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The comic is super fun and your art gets better with every page. Sick action scenes. People should check it out 👀👀🔥🔥
@perpetua Scott Pilgrim's canon birthday september 27th. I didn't know anything about signs at the time, but I have… chill with us LIVE on my podcast PENCIL TO PENCIL this Saturday as we chop it up with Bryan Lee O'Malley! Like…
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@FelixComicArt @NAACP_LDF I'll match the donation up to $2000This @bryanleeomalley Ramona Flowers original art is being auctioned with all proceeds to benefit @NAACP_LDF. 9x12.…
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@2PointOhPodcast "You didn't know about camel case?" i'm dead (I didn't know about camel case either)
@andykhouri this back cover piece was made by @spookysquid... I've never been up there, maybe he has...
@edgarwright I just want to point out something you genuinely may have forgotten: you came up with an entire ACTION…“The Good News Is You’re Going To Live, The Bad News Is He’s Going To Kill You” ACTION DOCTOR. In Theatres Now.…
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such as twitter repliesI don't like looking at stuff that I don't like looking atMissed the #ScottPilgrim #WatchWithTheAcademy tweet-a-long? Have no fear! The amazing @Tim_Burgess & @andrewb1970 f…
Retweeted by Bryan Lee O'Malley10 years ago today the serious artistic masterpiece MACGRUBER premiered in theaters and bombed hard. I called up Wi…
Retweeted by Bryan Lee O'MalleyMe and Mary waiting to watch #ScottPilgrimvstheWorld for the first time on the big screen at @comiccon That was EP…
Retweeted by Bryan Lee O'Malley @edgarwright @THEOFFICIALHADA Oh dear lord. I think you would have to say indie because they don't have a garage(?)thanks to @TheAcademy for hosting this, thanks to @edgarwright @maebirdwing @evilhag @BrandonJRouth @likemark @Techdisk @netflix no worries! i know it's annoying, i'm with ya @Techdisk @netflix Are you replying this to me multiple times? I know it's not on netflix in canada... it got taken… this collection!! thank you's a wrap on our epic #WatchWithTheAcademy party of #ScottPilgrim! Very special thanks to @edgarwright,…
Retweeted by Bryan Lee O'Malley. @edgarwright remember you called me before reshoots worried I might be upset about this alt ending? Love it.…
Retweeted by Bryan Lee O'MalleyAnother scott pilgrim friends we made along the way benefit... it's not like I hang out with Chris Evans, it's been… you thought watching Scott Pilgrim from home was great, wait until it's back @DolbyCinema, only in theatres!…
Retweeted by Bryan Lee O'Malley @likemark @edgarwright the real genius was the friends we made along the way... @edgarwright Love you chief!We rejigged this ending after the original ending split the test audiences right down the middle. @bryanleeomalley
Retweeted by Bryan Lee O'Malley"I'm too cool for you anyway." Ultimately my favorite outcome from this is that I got to write a character like Kni… a part of the scott pilgrim movie was like going to summer camp with the coolest people ever. a super exhaust…’s a shot I took of the legendary Bill Pope who shot the film on ACTUAL FILM 💥💥💥 #WatchWithTheAcademy
Retweeted by Bryan Lee O'Malleythey should make a video game of scott pilgrim! #WatchWithTheAcademyi was on set for about a week of Chaos Theater setups. it was like being 10 inception levels deep #WatchWithTheAcademythis phone call scene was so iconic to me. I put a version of it in the books (it was in the movie script first).… was there when michael was thonking his head into the thing. I did a slate on that night. #WatchWithTheAcademythe little peace sign Schwartzman throws and the way @likemark smiles dreamily at him... #WatchWithTheAcademyjust kidding #WatchWithTheAcademyI’m settling this once and for all. YES THAT IS ME. THIS IS REAL LIFE. DEAL WITH IT. #ScottPilgrim
Retweeted by Bryan Lee O'Malleybring back the scott pilgrim game #bringbackthescottpilgrimgame #WatchWithTheAcademyHere’s a photo of Mike I forced him to take that night. #ScottPilgrimvstheWorld #WatchWithTheAcademy
Retweeted by Bryan Lee O'Malleyevery time we see the moon it has the crater in it from Todd's backstory. (in the comic it has 2 craters for simila… drew all of Stephen's GIANT game plan drawings. They were stressful because they were so big and i had to draw th…"I feel like we just washed our sexy laundry in public" #WatchWithTheAcademy"if i was scott pilgrim i'd be so embarrassed right now" -- someone in the background #WatchWithTheAcademythe 2nd phase of the Roxy fight was based on the story "free scott pilgrim" where Ramona helps him fight Winifred H…"kick her in the balls" thank you kieran #WatchWithTheAcademyI love love love Mae's costume. Such a way cooler interpretation of whatever it was i drew in the book. #WatchWithTheAcademyi was there on that day for that scene! *the scene already went by* #WatchWithTheAcademythis is the