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Logging off. I've done enough bad posts for one night I'll leave you with this - when I saw this post I immediatel… @computers_bad 2020 mlb rules, each party gets to start their half inning with a senator on second base @AntonioDramsci Best eulogy I've seen yet @Spencer_Durrant Wait wait wait is this how you met your wife? @Skorishism Ok so now this is what I'm pulling for @Aftermath8 But if there are legal challenges to be heard for anything that led up to such a tie... like if there's a year 2000 situation...What if 269-269 electoral tie Supreme Court locked at 8 @myster Is this about Seth @Lambchops4Truth No she did too many Xanax at a Miami Heat watch party and now she's taking the dirt napHoney I can't help with bedtime for the kids. No. I'm chatting with a mutual about trees. @housetrotter Wisconsin used to be chock full of paper birch but they're much harder to find nowadays. Was a huge d… @housetrotter A beautiful wood. Useful, too. Not the sturdiness of oak nor the malleability of maple but damned good.Can't imagine the fascists taking power, better just turn things over to the military lol @dzavac13 David I have bad news for you @NBAcouchside CONGRATULATIONS DUDERuth Bader-Ginsburg and her dog, Scrappy Doo, have been found dead in Miami
@bridgietherease I haven't encountered the term "cultural maintenance" before, that's a very intriguing concept. Al… @BTH_Bill could say the same re: cultural maintenance with respect to glorifying heroin in the PacNW. once you see…
Retweeted by bill @bridgietherease Oh I'll talk about the Bank of Credit and Commerce International until you're blue in the face @a______rr Man maybe, I don't know. @ErnstHemingwavy I don't know. Maybe.I hope tonight I dream of a Patrice O'Neal comedy set about Trump and coronavirus he would've loved this shitGod i miss Patrice O'Neal. I love Radiohead but this is all just so spot on. found out that this guy’s dad was not only director of MI6, but David’s brother was arrested for heroin traffi…
Retweeted by billyeah I'm definitely thinking these guys are beyond suspicion
Retweeted by billa little unnerved by a bunch of people who can barely run a caucus reassuring me, seemingly with zero consideration…
Retweeted by billMikePompeofromCIA or KevinfromOffice Which is which assume Pompeo's visiting the CIA's old stomping grounds at the remote northwestern base commonly referred to as "Jonestown"Looks like KevinfromOffice will flatten Flowers will bloom bloom bloom bloom I'm the tank to your Patton You make my heart go....…
Retweeted by bill @steventurous Absolutely frightening character. I felt nervous every time he was on screen.
@_hoju_ @AllegedlyZo I will politely tell the FBI agents to piss off lol @ByYourLogic Learning H.W. named his first oil company after Zapata nearly made me fall out of my chair. My brain c… did some reading about 9/11 the past few days (while watching "A New Pearl Harbor" on YouTube) and now my targete… @ByYourLogic Holy shit lol @Biyombonesaw No the drugs ain't selling like they used to and the cia hasn't provided a new market yet @TrentonHassles @thefarmerjones I think it might be a majority. @BulkVanderhuge I'm sure he was making some comments to the umpire about his strike zone too @Cam_Lopez8 Would have been nice to have Donaldson hitting instead of Ehire Adrianza (his replacement, who is a car… @MrArnoldSnarb I get it, too. Probably more of a history with this umpire too, but still. In game 30 of 162 it'd be… @Patrick_Fenelon They're trying to catch those bastard Sox in the standings though. That's my hangup. In mid-season… @a______rr Should've clarified that the Irish are in no way the target of this slander.I don't know how to feel about this. I love spite, and this is cool, but getting yourself kicked out of an importan… @SamSheehan "I'm gonna be an ally about this" lol @moderndaybc Isn't capitalism grand? @roqchams @maximum_sincere @Riffs_Man @bradsketbawl Lol there are some serious issues on the TL today @Riffs_Man Yes. Rhymes with Debra. Plunge that horrid island into the seaMy daughter loves watching Peppa Pig. I was not prepared to learn the way the Brits pronounce "zebra" (with a short e).i hope america understands that its fate rides with these men. only they have the power to close the trump vortex t…
