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Ryan Benno @BryanRenno The Southland, CA

Senior Environment Artist @Monomipark / Prev: Insomniac, Telltale / co-host of @EnvArtPodcast / 199X / Ryan not Bryan / He/Him / Dodger Fan

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@heytred Same but she's got that personable approach and yeah she knows what it's like for many Americans and has s…, if the first gamer president is a Puerto Rican woman, that would be poetry. @lolomansilla90 Omg it looks like they might win???? I dong know how to feel about this??????Plus a playoff game that was less than 4 hours is the best#Dodgers 3 to go @csammart I'm loving it and the quotes I missI'm flipping between the World Series and this AoC stream and this is the most fun I've had all year @three_delite Ugh I know and now this inning....When you’re winning:
Retweeted by Ryan BennoThe Rays just seem happy to be there but the Dodgers have that purpose. Its one game but this has a very different feel.
Retweeted by Ryan BennoOh no. The Dodgers might win the World Series??? @TheGreen_Ghost Taco Bell is giving away tacos in a few days because Mookie Betts stole a base in the world seriesEveryone can thank Mookie for that tacoGlasnow does not look good on the moundToe tapsNot only do I want the Dodgers to win this first WS game (duh) but I also want Glasnow to lose. Cause Hart High sucks. Valencia Vikings!AOC is streaming Among Us. Go check it out and support.
ha ha this sucks man. Whats the point of having a bubble for players when you will just let fans stand around like… @lookitskelvin That OC crowd, man. @ChronoKatie But there's no Chrono Trigger on it California theme park COVID restrictions seem really reasonable to me, so its really frustrating to see the amount of rage about it. @JamesStevenson I saw they were doing this during the LDS, when it was 100 degrees out here and games started at 3. Big Yikes.$75 to feel like your parking and leaving the hellscape that is the Dodger Stadium parking lot, with no access to f…
Retweeted by Ryan BennoThe show at the parks is fantastic so getting a full land built around it is pretty cool. The film has a lot of fun… am here for Water World getting the respect it deserves. Theres something unbelievable about all the attractions… saw the announcement trailer for the new Universal Park in Beijing and they're getting a themed land based on Water World. It's 2021. @Rick_Lesley @missmechazero Between this and the chance they all sign up for the sequel, its all real exciting! shit lives changed and lost because of the inaction and unwillingness to act to improve the lives of people. The amo… the Pete Souza doc about his time as Obama's photographer, and there's a segment about Sandy Hook. And thi… just opened up again for this weekend! If there are any BIPOC interested please let me know!
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This just opened up again for this weekend! If there are any BIPOC interested please let me know! @gameism I'd rather watch the Martin Short conception film than go on itThere's a lot of great stories surrounding this pavilion but one little one I'll share is about how Pete Doctor wor… @ChappellTracker Me too! That whole exterior facade area they've built out looks awesome too. @vonkoz Yeah I see a lot of people saying that. I only went on it once and dont remember much of it other than it was underwhelming.If you're looking for some BANGING 80's new age and ambient music, Wonders of Life has you covered. @ChappellTracker Yeah I got a small spell of it once last year too. I've never gotten motion sickness from a ride b… @ChappellTracker Yeah I dont think I could handle it now if I went on it. @gameism It's kind of crazy to think they didnt do more work to fix it. I think it was popular for a few years after it opened? @ChappellTracker I just looked this up. A small kid died (possibly) from it. She had a heart condition and passed out. @gameism I went on it once or twice and just remember being underwhelmed, but never motion sick. I have heard stori… Pavilion had several revisions and what we eventually got is both a time capsule of the era it was made in and… had an incredibly ambitious dark ride that would have you travel within the human body. Sadly, they found that c… pavilion hosted nine attractions, the most of any. A focus on life and health, it was the last major pavilion t…'s the anniversary for the now defunct Epcot pavilion, Wonders of Life. It's one of the strangest pavilions, with… @colorblindmess This is so scary. Sorry Davison. Sending you good thoughts throughout this😍 I'm still surprised when I see folks on my feed being excited to buy/play Cyberpunk, after all of CDPR's transp…
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Retweeted by Ryan BennoThis is the best Dodger team I've ever seen. Mookie puts them over the top but also the depth of that pitching. Eve… Disguisto is going to the World Series!! @composinghannah @lolomansilla90 @three_delite @VincentPerea More anxiety for the next week+! Series babyyyyyyyyyyyy More. @VincentPerea More. Outs. @VincentPerea The next two innings are going to be an hour at leastBringing it back @VincentPerea I have some faith but this game...cant believe its only the 6th @aaronlinde Congrats!!!Mookie Betts is unreal. Same spot as last night2020 is draining but MLB playoffs has drained years of my life awayI dont know who is going to win game 7 but ill tell you something I know: I will never not question whether Danby S… has a space in each stadium called the bullpen, where pitchers are usually throughout a game. It should re…
The peach emoji has tainted James and the Giant Peach for me @HC_Jones Found it! The quality is bad but it's it. This opening is wild to see now @HC_Jones Wooo! Go us. Yeah I found this article which I totally remember @HC_Jones Okay found the cartoon! But yeah its not the same song. I want to say it was a valentines day special tha… @HC_Jones Yeah I know what you're talking about. I also have a strong memory of this. I think its disney and might… if the Dodgers don't win, we all win because of the Astros losing. Even 2020 couldn't handle them going back t… @Jehutysan @MeshModeler Don't you have season passes? The best park is already openedGame 7
Mookie Betts is unrealWhoever did this, please share your credit. Cant find reliable source looking up this image :( @Justinoaksford Looked around and did some searches. Nothing :( There's someone on redbubble selling prints but the… @Justinoaksford I'm trying to find it. I want a print of this @zemthings The latter for sure. These idiots are waving American flags and holding "Recall Newsom" signs. @StevieJoyCole Yesss absolutely! Celebrating getting out of hell @StevieJoyCole Rocket me to the EU so I can at least go to a Disney park thats openOrange County people are a whole other kind of weirdos miss the parks too, but come on here. Why are these people here? Focus on getting us out of this rather than the… MISSED the Will Smith on Will Smith action?Reminder
Retweeted by Ryan BennoWe’re so inured to this now. And it’s so fucked up.
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The great bursts of progress under Lincoln, FDR, and LBJ, happened not because those they were deeply progressive m…
Retweeted by Ryan Benno @saltyhag If I didnt know people still working on that, who needed jobs, I'd gaslight him. Garbage person. @SEchouafni presents this to the partner, who doesnt like that it looks nothing like the established art direction. He res… towards a deadline on a project I was art directing. A few days out from deadline, boss hired two external a…