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My week on Twitter 🎉: 76 Mentions, 3.61K Mention Reach, 125 Likes, 9 Retweets, 10.6K Retweet Reach. See yours with… @vr_oasis Don't get me wrong, the production quality of your usual work is second to none, but that video felt fresh to me. @vr_oasis I think the reason you got this response is because it was different to your normal videos. A bit of a shake up is always good @Zimtok5 @dr_oculus @Sin_Kouryuu @hibbins Good call! My badUnderwater bar fight scene from Top Secret!, 1984
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMER @LynxSavageVR You coming too? @Zimtok5 @Sin_Kouryuu @Zimtok5 @dr_oculus 8ish. I'll see if Techno is around tooThis week has been nothing but horrendous. Stressed to my maximum. Thinking a nice chillout driving session might b… biggest fans this week: VR_Rosie, CandidiaPaula, Martin76x. Thank you! via
@LeahKardos Living the dreamStarting Secret Krampus at work. We get randomly assigned to secretly and gruesomely punish each other for our misdeeds.
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMER @thesafetydunce @BeatSaber Do you have Firewall on PSVR? Always looking for new gaming buddies @thesafetydunce @BeatSaber @thesafetydunce This sounds like a @BeatSaber playlist to be streamed @ham4tw @VRBugStream @Twitch @ProTubeVR Smarter than you look 😉 @germanrifter @Zimtok5 That's fine, just clowns @germanrifter @Zimtok5 I do not do well with clowns @Zimtok5 WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS THAT!!!! @VRBugStream @Twitch Pick up a @ProTubeVR and it will radically improve the experience! @theparapod I saw this in an opshop today. No word of a lie, heard a fire engine approaching and got all excited. U…
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMER @Chr1stinaG @MissSp00n @Sammantha___H Ahem's great, but I don't know anybody who has a Vive Focus Wave'm not going to fit in there @Zimtok5 @Emrayla It did not go wellStranded v1.7.4 is here! If you haven't checked it out. Here it is :D #gamedev #unity3d
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Drone Animation in #China feels like Blade Runner and Ghost In The Shell Via @evankirstel #Drones
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMERRaises hand @GAMERTAGVR Much love brother! Always around if you need an ear to bend!None of the edits to this comic will ever be as gross as the original
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMER @Martin76x Antonio Sabato Jr? @Martin76x With ex porn star Traci Lords!!!!
It’s good to feel protected!
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMER @dr_oculus Free time? @LynxSavageVR That and why @LynxSavageVR $60!?!?!?!????Are the facilities just for paying customers?
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMERI need more napkins"There must be some mistake. This isn't what I paid for."
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@JamieM4rtin @GAMERTAGVR @germanrifter @watchmen Oh I read those back in 86, didn't quite get it as I was 9, but da… @ParadiseDecay Interesting, I fell asleep in Vader Immortal Episode III. 😉😉😉 @GAMERTAGVR @germanrifter @watchmen It's sooooooooooo good @Nebrisirius I have faith you will achieve this goal @Nebrisirius 199 to go! @Nebrisirius Yes, you are 200 fucks short of your quotaSo @watchmen episode 7's ending WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?This is so cool and creative. Awesome idea and perfectly made, love it. Go follow @VR_Rosie and see what surprises…
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMERPSA: If your name is Lucy & you have a Scottish boyfriend/husband who went to work this morning in a red tie: he’s…
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMER DECEMBER EVERYONE! I have an idea, like #VR Inktober im gonna do VR #tiltbrush advent. I’ve made a VR advent…
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMER @Ms_F_Tutu is too good for you my children this was Rogue Trooper
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMERHappy December!
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMERHas anyone heard The Pogues yet?Great @AC_assettocorsa stream last night with everyone. But wearing a black armband today in memory of @Zimtok5 in…"Grandpa, what does 'awesome' mean?" "It was a word people once used to describe the planet's great wonders. Now…
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@PotatoFaceJames DM me on here @AzureTrenches Hudson Hawk 2: Hawkier @drsallans @vrgamerdude @OculusGaming @ILMxLAB @CloudheadGames Best part for me was the Lightsaber Dojo in Episode… @MirandaKeeling @drsallans @vrgamerdude @OculusGaming @ILMxLAB It was the most immersion breaking episode of the series. One partic… @MirandaKeeling Did you want to buy a fan?All ready to go at 20:00 GMT @Zimtok5 @Sin_Kouryuu Who else is coming? let's do something for my favourite ladies of twitter. Give them a follow! @VR_Rosie @Nebrisirius Nut November is over. 1 hour into Dickcember. You have permission... to release the penis. 🍆🍆🍆
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMERCome and join in the fun. It's always a blast! @BraddyBoyBlueYT @Nebrisirius @C0ND1T10NR3D Always welcome! I'll never call out a lurker. Sit back and enjoy! @PotatoFaceJames Yo. I have Index Controllers. How may I assist? @Martin76x @PotatoFaceJames Yeah I know, I was messing mate @C0ND1T10NR3D Oh you caught that did you? Thanks for hopping in! @ParadiseDecay Agree to disagree. I think Oculus should be embarrassed with Episode III. @C0ND1T10NR3D Oh i was just kidding, as per usual. Take a look at my stream earlier today! I didnt even know i was… @BraddyBoyBlueYT @Nebrisirius Oh hi there Sunday Racing in Assetto Corsa! @TetsuoLeblanc @johnnydork Take it where? @ZoboWithShotgun Blowjob, that shouldn't take 3 and s half hours. @KatyMontgomerie Looking good m'lady!I feel called out by @valvesoftware @dr_oculus @Martin76x @PotatoFaceJames You rang?lie now because youtube doesnt work GMT Beat Saber Sunday! SHOULD BE MADE OF BATS
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMERGreek problems (the new indoor smoking ban) require Greek solutions
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMERMe when my mum’s putting the shopping away
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMERBeen laughing about this all day.
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMER @germanrifter @vrgamerdude @OculusGaming @ILMxLAB The highlight has been the lightsaber dojo @vrgamerdude @OculusGaming @ILMxLAB Episode III was pretty poor though
What is the best moment in Spider-Man cinema? Like: Peter is embraced & protected by New York Retweet: Miles's lea…
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMERMe when I joined twitter vs me now
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMERI don't get it. It's just a clip from the game.
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMERWatch how I give the bigot enough rope to metpahorically hang himself... #ByeByeBoris 3/4
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMERTwitter. I feel you need to see this.
Retweeted by Buck3131 VR STREAMER @theMiaSmith @jdmax1210 Sign me up @C0ND1T10NR3D Whatever this is, if it's gonna make your life better, then I'll support you all the way!!!This is the way