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Web standards Lovegod FOR HIRE. 'like a punk jesus'. Co-wrote 'Introducing HTML5'. Has Multiple Sclerosis. Poetry/ music fan. Liberal atheist. RT≠+1. He/ him.

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Minsk has been locked down entirely. No way in or out
Retweeted by Bruce Lawson, Antifa. Black Lives Matter. @tedmasterweb You could email bruce at brucelawson dot co dot UKRed wine, Shakey, my dad's whirling dervish, gladioli and some Steve Reich (not in this picture) @brendandawes Or, perhaps we'll be calling you Mr "Blue Sky" Björndan Døs by then.... @brendandawes I'll remind you of this in 6 months time, Mr Björndan Døs. @tom_livingston I'm this fashionable precisely because I disdain prog rock. @tedmasterweb I'm a Led Zep fan, if that helps redeem me in your eyes. (Except for Hairway to Steven) @vavroom WHAAAT? Are you in Iran? I have some left over I can post you, unless you can organise a red cross humanitarian mission. @brendandawes You say that now about ELO and Mammia Mia. My daughter mocked my dad for those, and now loves both, e… roast pork with crackling dinner for my mum (and a whole duck for noodles etc during the week). She brought… @tedmasterweb They're very nice chaps and they play brilliantly, if that makes it easier. Just terrible songs. @tedmasterweb Both!I'm always surprised when web dev podcasts don't have transcripts. It fatally undermines their credibility, like a…
@Mustafa_x I'm thinking about all the people. so many people.2020: Australia on fire, the Covid pandemic, Beirut blows up, an oil spill is Mauritius. Fascism in USA, China and… of bags of fireworks were stored in the same hangar as thousands of tonnes of ammonium nitrate at Beirut’s p… *all lives* still matter? Asking for a kid in a dinghy.
Retweeted by Bruce Lawson, Antifa. Black Lives Matter. @Malarkey @anatudor denim and leatherHappy 808 day! I shall celebrate by listening to The Cocteau Twins' ‘Blue Bell Knoll’. @bryandavidk I found it quite easy to become.conversational. it's a perfectly regular language, rules apply to ever…
@ellisinireland1 You know it, bitch @craigcooperxyz It's not, but easy to change there - more central banks to send the cash to. @19emtuck I'm writing a song about the love between English and French peopleBritons never shall be slaves / but babe I'm your pet. / Zut alors! Je t'adore! / Saperlipopette! @DanShappir @qbllr_ @JSJabber Come into the light, Doron! You are so close to being saved! @arranrp I'm going to give Tower a go next project.Getting my branches in a tangle. Sourcetree is much harder on my brain than Github Desktop @philhawksworth @zachleat Will do, Pipples! @philhawksworth @zachleat Sorry lads, no more wholesome content, i promise @omarqureshi Marmaris in Kings Heath and the one at the Yewtree in Yardley @anatudor And although this new album cover doesn't have the most rock n roll of titles, the cover art looks really… had a really nice electrician come round, quoted me £30 to do the job there and then. I had no cash so gave hi… @jesslynnrose It'll be another invitation to do the funny after-dinner speech at the Constabulary Xmas party.Poor old Grandpa @sil was boasting about being added to a list called "fav people". I pointed out that it wasn't "f… @tabatkins @MiriSuzanne @fantasai @frivoal oooh oooh where's the explainer/ write-up? @anatudor I think your fave band might be finally be starting to accept they're middle-aged @erikkroes (I'm pretty sure I've posted it before but am too lazy to search my own back catalogue)I was watching an Australian cookery show last night, and the usually quite quiet audience burst into rapturous app… @cyberdees @firefox @chrismore ooh ooh and me too
Every penny this hero raised for the NHS has been lost to Liz Truss' mate who has a company worth £100 on paper....…
Retweeted by Bruce Lawson, Antifa. Black Lives Matter.75 years ago. Never again, I hope. @patrick_h_lauke Nah, that was Ted is God. Although Dr BJ was also too busy to give directions etc. @VelocipedeRider @vivaldibrowser @ruari Now, tell Mr Von Touchscreen to mail me my pedantry prize. @patrick_h_lauke BRUCE IS VERY BUSY @VelocipedeRider @vivaldibrowser @ruari Well, I play guitar most evenings, and have a poo every morning. But that w… just got a notification from Uber Eats, in case I need an "excuse to avoid cooking tonight". Except I read it as… @vivaldibrowser @ruari Hang on - that's not a Unicycle! That's a Penny Farthing! Please send my prize of 2 bottles… of #GDPR, USA Today decided to run a separate version of their website for EU users, which has all the trac…
Retweeted by Bruce Lawson, Antifa. Black Lives Matter.Yay, my copy of Bicycle Day arrived. It's a graphic novel about the (literal) first acid trip ever, when the inven…"Things are looking pretty damn rosy as far as Accessibility Support in browsers." - cheery words from Chucklin'… is not technical debt. It’s the V in MVP. Send tweet.
