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Alan Bucknam 🌹 @bucknam Wheat Ridge, CO

Trying to ask the right questions. responsible for @Notchcode Creative. Dad to 3 amazing humans. Colorado 4ever. I make nice things sometimes. He/Him

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Same energy #VOTE hoping a zombie Earl Warren will rise from the grave and resume his duties as Chief Justice … OF BRAINZZZZ .… @karencrummy @COBlackpacker May I suggest a Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cup paired with a Carignan-Mourvèdre red?
@CocoDavies Where oh where will I go now to play the first four bars of Stairway to Heaven over and overShout out to all the other @JeffcoSchoolsCo parents who couldn’t get back to sleep after the 5:30am snow day notification phone call!👇👇👇📩🚨
Gene Abercrombie Colorado stop the spread of COVID-19 and activate #COExposureNotifications today. #Covid19Colorado
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹I call my double-Manhattans “skyscrapers”...but I just accidentally made a quadruple Manhattan. What is that called?
@scalzi What about crepe-y?"It’s the number one issue facing humanity. And it’s the number one issue for me."—@JoeBiden on the climate crisis…
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹 @RobinCantDance @PodSaveAmerica @jonfavs @jonlovett @TVietor08 He does his homework. He’s not perfect but he asks q… you are a suburban family with a toddler and aren’t out in the middle of a bike path having a photographer take… ballot box saved from a Colorado wildfire: #Peak2020
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹Brooklyn Delights calls this a “cookie,” but it’s basically a donut without a hole in my book so it’s fair game for… To-DOs ☕️ coffee 🍩 donut ✅ vote (if voted, go to step 6) 📥 drop your ballot off 🥨 get Broncos game snacks…
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹Definitely a qualification for head of OSHA, though. @kibblesmith Welcome to theocracy my friend @KyleClark I counted up all the characters in the Charlie Brown comics and I think there were less than 10 so don’t fret @Bretontheradio @CocoDavies Thanks for the info! I don’t need different weights in the same session but suspect I’ll increase my we…
@CocoDavies Trying to decide between a small set of different weight dumbbells or a fancier set of ones with remova… Denver South High School has officially retired their rebel mascot which for centuries honored the conf…
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹 @hgm apologize for forgetting the name of the microwave brigade, the Boast Boys or whichever
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹Just a reminder scientists have made it pretty damn clear you can't protect the climate and let companies and count…
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹Just a reminder that solar is now the cheapest way to generate electricity #Debate2020Carbon emissions have dropped due to COVID. Colorado is burning due to climate change. #Debates2020
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹People seem to not know what Socialism is thanks to Conservatives. Example: Social Security is a product of Social…
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹Which is of course a medley with “Golden Slumbers,” which would become “Golden Showers” (assuming the kompromat eve…"Are you better off than you were last year? Are your debts less burdensome? Is your bank account more secure? Are…
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@BikeThisCity iMovie on a Mac…Premiere Rush is ok for mobile, but it isn’t all that great tbh @skywatcher77 And even down in Gilpin County, it was sunny but the wind was really blowing! @ColoradoSara .@USFSRockyMtns lands along the front range are closed, but Golden Gate is a @COParksWildlife state p…, longs peak should be visible to the RIGHT…When oh when can we get an edit feature, Twitter?Was up at Golden Gate State Park today scouting photo locations and came across this sobering scene: The… ART-TYPES: Check out the CARES Artist Relief Fund. Looking to support artists that identify as BIPOC, artist… because I’m elected doesn’t mean I can’t get out in these streets for my people, I can’t wait to serve in Cong…
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹 @KyleClark Needs to co-brand with a horse manure company so that, in hockey season, we can call it The PuckEmpathy early. Vote by mail. Vote on Election Day. Just make sure you vote.
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹 @Leahtommi I have seen so many variations of this sign in auto repair shops, equipment rental businesses, etc. that…’m thankful Walter Cronkite isn’t seeing any of this.
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹 @Leahtommi YES! I tell my clients (in my email signature) that I only respond to email between 9-10 and 4-5 … it al…
Empathy, kindness and strength. #BidenHarris2020
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹Three reasons why I had a great day: Spent the day hiking around finding good photo locations for an upcoming photo… deep dive into the state of #COVID19 in Colorado by ⁦@johningold⁩: @Bretontheradio Gotta back it up with Diamond’s version just to make sure everyone doesn’t miss itIf only she had handed it to a boy named Arthur…. of the great things about the Honor Bell is how it inspires questions, pride in our vets, and a duty to what he…
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹YES GODDAMMIT
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹 @KyleClark MUTEDDescribe yourself in two Disney villains.
