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@TheCoachAdair @coreyandreasen @iratcross @dinachka82 @kjlcole They make their own. I just show them how to create… @TheCoachAdair @coreyandreasen @iratcross @dinachka82 @kjlcole Make a playlist. this is your playlist for class tod… @dinachka82 when I used to have classes this applied to (most of my course is hands-on now) I used to teach them ho…
@Maire_from_NJ only most of the bottles don't contain any actual liquid, they just look like bottles, and the say Palind Sprung @BrianRSmithSr @ToutouleNtoya @tchrtesol @EdPsychMama @mochamomma @CitiCoach @carr_8 @AliciaJohal @msEdtechie @ToscaKilloran @mrbgilson @Maire_from_NJ Thank you for illustrating that point way better than I was trying to do! @mrbgilson @Maire_from_NJ @ToscaKilloran I felt uncomfortable asking friends to buy stuff for my classroom, knowing… @Maire_from_NJ @ToscaKilloran Exactly, I mean if you want to and can afford to do that for other people, more power…
@noyi @RutgersIISA @reginaschaffer @EdTechMaker @theteachernme @DrDanaWalker @kreissteach @KeyannaMichelle @josuefalaise @RutgersIISA It was my pleasure. I hope this is the beginning of incredible growth and opportunity for all of us together.Today marked a day in history as @RutgersIISA partnered w/ Princeton Hive to begin PD services in India starting 20…
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Still love this tweet from @btcostello05! Take care of each other! #upliftedu
Retweeted by Brian @BieberJessicaL Thank you for resharing this @difilippoapush @Maire_from_NJ Yes, a complete lack of human/80s sports car hybrids. But alive heard good things. S… @difilippoapush @Maire_from_NJ Spoiler alert. The Mandelorian is not at all about a hybrid between and Man and a De…
@educator_kari Hi Kari, thanks for following, I’m looking forward to learning from you and being a part of your education journey
Check this out 👇🏻share your stories with us @btcostello05 #escapedunlocked
Retweeted by BrianHey friends, @Mrs_Koppers and I are looking for some great stories from other teachers experiences with escape room… @TopKnotsNLattes Can I pre-order one? @Maire_from_NJ I find I am doing the same @Maire_from_NJ You are above average, some might say advanced. I think my self-destruction will be far more methodical @Maire_from_NJ It takes most people years to do any of those things @amydownsamy Of course. And it’s not for me about positive or negative, just that there are real differences betwee… @amydownsamy It was in mine. When important decisions for the direction of the school we’re made, I had input. Whe… we #educate hasn’t fundamentally changed for 100s of year, but innovations in #AI, #VR, #AR, #5G, & #BCI will f…
Retweeted by Brian @amydownsamy It’s not about diminishing it. In some ways I am helped by the financial support I get from the larger… @amydownsamy And this was the case through several stages of culture. I also had the ability to impact that culture… @teachsarahvand @techcoachjuarez @amydownsamy Size. I was the department. I didn’t need to convince 3 layers of admin that something was good. I h… @techcoachjuarez Its over? #cvtechtalk enough to be honest. #cvtechtalk I’ve used tons of things in the past but if any of you have classes that want to participate as judges for our d… @kat_goyette #cvtechtalk it’s important to see professionals, especially ones that look like you, but I am also hesitant in a community w… @amydownsamy It does matter. I can connect with kids anywhere, but in one school I can create new ideas and tailor… @kat_goyette Facts #cvtechtalk I think it’s a lot easier to see how it changes your school if you’ve lived from multiple perspectives. My curre… @CrazySciTeach I used to be able to walk into the superintendents office, day, I want to do this, then do it. Chang… are in a pretty good spot with size. While creating change is challenging it’s not impossible, also, we are able… @techcoachjuarez #cvtechtalk @kat_goyette #cvtechtalk My first thought is @techcoachjuarez Wait, Carmen San Diego? #cvtechtalk @m_drez @KatieJMcNamara @JaimeDonally @steve_bambury @VRWorldSociety @StanfordVR @thevrpodcast @MikeMcCready
You can't see Caillou's Eyes at the bottom of the screen looking at me @msameliavee Hi Amelia, nice to meet you here in the twitterverse. Looking forward to learning from you and being a… @MissMaraOBrien I apologize in advance 😂 But seriously, always great to meet new teachers from Rider @MissMaraOBrien Nice to meet you, I am looking forward to learning with you and sharing in your journey toward educationHappy #NationalKindnessDay One drop of kindness is all it takes. @jeffreykubiak #onedropofkindness my kids if they used Clthe Caillou theme song for the dance contest they’d fail. One of them shared this doc w…
@Kathryn_Kellogg There are very few things you can do for yourself more valuable than building a support system of… @korytellers @TopKnotsNLattes @BMEsTalk @ErinLGarcia1 @TWhycast @JWilliamsEDU
Retweeted by BrianOfficial word from Google about the audio feature for slides. All users should see it by end of November.…
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@the_edu_table Often there was less availability. We didn't have as many devices or as much connecting to them. So…
@TheWeirdTeacher @edutinker @apptasticteach @tiktok_us So I should bag my Rubik’s cube and pog assignments @Mrs_Koppers @dbc_inc @edu_match @froehlichm @brentcoley @casas_jimmy @Joe_Sanfelippo @TaraMartinEDU
@iratcross Keep sharing your light my friend
@TopKnotsNLattes Not yet... @Maire_from_NJ I see that, & in the short term, it will run that way. Then the next wave of teacher bashing about h… @Maire_from_NJ So I know the bill suggests no increased workload for teachers, but once kids are there, do you real… isn’t deep, or witty, or funny; it’s simple. Check in on some friends this week. Reach out. Let them know you…
Retweeted by Brian @TheWeirdTeacher I did this a few times when the power went out. I like tying it to the book fair. That’s a great idea
@JCasaTodd of birthdays to my friend and one of my favorite people in the twitterverse. @JCasaTodd
@thelaceylondon I’m honestly debating this tonight.
