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IT Projectmanager, Dad, Interested in physics, neural nets, autonomy, NodeJS. Tesla model 3 owner. Talk nerdy to me. Pro equal rights for everyone.

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How can it be that preorders for the badger-not-a-badger are sold out? I would expect pre-orders to have limitless… @TheBrianMcManus @nikolatrevor The semi is an actual product people see driving. From what I understand, that is th… @wolfstoryofhate Thanks for the suggestion. I have to admit I am an incredibly poor reader in that I buy, not read, books. @seanmmitchell Tesla should be 4th place for Q2 sales with a -5% in comparison with 2019-Q2 which means they acquired market share. @trevlan006 What was Angelina like? @Nikola_Truth It is a good report in that it shows Tesla off the chart. @GerberKawasaki @elonmusk I’m down @GerberKawasaki @elonmusk Ha. That 420 seems to long ago now. @iliketeslas Now is the time. @ValueAnalyst1 I would really want them to have placed orders for - I don’t know: equipment, soap, whatever - so th… @Central27178711 @WholeMarsBlog Ludicrous -> Plaid -> ParabolicI’m leaving this here as a recommended read for those interested.$TSLA INC - IN Q2, WE PRODUCED OVER 82,000 VEHICLES AND DELIVERED APPROXIMATELY 90,650 VEHICLES
Retweeted by Joost Brugman @ValueAnalyst1 Finally you look familiar again. 🤪 @Isa_Yusibov Wie aannemen? Isa natuurlijk. @YachtNL laat ik het voorzichtig vragen? Klopt dit wel?I just donated! ✅ Let's make this a thing: #PleaseShare #NeverForget #HolocaustRemembrance
Retweeted by Joost Brugman @28delayslater @kimpaquette My $TSLA is going at about 1$ / hour... Help them get through a budget crisis. I did. Join me. Anything helps. Among the most imp… @spotted_model @ColoradoDetail How often do you go? @rmattila74 @28delayslater @28delayslater @ARKInvest I think you might be on it simply if we ask politely. @CathieDWood what do you think abou… @rmattila74 @Nikola_Truth Oh... it’s Nikola’s cat now? 😂 @Nikola_Truth Huge storage tanks of the most flammable liquid ever in the hands of mildly competent people all acro… @emmaspreekt Ik vind dit echt super gaaf voor je! @28delayslater Just checked their website. They are even promoting their JetSki for being waterproof (if it exists… @gmbankrupt @CKoomet @ValueAnalyst1 @Tesla I would sell my house to buy stock at that price now. @Nikola_Truth @EliBurton_ @nikolatrevor 🤣😂🤣😂 @Nikola_Truth @EliBurton_ @nikolatrevor Yes I would because - respectfully - I am referring to the sentiment, not t… @Nikola_Truth True. Tesla has done so well in all areas. @EliBurton_ @Nikola_Truth @nikolatrevor I feel your sentiment but why not just ignore it? @Nikola_Truth The battery has to make up for poor aerodynamics to maintain range so in this case it is not so much… @28delayslater @Nikola_Truth @ARKInvest @ajtourville @ShadowMusk @WholeMarsBlog @Kristennetten @EliBurton_ That’s one for the dictionary. @gmbankrupt @CKoomet @ValueAnalyst1 @Tesla Looking for the original tweet. Can you help? @WholeMarsBlog @Nikola_Truth @CathieDWood @Gf4Tesla Oh forget about it. You just wrote it 😂 @Gf4Tesla What does Fertigung Antrieb mean? My German only goes so far. @BarkMSmeagol @nikolatrevor @CathieDWood Problem with a debate: any argument from Cathy is likely deflected, replie… @gmbankrupt Wow. We use 6500 annually, including charging our car. I’d say it’s high. Where does all of that energy go? @Kristennetten @ShadowMusk @Nikola_Truth @ajtourville @WholeMarsBlog @EVAutonomy Worst name ever for a company invo… @Kristennetten @ShadowMusk @Nikola_Truth @ajtourville @WholeMarsBlog @EVAutonomy Ah, I see. Thanks. Personally I fi… @Kristennetten @ShadowMusk @Nikola_Truth @ajtourville @WholeMarsBlog @EVAutonomy What do you mean Kristen? @ShadowMusk @Nikola_Truth @ajtourville @Kristennetten @WholeMarsBlog @EVAutonomy What’s next? Their lead designer is called Franz? @MarkAsh78 @flcnhvy @elonmusk Good point
@flcnhvy @elonmusk They did that with apple. That didn’t age well. @28delayslater @BarkMSmeagol My eyes are open so wide that it hurts. Does that count? @WholeMarsBlog “Beat expectations” @rmattila74 @MattsterT3 Thanx @rmattila74 @MattsterT3 Who draws these for you? @rmattila74 I would agree in a mature market. Smartphone connectors are a similar thing and it can work. EV is in i… @nikolatrevor @kanevato Hi Trevor. It is my understanding that H2 production either produces CO2 or wastes valuable… @TeslaChillMode @Tesla @elonmusk So they don’t even properly recognize on a map? Fwaud! @WPipperger @VWGroup Does it come with software?