#LandBack @Greeblehaus Colorado Plus in Wheat Ridge has a regular Colorado-sourced rotation of lighter ales and lagers, inclu… cowboy can carry a tune. The trouble comes when he tries to unload it on the Editor in Chief. older means wondering if that nagging pain is just an exercise-induced muscle sprain or maybe a hernia or possibly cancer who knowsThe Dorothea Lange Digital Archive. Explore 600+ Photographs by the Influential Photographer (Plus Negatives, Cont…
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹ATTN GEORGIANS: More than 900,000 voters who requested a mail ballot have not yet returned them. Don’t panic but do…
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹#ElectionDay is in 14 days & I mailed my absentee ballot last week Voter suppression is racist, ableist, and ageis…
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹It's infusion day for me! So grateful for the #ACA because without it, I would have long ago hit my lifetime cap.…
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹 @Greeblehaus I mean, if you love your work *that* much, it's hard NOT to.If i sweat these onions any longer I'm going to have to get rezoned as a sauna @darth @AlexPadilla4CA Some counties in CO have done this forever, and this year the whole state has tracking, with… new housing looked like this I'll take two hundred units in my neighborhood, please.“Right now, women and girls the world over are leading the way to the end of the fossil fuel era. Our challenge is…
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FRIENDS: have you voted? If not, fine. As long as you have a plan to #vote @sweatystartup I’d add that if your craft is what adds value, by all means master it. And mastering leading other p… comic about artists becoming less active/personal on Twitter. Will put up an alt text version later.
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹It’s a perfect time to relax with a tall glass of low sodium V8 and a Reader’s Digest Condensed Book.
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@CocoDavies put to bed for the season. I never thought I’d love kayaking so much but can’t wait to get back out on t… course the Trump van is for sale. tell clients why I can’t make the logo bigger. @scalzi Nice use/co-opting of the beautiful font used in those Marlboro Country ads so long ago as well @dannynewman Airstream is going to feel roomier @COBlackpacker He’ll be signing a long-term lease for a townhouse near K Street, where his lobbying job will be located.Why have racists tried so hard for so long to stop African Americans from voting? Because they understand that a v…
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹The holiday season approaches. Its time to unbox our electric gravy warmers.
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹 @kalenski @CocoDavies We don’t have it as bad over in JeffCo with local initiatives but I have had some folks reach…
Ah, the lovely sounds of any weekend afternoon neighborhood party where everyone exchanges viral particles with each other… @tanayawinder That second photo is straight-up apocalyptic! @bugfrog IIIIIIIIIIIIIKKKKKNNNNNNEEEEEWWWWWWIIIIIITTTTTT!!!!! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!Almost as satisfying as dropping off my ballot: dropping 60 letters in the mail for @votefwd’s Big Send today! I ho… @bugfrog One more carriage return before the eggplant for better positioning @Bretontheradio I'd be more amazed that JFK Jr. was a Republican!Pls vote NO on proposition 115. This abortion ban would be very dangerous for pregnant women. There's *no* exceptio…
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹First @TheRock, and now @RickSteves: one by one our national treasures are endorsing Biden ... pretty sure he had m… i wouldn't be disappointed if i saw something like this happen in Colorado. In a democracy government either wor…
A rose is a rose is a rose is a Rrose Sélavy. and paste but change what the bunny is holding (\_/) ( •_•) / >🦑 only certain journalists are allowed to cover Gardner? Shall we start issuing permits for reportage based on whe… @CocoDavies Pillsbury is using the Cinnabon name for some of their bake-at-home rolls but tbh it’s not the same if… and paste but change what the bunny is holding (\_/) ( •_•) / >#VOTE
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹At dojo4 we #opensource not just code, but all our business documents for your use and collaboration - if you're st…
Retweeted by Alan Bucknam 🌹 @BuzzFeed_Chris The same people who grew up using a single hyphen instead of an em dash.Also — in case you were wondering — please place spaces before and after your em dashes. #typographyJust yesterday I referred to his book to see if you put a space before an ellipsis … it’s complicated, but he saved… @TimHerrera @annetdonahue I’m sorry according to my then-toddler you must be referring to this birds naturally playing guitar in random synchronicity is one of my favorite art expos ever made
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