@four4thefire @sjsbates @sjsbates @four4thefire It’s been a #gasstationsushi kind of day
@folk_horror @neilhimself @davidmbarnett @Markgatiss @ReeceShearsmith It’s worth the read. One of my favorites. @wmchamberlain to have been given the opportunity to share at one of NJ's best tech conferences with @NJECC for two fun an…
@MsVictoriaOlson @cdavids51 Hey, meet @TopKnotsNLattes who has not only been through this, but is a huge advocate a… is just sand that majored in musical theater
Retweeted by BrianHere we f*cking go.
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@rebelpioneer @ebruenig Well I have half a brain, so yeah @rebelpioneer @ebruenig Long walks on the beach @melanie_korach How do we know someone deserves or doesn’t our words? It could easily be your words that reach them at just that time.
@RusulAlrubail I used to love writing at night but the opportunities I have are so few and far between that when I… you want to learn more about @CoSpaces_Edu you should connect w @btcostello05 and @TLJamesA Listen to James on…
Retweeted by BrianMinor refresh to the #VR display and thanks to iPhone 11 Pro Max wide-angle lens, can fit them all in easily 😎
Retweeted by Brian @WiseDad_Games Of course, in reality, I am needed much more at home recently. It has to be the priority for my fami… @Crazedladychron It is challenging, I tend to base it situationally. What prompts the language and how was it direc… @Crazedladychron I find that oftentimes I have more important battles to fight. It, of course, depends on the situ… all my writer friends out there, how do you create effective pockets of time to work when your life schedule cha… @ChristinaMLuce @korytellers @mmedevries Yes, I am finding a lot of them, though I tend to get the reverse. 😳 @TheCoachAdair @korytellers I also read that 😂 @SturmDon @Buncee @AndreaKnepp1 @Miss_Millburg @MsShoreELA @HoffmanLee @mrspierz709 @livliteracy @CasieMac1 @RafranzDavis @korytellers Twitter knows I like cookies🤔 @bakerhhhs @TheWeirdTeacher Same, and the recent update putting lists on my home screen to slide between... perfect.
@rebelpioneer They have hot yoga, beer yoga, rage yoga, why not riverdale in bed yoga. Start a trend. @rebelpioneer I mean yoga can basically be Anything it seems. So 🤷‍♂️ @rebelpioneer Is t that also a form of yoga? @btcostello05 @sarahdateechur @korytellers What amazing advice! I am really interested in learning but also support…
Retweeted by Brian @korytellers @EMercedLearning @AmyWassmann @TheWeirdTeacher Of course, nobody needs to offer apologies. Thanks for… @EMercedLearning @AmyWassmann Digging trenches was the labor of creating the places where they would hide from shel… @AmyWassmann @EMercedLearning No need to apologize, I have never heard anyone refer to the trenches as in places of… @AmyWassmann @EMercedLearning Can we all please stop referring to classrooms as trenches? I know I am cherrypicking… @EDplorations avoid just following people because of who they are, follow people who are willing to engage you, ans… @MenInBlazers This is Gggreat news. Now ggget him in the startinggg lineup in NovemberHow to Improve the Accessibility of Videos and Slides Used in Your Classroom
Retweeted by BrianI’ll also be adding in some non-education things because I like talk about writing and soccer. But don’t worry, Eve…