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Bryan Liles @bryanl Bowie, MD

Opinions belong to me. Joyslayer. Justice over civility. I write my curses in cursive. Listen to me now; believe me later on.

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@abbyfuller Not for me 😀 @abbyfuller It's all good. People are shaping narratives right now.
@abbyfuller This isn’t true. There are lots of opportunists out there. But... this doesn’t excuse anyone else. An o… @obfuscurity You don't remember April 29th 1992? @CTOAdvisor Don't worry about counts. You wouldn't get anything from those folks anyways. @TheAmyCode What are they going to say? @techgirl1908 "yes, but..." Fuck that guy99 years ago, today, the Black Wall Street massacre in Tulsa Oklahoma occurred. 99 years later, we are still out in… @jboursiquot What are you going to do with that anger?We wouldn't need these protests and bail funds if the US adhered to justice instead of civility. You see it as riot…
@copyconstruct TL;DR if we wait till racism ends, we will never get anything done. @copyconstruct I enjoyed it. Systematic discrimination is way older than me. I’m not going to let it rob me of the joys of life. @maria_fibonacci You are a better person than me... @EricaJoy still thinking about this... He urged folks not to vote in 2016. I ain't listening to him. @mekkaokereke What's going on does seem to favor a certain narrative. Folks love to think Black folks are savages.… @EricaJoy I second this. I appreciate the cat's enthusiasm, but have learned that his fame doesn't doesn't necessar… @stephenaugustus I like the DC area. But if I were to move, probably Atlanta or LA.
@the_thagomizer ❤️ @ashleymcnamara I'm southern and country. Dogs get mad. We get angry. I am angered by what I see going on right now… @bascule Palestine can't even vote at the UN. They are scraping the bottom of the barrel here. @CTOAdvisor That's a great quote. I'm going to use it to inspire myself @editingemily Hold up. My 57000 Twitter followers say I'm smart. Many people I don't know who like the thought lead… looking more, his crew was arrested. Still doesn't change how I feel.This morning I watched a Black TV reporter get arrested while he was reporting. They didn't arrest anyone else in h… @raganwald I'd lose the adverb entirely. @davidfowl I'm not in your division or company and I'm not OK. Thismweek has taken a huge chunk out of my motivatio…
@pettygenius @mlunadia I remember you telling a story of falling over and I'm too oldmfor that mess. @briandoll @winsletts I’m not pro. Only want to have more confidence when riding the trails near my house. @b0rk I’ve been saying this for a while: You can learn a new language or a new technique. You can’t learn both at once.Hello wonderful @CloudNativeFdn community! @wwitzel3 will be presenting "How to better understand #K8s workloads u…
Retweeted by Bryan Liles @winsletts It does matter. I don't want to slip off my pedal.I have a road bike and I'm not comfortable enough to go the full clip in route. I also don't want to slip off my pe… @DivineOps Is quiet the same thing as silent? @ralph_squillace @KevinHoffman @bketelsen I"m watching this now. @bketelsen your mic sounds a bit hot (which may b… @matthewjdexter @TasneemN @amyep9 You think bringing up charges that happened 15 years ago is the right thing to do… @RyanJosephDev @BriceFriha draw me @EricaJoy Our supposed leader is a punk. Never thought we would sink this low. @stratus @VMware @VMwareTanzu @meganfabulous @andrewhurstdog @jbeda @AikasVille Welcome!!!One thing you likely won't learn in a coding Bootcamp or even College is the power of experimentation. All these gr… @thejonanshow @StephandSec I do not. I have two keyboards and two mice and a chair with wheels. @StephandSec On my desk, I have two monitors on my Mac and one on my windows box. They are all 32" 4k. @shanselman They charged me 100 for a three minute back rub down. Repeatedly. @kwuchu I look at mine. I think I like to see what I've been up to. @luke_pighetti I think I'm allowed to be pessimistic. You have a society that works for you and actively works against me.
