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Bud Light @budlight St Louis, MO

Unquestionably Good Hard Seltzer. Questionably Good Tweets. By following, you confirm you are 21+. Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light® Beer, St. Louis MO

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@JeffEdward89 Cheers! @drb1213 This one got us right in the feels. @_Connolly_ Facts. ^^^ @RyanVisco Wait. We feel the same about you! @DPartsThVillain We'll take that action. @NFLunwrapped 2020 is wild. @NFL_Memes We’re scared but also excited. @JeffEdward89 You're doing it right. @crawley_leah And we never will! @DScoul Celebratory seltzers! @xfl2020 Big STL Energy. @XFLDCDefenders Good question. 🤔 @b_pecher We love you more. @kvolentine This is how winning is done. @topXFLinsider Go big or go home. @flakomako We're rooting for you.
@xfl2020 @XFLBattleHawks @XFLGuardians It feels good to be back. 🍻 @Freddo291 We got a winner! @G_robledo64 Sounds like our type of wedding. @BattlehawkSquad That's the mind of a champion. @reneknottsports @XFLBattleHawks @SybergsChest @mkknott That’s what it’s all about! 🍻 @x726o This is true. ^ @jmhill582 Mom's know memes. @TheIslandWolf Thoughts? @ALiferGaDawg Sunday mode engaged. @Mallory_b_pnw 10/10 @maggiejuang1 It is decided. @CaptnOblivious_ Absolutely. @ChiSoxJoJo Did we just become best friends?! @themattsullivan Say it again for the people in the back! @flakomako You just have to believe hard enough. @_blmay Shame! @RunOnCoffeePHL That's always the crispiest. @taylorbilt There are many like it, but this Bud Light is yours. @Hands4America Is there a good story behind it? @CourtneyLove312 Welcome to the seltzer life. @davecallahan41 We like where you're going with this... @AngelaDHoward2 Glad to have you. @colec805 Nope. Not at all.
@ToddAlstrom They're about to have a great night. @sflannery21 We're always here for you. @RealHeyKen1 Solid choice in beer. @The_Don222 That's not a bad thing. @TripoliCherie That answer is correct. @C_Wish23 That's an oldie. @arejayplays It's pretty good, right? @parkerprice45 Nope. Just us. @twinsdaddy25 A+ @mrsport1824 Crispy Boys never tasted so good. @The_Don222 Capture! @arejayplays You won't be disappointed. @Emwest85 Let's goooo! @mazzetta26miles That's what we like to see! @ScottieIce724 One out of a zillion. @_hanbowen Takes more than one night to get the sponsorship. @BeerChiefsCoffe This one is underrated. @AlienFeedings We agree. @JoeyJv1 The one after that one. @luttsdrew You win! @abbybrock_ What a night. @louvier_kodde Bud Light. @The_Undr_Taker @notleighton1 Right back at you! @Rozeboom31 We love you, Dylan! @StephanieHoshor What's the verdict? @simplymakaela Game over. We got the approval! @Jessmasta @NHLBlackhawks We're so glad your phone is okay. @crawley_leah There isn't a better way. @Rome_XIV Thank you for recognizing. 🙌 @lilhoney1 Good choice. @MaddieBoone98 @PostMalone @mrtimster This is an official rule.What's the better Bud Light? The next one or the one after that. @air_timothy That's how you do it. @MagDurn This is very important. The world must know. @dmar3132 This is VERY true. @Marash_I_Am Keep trying. @barstoolsports Weak celly for a lax guy @BigBill024 Stay crispy. @Beeraholic3 We got you. @Bobby_the_Z Shenanigans mode engaged.
@trish_flo *I'm in* intensifies. @calvarezz7 60% of the time, it works everytime.Me: I’m laying low tonight. Friend: *Opens beer* Me: Alright, I’m in. @gabby_moonlight That's the legend. @billkraich The wind smells like seltzer. @TheWentzOWinter Looks like you did though. 👀 @JoeOstroff Never. @Kelley53024123 It's ok, we're here for you. @GabeLandeskog92 @Avalanche Holding all 8 beers. @RyanDickey23 Respect. 🍓 @DrewB603 @oneartistchic Mango to start it off! @bayneserr Seltzy fam 4 life. @RyanDickey23 What's your pick? @MLBChefs @raw @LevyRestaurants @LADExecChef @DodgersDining @DodgerStadiumFB We're here for it! 🍻 @dudemyles d) a zillion beers @TigerWds Crispy time? @doyens_laura And we'll be c'ing you out for your birthday tonight! @silverline274 Less than one gram of sugar!