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The Bible is probably the most genocidal book in the literary canon | This account is nsfw and filled with ugly PUBGM and among us gameplays | до свида́ния!! 🍪

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Just a lil reality slap: stop thinking they deserve better when you’re insecure and projecting it. If they wanted t… @txtdaridiscord Discord kok Light mode
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@wvvayne Pepe is life @redyilham17 Kadang msh main kalk ada temennya wkkw @ngenthought_ No doe 😭😭Discord gue kenapa?? @i6tweets Some of them called me a fake lesbian like do they need me to show them how and who i fuck in my private… @gifahrii Yg pacaran sejauh ini udah 2 wkkwkwLDR: Long Distance ReligionshipAyo guys gabung discord lg ada radio galau fm wkwk we’ll make sure u won’t feel lonely tonight ;) @amacutieflake @xximbecile 😂😂😂😂We could be like this:
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Retweeted by nadaSome people are just born to balance the world by being so ignorant and annoying. @kafixxx Btul juga untung aku juga suka dibanting2 @Excalibruhh Time is irrelevant @A_Rent23 DIAMBelajar fingering tp gitarnya aku 🥵😝Being a switch is such a blessingMe’s always that annoying but calm manga guy that turns out to be good at cooking and saved the main character’s life…
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@Nurburuuj ???📝📝
Retweeted by nada @_theweekdys 😩😩 @xbzarry After she wears her make up yes @petroldom BR0 @menin999al ANAK DAJJAL @playboyriots No“Thinking about u rn” and all he says is “terpesonaaa” Anak anjingSa ae @Nurburuuj @bittedawn Takut dimarahin siapa sih bgLegzzz for dayzzz @koriandaddy As they shouldMe“Ga harus jadi wibu untuk nonton anime.” - @xbzarry, 2021why
Retweeted by nada @peachyslen YA GUSTI KKSKKWKKWKWKWKKWthis death note spins off movie needs a world recognition FOR REALL SJDKSKDK
Retweeted by nada @Nurburuuj btul juga @Nurburuuj kan sugih @cigaretaftersad jogja @Tobias19_ SA AE U YA @budakyesus hot?
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I just realized... I am actually very shy when it comes to my lover and I hate the fact that I keep losing to him... @playboyriots NOT ITACHIFlert @dracaries BELOM MAISH BACALKFNJJVKHW OIEFJLO ;BQW JLUF @dracaries SCREAMINGMe and who 💔
Retweeted by nada @playboyriots No ❤️So... are you mad at me or not?? 😞🥺 @juuplerx SemangatttNational Guard
Retweeted by nada @cucusultaan Whats stopping u @yinfutang I just draw wkkw tp aku suka bgt gambarnya punya katherine karnadi bagus beud rambutnya @yinfutang The only part i love to draw lol belajar banyak bgt @CallHerAbigail met siang maniez @kristoimmanuel SHUT UPPPPI'd like to put your finger in my mouth @playboyriots she outsmart u br0 @HandiHeraldo King shit @pemerintahkota @ljenkins314 @elonmusk Ayeee @i6tweets JELEKam I obsessed with people harmonizing to the wellerman? yes. @i6tweets U a titan? @elonmusk
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Retweeted by nada @_DUARRRR isirahat dlu @BIGDADDYC0OL but r u ok now???apa tidak lelah @takudank uluh2 knp atuh @_theweekdys hi maniez
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Retweeted by nada @Fakhrias_ Gpp les lg mood @Fakhrias_ Maffff @BoreaFoxtrot Hah @acintyajung_ Mba kenapaSeru banget sih punya radio fm sendiri, buat orang2 yang sedang galau dan mau oversharing, disini aja sekalian di t…
Retweeted by nada memes are only funny when it’s been said ironically @sarrahashby @aisykaspol Gua cape bgt @aisykaspol Accusation ngaco
Retweeted by nadaG a P e d u l i tp kalo orang lain peduli ya sok atuh @f_airies 😂😂😂😂 @Hiseei Tunggu lu ada gandengan ke acara nikahannya @xximbecile Hah @xbzarry @bittermacca Kok gue ngga