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Budgie @budgiefirebeats Los Angeles, CA

don't ask me what the sample is.

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@theBudtie @Passionweiss nah, FREE 03 this ANDRE THE GIANT project is gna be my last solo tape much love🙏🏽💪🏽 it will also be out…
Retweeted by BudgieTrump really needed to pardon Greedo
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afro puffs still my favorite song after 25 years
I’ll sample til i die!
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if you don’t have at least one beat named leroy you’re not a real producer @IAMNOBODI makin beats and smokin cigs like fuck a pencil case 🔥🤣3PM | @melodistraction Show 1, L*****wn 3, Brew 5 🤪 ——— @RP_BOO_ @budgiefirebeats
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Retweeted by BudgieI said this before and I’ll say it again... vibe with me to @budgiefirebeats Holy Ghost Zone & Panty Soakers
Retweeted by BudgieI like my gospel flipped by @budgiefirebeats .
Retweeted by Budgie.@zakiasewell and her mum live for the next few hours playing agony and answering listener questions - listen now:…
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@RiggaRomez 🙏❣️glad u caught it bro!! @PEIGH Thankyou my bro ❣️🙏 hope you good!! @kaelinellis Samiyam is so goated
Retweeted by BudgieR.I.P Duranice Pace 💔
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live on @NTSlive with my dad @HonestJonsLDN rn
Retweeted by BudgieToday on NTS 2: @olsonpower @ToshikiOhta @sawilkes2 @budgiefirebeats @Spinorita @idealblakfemale
Retweeted by Budgie @_Marnelly 🙏🙏🙏 @narniasworldd Ay 🧢 gang❣️ThankyouNew Selections. ft. @BCNRband, @budgiefirebeats, @moormother, @thebugzoo +more Subscribe for updates on @Spotify
Retweeted by Budgie @CHRISCLARKEEE Thanks bro!!! @ASTRAL_BLACK @CVDarren617 @Alchemist_Fan @Alchemist Yessir!! @budgiefirebeats @Alchemist_Fan Yeeeeessss HBDAIII young ✨🐐✨ @budgiefirebeats !!! Mo cake mo fun clink clink 🥃🥃!!!
Retweeted by Budgie @QUEENFATIMA ❣️thanks Fatimaaa ❣️ @budgiefirebeats @flyanakin Happy B Day Budgie, Appreciate You !!! 🏆🏆🏆🏆
Retweeted by Budgie @Evidence ❣️🙏 thanks Ev❣️ @KingStevie93 Thankyou 🙏🙏 @Alchemist_Fan thank you 🙏 🙏 🙏 although J.Rocc is the real funky president!HBD @budgiefirebeats STAY fly 4eva
Retweeted by Budgie @laurenkfaith Thanks Lauren😎❣️❣️happy bday 🐐 @budgiefirebeats
Retweeted by BudgieHappy Birthday to the funky president @budgiefirebeats aka budge boogie. They gave us good books...
Retweeted by Budgiehappy G’day my dawg @budgiefirebeats!
Retweeted by Budgie @flyanakin Appreciate it bro❣️Happy born day @budgiefirebeats 🙏🏿
Retweeted by Budgie @HueyBriss Thankyou my bro 🙏❣️ @RemyBanks Love my brother ❣️❣️happy bornday to my brother @budgiefirebeats
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@JoeShabadu 🤣😂who voted for brexit and wants to fight me?Now on our playlist: @budgiefirebeats "Keep My Promise" – selected by @FreshSelects Listen & follow on Spotify or…
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@s3lfmadeShan 🤷‍♂️the phantom of paradise. 1.22.21
Retweeted by BudgieI don’t want to know the future. I wanna live right as life come.
Retweeted by Budgiejust renamed the jubilee line the lovers rock line cuz that’s the real SE-NW connection @blackxnoise v scary, she hears everything @blackxnoise just whisper the words hey siri
all the other singers ought to be ashamed of themselves🔥 @jsullivanmusic album 🔥 @kutmah haha now that would be a cooking show with some artistic merit
@kutmah Ahahaha they still better than the American cookin shows!for everyone who been sleep: Steve McQueen’s Small Axe film series is one of the best things I’ve ever seen and you… @kutmah It’s on bbc iPlayer too or you can find a stream somewhere. It’s a side of london history that needs to be… @kutmah 💯it’s a real film. Did you see the small axe film series that came out last month? @_joannahh @davidkilll I’m good I’m good, just had my wisdom pulled @davidkilll I’m 2 days in, bout to jump... @kutmah That’s a great movie @Buddy Buddy records > Bitcoin @incogneido that’s a stunt 🙏
@joekay tell me bout it! @JustinPirelli Of course, talent is never bad but chops only get you so far if you don’t know what to do with them @Evidence 💯 but I hope the talented & tasteless grow some buds @budgiefirebeats some won’t get this
Retweeted by Budgie @AntonJayy it’s lit!Yes lol
Retweeted by Budgie @moetsitm @joycewrice I didn’t say you don’t need a little of both I just know what I’d rather @joycewrice phew that lets me know I’m not completely crazy! 🤣taste > talent
We really doing a collective bid rn. With no bond, and no court date. ...and nothing on our books.
Retweeted by Budgiecounting on @SouthPark to come thru with that inauguration special
How did Jamiroquai get wrapped up in this mess
Retweeted by BudgieThe whole world just seen how easy it is to break into a a government building
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last nights annual anointed gospel spectacular #aags on #adventuresinstereo #kpfk was the first I missed in 5 years… @budgiefirebeats - The Building #HolyGhostZone2 #AnnualAnointedGospelSpectacular #AAGS
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Retweeted by Budgiethere’s only 2 types of people in this world: artists and managers.DOOM used to come over at 3am wanting to borrow records. Lol. ...or the 2am phone call telling me come by the studi…
Retweeted by Budgie @jrocc ❣️🙏
Retweeted by Budgie @Andres_J_Uribe I think about it all the time and a lot more needs to be said about that, by me and everyone else!! Happy new year bro!Was going to kick off 2021 positively with some gospel vibes from one of my favourite albums by @budgiefirebeats -…
Retweeted by Budgiei’m with @budgiefirebeats here, much love to all the wicky wicky DJs with the bucket caps dropping the #goombawave
Retweeted by Budgiehappy new year friends, fam and everybody!infinite gratitude to all the djs and people who support my projects, i don’t take it for granted!!
everybody i’ve seen or spoken to this year know the love is real @tonydpoison You gotta get his albums 🔥🔥🔥
@DrewwwBanga Flossin my favorite song by father Dom!
@RajiRags @DaMFunK No lies here! @DaMFunK Likewise thank you always for the example & encouragement
This mix was a big inspiration for me thanks @DaMFunK