Retweeted by bill @PandaPete21 Please. Please not the Yankees. @bridgietherease ... helping people connect the dots. "Here's the evidence of the conspiracy, but even more importa… @bridgietherease Right! It's got to be a problem of education/perception, right? People know the Warren Commission… then thirty percent of Americans need their asses kicked tried to obtain footage of Michael Reinoehl's killing. According to all 4 law enforcement agencies involved, n…
Retweeted by bill @illnessideology It's 2016 all over again @AndeWall The sentence "Much like the Osama bin Laden raid, or D-Day" has been replaying in my mind all damn day
@MitchFromThe978 I don't trust it in the slightest @bridgietherease @aaronrunrun I want to know what happened to the passengers on flight 93. What the hell happened, there? @bridgietherease @aaronrunrun All of the pilots looking at Hani Hanjour's descent and flight path into the Pentagon… @bridgietherease @aaronrunrun OH OH OH and the mayor of Shanksville, bless his heart. "It doesn't look like a plane… @bridgietherease @aaronrunrun On the flip side, I got kind of emotional at the firefighters and the buildings' jani… @bridgietherease @aaronrunrun One thing I want to research now is what Jim Meigs and Shyam Sunder are up to now. Th… @bridgietherease @aaronrunrun In that sense it's a really great introductory video to show skeptics, though. It jus… @Patrick_Fenelon It's about time my posters got noticed @bridgietherease @aaronrunrun What have you done to me, lol. Broke it up into parts and finished it. Really well-do… @Birm It's possible to hold more than one thought/feeling in your head at once. Try it. @davereaboi @bronzeagemantis @johnjf125 He'd probably say, in this order: Harbaugh - that - John, he's so smart at Michigan. And Urban Meyer, a… @PandaPete21 A troop, I think @Bulls_Jay Oh GOOD he's a problematic asshole as well. What a day! @PandaPete21 Dude, I needed a laugh today and this did the trick @NifMuhammad I... don't think he's joking."I never asked to be a hero" @Bulls_Jay I was looking through his profile a bit and there's reason to believe he is 100% serious @ByKatieDavidson I'm overwhelmed by laughter. This might be one of the funniest posts I've ever seenThere's more!!! "I never asked to be a hero" askjagshsksjfhak @billdifilippo I'm fuckin dying manD-DAY!!!!!! D-DAY!!!!! AMAZING @AnthonyG729 Oh my God dude I'm laughing so hardYES. YES. OH MY GOD, YES. HOOK THIS POST TO MY VEINS. @BecksWelker You're welcome @TrentonHassles *****it doesn't seem that interesting*****Oh LOOK Michael Schur is commenting on the news @IllegalScreens I'm an idiot, Cocaine Politics is by Peter Dale Scott. Lol. But happy reading! I see that our inter… Moore and Jonathan Irons, the man whose wrongful convinction she dedicated the last two years of her life to h…
Retweeted by bill @IllegalScreens SE Asia: The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade by Alfred W. McCoy The Ph… @PandaPete21 man speaks out after being falsely accused in ambush of two Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies. Tells Black men…
Retweeted by bill @SamSheehan Just trying to raise my little fellas the correct fella wayGot up early to make the family some cinnamon rolls @zsilvs303 @PhuzzieSlippers six year old stumbles to the bathroom at 1am Me: who sent you. What do you wantI shouldn't read conspiracy books late at night. Makes me even more paranoid than usual. @BenSchleuss Two great looks from 3, one from each corner, he hit the side of the backboard on one and barely hit r… have such good online friends who are Clippers fans. I feel bad being happy to see this Nuggets upset.It's over. Enjoy yourselves Denver.Lol Paul George @thefarmerjones Shit