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Joe Lipsett @bstolemyremote Toronto, Ontario

Film critic. Queer. Horror. Movies. Or all three. Bylines: @BDisgusting, @consequence, @spool_the, @aoas_xx, @thisisgrimmag Pods: @HorrorQueers / #HKHSPod

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Honestly? Modern day #kingdomnetflix vibes @AFinalBoy Size queen @AlexJoseWiggins J. Lo / Jon Voigt /Kari Wuhrer original. Friday, 8pm EST @BrooksaJoshua @GaylyDreadful 😥 You're in a better place now @HauntedMeg @neuroticmonkey Co-sign. It's minor Deutch (back when she was slogging through terrible YA adaptations)… @BrooksaJoshua @GaylyDreadful Ok, but who are you each playing? @GaylyDreadful I'm a sucker for film's that have a really good grasp of tone. But also this humour is really up my… @GaylyDreadful I can't help it that I'm always right (I'm actually lazy. I need others to make me do stuff) @AlexJoseWiggins Broken record time: a lot of the best creature features are comedies, so don't be afraid of seekin… @happyhellnight Looks like Friday on VOD. You can get a 5 day rental and support @salemhorrorfest here: @AlexJoseWiggins Good on you for giving him a crash course edu-ma-cation @GaylyDreadful This is why you make a Bucket List and make people hold you accountable. 😏 @AlexJoseWiggins 🙌🐊🐊🐊Ok, that was legitimately very amusing and exceedingly charming. Very representative of my comedic tastesLet's get funny (and Irish) #NowWatching: #ExtraOrdinary @HauntedMeg @Jonatha80958138 SQUID! @AlexJoseWiggins OMG that spelling. Torrance is not a cheer tater tot! 🤣Need a refresher on what's going down on @FreeformTV's #Motherland before tonight's new episode? Then hit up my rev…
@AlexJoseWiggins Ugh, lucky bitch @AlexJoseWiggins Celebrating its 20th this year, baby!Oh man. I know he had a lot fans from Fountains of Wayne, but to me Adam Schlesinger was the man who (co)wrote some… @SmallDarkThings Maybe your subconscious is telling you to share more? @TaylorDherty She was doing “mask, but make it fashion” long before everyone else!No theatrical? No problem! @TracedThurman and I are taking the opportunity to dig into films we would normally nev… @dedecrim Ladies in film? In this economy?! @FinaStarGuard @PMDMKE @JohnnyPHreak Ahhh. That makes much more this a threat? @HauntedMeg That title is A+ @JohnnyPHreak It does! I'm just confused because the press release I saw suggested it was only for a limited time @salemhorrorfest Thanks for the hook-up! 😍Watched this yesterday. Lots of fun beats and solid humour, particularly if you know anything about Salem (or touri… @Kingcannibal12 @HorrorQueers @TracedThurman About four to five years beforeCan anyone confirm for me if NEVER RARELY SOMETIMES ALWAYS will only be available this weekend (48 hrs)? If true, that seems...misguided @CarrieCnh12 Yuuup. Canadians just like to pretend that it's better than other countries. Lots of thriving racism,… @smashtraves Consider yourself booked for #HKHSPod with me and @brennacgray before @Winemovienerd tries to lock you down for @MpodcastM @smashtraves "He doesn't have friends. He has followers." inspired 🥴 @beenotbea Oof - the bad one @iamcorey1978 @JordanApps Or apples. Or better yet, apple edibles @FakeShemp @HatefulJosh Oh yeah - I like that one @JordanApps In Dreams is a hot mess and must be seen to be believed @Winemovienerd You’ve adopted a cat with taste! @Winemovienerd Animal abuse @FakeRobHunter You cruel bastard @FakeRobHunter I mean, Lord of Illusions is just preaching to the choir @jnordell She’s one of my faves / hopefuls to make the finalePinhead en Androgyne @AFinalBoy I have weird fever dream memories of this one @Jinx1981 She invented it @TimOLearyOnline @OutCastsPod That’s kind of the least surprising one, isn’t it? @itsrainingbrens @ShaneM_Anderson People are going to flip when they find out where Ma’s basement really is @smashtraves Living on that Jessica Biel, 7th Heaven moolah
@renedugar Wait...was it...? @cody_landman @TracedThurman @jcolburnlevy Legit can't handle the family stuff - it makes me tear up every.single.episode @HauntedMeg He's got a bit of a lazy eye, no? @jennyleighx33 I just ask the questions. You had to bring the quality answers! 😘New on my #HorrorBucketList: @jennyleighx33 walks me through her (very on-brand) obsession with 2009's Thirst. Dig… @DerekSykes17 What can I say? I like cats @DerekSykes17 Are you my husband? Because he's constantly trying to do just that... @katienconnell I've never actually seen it, but I would recognize that cat most anywhere @katienconnell Hausu? @dd_toronto @TheKaufmann A gaaaaay film 😏 @LightisFading Leftovers!Very excited to do another tweet-along with @TracedThurman and the HQ folks (plus @drunkencinemaTO, who did the dri… @danirat I am a fan, but that's far more @TracedThurman's bag. He likes 'em cute and pocket-sizedFor #TransDayOfVisibility, I'm going to promote @razorfemme, whose Fierce Femmes... was one of the best YA books I…, this is some REVENGE! meets Into The Blue nonsense. And yet...I still feel like @TracedThurman and I will enjo… @SmallDarkThings I haven't listened to the pod, but yes - their relationship is integral. I liked the production de… @GaylyDreadful @TracedThurman He looks like someone who would talk about it endlessly (yeah, I said what I said!) @SmallDarkThings Have you watched the show w/t Julia Roberts? (It's adapted from this)Today on #HKHSPod: @brennacgray and I tackle S-E-X in #YALit. Prompted by reactions to recent books, we tackle the… @lenadolll But also that's not real... @Winemovienerd @GaylyDreadful @HorrorQueers I tend to picture the Beatles Abbey Road cover - only with cartoon animalsGuys, I thought we agreed to take Laura's computer away from her when she gets high! on Blu today is #StarWars #theriseofskywalker. I reviewed the film in Dec and while allowing the 3 leads to int… @jennferatu Progress!Hmm, may have discussed this recently @RealDonMancini Hey! Down in front!Alright #Pooka, let's see how you fare in the sequel! @Horrorellablog Proper edition or terrible remake edition? @chrisopotamia @charlesrockhill Betrayal of the highest order
@JoshuaTonks I can't even... @GaylyDreadful I don’t make the rules! Just get it on video and throw it up on the OnlyFans account @GaylyDreadful That’s just a fourgy, TerryWhat - and I cannot stress this enough - the fuck is this? @FilmClickbait Sadly even more reputable sites aren’t immune @pollyprissypant There’s a new one coming to Acorn next month (maybe?) with David Tennant and Cush Jumbo called Dea… @FinaStarGuard Arabic practice? Do tell! @rachel_is_here #OnBrand @GaylyDreadful @DavidLawsonJr me this: under quarantine your house is... @GaylyDreadful Gotta make money somehow @MichaelVarrati @encyclophobia Ewww Michael @encyclophobia Penetrative even @laura_digi You know you're not supposed to watch it alone, right? @Winemovienerd Loving this for you! @brianinbfield @TracedThurman @CecilBaldwinIII Do it! It's still plenty of fun! @mctherrien But don’t touch your face!Thank god to #HKHSPod listeners and, more specifically, @brennacgray