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Solutions Consultant @Ionicframework. Former iOS Dev @Zendesk. Graduate of @UWMadison. Opinions are my own. #GoPackGo #OnWisconsin

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Hey #Product Twitter 👋 I’m conducting a #research project at the intersection of #ProductManagement &…
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@dotNetkow The day after Valentine’s? 🧐Steaks and cookies for Valentines. Gotta treat yourselves sometime 😍
@paulpaultweets Fish fry is best fry. Usually includes French fries.
#GoLakeshore!!! @elylucas @NintendoAmerica Yeah, well, dock it anyway. 😃Anyone else wish @NintendoAmerica’s Switch supported 4K when hooked up to a TV? I sure do😔 @mhartington @adamdbradley've just released an early version of `gh`, a new open source command-line tool for GitHub. Try it out and let u…
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Cobweb-Covered Skeleton Gripping Senate Desk Expected To Seek 15th Term
Retweeted by Bryant PlanoICYMI: @KevinConroyCEO shared three strategic principles that have guided our team in pursuit of our mission to pro…
Retweeted by Bryant PlanoIf there was a frozen / iced coffee out there that *truly* tasted like a GS thin mint cookie and not like flavored…“‘The rock is old,’ I say to my son. ‘But you and the rock are really the same age: around 13.8 billion years old –…
Retweeted by Bryant Plano @jcesarmobile Much the same as a life in support / success 😉
Apple just launched Swift Playgrounds on macOS! 🥳 A Catalyst-based port of the iPad app - with the same wonderfull…
Retweeted by Bryant Plano @carolineradaj @wphsu I love the Mine. The Philly Cheesesteak is phenomenal! @giocalitri @amazon Curious to see how this goesIONIC 5 IS HERE! 🎉 The biggest design update ever in the history of Ionic: ✓ New iOS & Android component designs…
Retweeted by Bryant Plano @MebeSoco @ChickfilA @dunkindonuts Or... take two donuts and stick chicken between them 🤯Greetings from #UWHoth
Retweeted by Bryant PlanoI would love to get @ChickfilA and @dunkindonuts together to combine CFA’s Cookie Milkshake and Dunkin’s coffee. It…
@mhartington @AngularToronto 100% read this as Angular Tomato 🍅 @carolineradaj This hit us leaving our last apartment... how does plastic cost that much? “Because it’s hard and ne…
@RickDReyer It’ll be better once we have an AWD vehicle to get us out of the driveway 😂I have zero problems snow blowing or shoveling. I think it’s fun to go out in the winter, even just to do a little… @sarpsolakoglu @DarkSkyApp I actually just got in from snow blowing and shoveling. We had about half a foot of snow… @sarpsolakoglu @DarkSkyApp Wait @sarpsolakoglu, that also begs the question... do you really *need* a weather app?… @sarpsolakoglu @DarkSkyApp BUT YOU NEED TO KNOWSome spots in Waunakee with 3-4” of snow on the ground already (drifts mostly). Snow expected to continue throughout the day! ❄️
@GregTracy Agreed. It would be very interesting to hear them all respond to “Why are you the perfect candidate for this position?”
