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@beesesteeses Is this something i would regret?Almost time for our monthly race session!!!! Sunday 20:00 BST SOCIAL SUNDAY!!! ASSETTO CORSA!!!!
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMER @GetToDaChoppaVR This tells me more about you than you ever imagine @AtomBombBody @BOLL7708 Hey, this is more than I was expecting! @AtomBombBody @BOLL7708 Fair enough. I'll just have to deal with it. Thank you so much again!This beer tastes a bit off to me looks delicious!!!! @Anagamedev @dr_oculus This tells me so much about your hometown @dr_oculus @Darchangel3 Sticking with the purple @CasandChary I've been using the @AntlionAudio Modmic Wireless and still will for PSVR streams, but this is beautiful!!!And now my greenscreen just fell off the wall! @_vixx that mic does sound good!Been making some stream improvements today for ease of use! @beesesteeses so this is going to take some getting used to. It seems to move my center spot backward and forward too. Wonder if I can fix thatCannot express how greatful I am @AtomBombBody shared this info! Gonna really improve my #MixedReality streams!'s pre bleach day before redying the hair! to try and get into virtual reality but can afford it, heres your chance!
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMER @KatyMontgomerie Have you seen this? @DrAshleyNova I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS!!!!Good luck to the staff at Desmond's today.
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMER @RealTimVine Spoilers dude!!!!! @RealTimVine Wait, Peter dies!?!?!?!?Every time I hear β€œa friend, who shall remain nameless...”, I tune out of the proceeding gossip, and start wonderin…
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMER @emmajd81
If an artist's work is truly a reflection of the world the way it is or a fear of what it could become, no one does…
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMER @skitty427 @AJemaineClement @Natasia1andonly @m_proksch Jackie Daytona!!!!!!The name's Bond, James Bond And you?
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMER @krougeau Sir, this is a StarbucksParents, please remember to talk to your kids. Without your help and guidance, the day-to-day stress and anxiety of…
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMERUsing an 'Alien' Facehugger As a Protective Face Mask via @LaughingSquid @GAMERTAGVR @The_Preacher83 @Anticleric I backed Lo-Fi not touching it till it's done though @SyrslyWasTaken @GAMERTAGVR @GetToDaChoppaVR @PistolWhipVR Also the Steam and Oculus scoreboards aren't linkedHello my name is Firstname Bunchofnumbers and i have some incredibly shitty opinions
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMERI find this highly unlikely @AmazonUK unless my cat can answer the door now @GAMERTAGVR Awwwwwwwwwwww! @KatyMontgomerie My middle name is David, does that count?I'll take two please to suit up! Iron Man VR its just been brought to my attention that I hit 500 subscribers. thank you all for the support I hope to carry…
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LIVE NOW!!! TIME TO SUIT UP!!!! IRON MAN VR #IronManVRJoin me for the countdown for when that game is unlocked! Starting @ 23:55 BST tonight! TIME TO SUIT UP!!!! IRON MA… @germanrifter @SalsaKstream Just been on @twitch to test my Capture Card with @ControlRemedy so next will be #IronManVR on the #PSVR @germanrifter I do feel slightly guilty that mine came before yours and @SalsaKstreamWatch Buck3131pksy Control on Twitch! @germanrifter 1080ti I'm running Sol too @vr_oasis @NathieVR It's the delay from the initial contact to the "Owww" that intrigues me @NathieVR think I just broke the record of how hard you can punch a wall with a VR controller because I can't feel my hand anymore.
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMERYou asked and I’m delivering: A super relaxing @LEGO_Group building livestream for any pirates or #SeaOfThieves fan…
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMERConsidering a midnight stream of @Camouflaj #IronManVR when it unlocks. Anyone fancy that? @SalsaKstream @GAMERTAGVR @PistolWhipVR My tits aren't that good @GAMERTAGVR @PistolWhipVR However, Global Position Of The Beast! πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ή @Vikster6 @MindJackedJimmy @PlayWarframe Endgame is Fashionframe! @VRBugStream Yes you are @drsallans I think so, unlike some other people @GAMERTAGVR @PistolWhipVR Love you really!!!! @GAMERTAGVR @PistolWhipVR @GAMERTAGVR @GetToDaChoppaVR @PistolWhipVR I've not actually tried Religion yet!So the Index audio solution and smoothness certainly improves my @PistolWhipVR game! Suck It @GAMERTAGVR 😘😘😘 @parcelforce All sorted, very apologetic delivery driver. ThanksOk quick first impressions on the #Index 1. Audio solution is incredible, full range including DEEP base 3. 144 on… EAGLE HAS LANDED!!!! @DefPenguin @MartinRisbyVR @htcvive @valvesoftware I did say hopefullySo apparently a @parcelforce driver isn't allowed to walk up these @dr_oculus @ham4tw At least try the demo!!! @ham4tw @dr_oculus @parcelforce It's most likely @dr_oculus @ham4tw Mine says the same @parcelforce Your system says "unable to locate address" so they tried twice now, but I find it hard to see how someone can miss this place. @dr_oculus @parcelforce They are calling the driver to come back today. I'll keep you all updated.Failed to find the address! It's a massive fucking house on a main road with numbers on the front gate!!!! Time to call @parcelforce @dr_oculus @VRBugStream This one? @JimsterSeventy1 @Camouflaj Much like my Index. Today, fingers crossed @JimsterSeventy1 @Camouflaj I'm not complaining @JimsterSeventy1 @Camouflaj That is the UK stote @JimsterSeventy1 @Camouflaj The usual PSNOooooh @Camouflaj #IronManVR giveaway of the PlayStation Plus 12 month membership is LIVE! Share this tweet and subscribe to…
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMERFingers crossed for today πŸ™ @SLeBaron @htcvive @valvesoftware I did, nothing there
Is my life a joke to you
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMERanyway hey everyone friendly reminder that this exists
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMER @GeorgeE84014875 Let them scream into the voidBig fan of the "Mute" option on twitter @germanrifter Meh, there's always tomorrow @MartinRisbyVR @htcvive @valvesoftware If I can get Assetto Corsa running in 144htz that would be awesomeIt has not arrivedπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ time to dye the hair again it was, next question please. @drsallans @germanrifter @VRBugStream @HurtinVR @htcvive @valvesoftware I much prefer the Index Controllers @germanrifter @VRBugStream @HurtinVR @htcvive @valvesoftware Already have 2 Controller RMAs done @drsallans @htcvive @valvesoftware I just want it to arrive! @VRBugStream @HurtinVR @htcvive @valvesoftware Don't be daft, keep hold of it, no sense you spending money to post…'s not arrived yet @parcelforce Hi I have a parcel due today, your website says it hasn't left the depot but your automated call syste… @HurtinVR @htcvive @valvesoftware @VRBugStream has my OG Vive, I lent it to him while he was without one @TheVRRealm @jimmygunfish @htcvive @valvesoftware @CasandChary @VRBugStream @BOLL7708 @vr_oasis @Zimtok5 I still don't know what a Primax is