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BUDDY @Buddy Compton, CA

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Despite the global shutdown, @Buddy has kept his foot on the gas these past few months. We caught up with the Compt…
Retweeted by BUDDY✌🏿🎥 @edgarsteves’ll do it again 😤 and @Buddy in the 90’s
Retweeted by BUDDY @RobbBanks Berserk.Pour out this 42 just for you
i’ve been the head of the NO SECRETS SERVICE since 95. here’s one of many’s no cappin if you got th…
Retweeted by BUDDYBuddy said something in the studio last night that says it all. He said “I love us” and laughed while Kent going c…
Retweeted by BUDDYWE GOINU iight😂To the Next Pot Head that steals my lighter 💥💥💥
Retweeted by BUDDY heavy on @Buddy lately folks coolllddd
Retweeted by BUDDYYall remember when @Buddy just said fuck it and hopped on almost every song on revenge of Dreamville III
Retweeted by BUDDY @guapdad4000 and @Buddy probably my 2 fav people...
Retweeted by BUDDY @Buddy & @kentjamz_
Retweeted by BUDDY @Buddy @Buddy @Buddy
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@thenevansaid Studio Studio @Buddy for President 2020. that is all, that’s the tweet.
Retweeted by BUDDY“Everyday lil more pressure, I’ve been going through some real life shi*” - @Buddy
Retweeted by BUDDYI love @Buddy energy
Retweeted by BUDDYThis nigga @Buddy is a whole vibe . That man go hard
Retweeted by BUDDYOk but why are @Buddy and @kentjamz_ the best duo ever??? THEY. DON’T. MISS.
Retweeted by BUDDY"Magnolia" still in heavy rotation @Buddy #HoodMorning
Retweeted by BUDDYI absolutely love @Buddy 👏
Retweeted by BUDDY🥰 @MayorShabazz @kentjamz_ Please don’t crashfeelin janky this mornin. bumpin that @Buddy x @kentjamz_ might just crash tha hwip!
Retweeted by BUDDYIt’s about to get real successful roun here
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Kent VP Guap Secretary of treasury.
“Black Black Black, Black on Black....”
Retweeted by BUDDY @Buddy @Applewhite__ @kentjamz_ @guapdad4000 Of course not the fuc
Retweeted by BUDDYY’all gone vote for Kanye over me? 🤨♾mood @lifeofarmstrong Text me broThey can probably tell you better than I can🥰❤️ likely @Buddy my bfffffff
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Retweeted by BUDDYOh how I love that reefer 💚Ay @1future i want 20% em to church! 🕊 @kentjamz_ murk @guapdad4000 in new Bad Boys video. 😎‘Twas faded 😌
Colonizers day* @lalahhathaway It’s coming i got u 😉I got more music coming out!
Idk who needs to hear this, but @Buddy not missing on any track he he releases in 2020
Retweeted by BUDDY🔥🔥🔥 "Faces" by @buddy featuring @iamluckydaye ▶️
Retweeted by BUDDY“Everybody wanna design somethin' for Louis Vuitton But, baby, it's a black thing” @Buddy
Retweeted by BUDDY @Buddy Dope Performance!! Lol
Retweeted by BUDDY @Buddy
Retweeted by BUDDY.@Buddy is the BEST guy 🔥 Watch him answer some questions with us on #WirelessConnect 💯 Stream the 360° madness on…
Retweeted by BUDDYThanks for watching 🥰This dude @Buddy is just downright impressive.
Retweeted by BUDDY @Buddy has got a vibe ✨ @WirelessFest #Wireless #WirelessConnect
Retweeted by BUDDYI just brought out @kentjamz_ it’s upI’m on 😎 set starts now. Go watch! 🖤’m next @WirelessFest @melodyvirtual check me out! next is your boy @Buddy 🎶 Don’t miss him on #WirelessConnect now 💯 Stream the 360° madness on the @melodyvirtual
Retweeted by BUDDYWhy have we never done a backstage quickfire with @Buddy before? 😂 He is live at #WirelessConnect on the MelodyVR a…
Retweeted by BUDDYI Win, Lose, & Draw Simultaneously @YIMBORUSKI @vincestaples 😭Happy cday @vincestaples
Performing for @WirelessFest tomorrow! Streaming on @melodyvirtual 🖤 to our Youtube channel to watch @Buddy's interview with #WirelessConnect now 💯 Stream the 360° madness this we…
Retweeted by BUDDYThis one is certified to get you hyped 🔥🙌 Set a reminder on FRIDAY at 18:22 BST to stream @buddy for FREE on the Me…
Retweeted by BUDDYFuck Faces 🎭Buddy never misses
Retweeted by BUDDYthis song is sooo mf good <3 @Buddy @iamluckydaye
Retweeted by BUDDYthank you 🥰 @iamluckydaye @Buddy
Retweeted by BUDDYListen to @Buddy's new track "Faces" ft. @iamluckydaye here: 🎭
Retweeted by BUDDY"Faces" by @Buddy & @iamluckydaye Yup... This the one.
Retweeted by BUDDYthis @Buddy & @iamluckydaye collab is exactly what i needed 🥵🥵 these two never miss. pure heat.
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Retweeted by BUDDY. @Buddy & @iamluckydaye get explicit on "Faces" 🔥
Retweeted by BUDDYBUDDY & LUCKY DAYE - FACES [@Buddy @iamluckydaye]
Retweeted by BUDDYYou was talking all that shit 😏Currently on repeat
Retweeted by BUDDYThis new @Buddy & @iamluckydaye 🥵
Retweeted by BUDDY @Buddy and Lucky Daye is a bop I never knew I needed.
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Retweeted by BUDDY.@Buddy teams up with @iamluckydaye for the new song #Faces. LISTEN:
Retweeted by BUDDYHot and steamy summer. @buddy’s ‘Faces’ out now! 🥵🤬 (@DMile85 @JKercy2085 🔥) 👉🏾
Retweeted by BUDDYThis new @Buddy is 🔥
Retweeted by BUDDYThe beat. @Buddy and of course the amazing @iamluckydaye 🥰 its a vibeeee.
Retweeted by BUDDYOh yes this new @Buddy & @iamluckydaye !
Retweeted by BUDDYlistened to it 3 times already. yuuuh let’s get into it!!
Retweeted by BUDDY @Buddy + @iamluckydaye = perfection
Retweeted by BUDDY🔥 @Buddy x @iamluckydaye 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by BUDDYBaby it’s ain’t all that serious‘Faces’ Featuring @iamluckydaye OUT NOW! 🥵
@Buddy and @iamluckydaye new song is gonna be fire...I can just feel it!
Retweeted by BUDDYWow great minds 🥵