A huge tower of ice—which scientists say was at least 130 feet high—split from the William Glacier and crashed into…
Retweeted by Bryant PlanoLight snow at times for eastern WI later today and Saturday. Heavier snow will arrive for Sunday with heavy accumul…
Retweeted by Bryant Plano @dunkindonuts @dunkindonuts - I see you’re planning upgrades to your brewing equipment in some stores… Don’t forget the little Wa… it just me or does the WhatsApp UI feel stuck in the 2000s chat realm zone?Feb. 6, 2011: Super Bowl XLV Champions 🏆 #TBT | #GoPackGo
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A N G U L A R v9 IS RELEASED !!! My top 3 new features: 1️⃣ much smaller bundles 2️⃣ improved errors and call…
Retweeted by Bryant PlanoWhat a week so far! 💥 the Ionic release 🚂 going! Ionic 5 Release Candidate Ionic CLI v6 Capacitor v1.5 Ionicons v5 It's only Fe…
Retweeted by Bryant PlanoToday, we are thrilled to announce... 🚀 IONICONS V5 🚀 💅 Over 1200 hand crafted icons 🎉 Three distinct form varia…
Retweeted by Bryant Plano😂😍 @jthoms1 @kickapoocoffee +1 ☕️
Oh boy, Xcode 11.4 is a big one: - Test only dependencies with SwiftPM 🎉 - Push notifications and easy cert install…
Retweeted by Bryant Plano @DaneCoJoe @MadBikeTraffic @TownofWestport @BikeFed Excellent stuff! Can’t wait to see more bike paths. 👍🏻 🚲Excited to announce beginning of construction on next phase of off road bike trail to parallel HWY M between Middle…
Retweeted by Bryant Plano @sjresnick Agreed - love my Casper as well. Arguably the best (and probably most sensible) purchase I’ve made in th… to combine its Windows client and hardware teams under Chief Product Officer Panos Panay:
Retweeted by Bryant PlanoToday... is a big day.BREAKING: DHS confirms the first cause of coronavirus in Wisconsin. The patient was tested at UW Health University…
Retweeted by Bryant Plano @benjsperry From an ice cold natural mountain spring. 💧 @carolineradaj Their dogs are adorable! 😍Bit of snow coming for the Madison area tonight! ❄️ 1-3 inches expected.Light snow for southeast WI late tonight and Thursday. 1-3 inches forecast. #swiwx
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@mhartington I was totally expecting a star tracking app. I apologize. Naming is hard.How am I only 29 years old and yet I have back pain? Must’ve been all that shoveling I did in January 😂 @elylucas Twitter has a terrible UI @elylucas Lol miserable fail on my part @elylucas Long enough @elylucas Took youMove over Ionic CLI, there's a new CLI in town. Introducing the N E W Ionic CLI 🎉🎉🎉 npm install @ionic/cli Why th…
Retweeted by Bryant PlanoGeneral Mills to relaunch the cookie-and-frosting Dunkaroos snack, selling 1990s nostalgia.
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Capacitor 1.5.0 has been released! Featuring: ⚙️ Push Notification, Toast, & Local Notification updates 🐞 Squashed…
Retweeted by Bryant PlanoHappy Monday! 😁 @KenSodemann We really do 😁
Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone. #SuperBowlLIV @mhartington And this is a problem why? 😉I’m convinced that Turtle Chex Mix could be a lot better.
@jthoms1 Damn! Missed the memo!One year since Milwaukee saw -40 degree wind chills. Polar vortex was rough, was much colder up north....@JJWatt shows off the touchdown dance that Justin Timberlake choreographed for him #FallonTonight
Retweeted by Bryant PlanoTomorrow is gonna be nice. Sleeping in 😴 @carolineradaj Good choice!
It’s Friday! Time to spend some time just Off the Rails @lonegirlbrewing😮 you work with truly good people, you build relationships beyond just customer & customer service. In some case… far today has been good news 👍🏻 hoping to keep it going! is all about 🤞 it ❤️ @nkartos @maxlynch This
#ForwardHAPPENING NOW: The village of Black Earth is without power. The Wisconsin Heights School District will be closing e…
Retweeted by Bryant Plano“Heading into uncharted space.” “It’s not uncharted, you *lost* the charts.” #Futurama up high, you can see everything that makes Madison such an amazing city. #MadisonWI #Madison
Retweeted by Bryant PlanoAs a consultant, I'm seeing an epidemic: Companies are wasting millions by giving developers slow laptops. Today…
Retweeted by Bryant PlanoMadison, we did it. For the first time ever, we've drawn a home game in the @opencup! 🏆
Retweeted by Bryant PlanoToday is definitely begging for tomorrow already...
My main man @dotNetkow dropping the @Ionicframework knowledge! Check out the new fundamentals tutorial - full of ex… @benjsperry @maxlynch I fully support this. FMA: Brotherhood is fantastic.Physical disc: $20. Digital download: $50. 12 months after release. Should not be allowed. #DigitalDepreciation @RickDReyer 😮What if health insurance covered gym memberships? 🤔HEY MAJORS YA WANNA DRIVE THE WIENERMOBILE?
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Tomorrow could be a very, very big day. And Friday. Rollercoaster year you’ve been so far, 2020...
@jthoms1 @MadCapsHockey 😍 would’ve left with one. My wife wants a dog and I love labs! @dotNetkow Wait wait wait. Gargoyles is on Disney+?! 😮😮😮
So sad to hear about #KobeBryant - absolute legend in the NBA. We also shared a name, which I always thought was pr…
Good week.#Forward