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Lover of horror movies, all things 1980's and fancy beer. I’m a runner going nowhere.

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I really enjoyed the movie. The closest thing to the feel of a Lovecraft story I have ever seen.
@aandeandval Seeing COLOR OUT OF SPACE. I could really use some escapism right about now. @hollowbot46 It’s @TheMudhouseStl. @gimetzco I think he’s the type of highly creative person that struggles with traditional structure. @gimetzco I honestly do not love Dust Devil. In some ways I’m more a fan of Richard Stanley the person than his…’m seeing COLOR OUT OF SPACE this afternoon and it’s as exited as I’ve been for a movie in a while. I’m a huge Ri… like my brunch spots creepy. @SaraSorrentino That a pretty solid take everything going on in the country right now, not just movies. @SaraSorrentino The amount of entitlement some of these bitter white dudes have is amazing. He can’t fathom that so…
@Seequels I was a little too pumped. @Seequels My celebratory “Big Country” dance after the most recent episode. Sorry, my last tweet had too many typos. @KittiesofAustin What a good boy. @KittiesofAustin It’s a nice thing that you volunteer. I couldn’t do it. I try to talk my girlfriend into adopting… @KittiesofAustin I think Monster needs a little sister. @KittiesofAustin She’s like a chubby cute little Bond villain. @YouKnowKoe This beer was just an English style bitter. This brewery mostly does traditional English and German styles. @IdiotAtPlay Happy birthday man!I alway thought that Bugs Bunny was kind of an asshole, even as a kid. @hollowbot46 Even though it was weird, it was kind of nice. @crunchybeats87 Those are probably a good chunk of the primary offenders. There’s definitely a lot of “look at me!… @hollowbot46 They were the closest thing to real life Hans and Franz that I have ever seen.They were also extremely supportive of each other verbally. One quote that stuck out, “Nobody can compete with you… 2 dudes were on the chest press machine at the gym this morning and they were taking turns massaging each oth… @crunchybeats87 4A for me as well. @davidnelson34 @TheCivilLife I usually need a beer after most shopping experiences. Also, this brewery is right on… assume people who sing loudly in public places, like grocery stores and gyms, are crazy people. It’s one step be… grocery shopping pint. @TheCivilLife @lealyster I was in central Illinois near the Iowa border. @lealyster Thank you. There were some pretty great landscapes on this last work trip.
@rnrdonna Floating at the top or bottom? Sometimes you can get white mold in beers. @Unrealized_Tomb I love both SPRING and the ENDLESS. The VOID is another one. Obviously REANIMATOR. @brundlefly I read some of the Books of Blood recently and I thought it held up well.Fog and snow. It’s a total whiteout like a scene from Fargo. @Unrealized_Tomb @GregRozeboom Yeah, that definitely could have gone badly. I do the same thing with recommending… @GordonShippey1 Yes, it was the original version. @GregRozeboom She likes horror movies, but she’s not really that into exploitation stuff. @scrawfish Ha! Yeah it is a fun creature flick. @nutellanate Have a great visit man!My girlfriend talking to me on FaceTime in my hotel room. Her: What are you watching? Me: HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEE…
@SaraSorrentino Congratulations. That’s awesome! @Unrealized_Tomb Poor Boof. @HomicidalKaci Agreed, beautiful visuals are not enough in a 2 hour movie for me to like it. @arb Our 1 year old cat and the kitten we adopted became best friends. @BluenoseDanny @TheWellDrinker I even thought to myself after watching it, “That was a 2 hour long amazing looking music video.” @TheWellDrinker I’ll definitely need to watch it with a better screen and sound system. I’m out of town for work so the iPad was all I had. @TheWellDrinker Also, to be fair, I watched it on my iPad which is not the way the movie was meant to be seen, so I… @TheWellDrinker Yes, very haunting. @PixelElixir I don’t regret watching it, but my experience was probably hurt by watching it on a iPad when the visu… @TheWellDrinker Definitely. I can absolutely appreciate the visuals. @SeanNarrates Absolutely. This movie had a ton going for it and the aesthetics are amazing. It was just a personal taste thing for me. @SeanNarrates I definitely understand it being a polarizing film. There’s a lot of amazing cinematography there, but it just wasn’t for me. @TheWellDrinker He definitely has a lot of talent for visuals. I think he cares more about aesthetics than anythin… watched THE NEON DEMON last night and it wasn’t for me. I found it to be all style and no substance. Pretty to l… @DrunkPolkaroo I’m very sorry for your loss man.