@nickcald I need to first figure out to use these vacation days. @editingemily vampires are imaginary. These are real life evil people. @Sc_Meerkat No, I'm saying the concept of meritocracy is enabled by racist institutions. @nabsul someone mentioned it, and then I googled and found a few articles, but actually read @TheAmyCode Ok. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. @techgirl1908 Free yourself from caffeine and the world becomes so much clearer. Removing sugar and caffeine from m… @TheAmyCode What kind of videos are you going to make?From what I learned today, the idea of meritocracy was originally satirical. Also, if you support the idea of merit… @carterthecomic @BenjaminPDixon Man.... listen. That was extra deep. @AloisReitbauer Nikon d7500.
@nickagerace @rothgar I'm running Ubuntu again @copyconstruct @stripepress mine came too. Still in the plastic. Will crack it open at bed time. @ashleymcnamara I'd like some adapt auto maxs for my collection. These are going to sell for big money in a few years @ashleymcnamara I like that kid @ashleymcnamara Ultra sketchers airs! @saliggy77 You know it ain't safe in the house either. They will run up in there. @JohnAthayde i have a hdmi to usb3 converter @fabiorapposelli Nikon D7500 with a 35mm prime lens @fabiorapposelli Doing our call, I had my Logitech 4k webcam going. The other camera is way nicer. @tiffani @humanutility Removing any PII would probably be fine, but IANAL (but am serious) @carterthecomic I'm not sure I know many Black men this has not happened to. We aren't safe. @ashleymcnamara @elchefe @JohnAdali @lowenthal_jason @editingemily see @ashleymcnamara @elchefe @JohnAdali @lowenthal_jason @editingemily You are tired of "not all men", and we're tired… @kstewart @instapaper "You think emotions have no place in the workplace." Too many people take this as, "all your… @XuluDelgado It's not difficult. Maybe a 4 out of 10. @carlisia It's a Nikon D7500 @degausser42 @finnstra @shanselman is cheap, so his options will be budget friendly. @jbeda ❤️ @mattstratton @dberkholz What stand is that? @mattstratton @dberkholz Yes. I have a 32 prime. @malkolm You were the one who got me thinking about this. As soon as I get a way to plug this joint in to the wall… @finnstra It’s a Nikon D7500. The lens is 35mm f/1.8. Could definitely make this work with a cheaper body. @kwuchu I'm not a fan of it. It itches and my hair likes to turn around and grow directly back into my face. @skamille I now need to make sure my face is properly moisturized because it *will* show up. @gmile @HenriHelvetica This is what I purchased. Felt pricey. This should be way cheaper.hi-fidelity Bryan on your zoom @kwuchu You are definitely from Myrtle Beach. @girlsnamewillis JE wasn't up for it. Should have been Dru Hill.
@HenriHelvetica I had a sparish Nikon D7500 and I got a 35mm f/1.8. Lots of broken. I found a HDMI to USB thing on… @rawkode I take it you weren't using a language like Go. @fatih Make sure you get a quote that says you are paying out of pocket. Lots of shops use two rates scales (insurance vs no insurance) @rawkode looks like a URI if I squint at it. then I can see three group captures. Are you parsing URLs with regex.… set up a DSLR to be my webcam and now whoever I'm conversing with can see deep into my pores. It's a step up and… @BrentEChambers Yup. There was also the quote about the paper cuts as well. @thedoh It’s more than economics. This goes down to the fabric of society and equality.I was watching a movie yesterday that had a quote that was something like, "after slavery Blacks learned how to sur… @divinetechygirl Yeah. They say you ain't humble when you do well and are happy about it. F that. Life is going fai… @divinetechygirl @JohnHenryStyle Doesn't this study suggest that happiness trails off as you get more money? You wi… @marcesher I assumed they were from another date
@carterthecomic they can drag anyone. They have no shame. @raganwald That tweet was hard to swallow and was enough to make me stop scrolling through my timeline in search of… @nicolefv Who you talking to? @kwuchu I have and I have it running scripts, taking screenshots, and a few other things. P… @kwuchu I put some time into my Touch Bar and I like it. You have to customize it for you.
@mtodd Because I'm lazy and typing on my iPad. @girlsnamewillis @goinggodotnet @GoodyearBlimp Ha. That's what I was going to ask.