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Clocking in from The Capital. @MetroByTMobile | #FearTheDeerBack like we never left. @BMOHarrisBank | #FearTheDeer numbers on the Bucks dominance for perspective.What was your reaction to the Bucks clinching the playoffs after just 56 games? Drop a GIF of your mood 👇, but ain't stopping now. #FearTheDeer✖️
🗣 Finally...the Bucks have returned to the District of Columbia!! go handle some business. #FearTheDeer @GarthBucks You’ve got friends in Lowe places.Today's 5! 📺: @SHOWDOWN32 💻: 📻: @thescorewi #HerdUp
Retweeted by Milwaukee BucksThe basketball Gods have blessed us with Sunday afternoon hoops!! 🙌 ⏰: 2:30 PM 📍: @MenomineeArena 🆚: @grdrive 📺:…
Retweeted by Milwaukee BucksKhash does it again: 25 PTS | 9 REB | 10/15 FG Bucks have assigned forward D.J. Wilson to the @WisconsinHerd. This is Wilson’s second G League assignment of t… no-look pass tho 😤 @harleydavidson | #FearTheDeer Top plays from last night's win: @IlRegglI @BucksGG 🤟🦌🦌🦌🤫 light bounce #FearTheDeer
Retweeted by Milwaukee Bucks @ChaChingSingh @BucksGG Lets gooooooo!! 🦌🦌🦌⚡️ Let's do that again soon.“Warming up, I definitely noticed that there were no empty seats @FiservForum, and that’s huge...hopefully we can u…"We got 26 more games until the playoffs...just trying to take advantage of them.""Brook should win Defensive Player of the Year...what he does goes unmatched." duo. #FearTheDeer"Great win. On to the next game." @Pconnaughton | #FearTheDeer have scored 110 PTS in the past 17 games. The longest streak in the @NBA this season.The best from the Greek Freak: 31 PTS | 17 REB | 8 AST night MOOD. #FearTheDeer processing. #FearTheDeerRing it. #FearTheDeer🛫🛫🛫 #FearTheDeer we set a new @FiservForum attendance record of 18,290!! THANK YOU TO THE BEST FANS IN THE NBA 🙌 Bench Mob is unmatched. #FearTheDeer 'em away. #FearTheDeerTea party 🍵 #FearTheDeer wit. #FearTheDeer buckets on Embiid. #FearTheDeer was nice 👌 #FearTheDeer✋❌ #FearTheDeer lead at the half. #FearTheDeer"Room service!" #FearTheDeer crazy we had to see that again. #FearTheDeer with the give-and-go 😤"JUST THE WAY THEY DREW IT UP!" #FearTheDeer by 10 after one. #FearTheDeerHand in the cookie jar 🍪 #FearTheDeer're underway on ABC!! #FearTheDeer #FearTheDeer good to be back!! #FearTheDeer Bledshow drops RoLo with a STONE COLD STUNNER!! 47-8 Bucks ⚡️ @redbull | #FearTheDeer Greek Freak is not playing with his shoe game 🔥 20 minutes till tip on ABC. pregame moments with @EBled2 at our house. #FearTheDeerThe Greek Freak dropped 36 and 20 on the Sixers 16 days ago. What will he do tonight!?! Predictions⤵️ fans, head to the Black Inventors Gallery outside section 101 to view a variety of artifacts created by Afric…
Retweeted by Milwaukee Bucks @BucksGG @IlRegglI 🙌🦌🦌🦌It was meant to be. Welcome to Milwaukee, @IlRegglI 🦌
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Retweeted by Milwaukee Bucks
Shorts weather. @MetroByTMobile | #FearTheDeer’s 47-8 record is tied for the sixth-best start in NBA history through 55 games. @jockey | #FearTheDeer🐻⬇️ x 🇬🇷💪
Retweeted by Milwaukee BucksWhen the Bucks score 100 points at home on the weekend, YOU score a $5.99 haircut at @GreatClips!! Valid at Milwa…"I don't think we've scratched the surface on how good we can be." @Khris22m's press secretary, @George_Hill3, ans… A. Mission. #FearTheDeer Saturday Primetime on ABC. #FearTheDeer
@WWE @rolopez42 @DetroitPistons @PistonsHooper @WWECesaro @Giannis_An34 @WWECesaro didn't want to meet RoLo and Giannis in the tunnel...The Bucks have won 42 tipoffs this season! That's $21,000 dollars donated to @HabitatMKE by @SargentoCheese! Who do…
Retweeted by Milwaukee BucksFloor generals. 🏅
Retweeted by Milwaukee Bucks🚨 @Froedtert & MCW @Bucks Summer Camps are BACK 🚨 Register Here:
Retweeted by Milwaukee BucksStrong showing from @EBled2: 19 PTS | 6 AST | 4 REB | 2 STL is in his bag 💰 28 PTS | 8 REB | 3 AST | 80% 3PT"YESSIR." @harleydavidson | #FearTheDeer The top plays from last night's win: brothers @ThonMaker14 @Chriswood_5
Retweeted by Milwaukee BucksFamily business."It doesn't matter where they the end of the day they are my brothers and I got their back." -…"Hopefully @George_Hill3 gets off that minute restriction soon. He's been on vacation for about 2 months." 😂 things come in threes. night he'll never forget!! #ThisIsWhyWePlay (including playoffs) against Detroit dating back to last season. #FearTheDeerThe best from The Greek Freak: 33 PTS | 16 REB | 4 AST | 3 STL we never left.WE BACK. love for Papa Giannis 👶 ➡️Giannis's Cream City Freak 1's 😍 ☑️SPLASH Mountain ⛰️ now trails only @kaj33 on the Bucks all-time rebounding list."BOOYAH!" #FearTheDeer on a CLINIC 😳 #FearTheDeer POINTS IN THE FIRST HALF 👀Khash is 3-for-3 from three. #FearTheDeer much time did it take Giannis to get a double-double in Detroit? 10 minutes. Bled 👨🏾‍🍳 lead by 14 after one. #FearTheDeerThe Mean Mug is back 😤 #FearTheDeer 2nd half starts NOW!! #FearTheDeer 🤙