@chelssMichellee The people who coat themselves with cologne/perfume at the gym are the worst. @BrianIsSuperRad @itsjessipashia I’m so glad Jessi is getting to go home. @rnrdonna Mostly Illinois, which I don’t find the most picturesque state, but there pretty moments anywhere. @arb Roasting for all eternity.I murdered Mr. Peanut. I crushed his brittle peanut body with my bare hands and now, no matter how many times I wa… @IsaacsHauntedB That’s prime Guttenberg. @lealyster He did like his reds. @Astrronomy I just meant today. I don’t want barrage people’s feeds with too many sky photos.Ok, last sunrise photo before I start annoying people. @kimfaul Thanks. They have just been really beautiful every morning on my work trip.This was the sky this morning with no filter.
The excitement over Richard Stanley’s cinematic return grows as @scrawfish interviews the mystical filmmaker about…
Retweeted by BrundleJames @scrawfish @DailyGrindhouse That’s so cool you got to interview him! @ZachWWMovies Yep, people just running with a narrative completely independent of facts seems to be going around these days. @SerenaLFischer @HauntedMeg @VuduFans @Shudder Any time. @SerenaLFischer @HauntedMeg You can watch it for free in the @VuduFans app. It’s also on @Shudder. It’s one of my… @distraktionz I would have called them Toe-ngs. Also, how weird. @ZachWWMovies *internet trolls @ZachWWMovies Are people making that argument? He has tons of small individual doners. Intent trolls don’t usually shell out money. @rnrdonna Well I hope your day is nice. @wonderboutique Thank you Amy. @itsjessipashia @BrianIsSuperRad *get to go home @itsjessipashia @BrianIsSuperRad I’m glad the doctors seem to have it figured out Jessi. I hope you get info home and feel better quickly. @rnrdonna Thank you. @JuliusBarthelme Thank you. @dylanhasadog Thanks man.Even the trees are frozen.’m sure the relentless onslaught of High Dollar Hollywood Promotion has probably exhausted all of you by now but t…
Retweeted by BrundleJames @CynthiaLWrites7 I think I’ve only seen MAY and THE WOMAN, but both were great. I’m out of town for work, so I can… sky looked pretty amazing this morning.
@courtneynobody I must be a prude too, because i was weirded out then and I still find it really odd. @brandmed @EmilioAmaro92 I was easily embarrassed when I was younger, so I was mortified the whole night. @EmilioAmaro92 They weren’t a hippy family or anything. I dated the girl for month and asked her about it later an… @EmilioAmaro92 Except the rest of the family was there, just going about their business, like nothing was unusual.In high school I was a girl’s date to a wedding. I showed up at her parent’s house and her mother casually walked… degrees @Tilly_Repulsa @HauntedDriveIn @OverlordViper Yeah, really pretty.
@Unrealized_Tomb I thought Emma Roberts was great too. @CynthiaLWrites7 There definitely is no shortage in Missouri either.The last 30 minutes of THE BLACKCOAT’S DAUGHTER are intense and pretty amazing following a really solid slow burn.… @Tilly_Repulsa That’s a pretty shot! @OverlordViper @Tilly_Repulsa Beautiful photo Mike! @RobynsReviews It’s something I’m trying to work on. Not to be a jerk, but some people don’t deserve the time and… @KealanBurke I just finished Kin and I loved it. I just started reading your books in the last year and I wanted t… @pennyddreadful It could be higher, but that’s as high as I’m comfortable committing to absolutely.For me, the key to never being bothered by other’s opinions is recognizing that a solid 40% of the population are fucking morons.