real Pizza Pizza down the street from all the other stuff in the neighborhood. The real place where peo… does ENVY do the thing with her mouth?? #WatchWithTheAcademyTHE SHOT WHERE HE'S FLYING AND THERE'S A HOLE IN THE WALL BUT INSTEAD HE WALKS IN THE DOOR... @BrandonJRouth Is Perfect #WatchWithTheAcademyhow do you convey bass cinematically? Duh... with CUPS #WatchWithTheAcademyi looooove the CG elements and the floating cups in the bass battle. Such a cool idea. There are a ludicrous number… dialogue is so boring, scott's friends LEAVE"She gets weekends off. So... Monday... right?" #WatchWithTheAcademy"She dusts"... And then the scene KEEPS GOING @likemark @BrandonJRouth You've had superpowers for a long long timeBrie Larson's first camera test in costume was one of the few times I got to stand behind the camera, and I remembe… 19 year old @brielarson absolutely killing it as Envy Adams. NINETEEN! #ScottPilgrim #WatchWithTheAcademy
Retweeted by Bryan Lee O'MalleyTo this day, Toronto people don't believe me when I tell them this Lee's Palace was a complete set on a soundstage.…"she has to go. she knows we suck" -- LOL #WatchWithTheAcademySex bob-omb playing "I'm so Indefatigable" (which is something they sing in the books)... Beck looked at my books a…"is the news that we suck? because i really don't think i could take it" #WatchWithTheAcademyRamona's hair in this coffee shop scene looks the best in the whole movie i think #WatchWithTheAcademy...and then we did go for beers. #LucasLee 🍻 #WatchWithTheAcademy #ScottPilgrimvstheWorld @ChrisEvans
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Retweeted by Bryan Lee O'MalleyHow IS she doing that with her mouth? #WatchWithTheAcademy"It's Scott" "what did he do this time?" #WatchWithTheAcademy"I'd love to postpone, darlin'..." this whole scene. fucking @maebirdwingyeah the billboards for The L Word (Showtime tv show) were all over Toronto and I remember I didn't know what the L… remember the "wow" reaction scenes were a reshoot! soooo funny. #WatchWithTheAcademyBread makes you fat
Retweeted by Bryan Lee O'Malleythe last time most of the SP gang all hung out together was at @ChrisEvans's apartment in London while he was shoot… Lucas Lee fight was the first semi-complete sequence Edgar showed me. Obviously it ruled. This whole experience…"some competish you are" *spray spray* #WatchWithTheAcademy"He had snot in his nose? But he's famous!" #WatchWithTheAcademy @edgarwright Wait a minute, this is a concept drawing. Holy shit. @edgarwright Is this a real BTS shot? Holy shit.the whole whiny haircut scene is literally me every time i need a haircut. That's why this movie is art... because… The stills shoot for @CHRISEVAN’s Lucas Lee posters were indeed epic. Who wouldn’t want to see all of these?…
Retweeted by Bryan Lee O'MalleyI don't remember how I did the math on 431 days. I hate math #WatchWithTheAcademyCheck out how close this is to the boards for this scene. Animation and all. #ScottPilgrim #WatchWithTheAcademy
Retweeted by Bryan Lee O'MalleyMichael's performance of the acoustic Ramona song and the way he loses steam as he goes on... it's priceless #WatchWithTheAcademyI like Blue Hair Ramona is the best Ramona. #ScottPilgrim #WatchWithTheAcademy
Retweeted by Bryan Lee O'Malley @themicmacmarco i quit twitter for several years. i used to have a respectable amount of followers. i just got back on for this!Blue hair Ramona is my favorite Ramona. Maybe? I can't decide. #WatchWithTheAcademywhen he asks if dinner at Knives's house would be chinese food. I die every time. I wrote it and it makes me laugh. #WatchWithTheAcademyI still have some of those fake alt weeklies with Chris Evans and Brie Larson on the covers. Love love love. #WatchWithTheAcademyThe year after the first Pirates of the Carribean came out (late 2003). In 2004 it was a new movie. I never thought… did I write this... What happened in my brain #WatchWithTheAcademyAnna saying "What?!" #WatchWithTheAcademyshout out to whoever had to clean the floor in between fight takes! especially later on when there's coins everywhe…'s so much powder in this fight #WatchWithTheAcademyThis song garbage truck rules #WatchWithTheAcademy It's like exactly the kind of song my early 2000s bands wished we could write"This IS a nightmare" music cue #WatchWithTheAcademy @edgarwright @AnnaKendrick47 My favorite Anna shot in this sequence is just the "WTF" look she gives when the fight… many shots in the Rockit sequence are straight from the comic. @edgarwright was obsessed with this book. #WatchWithTheAcademyThe Scott Pilgrim parka belonged to Schwartzman? Am I remembering that right? I think he brought his parka from whe… love how the bass comes up in the mix when the small floating scott appears playing bass. #WatchWithTheAcademy#WatchWithTheAcademyi drew the art on the tea mugs (I do NOT know why)"By Your Side" by Sade, covered by Beachwood Sparks. I got Edgar hooked on this tune in the early days #WatchWithTheAcademy