Retweeted by Bruce Lawson, Antifa. Black Lives Matter.Racist bags of shit: We are a mighty war-winning nation that can cope with anything 🇬🇧 Also racist bags of shit:…
Retweeted by Bruce Lawson, Antifa. Black Lives Matter.Incredible thread - "UK gvt was prepared to enter into a £252m contract – the largest we have yet seen for the purc… @tobie Yeah. Much as I'd love to see the politicians who have ruined the Lebanese economy to line their own pockets…'6 months ago, officials inspecting the consignment warned that if it was not moved it would “blow up all of Beirut… @WineismyMuse @bielmike @CNN @MSNBC @FoxNews @ABC @GStephanopoulos @dbongino @DLoesch @OANN @ChanelRion Chicago? ne…
Ok. Who made this? It's genius.
Retweeted by Bruce Lawson, Antifa. Black Lives Matter. @aerotwist Or maybe as Dominic Cumming's body double?“I was today years old“ is implicitly converting a date to a duration; it must have been written by a JavaScript developer 😄
Retweeted by Bruce Lawson, Antifa. Black Lives Matter.
Retweeted by Bruce Lawson, Antifa. Black Lives Matter. @aerotwist Good thinking. If all this web stuff dries up, there's definitely a Tory ministerial position for you."Everyone was wearing a so-called 'four-piece-suit', a black head sack, handcuffs, leg shackles and an iron chain c… Young sues Trump for playing "Rockin’ in the Free World" at his Tulsa Covid Party. "… should be "first to open, last to close". - how is this not absolutely obvious?
@dennisl Thank you sir @De_Duck_Music So that makes me more entitled to eat hummus than you. Fact. @De_Duck_Music That's the English rain for you. But, yeah, I have this picture my parents bought of Aden port in my… obviously didn't read it but, hey, let's have it your way: if income reduces the incentive to work then more in…
Retweeted by Bruce Lawson, Antifa. Black Lives Matter. @De_Duck_Music Why the surprise? Do I not look yemeni? @De_Duck_Music Yup. Well, Aden, which was a British protectorate then, but is now part of Yemen. Really want to go… @aardrian three G&Ts into my first sit-down-to-listen of the new Furs album, and I'm loving it.This is why I have nothing "smart" in my house, except for the contents of my wardrobe and my skull. so sad about Beirut. I've always wanted to visit Lebanon, as I hear it's a wonderful country. Similarly, I'… reminder: Everything that can connect to the internet or your phone is either: 1. based on open standards…
Retweeted by Bruce Lawson, Antifa. Black Lives Matter. @Sapere_vivere Nice historic spire there @SaraSoueidan @AmeliasBrain What Amelia said.Fucking hell .. Beirut. Let it not be a bomb. @LOCnCode thank you! @sarahebourne Yes, it's nice if the food looks appetising tooNumber of UK citizens emigrating to EU has risen by 30% since Brexit vote "crisis has led t… peach and mushroom with goats cheese and a salad with pine nuts and pomegranate seeds. Yum.'s latest interview vs monty python parrot sketch
Retweeted by Bruce Lawson, Antifa. Black Lives Matter. @CharlesSWE @makoto_inoue Here's the full piece @rabarbar6 These are your predecessors @rabarbar6 Yes, you are. Sadly, Poland has many of your lot, which is a shame because I love Poland and visit as often as I can. @rabarbar6 In other tweets, you described black people as "monkeys" and were insulting to LGBT people. That sort of… @trumbitta At the beginning of the game, when both sides have no score, the game is love-love because in tennis, lo… @rabarbar6 "Antifa is band of junkies who can only destroy someone's property." - I'm against fascism, and am not a… was passionately in love with a tennis player, but I had to finish it because love meant nothing to her."We're last, meaning we're first" is the new "The numbers all go to 11" angry shoutout to the knuckle-dragger who spat in La Daughter's face because Darker-Skinned People. (She ducked… Endless Doomscroller家紋にしたい
Retweeted by Bruce Lawson, Antifa. Black Lives Matter.
I suddenly realised why the French rap part of next year's Eurovision winner wasn't working right, so drank a bottl… @triblondon @adactio Is that still in the rules? Bloody hell. I remember volunteering at my work, and them asking i… is a hell of an obit. Check the last three paragraphs.
Retweeted by Bruce Lawson, Antifa. Black Lives Matter. @rabarbar6 Well put. You are obviously have a superior intellect, because your nuanced argument is indisputable. @adactio I tried to give blood, but they won't have mine. My MS makes it taste bad, apparently. @aardrian Like all Furs stuff, I find I like it more as I listen more. Looking forward to a few G&Ts tomorrow and listening to it loud. @aardrian After first listen: it's unmistakably the Furs, but evolved, modern stuff in there too.