeted by Adam Cerious @KimmyMonte I was too scared to do it but they accepted me after I dove through a window @rudy_betrayed They're made by prisoners in jail for their kids missing school @KimmyMonte You gotta jump through a table firstyall out here asking why everyone deserves atleast $15 for their labor and not why a single person deserves 100 bil…
Retweeted by Adam CeriousTV chef: [cooking snails] me: [through mouth full of untoasted pop tarts] ew gross
Retweeted by Adam CeriousIf you feel yourself getting sawed in half, he’s probably not a real magician
Retweeted by Adam Cerious @Skoog Haha I have nobody to talk to so I am a dingus on the tl @WillioHydro @ja_pizdech @kylenabecker I am, Wednesday at noon @LizerReal @EllaZee5 @thesammyhannah @Tobi_Is_Fab @dadthatwrites @reallifemommy3 @mom_tho @Mom_Overboard @WillioHydro @ja_pizdech @kylenabecker And I've seen videos of people getting through it lol @kylenabecker @HG_is_da_Devil A fence isn't a wall you fetid turd @WillioHydro @ja_pizdech @kylenabecker A fence is not a wall lmao @HG_is_da_Devil @PleaseBeGneiss That font sucks buttleftists warning people not to trust biden at his word
Retweeted by Adam Cerious @DeanBrowningPA How's your alt doing lol
$15 minimum wage? how am I supposed to feel better about my position in the social hierarchy if there aren’t millio…
Retweeted by Adam Cerious @NikkiHaley @standamericanow Is this an ad for him? Because it sounds like an ad for him. Idiot.