@rmattila74 She’s fallen asleep and snoring now so it’s payback time. @rmattila74 I’m next to someone who is trying to sleep and you got me laughing out loud. Relationship crisis here. @rmattila74 One of those days? @WholeMarsBlog But wait. A few days ago in an interview he said something like 57 was enough for the USA, although… feel like it’s wise to count the days. 3 days now since he posted this. Still early. @TeslaChillMode It would be so nice if you could tweet your dashcam straight from your center console @elonmusk @flcnhvy This is called free Tesla day. Remember the date. Congratulations. @JasameSmith Well, they are delivered but only to people that paid, so that doesn’t count. @Nikola_Truth @WholeMarsBlog @ajtourville @EliBurton_ @28delayslater @ShadowMusk @curiosity900 @rmattila74 @ValueAnalyst1 I missed that meme. @rmattila74 Took me some time. Most of the items out there are Bluetooth and most are repackaged from the same unde… @rmattila74 Sorry, did not paste the link. @rmattila74 @rmattila74 I wouldn’t get it from aliexpress but is this along the lines you’re looking for? @rmattila74 Raspberry pi is the best I can come up with. @28delayslater Poll answer options unrelated to poll questions are Twitter’s biggest meme.
@tammyharrington I was joking. Sorry it wasn’t clear. @tammyharrington I am sorry I was a boy when I started to code. But I agree we should promote coding among girls mo… @squawksquare And that was the end of day volume, I suppose. @WholeMarsBlog @WholeMarsBlog waiting for S&P inclusion. @tesla4k At the end of the day there are only three things really important about an EV: range range range. It IS a… @freshjiva So we all have to stop talking about how great those cars are? @rmattila74 Thanks. Interesting.So why was POTOS not informed by the intel community? Maybe because the intel community does not want their intel to be compromised. @EliBurton_ @andyallo @elonmusk I have now done this with 10+ people and none of them really liked the acceleration… @rmattila74 Does ALS affect motor neurons only and how are these different from others? @28delayslater @NicoleAJ61 Leestoetsen. En dan te bedenken dat thema 1 begon met “en dit is een A” @28delayslater Up. Down. Who cares what the stocks do now. Congratulations! Great news. I hope she has no remaining effects. @AskDrStupid Thx @tesla_raj ARB sais 400000 heavy duty diesel trucks in California. @NicoleAJ61 Zeker bijzonder en het leek wel alsof je al jaren lang groep 3 had. Niks van gemerkt dat het je eerste keer was 👍 @damphouse I started at age 10. Basic at the time. Started assembly at 12. Doable. A steep learning curve at the ti… @PTPetra @28delayslater Renewable energy for braking for the win! @nikolatrevor @MunroAssociates for sure @nikolatrevor @seanmmitchell @nikolatrevor Let’s take it one thing at a time. You said you were going to show videos of all the parts. Very exited to see those.
Guys. California is banning polluting trucks and vans. 7 states and DC will follow up! Starts phasing in 2024, all…
Retweeted by Joost Brugman @raffaeru @TeslaChillMode True @AskDrStupid What streaming service? @raffaeru @TeslaChillMode There are always two. @freshjiva @MerielMyers I see what you did there. That is on the very edge of being inappropriate, though. @BarkMSmeagol Reference, here’s my version: @BarkMSmeagol Always recognize the good. @BarkMSmeagol Hold your breath. There was a guy asking for this to show people listen. Montana Guy tweeting this was a good thing. @cpoliticditto Going on vacation. We never did that. @blovereviews What’s wrong with your ICE cars. Over here they don’t smell like gas inside. They suck anyway. But th… @gmbankrupt Have lunch with Trevor.