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@JeffChausse @glennbobclark1 Thankfully she was too busy asking questions at that point to hear it!
@glennbobclark1 1986 animated movie! No Bayhem added.A selection of repeated questions from my 4 yo daughter’s first viewing of Transformers The Movie. “Is he mean?” “W… @PixelDandy I also like the fact that it says the script is 'perfect' except for 'two huge flaws'. Sooooooo... not… @PixelDandy It's all bullshit. Just enjoy the films or don't. It's really not that big of a deal. @PixelDandy Pretty bored of the internet retroactively assuming it could do a better job than the people actually r… my tour of North Eastern food, check out this bad boy. It's got scampi, and chicken tikka in it.
Retweeted by Stephen Waller @jaffathecake God bless The North! *salutes* @anewlinerelated I guess... Just with most popular bands/artists, I sort of see the appeal, even if I don't like th… Sheeran's enduring popularity is still the greatest mystery of the 21st Century for me.FFS Eminem, not you as well...
@crosspolar @johnxela I freely admit to still loving the first two albums wholeheartedly.A surprising amount of variety going on in this four-track EP from Squid. Fresh and adventurous! #wallerbox should be applicable across all creative fields, not just comics! Always my first rule of thumb for deciding w… @jamiesmart @JimBenton Wait, is the point of this account to explain jokes? @jaffathecake All code is unreadable by humans. 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹💀💀
@anewlinerelated @normanrecords One of my all-time favourites. Still waiting for that fourth album. @NickClement It's got whiffs of Skyscanner's recent rebrand...! Here’s your new #Bestof2000AD design, creeps!
Retweeted by Stephen Waller @hellomuller Holy shit bars, that looks effing great!SPEECH THERAPIST: okay let’s start with the alphabet SCOOBY DOO: ray ree ree ree ree ref ree SPEECH THERAPIST:…
Retweeted by Stephen Waller @normanrecords @TheLeafLabel @KeeleyForsyth @LoudAndQuietMag C'MON FRIDAY HURRY THE EFF UP. @normanrecords @TheLeafLabel @KeeleyForsyth Been listening to the only two available tracks on spotify repeatedly s… @normanrecords @SacredBones @DDaviesMusic Irrespective of what it sounds like, that's a flipping awesome album cover. @iainfarrell I'm playing Death Stranding at the moment. I'm enjoying it for now, but am living in fear of everythin…
@NerdOutWithMe Mine too!
@eunjae_lee @philhawksworth Network Rail :-/Good. I'm glad it wasn't just me. @run_100mi It was the weird build up on tension that went nowhere. Like when he goes to visit Bruce Dern, and it wa… @NikushD Besides 'saving' Sharon Tate? @NikushD I mean... I know the Manson story, and i'm still struggling to see the purpose.I feel like I missed the point with 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' or something. It felt like an enjoyable but ult… @tommypalm @StevieBuckley Kudos to the makeup department on that priest film. I would never've known it was her! @LoudAndQuietMag @TheLeafLabel @KeeleyForsyth Getting a Nadine Shah vibe on the vocals, too. @normanrecords @EditionsMego This track is still an absolute belter: @normanrecords @EditionsMego Ooo, intriguing! I loved that Von Südenfed album!Me every time I try to use a 3D program.
Still have it. @vic_bell The donkey scene. Dear god....
Retweeted by Stephen Waller @seaninsound @discourse Ah, good suggestion. Clearing cookies sorted it! Thank you! @seaninsound @discourse Strange. Still can’t access it on my phone. Keep getting this error... @glennbobclark1 @jamiesmart Please god don’t tell me I ever showed you our Invaders From Venus films, Glenn. 😰 @seaninsound Is the DiS Community offline? URL isn’t working for me... @jamiesmart You say this like it’s a bad thing?
Last RT of the day.'s happening with Sparks - the Podcast learning app? Latest update and plans for 2020 -
Retweeted by Stephen WallerLunchtime RT defeating, Twitter. THINKING! Words speak louder than actions. #designthinkingcomic
@themooks @JAM_WAH I just remember feeling really irritated all the way through that. @themooks @JAM_WAH I really enjoyed Clerks, Mallrats and the Jay & Silent Bob. Didn’t really click with Chasing Amy so much. The rest, nope. @themooks I mean, the signs were all there. He’s not made a good film in how long? @themooks I really want to see this.#Wallerbox Albums of the Year (2019) Daniel Wohl - État is the saddest news i've heard in a while. I've loved this site for so many years now. I will be lost without…
@crosspolar @dvsch I like designing in PS because it feels limitless In possibility. Designing in Sketch you pretty… @dvsch I feel this pain. @dvsch
Retweeted by Stephen Waller @dowding *doubtful face*#Wallerbox Albums of the Year (2019) Croatian Amor - Isa
@alxmurashko Hah! No way! A tiny piece of me remains! 🙂 @SimonRAmor @sketch I feel like we all need to take whoever’s been working on Sketch’s symbol stuff recently out fo… @SimonRAmor @sketch Whut. @XDesignThinking @TheDesignGym We should team up! #designthinkingcomic
@AtBatedBreath (Also: Agreed. Kim Gordon and Helado Negro are good stuff) @AtBatedBreath Fantastic, thank you so much! Plenty in there for me to check out, so much appreciated! Let’s do this again in a year... 😉
@ColinJMcCracken All fingers crossed, my man!
@ColinJMcCracken Be really honest. It’s actually Young Guns 2 and you’re rockin’ out to Jon Bon Jovi. @ColinJMcCracken WE DO! 🙂
@ColinJMcCracken NO. @ColinJMcCracken GO TO SLEEP COLIN.#Wallerbox Albums of the Year (2019) Loraine James - For You and I @LoJamMusic @glennbobclark1 Rooting for you buddy!#Wallerbox Albums of the Year (2019) Bat For Lashes - Lost Girls @BatForLashes, last 4 #Wallerbox AOTY spaces are now filled, let's do this!
Evening RT for this work-shy slacker to this guy who chose “Ghostbusters” at karaoke but instead sang “Closer” over top of it
Retweeted by Stephen Waller RT @vanschneider THINKING! #designthinkingcomic to see if @jamiedelano’s visions come true this year...
@mikeybloys Thank you, and you too! @mikeybloys Thanks Mike! Nope sorry, this was a one off. 20 years old now! *sob*
@MorganGleave Absolutely guilty of trying to copy Oliver, Carson, Tomato and McKean.Well, with only a few hours of the year left to go, I guess that wraps up my annual Spotify playlist. 10 hours / 12… real lesson Hollywood needs to learn from the Cats debacle is: Stop putting James Corden in your films. @Casablanca Happy New Year to you in The Future!(plus I blatantly ripped off Dave McKean for this one, too)