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James @Brundle_James St Louis, MO

Lover of horror movies and novels. I’m a runner going nowhere.

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Yard signs are getting wild out there. I spotted this sign near one of my favorite pizza places. @BrianIsSuperRad Take care of yourself man and I hope all is well with you and the family. @jrwells82 Happy birthday man! My condolences on the dreaded Monday birthday, but I hope it’s a good one nonetheless. @Movies4Brandon Sending you positive thoughts man. @glee_writes This might have made me a little misty eyed. I just watched Stand By Me not long ago and River was so great in it.
@SammyHain It is fun. That’s a good way to sell some sets. @SammyHain Christmas sweater Darth Vader, his most menacing incarnation.Continuing my Halloween season viewing with a solid werewolf movie. @KB_Posts @ETbeeegood That music is the chef’s kiss. @distraktionz Agreed! The first season was amazing. @JuggernautMN Looks awesome man.
@ThreeOranges But yes, melba toast are good. @ThreeOranges Sorry, I misread your tweet. @ThreeOranges Are we talking hard pretzels or soft because a good soft pretzel is pretty amazing? @YouKnowKoe Oh our guys are little shits too. I was trying to sleep in because I had a rough week and they decided… @YouKnowKoe I’m so glad he came back Sara. Makes me glad we live on the 5th floor. Our guys love the hallway, but… @Halloweenmcqn I’m so sorry for your loss.That phone booth scene @BrianIsSuperRad That’s great man! Congratulations.I talked my parents into taking me see The Blob in the theater. This one is a nostalgic movie for me.
@CynthiaLWrites7 *making me @CynthiaLWrites7 Same here. It’s making angry a lot of the time. These people are getting people killed with their stupid.Name an instance where you love both the original film *and* the remake/reimagining. (Inspired by @KittyCointreau mentioning MANIAC/MANIAC)
Retweeted by James @CynthiaLWrites7 Absolutely. People tend to just become more firmly entrenched when confronted with facts. It’s why… @CynthiaLWrites7 It’s amazing how powerful misinformation is. A good chunk of the population is getting brainwashe… @CynthiaLWrites7 That guy just won’t go away. At least he isn’t a Senator.I shooed this guy off the road so he didn’t get squashed. morning @shaman_of_zen That’s great. Most of the time you feel good about an interview you have a pretty good shot. @NotEdelweiss Just FYI, the same thing happened to me earlier this week. My follows were back the next day. @shaman_of_zen I hope it goes well man. @thinner1973 We Sold Our Soul is a good one too. I’ve enjoyed all his books quite a bit. @thinner1973 I really enjoyed this one. Have you read any of his other books?
@SammyHain @Shudder That’s a quality soundtrack too. I watched it for the first time a couple years ago and loved it. @furkyourwurk I’m sorry Muffy. Here’s a Goblin picture for you. @scarymarilynn Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day. @TheScaryLibrary You’re welcome. I was already following you, but I got hit with the twitter locking me out of my… @ThreeOranges He’s always looking for somewhere he can go and not be annoyed by his little brother. @glee_writes That’s such a genuinely nice fun thing. @glee_writes Do you do a note like that for your kids every day?He’s learned how to open the cabinet by himself and he’s very proud of it. @wonderboutique You a good one Amy. They’re lucky to have you too. @SammyHain @SammyHain I’m sorry man. I know you’re job is rough, especially right now. I hope can relax some tonight. @TaraW500 Thanks. It also limits how many people I can follow in a day. Hopefully they just can fix and everyone… @JimmyRGeorge No worries man. I’m just glad to have access to my account again.
Just FYI, something happened to my account that made me unfollow everyone. Just in case you’re wondering why you ge… @Humanstein Thanks man. I got locked out of my account. I'm not sure what happened. @furkyourwurk @ShoutTheBoogie I had a Psychology teacher put on Roller Boogie for the last 10 minutes of class ever… @FilthyMechanic There were some newer ones that you could read, but not the old ones.A small family cemetery I came across at work today @Pumpkin923 Happiest of birthdays! I genuinely appreciate how positive a person you are and I hope today is great for you. @Dollpowerx Me too, I’ve always loved gargoyles. @ThreeOranges I’m sorry. That sucks man. @Humanstein I’m sorry to hear that man. Take care and hopefully it leads to better things.
@furkyourwurk Get off your propertyThe neighborhood gargoyle on my run @xRetroGamerTomx I hope you get to feeling better man. @VTLawyer85 I don’t, but there is this plant identifying app I use called Seek that can probably tell you what they… @allthedamnvamps I would have liked to see the old sleazy NYC. @wonderboutique That’s a solid list.
@TheWedgeSerpent I’m so sorry man. That’s a very tough thing. @Arozeb04 @scarymarilynn I once read somewhere there were a lot less graveyards in the west because the Civil War w… @scarymarilynn Absolutely, there are so many very elaborate and ornate graves there and it’s a giant cemetery. @scarymarilynn Bellefontaine Cemetery. It’s mid 19th century and holds a bunch of famous graves including Adolphus… @Theoddprophet Congrats! That’s really cool. @TESDbrittany @StephenKing That’s awesome. I’d love to go there some time. My girlfriend and I took a trip to the… @RobynsReviews The Name of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss is the best new fantasy I have read since George RR Martin. @HorrorNHaunted Cool photo man! It’s looks right out of a David Lynch movie.
@JimmyRGeorge Happy birthday Jimmy! All the best man. @CynthiaLWrites7 I’m sorry about the anxiety, but I’m glad the jog helped this morning. Hang in there.
@heykennarae Cats are very judgy.If anyone needs to summon the Headless Horseman to smite your enemies, I know the spot. @CynthiaLWrites7 I get up at 4:45 during the week for work, so they’re on that schedule whether it’s the weekend or not. @CynthiaLWrites7 The benefits of the cats waking me up at 5:30.Sunrise in the park @dakotaarenae Ugh, sorry. It was was 45 degrees on my run this morning. @Christoph_Waltz Unfortunately there is almost no chance they don’t ram through a nominee. They have been waiting… Goblin air balloons on my morning run
@TheWellDrinker I love the photo. @shyvioletisme As you should. @bone_liquids Enjoy! One of my favorites. @Halloweenmcqn Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great birthday weekend. @libby_crider Ha! That’s great. @LittleMissLizz I work in rural parts of Illinois a lot and there are tons of people not wearing masks in these sma… @LittleMissLizz I’m vicariously living through you getting to yell at a person not wearing a mask. @elviraswig That’s awesome. I’m a big fan of his. @jessecuster72 He just does that when he wants me to play with him. He doesn’t play rough at all, he’s just very enthusiastic. @elviraswig I love it. Also, is that Marc Maron on the mug in the background?This is what I’m working with as I try to eat breakfast.
@ETbeeegood Fuck man, that’s so tough. You’re a good son. You and your family are in my thoughts. @TheScaryLibrary I would say apocalyptic takes place during the terrible event, while post apocalyptic deals with t… @lostarkraider I do really like the movie, the accent just particularly hit me this time. @ebonrook_film That’s a fun movie. Enjoy! @TheMorgster I love all of these. Just One of the Guys and 3 O’clock High were 2 movies I watched so many times as a kid. @Darbmilne @morgmorgan25 Agreed @morgmorgan25 Gary Oldman is great in it, but overall, it hasn’t aged the best in comparison to the acting we get in horror movies now. @Darbmilne @morgmorgan25 Yeah, Rider’s accent is bad too, but not quite as epically terrible.